Class of 2025 MSE 25 National Player Rankings for 4th Grade

MSE 5th Grade/2025
Rank, Name, State

image#1 Kent Hairston Ohio

#2 Parker LePla Michigan

#3 Christoper Cain California

#4 Malachai Johnson Texas

#5 Kaleb Popotte New York

#6 Jordan Adams 

#7 Keyshawn Summerville Michigan

#8 Marcus Jackson Illinois

#9 Jaren Barnett New Jersey

#10 Milan Perie Ohio

#11 Donovan Petidos Virginia

#12 Dwataye Sams J.r. Michigan

#13 Sian Morris Florida

#14 Clarance Williams Florida

#15 Nathan Smith 

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  1. coach B says:

    you guys don’t have a clue

  2. Coach K says:

    So what you are saying is, there isn’t 1 player from the west coast that is worthy of a top 40 ranking? Really? I mean, I almost thought the list was not including the west until I saw 2 Nevada kids on there (Shout Out to Timmy Anderson, who is better than 90% of this list, yet he fell from #2 to #36 between Jan and July?). SMH!

  3. Shanice brown says:

    This is the most unprofessional program that I have ever seen. You want our children to pay for write ups when u should be supporting them because of the talent that they have and not to mention how your program goes back and forth with people who may have different views. As a business owner and a leader of your program I am disgusted and would rather for my child’s name to be on any other list than MSE. Need to represent your program in a better light. Stop being petty and into your feelings when u don’t get the response you are looking for cause without the kids and parent support u have no program…..

  4. coach wow says:

    How can your number 1 player not be on your top 20 list after a few months of being… oh never mind. He must have said he was not going to your camp.

  5. coach B says:

    the whole list is paid for thanks for your donation.

  6. Terrance Perkins says:

    Do y’all even watch any of these players Forreal ? .. My son plays for 2025 Ohio Hoopsters and handled most of the kids on this list , the love of basketball and true ratings u got to pay for now ? Pound these streets go see for yourself and then rank or rate …. But this list is bogus straight up lmao

  7. Arness Lawson
    Jordan Fisher
    Mykell Murphy
    JR Bates
    Just some names to remember… You may not know them yet!!

  8. Dreamboy79 says:

    Jalen Warren from Midland tx is one of the top point guards in our state.. he’s averaging 16.5 points a game in AAU ball.. kid is the next Curry.. trust me!!!

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