Class of 2026 MSE 10 National Player Rankings

MSElite 5th Grade

Middle School Elite rankings are based on player’s performances at high level tournaments/camps, overall team success, ability to impact games, and long term potential/upside.

Rank, Name, State 

2DBAB260-22E2-4C9E-A162-DBB3517B4DF0#1 Landon Jones – Arizona

#2 Elijah McCree — Ohio

#3 Kenny LaRue III — Ohio

#4 Bam Whitehead — Illinois

#5 DeVaughn Ware — Illinois

#6 Jonathan Mercado – Arizona 

#7 LaRonte Johnson —  Nevada

#8 Phoenix Johnson —  Missouri

#9 Howard Williams — Illinois

#10 Noah Mister — Illinois

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  1. Samantha says:

    Appreciate my sons recognition but he is from MISSOURI not VA and goes by Joseph Aghaeze III…..
    Thank you

  2. Tim Graves says:

    check out torrey brooks. 3rd grade phenom…
    he is playing with team Delaware and going to nationals this year. Definitely deserves a spot on the list.

    Also. Nice website. Love the content and the motivation…


  3. coach bryce says:

    Pride-blackwell from indiana,entire starting 5, and even 6th man (which is a girl) should all be on the list. Have played many that are on your top 60 and made them look silly. Just keep an eye out for cameron webster #1 dillon wright #7 julien smith #23 ashaan singh #47 R’Moni wells #15 and kailyn stone (lady iverson) #3.

  4. Jacques Mitchell says:

    I like that you guys recognize all these kids and teams they work so hard to get to where they are now thank you

  5. Griff says:

    Not sure who ranks and scouts. But leaving off Jaedon Ward in Colorado is absurd. If its character,academics, AND skill-then Jaedon should unquestionably be on this list.

  6. Manas Sinha says:

    There are so many other good players like Manas Sinha for example

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