Class of 2024 MSE 25 National Player Rankings

MSElite 7th Grade

Middle School Elite rankings are mainly based on the player’s star power, performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, ability to impact games, and long-term potential or upside.

Rank, Name & State

92CBE791-1416-4A62-9F54-3FDEC556D626#1 James Evans – Kansas

#2 Bryce Spiller – Illinois 

#3 Tarik Watson – New York

#4 Tayshawn Bridges -Wisconsin

#5 Silas Lewis – Illinois

#6 Donny Yeager – Michigan

#7 MJ Yeager – Michigan

#8 Eli Teslovich – Pennsylvania

#9 Keenan Emmanuel – Canada

#10 Julian Granville — Florida

#11 Mikkel Tyne – Canada

#12 Gerard O’Keefe – Tennessee

#13 Mason Carpenter – Indiana

#14 Jonas Nichols – Ohio

#15 Brauntae Johnson – Indiana

#16 Aaron Powell – California

#17 Donovan Averitte — Utah

#18 Dylan Seay – New Jersey

#19 Durrell Brooks – Michigan

#20 Sabien Cain – Indiana

#21 Karl Burrough — Ohio

#22 Tyler Stewart — Nevada

#23 Nino Nesbitt — Ohio

#24 Donald Watts — Michigan

##25 TJ Williams — Kansas

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  1. #14 on the list says:

    Thanks for the love and great job to all the ballers on the list. Keep grinding!!

  2. Karl says:

    How can you be ranked #47 in the class of 2024…an also #9 in the class of 2023…but be in 4th grade

  3. Karl says:

    Player should be ranked higher in there correct class …

  4. Keyon Menifield sr. says:

    #70 better than a lot of players on this list ,disrespect thanks for the motivation!

  5. LeeLonda Lenear says:

    Hello. Just want to say THANK YOU for looking at my son and allowing him to be on this list! I am very grateful & so is my son. JaKobie will continue to strive harder… hopefully he’ll make his way to the top one day!

  6. Bball man says:

    No Travis Upchurch on the list wow.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Where is he? Heard he reclassifyed? Perhaps he’ll be at a MSE Camp soon

      • BMORE FINEST says:

        It has come to a point where parents who kids are reclass and older then the kids they are playing against are asking for there kid to be rank SMH. He was rank but in 2025 where he belongs

  7. Kenneth Carter says:

    I think you missed a player. Top 10 guard from MN Spartans, DeMari Larkins.

  8. L. Lombard says:

    #69 on the list is a 3rd grader, Liam Lombard @TheLiamPhoenox, class of 2025, plays for The Truth 2025, formerly SCA (SoCal Allstars) please add him in the 2025 list.

  9. Clifton Gorham says:

    Thanks for the love, #53 Jeremiah Gorham is from Virginia

  10. John McKenney II says:

    Thanks again for Trey 11th ranking he is very humbled&appreciative of the spot!

  11. Grant Barnette says:

    you get on line and talk shit lol fuck out of here Jerry Love. Real Name and here is my # 917-607-7596 if you have a problem with anything I said

  12. Jamall C says:


  13. James says:

    This list is a joke with the Jerry kid on top that kid is NO WHERE NEAR #1 JONES MOBLEY VICK JAMES are 10x better then that kid he’s a bum and so is this site

  14. James says:

    HAVE some balls and post the comments you don’t like

  15. James says:

    MSE IS THE ONLY STUPID SITE TO HAVE HIM #1 STOP ASS KISSING AND RANK THE DAMN KIDS RIGHT. I KNOW 10 KIDS IN THE GREAT STAE of TEXAS who would make him cry on the court like he always does.

  16. James says:

    So piss I miss spell STATE

  17. Yung Shad says:

    @James…..damn you calling a kid a bum? His daddy must’ve beat yo ass too. Tell yo real name chump. That kid is a beast and he lives up to his name. Haters everywhere. Good strategy but you fucking with the wrong kid. If he do cry, don’t matter cause his daddy a goon and his daddy goons got goons. 100 fuck boy!

  18. Cantu Reddit says:

    Based on what you posted today on twitter for your MSE rankings, Hubert Caliste c/o 2024 just went from #52 this Jan 2016 to #2 in March 2016. Really and how much did that cost???

  19. coachv says:

    KS PLAYERS 2024 appreciate the recognition of James Evans #63 on your list….if every parent remained humble and every kid continues to stay hungry everyone would be better off..

  20. mnbball says:

    Demari larkins from mn Spartans should be top ten on this list

  21. coach B says:

    anyone seen that asap blazers team they are legit and that Durral Brooks kid is legit never seen a true 4th grader doing what he do by far the best kid on that team.

  22. Brian Friedman says:

    Gavin Dickerson !! Atlanta,Ga. Best 4th grade pure shooter in country. You guys are miss in the boat.

  23. Brian Friedman says:

    Gavin Dickerson is also the oldest 4th grade AAU player in the country. Birthday 9/1/ 2005

  24. Yung Shad says:

    @Truth Teller reveal who you are clown. Ya’ll muthafuckas just don’t know about that Easter Family. Or maybe you do that’s why you using a fake name. Jerry Easter is #1 and can take on any opponent, hands down—ANY OPPONENT and has proved it. Now, I said it for his dad.

  25. The Truth Teller says:


  26. truth says:

    Lmao joke yo how im the heck that top miller kid 2024 when he older than my 7th grader who born middle 2003

  27. truth says:

    Clowns list hercy miller who botn 1996
    Meant to say mercy miller who born 2003
    Explain to me u born 2003 but listed i. 2025 rankings? Ok

  28. Willie says:

    This list has got to be made based off of whoever pays y’all for a ranking. I can name at least 30 kids that belong on this list that are nowhere to be found… Hell I see one kid that’s in last place on his squad but nobody else from his team is on here….smh

  29. James smith says:

    How is Jamal Ware not ranked he is by far one one the best kids in the nation

  30. coach B says:

    Is this a joke the list is not close accurate must be the $50 list to get your kid names on the rankings list because I definitely received a text saying for $50 you can be on the list.

    • Doug says:

      this has to be joke. vick miraculously fell from the top to #30? where can i send my 50$

    • Jake Shuttlesworth says:

      I’m from Michigan. There’s no way the Yeager’s are better than Boose…they aren’t even the best in their city.

      • Milion Dollor baby says:

        Jealousy will get you know where. Actually it does. It gets you right where you are now. Nowhere. Use your real name next time, Vesty

  31. Coachj says:

    #14 has crazy handle he is very humble about the rankings I seen him play up at the faa16 he was 9 at the time wen he played up in July he has such high IQ as well

  32. Doug says:

    Durall Brooks the 4TH best Michigan player? this site can’t be accurate.

  33. Jody says:

    Take Easter out and most of top kids are in the middle to the end. I guess $50 goes a long way lol. You’re killing the credibility of your site Jerry. Although since your basing the list now on morals and character, maybe this is the all church league team. Let me know when Coach K and Cal started worrying about the morals lol

  34. Don P. says:

    Coach B.. To take away from a kid accomplishments is sad. And you call yourself Coach B. You probably should have paid the $50. Congrats to all the kids all the list. Have your kids get in the gym.

  35. coach B says:

    Don P you saying something about my 50 dollar comment like im the only one stating that lol. Hey Bud let me tell you something this site has no credibility lol they had vick #1 now he 30 lol this is a joke.

  36. Jody says:

    Its a popularity contest with a few(very few)(9 to be exact)of the better kids in the class. Go to camp get ranked—right lol

  37. Don P. says:

    When rankings are done, everyone will not be happy. It’s impossible to please everyone. Even Carmelo Anthony was not pleased being ranked #15 by SLAM online rankings. Great job Jerry Love and staff… You are doing your best

  38. C'ecil says:

    Many thanks MSE,humble and proud to be recognized at #13.

  39. Midwest Finest says:


  40. Brandon detress says:

    We’re is Travis up church niegel James And Michael Bivona??

  41. Team KC Blackout says:

    Phillip G. Moore from Kansas City, a young 10 year old up and coming. He’s coming!!!! Appreciate the ranking.

  42. E. Harvey says:


  43. Antonio says:

    I think that you guys should put Owen Colpaert from Oakland Elite in Michigan!!!!!!!!

  44. Gus says:

    James Weaver 2024 Reach Legend deserves a look. Plays with some of the kids on this list. Finished top 5 at Buckeye Prep showcase alongside #4 Nino Nesbitt. IG @bigplayjcj2024

  45. Coach G says:

    Isaiah Lyons with the Kansas Gauchos 2024 out of Topeka, Ks is a heady point guard that is worthy of a look.

  46. Bluey says:

    At the end of the day if yall don’t keep God in their life it will be all in vain n nobody on this site making comments said anything about their kid education

  47. Someone says:

    Y’all sleeping on me

  48. #14 2024 says:

    Thanks for the recognition MSE it’s really uplifted him knowing someone notices him GOD IS GOOD!

  49. jeff says:

    the mixtape on your website for the Watts kid is fire!!! He not ranked? He got game!

  50. bobby says:

    like all of the mixtapes on the site! Heezy Melo is sweet!

  51. Kimdrick kj frasier says:

    Kj is a top ball player out of Miami Fl. How can I get him rank

  52. Person says:

    CHECK OUT HIS INSTAGRAM @iso_zee_killa_24

  53. Kd hagler says:

    3Pt shoot unlimited rang from taxes

  54. Josh Philostin says:

    You forgot my name on here Josh Philostin check out my highlight tape on YouTube at joshp561

  55. Pete says:

    Everybody knows Christian Jones should be at the top of this list!

  56. Ol' Ball Coach says:

    Isaiah Lyons C/O 20204 out of Topeka, KS should definitely be on this list. His team plays in a lot of big time events where he has performed very well against the top competition. Check for him at John Lucas Camp. Also a 4.0 student.

  57. TJ Marshall says:

    Check out TJ Marshall of (KCBA)or KCELITE 2024.

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