Clarksville Crossovers: Tennessee Next Upcoming AAU Program

Tennessee Next Upcoming AAU Program

82BB128B-1C05-4917-B295-D36197C7C76FMSE – When was Clarksville Crossovers established? 

Clarksville Crossovers was established in May 1, 2017. it began with only two teams a 2027 and 2026, who competed in five tournaments that year. The program had big finishes in the Under Armour Southeast Showdown and the 11th Annual Wildcat Shootout. In 2018 the program expanded to six teams and had a very successful travel season in 2018 with 16 tournament titles and a Under Armour Jr Southeastern National Championship.

In 2019, the program future is very bright they have been selected to play on the Under Armour Future Circuit for the following grades 4th-8th grade.

MSE – Who are teams’ standout players?

The following players will be on all national ranking sites watch list for 2019

Crossovers 2028 Christopher Churchwell, Cahamry Miller, Braylon Jones

Crossovers 2027 Bryce Garnett, Deshaun Peterson Jr, Malachi Jordan, Johnathan Johnson, Demarius Simons, Montavuis Mcclardy, Tylin George

Crossovers 2026 Jaquez Scott, Kobe Richburg, TaVonne Johnson, Seth Crotzer

Crossovers 2025 Miles Luckett, Trae Rideau, Mannie Fuller

Crossovers 2024 Braylon Garnett, Taetum Carney, Travyon Foster

Crossovers 2023 Nash Keener, Damarius Graham, Brandon Dugger, Jaydn Woods

Crossovers 2022 Jameel Mann Jr, Keith Richburg and Darrien Melton

MSE – Mission of program?

The program is dedicated to focused on teaching and training boys in the fundamentals of basketball with an emphasis on preparing themu for the next of level of play in middle school, high school and college.

We understand how important it is to build comradery and esprit de corps with our team but it’s bigger than were committed to building a family friendly environment.”

Head coaches are Andre Johnson, Lorenzo Wells, Huey Johnson, Anthony Carter, Keith Richburg, Darall Luckett, Nathan Young, Danny Jimenez, Aaron Keener, Curtis Colbert, William Dugger.

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