2012 MSElite 25 National Player Rankings For 6th Grade (Class of 2019)

Official MSElite National Rankings are based on performances at high level tournaments and camps, overall team success, players ability to impact games and players long term potential/upside

Rank, Name, Position, State

#1 Simon Banks, Forward, Indiana

#2 Jordan Mitchell, Forward, Ohio

#3 Dexter Shouse, Forward, Indiana

#4 Chandler Lawson, Forward, Tennessee

#5 Lance Jones, Guard, Illinois

#6 Keon Brooks, Forward, Indiana

#7 Jeremiah Francis, Guard, Ohio

#8 Lejon Doss, Forward, Texas

#9 Tyler Brelsford, Guard, Washington

#10 Naseem Khaalid, Forward, Carolina

#11 Joseph Cooper, Guard, Tennessee

#12 Harris Hunter, Forward, Georgia

#13 Peyton Harris, Forward, Ohio

#14 A.J White, Guard, Indiana

#15 Christopher Payne, Forward, Ohio

#16 Armaan Franklin, Guard, Indiana

#17 Shawntell Knight, Center Kentucky

#18 Bryce Goodwin, Guard, Arizona

#19 Wendell Moore, Guard, Carolina

#20 Kobe Langley, Guard Carolina

#21 Justice Ellison, Guard, Virginia

#22  Jordan Montgomery, Guard, California

#23 Kenneth Womack, Guard, Washington

#24 Isiah Moore, Guard, Indiana

#25 Juwan Gary,  Forward, South Carolina

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  1. David says:

    How many of those kids are 13 in the 6th?

    • eastcoast says:

      plenty thats what AAU is about taking advantage of the rules my boy is 13 and in 8th grade

      • eastcoast says:

        and once again no east coast players plenty of 6th grade 13 year old studs on east coast that would put in work at any event . This site should be called middle school elite for indiana and ohio

        • Well says:

          # 19 and 20 are both 11 or 12 and Wendell is young enough to play down.

        • Ohio says:

          These rankings are not accurate at all I’ve watched alot of these kids go at it in some big tournaments Ohio pretty much dominated Indy this year and some deserving Ohio kids were left off this list…but hey this is obviously a “Indy” site I expect to their kids to get the nod but Banks over Mitchell..?? really?? I hope yall can put a team together to compete with this powerhouse we got in OHIO

    • @the wise one says:

      does it matter !!!!! we have to realize times have changed!!!! more and more kids will be older when they graduate these days!!!!! Its just a fact!!!! sounds like all the people who cry about this should get on the governing board to change this instead of bash the kids!!!! i bet it helps more kids than hurts!!!!

      • Keepin it real says:

        Are you serious? Of couse it matters how old you are. Why cant you push kids to excel in the classroom and on the court? It used to be embarrasing to be “held back” or fail to meet basic standards of literacy, now people are proud of that. Sad for our young men! Push your kids to be the best in all areas of their life! If they are that gifted, why not play up a grade or two give yourself a challenge?

      • Loadofcrap says:

        Wise one, It matters. This is just a bunch of big kids beating up on players 2 years younger then they are and have not hit puberty yet. Men vs boys. The problem is the boys figure out how to get through the adversity and end up passing the men.

    • Jerome francis, Jr says:

      not #7

  2. CP3 says:

    Congrats to Lance Jones of Illinois for being the only 6th grader currently ranked. Top 5, #1 guard! I know you will strive to improve and get even better. Great kid from a good family, who truly enjoys the game! You deserve to be recognized for you efforts. Continued success!

    • Lance's Dad says:

      CP3 I definetly know who you are my friend, thanks for the kind words, and Lance will continue to strive to get better in whatever it is he does, but education is first in our household as you well know.

  3. @ David says:

    David you are on every article hating on kids. We you please cut it out? You are looking really stupid. Whatever age these kids are, the AAU allows it. So shut the hell up!!!

  4. hopperfromthewest says:

    Lance Jones is 12 years old

  5. etownbattlecat says:

    Just got the news about one of Evanston’s finest, Lance Jones being ranked in the top five. Good job Lance, continue working on your game on the court as well as in the classroom.

  6. cp3 says:

    Yes, Lance is 12 years old. He has a late October birthday. He is a 6th grader as he should be per school guidelines. Hasn’t been held back or failed any classes……in fact he attends a magnet school.

  7. Nick says:

    If you are 12, you should be in the 7th grade. My boy is 12, doesn’t turn 13 til school is over in May and guess what, he’s in the 7th grade. The system is jacked and will be until whovever runs AAU get’s with it and changes the rules to what Girl’s AAU is. That is you play with your age group, not grade!!!

    • Well says:

      10u is 4th grade 11u is 5th so if you 12 why do you suppose to be in 7th?

    • RjJarHead says:

      That’s not right. That will make him a 17 year old senior, we all know that’s to young. He will not be ready for world. You just started your son to early.

  8. Nick says:

    Don’t brag on your kid because he is only 13 and is in the 6th grade. If the boys were playing with their age group instead of grade, we would get a lot better idea about where they are as players. Especially as middle schoolers and early high school years…..

  9. hopperfromthewest says:

    @Nick sounds like you’re a hater, do you know what a late birthday is, better yet do you know the guidelines for the schooling system in the state of Illinois?

  10. Mike Jason says:

    Nick…based on your explanation of your sons age…he belongs in the 7th. He turns 13 before hw goes to the 7th grade. The kid that turns 12 in the October….turns 12 in the 6th grade and won’t turn 13 until after 7th grade has started…your son has an early bday…make sense. Not sure how else to explain this so that you can understand. In other words, the cut off for most schools is 9/1 or 10/1…make sense?

  11. Nickisidiot says:

    Nick is an idiot! People who whine about age r miserable and looking for excuses. If we r going by birth year, then prehaps we should also divide groups by height. Its not fair that my 12 year old 5footer has to play against a 12 yr old 5’7 kid. Lol

  12. Be Real says:

    The fact that NO Cincy kids are on this list makes me question alot about you guys

  13. Not only will many of these kids be participating in the new NYBL this season, but many unknown kids will surface in the rankings. Checkout the following link for information about the NYBL! http://www.BuckeyePrep.blogspot.com.


  14. NWBaller says:

    More like a regional rank rather than national. Just another AAU guy scamming for money. So sad AAU basketball is so dirty.

  15. hoops says:

    Hell demari Grant is 6Th grade 11 yrs old and doesn’t turn 12 till July 20. So he damn near playing up in his grade.

  16. NYBL says:

    Many of the top 100 players in the class of 2019 will be participating in the NYBL. The league will feature 24 of the top 6th grade teams in the country. For more information about the NYBL click on the link below:



  17. Nick says:

    Uh no Mike, he could be in the 6th grade if we would of wanted him to be. You read it wrong. He is a late birthday and currently in the 7th grade at 12 years old. Doesn’t turn 13 til school is over this year. I’m fully aware of the school guidelines. He plays with his right grade and age group in AAU and has played up. People would stop holding there kids back for sports if things were done the right way, all I am saying. Not a hater, just not a good judge of talent when you have kids that are almost 2 years older playing against a youger group, especially in the younger grades….

  18. etownbattlecat says:

    Spoke to Lance Jones’s dad last night, said Lance fit in very well with G3 Hoosiers, they infact won the 6th grade gold division MLK classic tournament held in Ft. Wayne, Ind. Good job Lance,way to represent your new team and keep working hard.

  19. Defending AAU NATIONAL CHAMPS says:

    G3 Hoosiers sent Keon Brooks, Simon Banks, and those 7th graders home packing. They already beat Jeff Teague and now knocked off Raw Hoops(Simon and Keon’s team). With the merger of All Ohio Purple and All Ohio Red, the midwest is gonna be very interesting. Great job Peterson and Saunders bringing the best together. Simon Banks is the final piece.

  20. Ballislife says:

    @etownbattlecat what happen to hoops4health 12u team

  21. etownbattlecat says:

    Lance and Nimari Burnett were only playing with that team for the winter, from what I understand the last tournament for those two as teammates is this upcoming weekend. The Hoops4Health team I’m sure will go on and continue to play, just not with Lance and Nimari.

  22. Ballislife says:

    Who is Nimari playing with this spring/summer?

    • etownbattlecat says:

      Nimari can play with the team he went to nationals with last year W.A.C.G., more then likely thats where he’ll play.

  23. Ballislife says:

    One last question..what ever happened to Illinois future 11u and 12u programs

  24. Ballislife says:

    Lmao I guess they’re the Illinois Past now

  25. Scout says:

    I think the Illinois Battlecats took over the Illinois future program

  26. indy says:

    @etownbattlecat ok I’m confused with the whole G3 Hoosiers team now. .I thought G3 Rising Stars and the Indy Hoosiers were two different teams? Did they combine both teams together this year?

  27. Indy Fan says:

    Yes, Dexter Shouse, Jalen Jennings, Payton Harris, Isiah Moore, Tommy Fossett(G3)-have merged with Cameron Maul, John Michaels, Brandon Vernon,and Andrew Owens(Hoosiers). Plus Saunders has a strong relationship with the Jones family and got Lance on board. They have all ready beat Spiece Jeff Teague and also won MLK Tourney beating Simon/AJ/Keon’s team. They the real deal.

  28. indy says:

    Then what happen to Keion Brooks, Simon Banks, and AJ White?

  29. qbhillb says:

    This possibly cannot be a national rank. My son played against two of the kids that are ranked now Simon Banks(@ the time was playing for Indy Rising Stars) and Isiah Moore( Indy G3)and I promise you neither of them are better than Quinnton Brown who is 11 in the 6th who plays for Decatur Robertson in Decatur, Il. He currently plays for the 7th grade team and will be playing for the Illinois 7 2A state championship. Go to iesa.com People don’t get caught up in the hype of rankings! I know my son can ball! Keep that name on your radar!

  30. Chi Town says:

    Does anyone have an update on Lance Jones heard he was injured badly at Joy of the game last weekend?

    • etownbattlecat says:

      Ok Chi Town, here it is the latest on Lance Jones, I witnessed him suffer a broken tibia in a championship game against Illinois Speed. He is a tough kid who normally bounces back up when he’s knocked down or gets fouled hard, not this time though. As he screamed out for his dad, who was visibly hurt, you felt bad for him. You knew it was serious when Lance could’nt get up, and the tears flowed down his face as well as his dads, a sad sight indeed. Fast forward to today 2/6/13 word has it from his dad that Lance is in a cast for six weeks and the surgery went well, and will be back in time to play at state and nationals. I woud’nt doubt him coming back at all I know what kind of kid he is and his work ethic for a kid his age is second to none. My prayers go out to Lance and his family and his continued healing, I know he’ll be better than before, the boy is determined, plus he’s got that million dollar smile that everyone likes.

  31. Chi Town says:

    My prayers go out to lance and his family also hate to see a hard working kid go down like this..also I hear that Zion Young had a serious injury also and that he’s possibly done..do you know how true this is?

  32. When is the next MSE Camp? Did this org fizzle out? When is the next camp with Elite 3rd, 4th, and 5th talent.

  33. RjJarHead says:

    The sleeper is Jalen Jennings (G3 Hoosiers) GAME CHANGER! Defense and assist are his best assets. Shooting is improving. When he gets that down he will be one of the best in the 2019 class. he sticks out even playing with this very talented team. Don’t sleep on this one.

  34. hopperfromthewest says:

    Word has it Lance Jones is working out, any truth to that?

  35. scout says:

    So there’s a Illinois Raptors and a Chicago Raptors now?

  36. Thad Matta says:

    Ryan Martin should be on here. There was an error because I requested him but they must not have listened. Ryan Martin should be number #4 on this list and #25 shouldn’t be on here. Ryan Martin averaged 37 points per game guys. Personally I think he is the best player in 6th Grade I’ve seen this year. He is on the Ohio Hurricanes team and is from Ayersville Middle School. 13 years old. NOTE: He is playing up on the 7th Grade league.

  37. Florida says:

    No one from Florida on the list. There was a 6’7 white baby faced 6th grader who’s dad was 7’2 and mom ~6’4 would for sure be on the list.
    There are also many other talented kids here who should be on the list.

  38. Uptown 4 Life says:

    This is why are kids today chase dreams that won’t ever happen and then they are on medications because they are stressed out. Let kids be kids. I don’t care if any of these kids really are the #1 6th grader because to get to the league they need to stay in school healthy and continue to grow and mature. But if telling your kid he is number 1 makes you feel better go for what you know.

  39. baller says:

    is it gaurenteed that u will get ranked from the maryland mania camp is is it only kids from there or more like all the best kids throughout the years?

  40. chi says:

    look at the 5,6 point guard from milwaukee wisconson breon hurt look out for him

  41. NY SCOUT says:

    Joseph Pagan is a 5’4 Guard who has OUTSTANDING handles ! He also has the ability to pass the ball and shot the ball with range. He is attending Cardinal Hayes in Bronx, Ny but is reclassifying next fall for boarding school but is undecided .

  42. Lakers93 says:

    Hey G3 Hoosiers how does it feel ? Lol hey DC Assualt how does it feel? Protest to lose in the 1st round! I hope it was worth all the hate!

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