New York City 6th Grade Rens AAU Program Produces Top Players

The New Rens’ Big Three

By: MSElite special reporter

Multiple NBA champions include three All-Star quality players on their rosters as a recipe for championship success. The Celtics, Lakers, Spurs and Heat have all captured the crown with this blueprint. Enter the New Rens 6th Grade Team out of the Basketball Mecca NYC; led by Coach Hector Almodovar boasting their homegrown version. In a postgame interview Almodovar described his smooth slender scoring machine Cole Anthony as the “guts of the team”, his PG Judah McIntyre, who puts on a show while getting the job done, as his “floor general”, and his newest toy “Larry Johnson-like” athlete Marcus Patterson found balling on a local NYC playground as straight “Raw”. These three are taking the east coast and nation by storm dominating everyone in their path. Playing in the famed DC Assault Tournament last weekend in the DMV, these 3 showed exactly why they each can be considered top players in their class. Anthony displayed a well-rounded game scoring from all over the floor, even doing push-ups during his sideline breaks. Judah reminds you of why NYC has long been considered the capitol of PG’s – penetrating at will, handling all pressure, dishing, all with the flair NYC PGs have been known for…yet everything is within the flow of the game.  Marcus Patterson looked like a man amongst boys scoring at one stretch 10 points in under 3 minutes, off drive, breaks, and rebounds. No one yet knows what Patterson ceiling will be as he is still learning the game, but it will be HIGH. You heard it at MSE first, this is a player to watch for years to come as he develops – PERIOD. The recent success of the New Rens has been a joy to watch; they share the ball, relentlessly attack the rim, and are coached hard from the opening tip to the final buzzer. Lots of big time talent on this squad; look for a high showing on the 2013 individual player ranking coming soon.  We expect a lot of them to be at Maryland Mania where the gym may not be able to hold all this talent.

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  1. Question says:

    Did they win the tourney?

  2. mike harris says:

    Marcus Patterson Is Starting To Look REAL GOOD . KID HAS A HUGE UPSIDE.


  3. nick ryan says:

    Marcus Patterson Is Starting To Look REAL GOOD . KID HAS A HUGE UPSIDE.


  4. DC Assault Tourney says:

    Yes they did win…they were undefeated there whole visit in the DMV

  5. Truth says:

    Good for them see what they do in MIT

  6. Lamar says:

    Good team Greg Anthony is one of the kids father but they lost to my sons team , team Nelson

  7. nick ryan says:

    @Truth … They Lost In The Semi’s to Team Nelson…But i bet you everybody starting to know they are FORREAL!

    Cole Anthony
    Judah Mcintrye
    Matcus Patterson

    Are Top Players Period Watch Them Work

  8. Now you know says:

    @NICK you are damn right!
    I hope folks are finally starting to figure it out – the MSE people know what they are talking about when it comes to bball….

  9. team respect says:

    The dmv respects this team. The coach is a live wirer, there fans are turnt up and there team plays hard from start to finsh. Love this team. Glad there in the mix even no dmv is 1 and 5 against them. Respect

  10. Fan says:

    They got the hell beat out of them in MIT but they tough. I made sure to check them out

  11. Andrew says:

    Judah McIntyre does not want any parts of Tyler Brelsford. Tyler will destroy him. Just did a month ago.

  12. loadofcrap says:

    Judah is another hold back. Who cares?

  13. Andrew says:

    Bring Judah to Maryland mania. So everybody can see Tyler Brelsford destroy him.

  14. Judah says:

    This is Judah, Haters Make me Famous, I have seen Tyler play he is good I love good competition and to those who say im held back, I dont care because I am not dumb. At the end of the day individual accolodes dont phase me and If my team wins Im good

    • Judah says:

      Also I recieved an academic scholarship to Dwight-Englewood which is a private school in Englewood, New Jersey

      • respectforjudah says:

        Tyler haters wrote that post. They are trying to pit you guys against each other. Proud of your academic accomplishment. Ignore the haters. Same thing for you Tyler. Haters gonna hate keep working hard.

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