5 W’s of Youth Basketball Rankings

First is Official

imageThe Middle School Elite Basketball National Player Rankings for Class of 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026 & 2027 will be updated periodically.

Based on internet research, the first-ever published grammar school basketball player order is the “Class of 2018 MSElite 20 National Player Rankings for 5th Grade in 2010, and middle school is the “Class of 2017 MSElite 20 National Player Rankings for 7th Grade” in 2010.

The first highest-grade ranked is the “Class of 2015 MSElite 25 National Player Rankings for 8th Grade” in 2011.

Soon Johnny-come-latelies formed their own version of scouting and ranking reports, during the class-of-2019/8th grade in 2015.

However, we had been released theClass of 2019 MSElite 50 National Players Rankings for 4th Grade” in 2011.

Copycat blogs do not have the class of 2015, ’16, ’17 or ’18 rankings presently, nor a longer track record than us providing pre-high schoolers early exposure.

They may have rankings to show for class of 2019, ’20, ’21 etc., but definitely not 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018.

The middle school market floodgate had opened once we created plenty noise about Class of 2018, 6-10 Marvin Bagley (AZ/CA), who ranked No.1 mostly throughout middle school although entered high school ranked No. 2 on MSE; while Jaedon LeDee (TX) finished No.1 in the same group, which is the Class of 2018 MSElite 100 National Player Rankings for 8th Grade in 2014.

The aforementioned (Bagley) is ESPN No. 1 and the latter (LeDee) is ESPN 100.

It was peculiar that LeDee’s name did not appear on any 8th grade national ranking prior to our numbering him, which he later dropped from ESPN No. 2 as a high school freshman (9th grade).

Clearly MSE is first to position, a then 6’6″ sixth-grade Bagley atop the country specifically in middle school with “Who are the Top Players in Their Graduating Class” in 2012, plus Class of 2018 MSElite 10 National Player Rankings for 7th Grade in 2013, and “Class of 2018 MSElite 60 National Player Rankings for 8th Grade” in 2013.

Who is next to be ranked?

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