Jashaun Agosto Adidas Phenom Bound


               Agosto’s first camp experience

I’ve known Julio for several years, we speak often as possible. Julio’s the father to Jashaun Agosto (6th grade), one of the most exposed youth players in the world. Julio’s from Lafeyette Brooklyn New York and lives with his family in Seattle, Washington. Julio’s mom and dad played college ball. His sister also played fours years at Witchita State. At age 14, Julio moved to Alaska and played high school ball. After surgery on his left knee, he never returned to the game. Julio pursued music as a producer for artist such as Kurupt and 2-PAC. Nowadays, he keeps his eyes on the prize. His youngest of five boys, Jashaun.

Agosto‘s appeared on ABC World News, Good Morning America, Ellen DeGeneres and featured in the New York Times. “His dedication to the game and the hard work he puts in is unrivaled”, declares Julio. He works out with Agosto 2 to 4 hours a day at the federal way community center. Check Jashauns highlight videos on You-Tube, he has millions of views. 

“Did you see Shannon Brown dunk on the Celtics in game six”, Julio asked me. He just saw post-game highlights on television. “His head was over the rim”, he said laughing out loud. Julio nor Agosto got to see the Lakers win because it was business as usual for them in the lab. Julio talks about how Agosto broke his right hand. He was pushed in mid-air and landed on it the wrong way. When Agosto’s cast came off, his hand was still weak. So, he use his left hand to pull out a game qualifier for the AAU nationals. Last but not least, Julio informed me that Jashaun is attending the Adidas Jr Phenom Camp in California San Diego this August and expects to have a blast!

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  1. deshun rice says:

    hi my name is deshun rice i am 12 years old. i live in jacksonville,florida.jasaun agosto is an great player … but i am good also ..he is not the only best 12 year old basketball player .. i challenge him to an game of 21.. any questions or concers please call 9047645124..or 9047786061..or 9044770508.. thank you

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