Zach Radz The 518 Area Code

The One & Only Zach Radz

We couldn’t wait any longer to write about Zach Radz because he’s a very controversial player. Scouts tend to look the other way when it comes to him. Maybe they aren’t used to seeing a white boy this young having the eye of the tiger. He is a pure shooter from the 518 area code. Expect Radz to be physical, as he surrounds himself around athletic players. Coach Bourne of Juice All Stars told me Zach is “tough” which indicates he is an aggressive player. As the temperature rises, his every action is a desperate attempt for completion. Zach has a nice jimmy on the outer elbows. Once his shot is dropping, he wants the ball back. Don’t let the blue eyes deceive you determination has no color. If he were any better than he is now, it would be pretty ugly. Our report on Zach Radz is exclusive for the fact we’re first to cover him.
Did you know Derrick is a gym rat too? If Derrick isn’t practicing with Radz, he’s at  his youngest son baseball games and his daughter dance classes. There’s never a conflict of schedule, he manages to fit it all in. Derrick has the responsibility of helping them become elite student athletes.

“I want my son at the most competitive camps and tournaments” said Derrick, when we spoke last week. It’s no surprise that Zach will be at the National Adidas camp in California this August. Adidas is the only sneaker company camp for middle school players. “The camp fees, air fare and hotels get expensive in todays economy” but Radz still finds a way to go places. Radz has been to various camps like Hoop Group and Five Star. He uses these platforms for Radz to meet new friends and enjoy the ultimate basketball experience. Derrick believes their journey is essential for taking Radz to the next level. Radz progressive play can speak for itself. If he continues on the circuit, it’s no doubt that he’ll be a D1 prospect.

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