Alonzo Trier AKA " Zo"

The Trier Phenomenon

Alonzo Trier is the top 7th grade player in the country, according to Hoop Scoop. If Trier improves his defense he’ll be an almost complete player. Trier has nice size and he grew a few inches. The extra weight on his frame should help him absorb body contact. Trier was virtually unknown until the New York Times Sports Magazine unveiled his life. The Alonzo Trier story is the biggest breakthrough for youth basketball in recent history. In 2009, I sat down with Michael Soko, the writer and told him about the Trier Phenomenon. After our discussion, Soko immediately reached out to the Trier family for an interview.

In 2008, I met the Trier’s at the Jr All American camp in Virginia. Alonzo had beat out a previous big name opponent from Baltimore in a scrimmage game. Trier was excited and I was happy for him. Each morning, my friend Steve drove Trier and three other players from the hotel to the camp. “Alonzo tell my friend back home how you caught wreck”. Trier didn’t hesitate to grab the phone and say exactly what happened.
Alonzo’s mother Marcy, has a strong faith in God, he always watches over them. She helps Trier stay balanced with books and basketball.  I spoke with him not too long ago, his voice has got deeper. “If Zo isn’t working out then he’s studying school work”, said Marcy. Trier’s a good person and a talented player. Zo never met his dad, so he’s the man of the house. I was actually looking out for Trier, when I mentioned his name to Michael Soko. I call it fatherly love because he’s like a son. Triers’s on top of his game and academics too. The question is whether Trier’s attending the Adidas Jr Phenom Camp in California this August. Sources tell me he’ll be at the star studded showcase.   

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