Derrick D-Flight Brown Trains Lance Stevenson!

Welcome To The “Terror Dome”

The Terror Dome is a popular basketball playground located in Coney Island Brooklyn. Derrick D-Flight Brown has trained some of the top players from New York. He trained Telfair and Quincy Douby (Raptors) from a child. Derrick and Stephon Marbury are like brothers, they grew up and worked out together. He also coaches the Warriors, a tough group of 8th graders from the inner city.  Derrick is king of the Terror Dome. “In 1997, Derrick was a 2 guard senior at Providence college. He was a great 2-way player, and undeniably the heart and soul of the team.”
“Lance Stevenson called me Wednesday night for a work out.” said Derrick, he was nervous about the NBA draft the next day. ” We were at the Terror Dome from 12 to2 in the morning. He is Born Ready” said Derrick. In the thickness of things, Lance resorted to the courts for peace of mind. Later that day, I’m sure Stevenson was relieved, when the Indiana Pacers picked him. Derrick Brown is a serious trainer on top of his game! 

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