QUAI 54 Tournament in France

My good friend Ryan Mendez from Streetball.com is involved with basketball, as he was in his Stanford University final four days. Ryan partnered with Greg Johnson a founding team member of Brand Jordan and both are doing big things. Quai 54 was held outside of America, but created basketball news that traveled throughout the world. Ryan and crew was in France to hold their tournament but check out footage of players like “The Golden Child” throwing it down.   
So here is part II of the Quai 54 Slam Dunk contest. Guy Dupuy, Kevin Kemp aka “The Golden Child” and John Clark are featured in the mix.
The footage in the first part of the video was filmed on my subway ride from Hotel California to Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France.

I really enjoyed the ride to and from my hotel. I never imagined in my mind that Paris, France had so much graffiti art. It was surreal to say the least and got me thinking.

Anyways, here is part II of the Quai 54 2010 slam dunk contest. The video features new music by Paul Wall called, “My City.” Read more and see dunk contest.
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