Selassie Tyler Bourne ‘Born and Bred’ In Brooklyn

Juice All-Stars 12U FunSport Championship

Selassie Tyler Bourne is his name and New York is his game. The youngster is from Brooklyn and plays tough for an inner-city kid. His ball handle grabbed our attention; he will try to put it on you. How do we know he’s good? We watched how defenders reacted to his dribble, they sought to contain him immediately. Therefor he’s going to be nice in the future, period. His father, Mr. Bourne is coach for the 12U Juice All-Stars team sponsored by Under Armor. Tyler is entering the 6th grade at the Joseph  B. Cavollaro I.S.281 in Bensonhurst Brooklyn. 
Bourne is a smart player and an inquisitive person. He’s keen of his surroundings. On-and-off the court he’s a survivor and on top of his game. Tyler will be at the Middle School Elite combine Jim Couch Foundation showcase with Paul Hoover on August 1, 2010. Stay tuned as we bring you the next Middle School Elite student athlete.
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