Conrad McRae Youth League Dean Street Brooklyn

Coach Jermain Brown Juice All-Stars 

Dean Street was rained out, therefor games proceeded indoors at a school gym. A crowd of spectators packed the bleachers, while others stood around and played the wall. We got up with coach Brown of the Juice All-Star team from Starrett City, Brooklyn. He’s also assistant coach at Lincoln high School. 

There was excitement everywhere, on-and-off the court. People were talking, laughing, eating and just being themselves. As far as talented athletes, some of the top players were in the house. Here’s a few faces, we like to share with you on Middle School Elite.

Sonny Lorenzo has Jerry Powell of ‘Basketball Results’ helping to hone his basketball skills
Isaiah Whitehead the top 8th grade player in NYC handled business as usual
Chris Davis a top notch student athlete had his game-face on the entire time
Chancellor Ellis is a hard working 2014 rising freshman attending Christ the King High School 
Anthony AJ Williams is a polished floor general who knows how to run a team
Lamont Peeples is a C-3 Elite top prospect representing NYC basketball
Mike Silverthorn has made a name for himself on the Juice All-Stars team
Isaiah Strickland who plays on Metro Hawks has a good game with nice up side 
Jerron Love a top 7th grader was in the building getting enormous attention
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