Bryce Goodwin adidas Jr. Phenom Camp 4th grader In 6th Grade Division

                                   Bryce Goodwin Arizona

Bryce Goodwin, ranked #18 in the top second guard division at Adidas Phenom camp. Goodwin Struggled Friday and Sunday, but Saturday he had his best performances.

Young Bryce, is just 10 years old and entering the 4th grade on August 16th to May 25th, 2011. Goodwin has a nice build and looks to drive strong to the basket.

He played up with 6th graders and fit perfectly. Bryce Goodwin’s goal is to become the #1 point guard for class of 2019 in the country. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Bryce Goodwin and other top players at the Adidas Jr. Phenom camp in San Diego, California.  
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