Delaware Middle School Basketball Explosion!

This exclusive just in from Delaware: The 2nd Annual Delaware Middle School Basketball Explosion hosted by Delaware Royalty took place this past Friday, August the 13th. 
The top middle school players in Delaware were in attendance, and the “stars” shined bright. A few names you may recognize: Tavon White (Rebels), Mikey Dixon (Rebels), Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs), Antwon Peace (DFS).

The game was filled with “CHAMPIONSHIP” level intensity and array of skills were displayed for a delighted crowd. 

The first half was filled with back and forth action led by Seiquann Kearney (Rebels), Tavon White (Rebels), Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs), Antwon Peace (DFS), and Elliott Outten (Tobacco Free).
In the 2nd half, Team 1 pulled away due to a crafty substitution change by the head coach.

Game M.O.P’s went to Team 1’s Seiquann “I GOT IT” Kearney (Rebels) 21pts 11rbs and to Team 2’s Antwon “REAL DEAL” Peace (DFS) who also had 21pts.

All EXPLOSION team: Seiquann Kearney 21pts, Tavon White 24pts, Marcus Floyd 23pts, Antwon Peace 21pts, John Pierce 12pts, Elliott Outten 8pts, Mikey Dixon 8pts, Jawan Watson 10pts, Trevon Duval 7pts, Khalir Johnson 6pts

Seiquann Kearney, Tavon White, and Marcus Floyd were all on the same team (Team 1).Final Score, Team 1 99 – 77 Team 2.
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