Rip Engel KO Elite Basketball Camp Philly 2010

Rip Engel Philly

Rip Engel from Philly is a scrappy point guard who plays exceptional defense. He put up a bloody fight against some of the best offensive players in the nation. 

Engel also, has a great skill set. He’s very aggressive on both ends of the floor.

We wish his pops, Mr. Engel a speedy recovery. He had a pretty bad bicycle accident. He suffered bruises on his face and lost several teeth. 

At the end, Rip proved to be built like his father, tough as nails. Look for him to be at the next KO Elite Camp. 

Stay tuned, as we bring you more of Rip Engel and other top players at the KO Elite Basketball Camp in Philly 2010.  
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