Isaiah Whitehead The Future of Lincoln High School

Isaiah Whitehead

Isiah Whitehead NYC

Isaiah Whitehead is a 6’2 shooting point guard freshman at Abraham Lincoln, one of the top public high schools in New York.  Its located in Coney Island Brooklyn, the home of Stephan Marbury, Sebastian Telfair and Lance Stephenson, the highest scorer in his State HS history.

We saw Coach Dwayne (Tiny) Morton of  Lincoln HS just a few weeks ago at the ‘Ball By The Beach’ Tournament.  While a championship basketball game went on next to him, he played  Scrabble with some young at heart parents who had their focus in more places than one.

As some players fought to get baskets, others used letters to scramble for points.

Is it more fun playing Scrabble or Basketball?

It was interesting to see Coach Morton interacting in the community and participating in a educational mind challenging activity.  Someone kept score and they relied on a dictionary to verify usage of words.

We sure got the best of both worlds, basketball and Scrabble, played at the same time.

As we move along, click the New York Post article written on Isaiah Whitehead class of 2014.  Stay tuned, as we bring you Coach Morton and the Scrabble game on video.

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