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Thank you readers for your patience, while we worked to improve our platform. We’re the first ‘website’ to bring you exclusive content for a worldwide audience.

In a short time we’ve covered elite coaches, parents, players and teams from across the country.

Allonzo Trier TX Class of 2015

Tyler Ulis (OH 2014 ), Allonzo Trier (TX 2015), Shavar Newkirk (NY 2014), Damon Harge (CA 2017), Kejuan Johnson (6’5 2015 ATL), Joel Berry (FL 2014), Dakari Johnson (KY 2014), Jerron Love (NY 2015) Jaylin Fleming (IL 2017), Ajon Efferson (Vegas 2014), Horace Spencer (PA 2015), Devin Newton (CA 2016),  Marvin Saunders (Bahamas 2014), Jarvae Robinson (CO 2016) and the list goes on!

Not to mention, the talented Middle School Jr Elite players in the 3rd,4th & 5th grade.

Courtney Ramey (MO 2018) , Ketan Wyatt (OH 2020), Atiba Taylor (NY 2018),  Jaheim Tanksley (NJ 2018) Jordan Montgomery (CA 2019) and Jalen Brooks (2018 NJ) just to name a few. Let’s not forget KJ Farfan, the 4 year old kindergarten baller from Miami, FL.

Sure there’s plenty more to come like player and team rankings, because we believe in early exposure! The future’s now and we’re the home for young prodigies!

Here’s the newest footage of 9 year old phenom Jordan Montgomery. A collection of clips from 2010 Arizona & Las Vegas Summer Tournaments.

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  1. Dante Jackson says:

    Where is the Pacific Northwest,namely Seattle, represented on your website. You can’t have a complete Youth Basketball site without having any players from the Great Northwest! We have the top 3rd grader (Julianna Walker) & the top 4th grader (Jayden McDaniels)in the Nation right here in Seattle! My team Evolution Basketball recently competed in the 9U AAU Nationals in Orlando this past August and we placed 9th. If you would like to see for yourself, check out her on Youtube playing up against boys! Just look for JayDub of Evolution Basketball. Besides my team, the Northwest has plenty of elite ballers & I wouldn’t want your site to overlook us as so many others have.

    • d. smith sr says:

      the one and only KING JR WILL BE APPEARING in ny. W/ phenom teammate kwe dog 7th graders.

      • david says:

        when is mse coming to the northwest i have some players that should be on your radar as mr jackson stated their is some serious basketball talent in the northwest dont miss out

    • vellbacardi says:

      Northwest gets no love on this page whats up with that ? Got some talent up this way

    • PRO says:


  2. Dante Jackson says:

    and just so you know Alonzo Trier is from the Seattle area.

  3. Been to Seattle Tourney says:

    This is YOUR moment. Why don’t you just put up the links and not send us on a hunt. Been to the president’s day tourney & there were some ballers.

  4. DoonyBlue says:

    this is the best 3rd grader i’ve ever seen girl or boy! this video was from a year & a half ago when she was in the second grade playing 5th grade AAU. this is unheard of and she’s way better rite now!we call her the Blueprint cause nobody has done what she is doing? watch out for her lil’ brother 5yr old Tre Handles. we took her to the 9u AAU boys nationals this past august ion Orlando and we placed 9th.

  5. Jenny says:

    Your site is one of my faves on the net. I always like coming here to see the latest info.

  6. Jak says:

    Check out 8th Grade Zaria Branch top 8th grader in San Diego, CA. Playing with Lady EBO on of the top basketball organizations in the country.

  7. Mark says:

    You gotta check this 5 YR OLD baller from Miami, FL. I have been following him for a while & this kids is amazing. I haven’t seen any other 5 YR OLD around like him. Great skills. He diffinitely has a true gift. Would love to see & read more on him. You have to see his video to see what I mean.

  8. Mark says:

    I forgot to mention the kid’s name is KJ. Keep working hard KJ, it will pay off.

  9. jeramie says:

    Do you guys know any youth teams for an 11 year old to play in besides aau in the phoenix arizona area??

  10. Randy P. says:

    Great site, I now have some kids to compare to my son who is 14 8th grade & 6″7…Would love to see you branch out to the west coast…

  11. Markeith Ford says:

    I have two boys ages 15 (8th)- 13 (7th) grade. How can i get them both exposure..

  12. George Hill Rising Stars says:

    Gotta put INDY on the map. NUMBERS DON’T LIE. Last season between 2nd-8th(not 7th) grade Indy had atleast one team in final four, one team National champion runner up(George Hill Rising Stars 2nd), and one team win Nationals(Indy Hoosiers 5th grade)We killin when you talk about youth basketball, check the number of first round picks out of Indianapolis last 5 years, and current high School ranking..its silly. George Hill Rising Stars(G3 Rising Stars) 3rd grade team straight from NAPTOWN would love to play any of you so called “TOP” 3rd graders. its easy to make videos dribbling up and down the court…what you gonna do against real full court pressure? 13 of the best 3rd graders in Indy,not a 1 man show, been together since kindergarten. Yes N.C Havoc got us in Nationals(we had already beat them 3x’s), we even better then last year. Come to Indianapolis and compete against the best. FOR THE RECORD. PAUL SCRUGGS(INDY HOOSIERS 6th) is by far best 6th grader in Nation.6’1 UNSTOPPABLE! Dominated Nationals and lead team to title…not even close. ISIAH MOORE(George Hill Rising Stars) is best 4th grader(played up last year with Indy Hoosier 4th grade). These kids play big in big games. Isiah went head to head with Chase Adams in Nationals last year and Hoosiers won by 20+…”men lie, women lie, numbers don’t”..COME TO INDY!

    • Bleek says:

      I guess where someone is from they will always feel the talent is the best. Indy has an amazing amount of kids, Chicago speaks for itself on the National level. It’s still a very non-scientific process (ranking). I don’t think Chase was outplayed I think Hoosiers simply had a better team.

      While you mention George Hills crew they just came to Chicago and were beaten by the Michigan Playmakers. A new team on the scene they beat them early in the tournament by 2 and met them again in the finals and got sent back to Indy. Kids are kids let them continue to develop.

    • Spectator from Detroit says:

      Men Lie, Women Lie, NUMBERS DON’T…..Yes you beat the NC HAVOC 3X….by 4, by 1, and by 2 points…..In Nationals – where IT MATTERS….you lost – no you got slaughtered…. by 21 POINTS!!! They sent your kids and your parents home crying. Until you beat them in a National Championship….you are not the best – you are #2. But as I see – you already been beat this year so even though you better than last year – you are still not the best.

  13. Coach N says:

    Great website & many good commentary … since the article mentions TEAM rankings to follow soon .. and George Hill Rising Stars mentions numbers … here are a few that went unnoticed ….

    2010 AAU National Tournament final ranking – 5th Place

    Tournament Record: 6-1

    Defeated SC Ravens 61-36, Defeated Puerto Rico MVP Warriors 69-27, Defeated Memphis War Eagles 41-40, Defeated Detroit Showtime 49-39, Lost to Ferrari (IL) 46-51, Defeated Detroit Elite 64-55, and Defeated ICP (CA) 54-50

    The BIG 3: Center – Gavin “Big Easy” Lewis, Guard/Forward – Corderius “Lil Q” Hastings, and Point Guard/Shooting Guard – Nicholas “Slick” Edwards

    vs SC Ravens: Nicholas 19 pts 3 assists 2 steals 1 TO, Gavin 14 pts, Corderius 11 pts 6 assists 4 steals 4 TO

    vs PR MVP Warriors: Nicholas 14 pts 7 assists 5 steals 1 TO, Gavin 13 pts, Corderius 8 pts 5 assists 5 steals 4 TO

    vs Memphis War Eagles: Gavin 16 pts, Corderius 13 pts 4 assists 7 steals 7 TO, Nicholas 10 pts 2 assists 3 steals 4 TO

    vs Detroit Showtime: Nicholas 18 pts 2 assists 3 steals 0 TO, Gavin 12 pts, Corderius 7 pts 4 assists 2 steals 2 TO

    vs Ferrari (IL): Nicholas 16 pts, Gavin 9 pts, Corderius 8 pts

    vs Detroit Elite: Corderius 27 pts 2 assists 7 steals 3 TO, Nicholas 13 pts 1 assist 2 steals 4 TO, Gavin 11 pts

    Atlanta (GA) Celtics – 2010 National AAU Team

    These 3 went head to head with some of your “Top 20” and bested them either as a team and/or individually and there was no mention. Wow!!

    #1 PG State of GA – Nick Edwards
    #1 F State of GA – Corderius Hastings
    #1 C State of AL – Gavin Lewis

    2010 AAU National Games will be posted to YouTube soon. Search Nick Edwards #1

    • bobby says:


  14. Mark says:

    They are talking about KJ everywhere, even in Europe (Spain, Italy, France). Even on Sports Illustrated web site. Gotta check out KJ #1 Kindergartener. He got mad skills. Check out his latest video.

  15. Shannon says:

    Oh! I can see alot of potential Cecil Newtons up in here.When these kids are working not to loose their ranking the game is no longer fun.

  16. Jay Edwards says:

    do they have A.A.U teams for 8yr olds in miami because i cant find any please help

  17. M Gibson says:

    Don’t sleep on Florida basketball athletes!…Jacksonville’s got a team that is consistently year-to-year undefeated in its boys & girls basketball division. Landmark Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida. Wake up!

  18. antonio rivers says:

    check out chicago dynasty a very well coached team check out # 5 thornton nice shooter and can attack the basket

  19. coach mike says:

    check out this team from chicago dynasty they are well coached look out for there #5 thornton he can shoot attack the basket and is a very good fast break finisher he scored about 27 pts on us even with the double team

  20. coach mac says:

    This is an amazing site, I never knew this was out here. Congrats to the Michgan Playmakers,,, we look forward to meeting you. If you’re a good team, you don’t have to find us,, we’ll find you! 2010 8u National Champs!

  21. Coach Don says:

    Excuse me, but I have seen some players in the northwest in Seattle that can ball. I have see a few kids up in Seattle and who also attend the Presidents day Tourny and i love this kid by the name of Jaylen Nowell who plays for the 6th Grade Rotary Style team. He is the toral package, can pass, shoot, push the ball up the Court, rebound and is very athletic, here is a kids that I know should be on this list… better than a few of these kids I see on this list for sure… I just seen this kid play some kids a the John Lucas camp in Vegas and he competed against kids on this list.. There needs to be representation from kids in the Pacific Northwest… That Rotary Style has some true ballers in that program…

  22. Check out Eric Esposito he is from the suburbs of Philadelphia. There is lots of good basketball played in this area. Check out this short video. Very good shooter!

  23. terry swans says:

    allezye mcmeo is the best girl coming out of middle school hands down..over 20 trophies under her belt..rose classic…nike swoosh…riverside park harlem..and she is only 13.y.o…thats scary

  24. mary says:

    Check out ECBA in Seattle, they have some of the top players and teams in the Pacific Northwest.

  25. Fredric says:

    Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

  26. Quadre says:

    I think #1 F State of GA – Corderius Hastings.. Will be the next biggest thing in Ga coming out the state in basketball.. no one can guard this kid. He is amazing..

  27. GCT10 says:

    One name comes to mind when I think about the class of 2020. Savon O’Neal. Pure jump shot and is not afraid of anyone or anything.

  28. moshea wallace malik harrington very excting players to see and justin bourne is also a very good combo guard brooklyn has the future they are ages 9 10 lincoln grady hs get ready for the future ray smash ray merdith is also very quike guard

  29. Dracy says:

    Don’t sleep on dravon clayborn down there in Evanston, Illinois. he scores like 17 a game

  30. Dracy says:

    with 6 apg and 4 rpg

  31. Coach Keith Jordan says:

    Hello, I was looking at alot of your players that are ranked and they are very talented but there is an 8th grader who is not heard of that is just as good or better than some of them. His name is David Strother out of Lumberton NC. He goes to Lumberton Junior High School. He has a middle school record of 29 and 3 with a loss comming a few days ago at the buzzer defending the championship. His first year he went 16-0. He passes like Chris Paul and has killer ball skills. Country guys sometimes go unnoticed.

  32. Ahmad k Gadson says:

    There’s this 10 year old kid from Newark nj that has been on YouTube clips since he was seven years of age. His name is Ahmad Gadson jr. He has great game and will be the topic of discussion in years to come. Watch out for this soon to be middle schooler.

  33. Scout in Training says:

    As I read down the post I noticed that player wasn’t mentioned on the 9-10u level. Cyncier Harrison. Youtube him and you can follow his journey. He’s already won AAU nationals and continues to add to his wall of MVP honors. Check him out on youtube.

  34. Coach Gunn says:

    Why is there no mention of the state of alabama, I know alot of these states put out talented kids but we have quite a few good teams down here. Alabama Buckeyes 2011 7th grade yboa national champs, Alabama Hustlers 2011 6th grade girls yboa national champs and Alabama Hustlers 2011 5th grade boys national runner-up. Can we get some love down south?

  35. Coach Phil says:

    Pacific Northwest:

    The Pacific Northwest has plenty of elite ballers and ball clubs too. Northwest Panthers 14U AAU 12 place Nationals 2010, Evolution Basketball 9U AAU 9th place Nationals. Seattle Rotary, ECBA, Friends Of Hoop, ect Ranked player: Jalen Jenkins Burkett 2015,Allonzo Trier 2015,Jashuan Agosto 2016,Gene Artison 2014,Josh Martin 2014, Doni Burkett 2026 lol Seattles Future just a few kids and Clubs that with out question should be coverd on this site.
    PS Doni Burkett no joke look and see.

  36. Alaska Basketball says:

    Deven Jackson 6th Grade Class Of 2018
    4’6″ Point Guard
    Anchorage, Alaska
    Deven is a flashy 1-Guard who can distribute and shoot the rock like its nothing! 3 Time State MVP is working to get known down south! Trying to post some highlight vids but doesn’t get any recognition! Please help!! Anything will do!!

  37. Jerry D. says:

    I was at the ARC league championships near LA, looking for some perspective 10-12 year olds and saw a kid named Reese Dickson out of Team Dream in Los Angeles….I just saw this kid hit about 5 or 6 straight 3’s in a championship game in the ARC championship game like they were 2 foot layups…..incredible…….they beat a very formative team called BFT, that had a top ranked 10 year old….about 5’6″… of the most incredible shooting efforts for a young kid…..

  38. joed1234ATL says:

    Any 12U teams looking to play some good competition. Check out the MAP in Southern Cal and also the All Comers games….good competition…

  39. Anchorage Area Basketball says:

    Deven Jackson 7th Grade Class Of 2018
    4’9″ Point Guard
    Anchorage, Alaska
    Deven is a flashy 1-Guard who can distribute and shoot the rock like its nothing! 3 Time State MVP is working to get known down south! Trying to post some highlight vids but doesn’t get any recognition! Please help!! Anything will do!! Ranked 33rd in Adidas Phenom 2012. Number 7 PG In the Country!!

    Joseph Vazquez 7th Grade Class of 2018 (Graduating Early in 2017)
    5’6″ Shooting Guard
    Joseph is a quick 2-guard out of Puerto Rico who has a sweet jumper, inside and out. Can handle the ball like magic and his defense has only been scored on 15 times out of 38 games.

    Jo and D are both currently taking high school classes and have made A-B Honor Roll. Search Up, Deven Jackson or Joseph Vazquez on YouTube!!

  40. Coach AL says:

    Just noticed that you have two young players that should be ranked in the class of 2019. There are two nice guards in the 6th grade from Detroit Alante’ Bonney (PG) & Micheal Washington-Hill (Combo Guard), both of these guards can flat out play. They play for the Motor City Road Warriors basketball team. Both have very good basketball IQ and are palying up with the 7th and 8th grade. Alante’ has great handle and gets to the rack at will, Micheal is a lock down defender and shoots the ball pretty well. Keep an ear out for these two, there going to make some serious noise on the aau circuit this year and in the state of Michigan..

  41. I had been hunting for techniques for my personal blog site and stumbled upon your blog, “MSE The Future of Youth Basketball Exposure!
    | Middle School Elite”, would you mind in case I personally utilize a few
    of your own concepts? Thx ,Sherry

  42. Freddy says:

    Hey Jerry,
    I saw that kid you mentioned…..they beat the same team BFT Black by 42 points in the Valley….I saw a couple other games, but this was by far the most impressive one. The Reese kid scored about 25 points and had some impressive assists. I didn’t get a chance to talk to his coach, but I heard from the ARC organizers that they will be back. He plays for Ball Out University now….
    Check w you later…

  43. Nhac DJ says:

    I surely did not realize that. Learnt something new nowadays! Thanks for that.

  44. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who was conducting a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me breakfast due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this matter here on your internet site.

  45. The recreation could have any collection of gamers.
    While they too can be removed, it’s again a lot of work to do so and normally requires repairs to
    the wall where it used to be after removal. The fact that Maryland,
    ranked in the top five all season and could not play in the
    NCAAs led to at large berths and an expansion of the
    tournament the following season.

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  47. The League Watcher says:

    One name Chase Forte!! Ranked number #6 nationally. From North Carolina 2019. Broke ankles at Scout Focus against 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Has played and out ran, scored and defeated many on your list. People see him but they just don’t know. CHASE FORTE!

  48. Ronald Cox says:

    Cameron Cox, 7th grader from Alliance, Ohio. 6’0″, forward. Totally dominates game with inside and outside game including a sweet three point shot. Excellent defense and reads the game. If you haven’t heard of him you will. Give Stark County, Ohio some attention and watch this kid. CAMERON COX

  49. Coach Griggs says:

    I am writting you to ask about your MSE team 4th grade team.How were the players selected? It’s 4th grader name Bryce Griggs that I believe has a great chance making that team. Coast2Coast has him @ the top of their list. Byrce is Ht.5’3,Wt.120 & play the PG…Bryce is from Lake Jackson,Tx

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