Middle School Elite Top 20 National Player Rankings 5th Grade (Class of 2018)

Middle School Elite is working diligently to identify the better athletic and skilled players in the nation. We’re actually the first scouting service to rank 5th graders (2018).

Next week, we’ll release our rankings of the top 10 4th graders (2019) and top 20 6th (2017) & 7th graders (2016) in the country. Amazingly, they’re excited and hyped about early exposure!   

Check out Clark Francis’ (Hoop Scoop) upcoming exclusive national rankings for the graduating classes of 2017 (6th grade) & 2016 (7th grade) & 2015 (8th grade).

Our list provides an organizational chart of players competing in their respective division. We aren’t rocket scientist of youth basketball, but we admire and appreciate extraordinary premature talent. Their natural and learned ability is what makes them relevant today!

Why are these players our top 5 ?

1. Marquise Walker 5’0″ (Chicago, IL) – He’s a tough physically built point guard in the mold of Isiah Thomas. He’s very mature for his age having always played with older kids. He has the total package: size, speed, court vision, scoring, and the ability to make others better. A dazzling ball-handler who’s nearly impossible to keep out of the lane where he usually finishes, draws fouls, or makes pinpoint feeds to his big men. Walker is a play-maker in the open floor with an array of moves. Example- spin dribbles, hesitation moves, no-look passes, euro steps, and reverse pivots. He has a smooth stroke to land 3 pointers and the ability to finish easily with both hands. What separates Walker from the pack is his poise and ability to elevate his play on command. Its not uncommon for him to take over games during the 4th quarter and lead his team to victory. As a game changing prospect, he plays his best when the stakes are the highest.

2. Gavin Schoenwald 5’10” (Nashville, TN) – The best center prospect in the country, he can play 3 front-court positions. Rangy and mobile Schoenwald is an exceptional defensive anchor. He blocks shots at a very high level. He intimidates offensive players and rebounds on both ends of the floor. On offense, he’s capable of making 15ft jump shots. He can put the ball on the floor and has the ability to make sound decisions on the move. He passes well out of double teams and can finish with either hand.  Schenwald is very athletic and runs the floor effortlessly often beating guards to the other end.

3.  Chase Adams 4’7″ (Chicago,IL) – Pound for pound the best player in the country. All he does is win. This pint sized point guards heart is twice his size. A sensational passer, he sees plays before they develop often leading to teammates dropping passes or botching finishes. Lil Chase is blazing fast with the basketball and an extraordinary ball handler. He has the ability to leave people in the dust. He has a gear you can’t teach. Despite his size he defends at a very high level often surprising people with his athleticism. He makes everyone around him better.

4. Courtney Ramey 5’2″ (St. Louis, MO) – A scoring machine. Ramey scores on a variety of moves, but his best may be his patented floater shot. He can get this shot off at will and it never seems to get blocked. He’s a terror in transition with his lightning quick first step and ability to finish tough conversions. Isolate him and he has the ability to create for himself and others. He consistently makes 3’s when left open. He has very long arms and really mixes it up defensively. His steals lead to a lot of his points. Ramey is a major talent.

5. James Slater 5’5″  (Fairfax, VA) – Versatility is the name of the game for this smooth lefty from Fairfax, VA. He can play 4 positions on the floor and usually does. Slater has the ability to mix it up inside as well as step out and shoot the three pointer. Tall and with long arms, he can put the ball on the floor, go coast to coast and finish or find an open teammate for a scoring opportunity. He has major upside if he continues to grow.

2010 Middle School Elite 5th grade Top 20 National Rankings Class of 2018


#1 Marquise Walker 5’0″, Point Guard,  Chicago, IL

#2 Gavin Schoenwald 5’10”, Center, Nashville, TN

#3 Chase Adams 4’7″,Point Guard,  Chicago, IL

#4 Courtney Ramey 5’2″,Guard, St. Louis, MO

#5 James Slater 5’5″, Forward, Fairfax, VA

#6 Atiba Taylor 5’5″, Guard/Forward, New York, NY

#7 Jamal Whittlesey 5’9″, Center, New Castle, DE

#8 Darrius Garland 5’1″, Guard, Gary,IN

#9 Donnovan Toatley 4’8″, Point Guard, Upper Malboro, MD

#10 Kevin Easley 5’7″, Center, Indianapolis, IN

#11 Kiyon Johnson 5’6″, Forward, Newark, DE

#12 Jalen Brooks 4’10”, Guard, Plainfield, NJ

#13 Jordan Simmons 4’10”, Point Guard, Crete, IL

#14 Tyresse Witerker 4’10”, Point Guard, Harlem, NY

#15 Kyler Kluge 5’1″, Guard, Eden Prairie, MN

#16 Noah Thomas 5’o”, Guard, San Antonio, TX

#17 Zion Young 5’2″, Guard/Forward, Chicago, IL

#18 DMarco Baucum 5’9″, Center, Washington, DC

#19 Deon Blakemore 5’3″, Forward, Houma, LA

#20 Mckyan James 4’9″, Guard, St. Louis,  MO

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  1. Congrats to all chicago players on their rankings.
    Ferrari(chase,zion) keep workinG on your games.
    “New season,same goal”

    • Rob Jones says:

      As always, ferrari is a class outfit, keep on striving to get better. Congrats to Chase and Zion, the sky’s the limit.

    • Hey guys come to Orange county anaheim and meet me at dale junior high school and see who is the best player ever i will play anyone of them and trust me i will win. /@ckyLegacy/

  2. O says:

    I’ve never seen kids this young ranked, but it gives those who aren’t ranked something to shoot for and those who are ranked motivation to keep working hard.

  3. LAUREN F FOSTER says:


  4. LAUREN F FOSTER says:


  5. LAUREN F FOSTER says:


  6. Jamal Whittlesey says:

    Congrats to my baby #7… its football season right now. We still in da lab though. Coming for dat #1 spot. Jamal is undoubtably the best big man coast 2 coast. We auditioning for D1 contenders… hit me up

  7. Jamal Whittlesey says:

    Oh yeah shoutout to my baby donovan toatley #9 and kijon johnson #11.

  8. LeRoy Willis says:

    Congratulations to ALL of the chicagoland area ballers… Keep up the good work, especially to the Old Ferrari Family (Chase, Zion & Jordan) you guys deserve all the blessings you receive because I have witnessed your hard work!!!

  9. James says:

    Congrats, Ki on that #11 ranking now the real work begins. Know me and mom are proud shorty! Much love Big Jamal #7 in the country DE is in the building!!!!

  10. Michael Blake says:

    I saw some of these players at aau nationals this past year in Detroit and I must say that I didn’t see a player their better than the Ramey kid who’s team won the entire thing. This kid was amazing the way he scored and passed the ball. Beyond his years. I don’t see how anyone can be ranked over a kid with this type of skill and size at that young age.

  11. Auntie Necee says:

    Congratulations Darius. Keep up the good work!!!!

    • Coach Carlos los Mayes says:

      Darius keep up the good work lil homie and represent your family at times stay humble work hard and dont forget where you come from eerything will fall in place for you.See your dad was my mentor in im still in the game til this day Darius have fun in go your goals o
      in and off the court

  12. Winston & Felicia Garland says:

    Congradulations Darius A.K.A. “Boog” #8 we are so proud of you but always remember to have fun, play hard and protect yourself. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    Mom and Dad

    • Coach Carlos los Mayes says:

      Lil man stay humble and work hard in remember where you come from represent your family and Gary at at times.

  13. billybishop says:

    These rankings are suspect with no kids from AI9 included!
    afterall they smoked all the chicago kids!

  14. mitchell butler says:

    AI9 are 6th graders you idiot, these are 5th graders.

  15. Shout Out to Jamal #7 The Biggest Baby & # 11 K.Johnson
    Team Delaware Royalty 2 Nationally Ranked Kids…..Leggooo

  16. gwen says:

    congrats D’Marco!!!!

  17. Daryl Perkins Mitchell says:

    Very proud of my nephew Marquise Walker. Keep your head up and continue to work hard.

  18. Winston & Felicia Garland says:

    Congradulations Gavin, #2

    From The Garland family and Darius # 8

  19. AAU fan says:

    A19 6th grade team did not even finish in the final four in cocoa beach nationals!

  20. Terri and Mark Schoenwald says:

    Proud of your #2 Ranking Gavin! You are always a star in our eyes! Keep up the hard work!
    Love, Mom, Dad, Brock and Blair

  21. Terri and Mark Schoenwald says:

    Congratulations Darius Garland (#7) –fellow team mate and friend!

    Gavin and Family

  22. Terri and Mark Schoenwald says:

    WOW #1 Marquis! Doesnt get much better then that! Congrats!

    Gavin #2 and family

  23. Terri and Mark Schoenwald says:

    TRIPLE THREAT….Marquis Walker, Gavin Schoenwald and Darius Garland….

  24. Terri and Mark Schoenwald says:

    Congratulations Chase! We enjoy watching you play….even when we play against you and Team Ferrari!
    W A C G !!!
    Gavin Schoenwald and Family

  25. Lateshia Smith says:

    Congradulations Atiba!!! #6 keep up the hard work, your my lil STAR!!!

    Love, Mommy

  26. Lateshia Smith says:

    Congradulations Tyresse!!! #14 Keep up the hard work man…You and Atiba are both AWESOME players!!!

    Lateshia Smith (Atiba’s MOM)

  27. First of all….These kids are good. They’re actually ranked because they went to camps that rank them. If you have about $1,000.00-$1,500.00 to spend between airfare, lodging, food and camp fee then your kid can be ranked too. They’re all very young so this is just bragging rights for the Dads. Truth be told Courtney Ramey is bar none the best 5th grader in the country!! He’s sick and he’s a winner.

  28. greg says:

    Great job to all the players. James Brandon Slater what a way to represent the DMV you are an awesome player. Continue to work hard. We Love your game.

  29. greg says:

    We are so proud of you big boy……..Stay focused…..

  30. TheCoach says:

    TO YOUNG TO RANK. TO MANY FACTORS. There are late bloomers and hidden gems out there so nobody is number one. Talk to me when it comes in 10th grade you will only see about 2-3 of these kids in top 100. Once that size kicks in it’s a wrap.

  31. Yvonne says:

    What a perk to these young people to let them know that they are being watched. This propels them to reach for the potential that has been endowed in them. A special congrats to my nephew Brandon (James). Sorry they missed your picture, though. {Since all others had one, maybe you should run a correction with Brandon’s picture.}

  32. Zandra says:

    Great job to all of the player, but special Congratulations to my nephew Marquise Walker!!! You are doing great things! Number 1.

  33. Basketball Fan says:

    With many of these kids on the list being in the 6th grade(with late birthdays AAU old rule)why are they considered class of 2018? They should be ranked with their own grade and then we can see how high they are ranked. I guess more parents will start keeping their boys back a grade.

    • Coach N says:

      Which kids are you referring? You mention late birthdays & 6th grade??

      I know AAU has the grade exception (5th grade, but should be in 6th based on age), but I don’t know of any other rule that allows a true 6th grader (AGE) to play down.

  34. DoonyBlue says:

    do you have to be from the midwest or back east to get ranked…you’re missing the boat on the Seattle area. there is tons of young talent out here!

  35. Richard says:

    Ranking kids does not hurt them at all. I remember being the number 1 player when I was younger. I killed them at MARBLES.

  36. freeboosie says:

    wat bout juwan hood outta NC

  37. James Blackmon says:

    Keep a eye on Isaiah Fuller a 4’9 pg/sg from Saginaw, Mi (aau Dorian’s Pride). This kids handles are well beyond his age. The kid also gets to basket with easy and enjoys finding the open man more than scoring.

  38. james says:

    they all suck go with john wall or lebron james or dwayne wade or chris bosh or carmelo anthony or vince carter

  39. Philip Harris says:

    Very proud of all the young ball players, keep up the good work. Can the girls get some love? There is a lot of basketball out there.

  40. Demetri Goldman says:

    Keep an eye out for Jamaal Nixon from Chicago Illinois. He’s a guard in 5th grade his brother is a 6’10 center from Plainfield South in Illinois. If genetics holds up this kid could be the next Magic Johnson. His coach says he’ll be at the tourney next weekend.

  41. H-Town Ballin' says:

    This is obviously a regional poll. Missing all the great players down South except Noah Thomas who should be in the top 5. He’s in Houston by the way (says San Antonio) and his RYTES team sent Ramey packin’ a couple weeks ago in H-Town.

  42. wacg says:


    • H-Town Ballin' says:

      Impressive. I’m not assoicated with the rytes team but get to watch them play often. #11 and #24 are outstanding AND both 11 year olds by the way. You would not be familiar with coaching 11 year olds from what I saw “Coach.” Had to watch your little act on the sideline. You are an embarrassment to AAU.

  43. Fan of aau says:

    Question, how does anyone select kids. Houston Elite has one of the top 5th grade shooting guards. Mr. T (Major) Minor

  44. Bob says:

    Marquise Walker should not be number one.

  45. Coach V says:

    EJ montgomery hands down best 11 and under 5th grade player in country a 6’2 pt guard that can do it all handles are very good ..yes 6’2 guard but has nice inside moves a lefty and by far the best 5th grader in the state of florida…the kid passes are sick and his footwork is nothing like i have ever seen before….EJ MONTGOMERY IS FOR REAL.

  46. Coach V says:


  47. KJ Irvine says:

    These rankings are “incomplete” at best! I have seen some of these ranked kids play and many others not ranked– and the unranked players are better or just as good. As a matter of fact, a few of the better unranked players are 10 years old (not turning 11 until the summer of 2011) — not 11 years old. I am much more impressed with a ballin’ 10 year old handling his own against 11/12 years on a regular!

  48. c2o says:

    Why is LAUREN F FOSTER yelling?

  49. Nicholas Neal says:

    Desi Sills is one of the best point guards in the Nation. For sure the best in Arkansas. This 5th Grader plays up on the Nike Wing Elite. Keep an eye out for this youngster.

  50. Coach Willams says:

    I witnessed the Team Wildcats out of St. Louis MO run threw the 2010 AAU 10U now 11U ranked No. 8 Arkansa Hawks the No.1 ranked Team Ramey out of St. Louis MO and the No.2 ranked R.Y.T.E.S Warriors out Houston TX. In the 4th annual Rock City Classic in Little Rock, AR. Keep a look out for this team!

  51. Martin says:

    Watch out for Isaiah Bowers Canton, Illinois .5’4 30″vert .can shoot with either hand. Already holding his own against high school players.oh and birthday 1/4/00

  52. Martin says:

    Isaiah Bowers played against Ramey on a lesser team. Ramey tripple teamed him and he still more than held his own. One of these elite teams needs to pick him up. I dont get it he is a beast.

  53. Alex says:

    I’m a 5th grader and I’m 6′. So I believe I am the best center in the nation and if u don’t believe me you can ask my coach of my 5 basketball teams. If you ask my coach he will say that nobody ever scores in the paint when I’m in!!!

    • Goober Jones says:

      Alex — I saw you play man and you were out of this world — keep it up. Get One! Keep thinking you are the best, that no one can beat your and have an attitude that says im better than all of you. Cause at 6′ your a monster.

  54. John Lucas says:

    Talk about rankings! You guys need to check out Deron Williams Metro Elite 5th. Graders. Have a point guard lightning quick #6. Quickest I have seen on the 5th grade circuit. Two 5’11 centers that are beast. Another guard #24 that scores at will. And a shooting guard #11 that hit seven straight threes in a tournament in Texas this past weekend.

  55. Donald Williams says:

    Class 2018 top rankings, I see there isn’t any youngsters from the “Dirty South”. We have a baller in Georgia that have been playing with the Georgia Stars since he was 6yrs old and played 9U. He is now 11 5th grade playing up at 12U 6th grade and is the starting point guard for the team. His high score is 19 points and he models his game after Derrick Rose. This past weekend he was instrumental to leading the team to play in the Championship game for the NAYBA National Championship in Atlanta,Georgia at 13U where the team lost a close game by 4 points. His name is DJ Williams from Loganville,GA. He will be looking to lead his team toward an oppurtunity at another National Championship next week for the Georgia Stars, the AAU 12U 6th grade DI Nationals in Hampton,VA at Boo Williams Sportsplex July 19-25.

  56. Denelle says:

    Watch out for Denelle Holly jr philly freedom stars

  57. Tony says:

    This is the most bias list I ever seen in my life, so you saying any kids from the WEST can’t make this top 20, I know 3 kids in Vegas that a murder any of these kids on here.

  58. Derek says:

    Atiba i couldnt agree with u more if New York City would have put a All-Star Team together we would have been a problem for anybody at the nationals and any were else look how many teams we had at the national from in and around nyc add them to that Final Four Riverside team
    WoW !!!!! there is a lot of pride with new york team so i dont no if that will work. for all the parents who have 5th graders that are 11 and under keep them in good spirits. at his age its a big difference playing against 13 years olds. As parents and coaches we have to do better a kid shouldnt be playing if they got left back do to grades. We all no boys and girls that didnt make it because they didnt get it done in the classroom let do are part

    • DaTruth says:

      Derek-You hit on the grades…There is no way a kid of mine is playing any sports and not doing well in school.

  59. Uncle Duckie says:

    When you speak of the nations top PG, my nephew Alex Jones leads the pack. He most recently led his WACG AllStars 11U to a National Championship. “A” defends, handles, and distributes at a very high level. He is based out of Alpharetta, GA. The kid is hungry-will be ranked at the top of his 2018 class soon!

    • coach ison @ youthstudentathlelete.com will have several division 1 players before he is done he.the north alabama flight will be a team to rekon with we are going to see how we do in state this year.maybe nationals next year-he teaches the game if you think 1 5 star kid is going to take it to the flight then you already lost cause these boys are quick and eat sleep and play defense-check the website for the players.

  60. BallMan says:

    @ Donald Williams

    your boys team lost all pool play games in Hampton by 20+
    stay in 2018 with that. 2017 is too much for the young fella.

  61. Paul says:

    Trey plays is in 4th grade plays with 5th and 6th grade!


  62. allezye mcmeo says:

    best girl in middle school hands down….watch and see

  63. terry swans says:

    allezye mcmeo from the bronx is hands down the best girl coming out of middle school….held it down for the rose classic

  64. terry swans says:

    rose classic..nike swoosh riverside park..harlem park…exudus team..she is real good kid..over 20 trophies under her belt..and she is only 13.y.o kid

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    Useful info. Fortunate me I discovered your web site accidentally, and I am surprised why this coincidence didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  67. Braxton says:

    This kid out of Arkansas named Blayton Williams is by far the best player in Arkansas for the class of 2018 just ask anybody in Arkansas and I think he should be ranked nationally.

  68. Hello There. I found your weblog the use of msn. This is a very neatly written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra of your helpful information. Thanks for the post. I’ll certainly return.

  69. danie says:

    I’ve gat one nobody seen…. 5’5″ in pt guard in Lburg tn exceptioanl ball handler and can drive on kids twice his size also can knock down 3’s if they back off..

  70. Ballman says:

    The kid Jaylin Reed from Staunton, VA is a workaholic.. He is a 6th grader who is playing up with 7th/8th graders AAU. He will have the height and size for a major D-1 when 2018 approaches and will be amongst the top 10 when everything clears. He is a Governor School kid as well and WILL NOT back down to anyone!

  71. My sons Name is Austin (AJ) Redmun he is 6 eet 1 inch tall has 14 to 15 for shoe size and 240 pounds and is a scoreing and rebound machine he has had numerous games where he has double digits in scoring rebounds assists steals and blocked shots . thats a 5 double not sure what to call that but he has them has been on undefeated teams won tournaments and gotten mvp awards he deserves a look into makeing the top 100 any way maybe even better would love to find out and he is only 10 so skies the limits . plus he is great at football actully unbelievable at it and baseball well he pitches left and right handed as well as bats left and right has pitched in states and reginals with oppiste arms has one of the highest IQs in the school is in the school systems gifted and talented programs . plays the saxaphone and does drama for his grade as well as volunteers to help withthe younger kids program as well they all look up to him . my wife and i were blessed with 2 wonderful kids and this is all true to life info here so thanks for letting me share …

    • langhorneBBall says:

      Wow! Would love to see this kid play! Where is he from?

    • Mrs. Kim says:

      Thats what I’m talking about. Student athlete who does music, drama and volinteers. I love it.

    • OldUncleJimmy says:

      My sons name is James Sally Jr. He is 7’1″ tall and plays barefoot on one foot and a hiking boot on the other, he weighs 340lbs and averages a super sized 5-tuple double (that is at least 15 pts, rebs, assts, steals, blocks). He won a trophy at several tournaments he hasn’t even played in. He is in the 5th grade and skipped the 2nd and 4th grade (he does not like even numbered grades) I would imagine he could be in the top 100 5th graders in the country, maybe, but the top 200 for sure. He has been banned from the local baseball and football leagues for killing several other children with tackles and line drives but gave a eulogy at their funerals as he is also an ordained minister. His work with the poor rivals Mother Theresa and I am a little afraid he won’t reach his full potential in basketball because he will be assumed body and soul into heaven any day now. He plays golf one handed and is a scratch golfer. He also preforms as a one man band in a traveling circus. He is a member of MENSA and is working on his doctorate online, one of his idols is Dugie Howser. He tried chess for the 1st time last week and within 3 hours had beaten Deep Blue. All the kids in the neighborhood look up to him (literally he is 7 freaking feet tall) and figuratively as he drives a free ice cream truck that he pays for with donations he collected through his charitable foundation he set up when he sold instagram (which he invented) to Facebook for $1 bil. Anyway, all this is true good luck to everyone else’s 5th grade sons I am sure they do great things too.

  72. The Beast says:

    You guys Have to look at this new prospect named Myles Frierson from Dallas,Texas who goes to E.D. Walker Middle School in Dallas.He is the most versatile player you will ever meet and he can score constantly with both hands.Myles plays for the Texas based AAU team Texas Express.If you had to check one prospect that is a flat out scorer and gets his teammates involved you have to look at Myles Frierson.

  73. TheBigBallers34 says:

    Great idea creating this list. Their whole life will be about competing, so let’s get ’em started now! Everyone does NOT get a trophy for participation.
    Don’t sleep on the West Coast players. Many teams from the West don’t compete in the AAU Nationals because it seems to be bigger on the east coast and a long way to travel but we have a couple of teams that compete. Tri-city Ballers(I believe they won the D2 title last year for 4th Grade) & The Basketball Factory. They both are out of Los Angeles County with great players.

  74. David Johnson says:

    Gain scholennwall is a stupid tenth grader and that is why he is is so good. ………………….. He is a scam and should play on his own level

  75. Gage says:

    Isiah bowers from canton Il is by far in the top 5 he might even be the best he scores double digits every game and has a 32 inch verticle he is 5’6 and an athletic guard he scored 30 points against the national champions in nationals he is the real deal check him out on brian cook elite.

  76. Gage says:

    And Isaiah dominates at a highschool level and is only 11

  77. TBF is ok says:

    They have a pretty good team, but isn’t even in the top 20 in Cali. Do have some beasts that are a problem for any team in any state. And since I’m saying the good, the bad is a rep for cheating.

  78. Daeonte givner remember this name out of cleveland ohio
    6th grader nice spot up shooter
    Good luck to all middle school players everywhere

  79. I was up at the Swish n Dish tourney this weekend in Milwaukee and saw some outstanding ball in this age division. First off the Rights Warriors from texas are a great team and won the title with great teamwork and unselfish play. They have several kids that are going to be heard from for awhile. The 2 players that stood out to me the most were Courtney Ramsey and Gavin Lewis who you have in your rankings. Both these young men led two good teams in this tourney and was easily 2 of the better looking players. Ramsey is just amazing from shooting to handling it. This kid is a scorer and is lethal and down right mean on the court. He easily went for 30 points in the 2 games I watched versus Ferrari & WI Playground versus Lewis with style. He is not even a ball hog just a bigtime player that makes plays. Lewis is from Alabama was playing with WI Playground for this tourney which was what I was told is a bigger than life 6th grader that just dominated the post and has a great touch. He also handles it great for big player at this age. He shoots it well to from the outside. I liked watching these two young men as they have bright futures ahead of them. And that team from Texas was amazing there coach did a good job of coaching them to the title of Team Ramey.

  80. Jovan says:

    Marquis Brown down in the camp killing everybody blocking all shots making sick moves off the dribble. people was scared of this man nobody wanted to stick him. If u dont know now u know!!! he is the most versitile player in the 2018 class.

    • Realtalk says:

      The head of the class will be EJ MONTGOMERY A SMOOTH lefty thats playing up 16 and under on the AAU circuit 6 6 POINT FORWARD THAT CAN PLAY ANY POSITION ON THE COURT 2018 WILL BE SPECIAL.

  81. Realtalk says:

    Uncle Duckie I have seen alex play and hear a lot of good things out of GA ABOUT alex Jones …..a great athlete …..

  82. OldUncleJimmy says:

    This is sick!!! Who is the creep that rates 5th grade basketball players in his basement??? Nice comparison but I believe the mans name was Isaiah Thompson

  83. hoopstar says:

    Dravon Clayborn hands down ,one of the best players in the country let alone Illinois.If you doubt it ask these top players from Illinois

  84. hoopstar says:

    Dravon Clayborn hands down ,one of the best players in the country let alone Illinois.If you doubt it ask these top players from Illinois.

  85. Gage says:

    Brian Cook Elite winning 6th and 7th grade state with an all 6th grade team. Check out jalen hosea who is a quick guard and shoots lights out and isaiah bowers. and our new player darius beane i have yet to see a 6th grader stop him..BCE nothings stopin them

  86. AAUWatcher says:

    Jalen Hosea? The same kid that got clowned at the East vs West camp?

  87. Coach CJ says:

    6’6 2018 EJ Montgomery. Smooth athletic silky player that can play ALL five positions.

  88. Uncle Duckie says:

    WACG will be in Charlotte, NC June 1-3

  89. Malcolm says:

    I must say this is a very good site to gauge other kids by. Aau teams all over the country probably will say I have at least one kid who should be on this list. I think there should be a Top 100 list. Teams from rural areas don’t stand a chance. For ex. this Louisa Pride 5th Grade Team finished 40-14 in its first season. We played up in a 6th Grade Tournament and beat two teams while taking 2ndmy place. This team have an amazing point guard and three kids who can demolish a 2-3, and other zone defenses from 3 pt. range. During this season I’ve seen games in which they combined to knock down at least 9one 3 pointers. Plus the have big men inside. If u would like to see videos just ask. Thanks

    • coach V says:

      E J montgomery top player in country in 2018 …..great floor vision …6 7 plays 16 and under on aau circuit only 12 years old….shoots the ball well….a very high basketball IQ .GREAT BASKETBALL FAMILY….COULD BE BEST IN THE CLASS OF 2017 ALSO………Needs to get stronger…

  90. Coach truth says:


  91. Dona Remmers says:

    Thanks for the post! Reminds me that every day is a fresh start, the chance to take those baby steps to a path and life of greatness

  92. Fred says:

    Keep an eye out for Micah Schnyders. He is a 5’2″ fifth grader in the Chicagoland area who plays the point and handles the ball like a magician! He is the best shooter I have seen in the area. Made 7 three pointers in a half in a game this year, and always plays against older competition! Complete player!

  93. Coach B says:

    The best 5th grader I have seen in the Chicago land area is Micah Schnyders. He is a 5’2″ point guard who can handle the ball like a magician. He has dribble moves you just don’t see for kids his age. He is also the best shooter I have seen. He hit 7 3 pointers in one half of a game this year, and averages three 3 pointers per game. He always plays older competition. He is a complete player!

  94. A.E.B says:

    @ coach B What AAU team does he run with? The battlecats are looking for guys with size..he can get some looks the battlcats travel and go to big time tournaments

  95. Dream says:

    Houston Texas has two of the Top guards in the nation. PG/SG LJ Cryer of Houston Elite and Trumond AKA The Truth of Gulfcoast Bluechips. Both kids have great skills set along with size.

  96. Terry lewis says:

    No players from the West Coast? How do you get the stats to do the rankings. Come our way and we will show you that the west is the best. You can start with my grandson, Jordan Eason from Tri city travel basketball.

  97. The League Watcher says:

    One name Chase Forte!! Ranked number #6 nationally. From North Carolina 2019. Broke ankles at Scout Focus against 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Has played and out ran, scored and defeated many on your list. People see him but they just don’t know. CHASE FORTE!

  98. Matt says:

    Your forgetting all of the big men!! I’m the same age and stand 6’2!! I play kids even taller and better! Where are they!?

  99. […] to evaluate them and recruit them and shit. It’s kind of sick. Like there is a site called Middle School Elite that ranks 5th grade basketball players. That’s just insane. 5th graders?? These kids […]

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