Middle School Elite Top 20 National Player Rankings 6th Grade (Class of 2017)

Middle School Elite

We saw our top four prospects at the Adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp in San Diego, California. Adidas Phenom 6th grade division was the most intriguing, entertaining and competitive of all camps this year.

Adidas Phenom introduced us to the best kept secret, Jaylin Fleming and Damon Harge, the 50 point scoring phenomenon. These talented youngsters are something special and were a pleasure to watch.

The Hoop Scoop was accurate as always, when they ranked Damon Harge #1 for his tantalizing performance at the Adidas showcase. However, we give Jaylin Fleming honors as the top 6th grade player for the class of 2017 in the nation.

Paul Washington was a dominate big man all weekend and ranked #7 overall at the Adidas Camp. Washington’s 11u team Texas Celtics finished #2 at the AAU Nationals in Cocoa Beach, FL 2010.

(Top 3 Prospects Pictured)

Rank-Name-Height- Position-State

#1 Jaylin Fleming 5’2″, Point Guard, Chicago, IL

#2 Paul Washington 5’8″, Center, Frisco, TX

#3 Damon Harge 5’0″, Guard, Mountain House, CA

#4 Chris Giles 5’9″, Center, Allen, TX

#5 Nate Pierre-Louis 5’4″, Forward, Plainfield, NJ

#6 Caleb Nero 5’2″, Guard, Tulsa, OK

#7 Jesse Neloms 5’1″, Point Guard, Memphis, TN

#8 Nojell Eastern 5’6″, Forward/Guard, Chicago, IL

#9 Marques Watson 5’1″, Point Guard, Brooklyn, NY

#10 Michael Porter 5’9″, Forward, Ft. Wayne, IN

#11 Chase Hayden 5’2″, Guard, Memphis, TN

#12 Cedrick Lattimore 5’9″, Center,  Detroit, MI

#13 Kyle Small 4’10”, Point Guard, Anaheim, CA

#14 Scooter Smith 5’4″, Guard,  Norwalk, CA

#15 Miles Johnson 5’10”, Center, Lakewood, CA

#16 Selassie Bourne 4’9″, Point Guard, Brooklyn, NY

#17 Jamal Nixon 5’9″, Forward/Guard, Plainfield, IL

#18 Tyshon Alexander 5’8″, Forward, Charlotte, NC

#19 Reginald Crawford 5’9″, Center, St Louis, MO

#20 David Vasquez 5’2″, Guard, West Linn, OR

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  1. TheCoach says:

    Even though I don’t believe in ranking these young boys, congrats to Nate Pierre, Marques and Tyler for making the list.

  2. coachj says:

    MARQUES WATSON should be ranked in the top 5. lol.

  3. Big D says:

    Obviously you have missed on alot of talented players. I couldn’t believe that you didn’t mention Lavar Batts (Cabarrus Stars NC), Zach Butler(CB Spiders NC), Collin Sexton (World Wide Ga).

  4. LON says:

    The kid Zach Butler(combo guard) of the CB Spiders should have been included on your list of players. Also,Tyshon Alexander is better than alot the kids that you ranked ahead of him.

    • Randy says:

      I agree with you on the Butler kid on the Spiders. I saw him go to work against the Atl Celtics and Atl knicks in a big event in Atl. The kid is unselfish and does everything on both sides of the ball to help or lead his team to victory. I noticed that in Co Co Beach and The Jr All-American Camp he didn’t look the same and appeared to be playing as if he was having some type of pain in his legs or knees.

      • LON says:

        I found out that the Butler kid on the spiders was battling osgood slaughters disease. This is a condition that goes away usually when a kid finishes growing.

    • Coach Bruce says:

      My son is in the 6th grade and he played with the Texas Celtics for most of the year last year. He has played against some the top player in the country, and now he’s also battling osgood slaughters disease. He has grown 3 and a half inches since October. He plays both point and shooting guards. Without my son the Texas Celtics lost the LA Primetime but when he played they beat them by 34 in New Orleans. He’s 5’6″ now and still growing, just remember the name Bee Jay.

  5. unselfish1 says:

    I think there are 3 guards on La Primetime Select worthy of this list.

  6. bxs1 says:

    All yall comin up with these names need to focus on film. Not trying to get you out the gym, cause I believe ya puttin in work with these kids. But I’m nowhere near your coast and like to see the youngsters comin up. Film please. It’s a trip how they all got their own style of hoop.

  7. AAU fan says:

    First of all, great job middleschoolelite on your rankings! You cant please all the people, all the time.

    Although I do agree the kid Tyshon Alexander should be ranked a little higher. La Primetime might have 1 guard, not 3, and the kid Sexton from Ga Worldwide didnt have a good showing in Cocoa Beach.

  8. coach stretch says:

    I believe someone forgot about 5’4″ guard Armani Chaney from chicago(Meanstreets AAU) this kid has all the skills to be ranked! he floor awareness is incredible and ball handles are un-heard of. Shooting skills are deadly! Watch and see.

  9. Mark White says:

    You have a couple of these boys that didn’t even finish in the top 50 at the Adidas phenom camp, how do they make your top 20?

  10. LON says:

    Is these rankings based mostly on kids that went to the Addidas camp?

  11. Underratted3 says:

    Marquis Watson is the real deal people!

    Class of 2017…Remember the name!

    • coachj says:

      I agree 100 percent. Marques is far and beyond the best 6th grader in nyc. He’s a humble kid,very coachable and worthy of every accolade that given to him The best is yet to come

      • coachj says:

        Marques Watson destroyed the nationals this past summer with the DC Assault 5th grade/11u. The proof is in the pudding. If anyone wants to check him out, those of you that live in nyc should come down to the funsport tournament this weekend. Trust me, you wont see a better pure point guard in the house. AND HE’S ONLY 11!

      • JUICE says:

        Look out for SELASSIE TYLER BOURNE……

      • coach cook says:

        Hello, my name is Coach Cook. I am the head coach of the Boys JV Basketball team at Avenues Upper School. I am very interested in having Marques join our school, as a middle or upper school student in the near future. Please feel free to contact me at anytime: [email protected] Thank you!

  12. darealdeal says:

    I thought the kid from Memphis was good Blake Williams he hit 20 some against the dude from oakland soldiers and i thought the 2 kidS from The heat waz good the 2 African KIds

    • Ash Walker says:

      The 2 hatian kids from the heat were good ,but it was there point guard who came up big against the kid blake williams from memphis and against the kid hardge from oakland soldiers so why isnt this kid getting any props.is it because hes from florida?

      • Tory says:

        The kids name is Zach Dawson. Also we beat Memphis & Oakland. He was consistent all week. He also hit crucial FTs against LA Primetime with like .7 on the clock to send it to OT. I’ll be at the New adidas MSE Boys Camps in NY 2011!

    • coach sammy says:

      where is ricardo dominguez????

  13. darealdeal says:

    Oh yeah in houston they just killed the 2 kids fron the celtics blake had the washington kid and chase hayden day the lil PG and just went east and west north and south the ball.IN what about the kid from pump n run the PG

  14. 2forU3forme says:

    To: darealdeal

    I agree, the Hayden PG is good, but he was handled easily by the Pump and run crew in nationals this year! That may be why your praising them! lol

  15. darealdeal says:

    I Agree but have yo seen the kid from Team Nelson that kid can flat out play

  16. 2forU3forme says:

    to: darealdeal, there are a host of 2017 top guards out there!

    I like the Chicago kid and the California kid first though!

  17. 2forU3forme says:

    to: darealdeal,

    oh yeah, Arkansas Hawks have some good guards, they just need bigs!

  18. 2forU3forme says:

    to: Marques Watson fan club.

    I agree, Marques Watson is a great talent, and I have actually seen him play on more than one occasion, so this is NOT about his talent!

    QUESTION: How does a New York kid play on a D.C. team when those states do NOT border each other? Thats not AAU rules!

  19. slam-dunk says:


  20. slam-dunk says:

    oh,and another thing. the memphis war eagles would have won nationals this year had jesse not played up in hampton,va.believe that.

  21. JUICE says:


  22. Da-Truth says:

    Neloms is great player, he is supposed to be! He is a 13 year old 6th grader!

    • AAU FAN says:

      BETTER GROW SOON OR THINGS WIIL CANGE. Anyone remember Justin Jennifer? He WAS the best pointguard I had ever seen at 8-11u. Look him up on the net. Parents the hype on kids will change drastically at 14-15u keep your lists of the best players that the sites rank and compare it to the list when these kids get older. In the future 5 of the top 20 will be lucky to even be mentioned in the top 50 when puberty and all of the other changes come.

    • realtalk says:

      make that 14 year old 6th grader

  23. slam-dunk says:

    jesse neolms is a grade exception just like hundreds of other kids playing aau basketball.

    • Holding says:

      slam-dunk, I hate to burst your bubble but Neloms is an exception because his dumb a#* mom held him back so he could play against younger boys. So really the grade exception is for when you retained not because stupid held you back two years to play again against younger boys. You would look great if you were 14 playing 11 and 12 year olds.

  24. I think you have good players here but the #1 player in that grade is the #1 Paul Scruggs kid from the Indy Hoosiers team that beat Texas and beat everyone else and he dominated EVERY game. this kid is special hes like 6’1 and can flat out play. get the video of the Champ game in cocoa and judge for yourself. No way he cant be the top player in that class. Noone has the impact on te game he does. lots of good players out here again not a slam but if the texas kids are that high and they are good, he has to be #1. this has to be rankings from a camp not True AAU nationals comp.

  25. 2forU3forme says:

    To Indy/Paul Scruggs fan,
    I think the jury is still out on the Scruggs kid, isnt he 13 in the 6th grd (like the jesse neolms kid)!

    ps. saw the cocoa beach champ gm against Texas Celts. Scruggs kid did not score n double digits.

    pss. Scruggs dominated every game EXCEPT the the champ gm. Just like the 2 Texas kids dominated every gm EXCEPT the champ gm. It was gd match up

  26. 2forU3forme says:

    this is NOT a dis on Paul Scruggs! That kid can play and he is a Beast!

  27. bballfam says:

    This is very interesting…keep watching the class of 2017 kids–they are a very special group.

    • bballfam says:

      This list doesn’t include a bunch of kids that you will see very soon–especially out of GA!! And I’m glad someone recognizes that puberty changes things and this is kinda early. Some of these kids will find other interests or have possibly maxed out their basketball potential, growth or desire.

  28. Keith Eckert says:

    get a life

  29. Keith Eckert says:

    You have never seen Max Dunn from Dubai he is 6ft 3 and he has game like you never seen, his first step is faster than MJ’s. He is called lil blaze.

  30. Keith Eckert says:

    Oh yeah, he is in the 4th grade

  31. jamin says:

    Keep your eyes opened for jayden woodard from the charlotte Rivals little man is a beast

  32. todd says:

    watch out for my boii todd willis he has really matured and became a well player and is one of the best passers i seen in a while

  33. john says:

    You didn’t mentioned the 3 left handed kids from the Greensboro.(will, B, and J). These guys have to be mentioned, they are 3 of the better players along with T and Z in the state of NC.

  34. DYNASTY says:


  35. DYNASTY says:


  36. My brother has played Jaylin in both team and one on one and beat him. So has my cousin. When they all started out Jaylen backed up both of them…wait till they get to this camp. It’s over.

  37. ballizlife says:

    why do you (DYNASTY & MELVIN TAYLOR) question the rankings so much? Please NAME us the kids YOU think should be ranked top 5 in 2017 class!

    I bet you wont respond with names!!!!!!!!

    we’ll wait!

  38. vikmitc says:

    everyone is missing one kid name pierre mitchell (pj) from detroit he is the coldest point by far watch out for his name

  39. Aaron D says:

    All I can say is watch out for Alonzo Verge Jr. A 6th grader that has never played on his level until this year and boy oh boy is he someone to watch. You’ll see.

  40. Aaron D says:

    Forgot to add he’s from Chicago, IL on the Illinois T Wolves. Top guard.

  41. DaTruth says:

    These kids are too young to be ranked! I think this is nothing more than a lot of overzealous fathers trying to live out their dreams through their kids. Let them play and have fun!! It’s amazing at the cheating going on!!! Coaches, let your players play with their real age groups and see how they compete. Especially you Top Risers!!! We know that Baptiste kid is ILLEGAL. You will be exposed eventually. Let the kid play in his correct age and grade.

  42. LOVINTHAGAME says:


  43. Keith Eckert says:

    Max Dunn > Omar Lyons
    Max Dunn > Lebron
    you will all see

  44. RONJ says:


  45. bball says:

    better watch out for Ronald Jefferson he will definetly be up there next year

  46. Lstock says:

    Watch out for Levi Stockard out of StL he is 6″1 250 and he’s a beast. He played for the St. Louis Magic

  47. BigWill says:

    Jamal Nixon, 5’10, Illinois TWolves. He plays all 5 positions. He gets it done.

  48. tim says:

    Check out Juice (Julian) Thompson. Class of 2017 Class of 2017 and watch his highlight’s on youtube. Has to be in the mix.

  49. Marshaun Travis says:

    To the dude talkin bout his brother and his cousin beat Jaylin Fleming in a One on one ! STOP LYING AND DREAMIN! JAYLIN FLEMING IS HIS CORRECT AGE 11,You dont even know Jaylin.Stop tryin to get cheap fame and get in the gym.JAYLIN AINT NEVER LOST IN A ONE ON ONE. He in Chicago DESTROYING Grown men.Aint no Hype My Man!!!

  50. Bob McDaniel says:

    Where’s is Brandon Bargo. He dropped 35 every day at aau tournament. Before u do anything go look at this kid he is a true phenom.

  51. Matthew says:

    I don’t get why Jaylin is #1? I underatand he’s a good player and could be the best in the world, but in the Addias Summer Camp, Damon ranked #1 and Fleming ranked #33. I understand that the best player may not end up with a #1 ranking for the summer camp, but Fleming didn’t even make the top #32, let a lone being #1. Can somebody pretty please answer my question?

    • marshaun travis says:

      To answer your question why Jaylin is number 1…First of all if you were at the camp that he was so called 33rd….There was a riot about to start by parents and coaches who didnt even know him…BECAUSE IT WAS CLEAR THAT HE DESTROYEDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! The whole CAMP!!!! EVERY GAME!!!!! THE ULTIMATE SIGN OF THAT RESPECT IS WHEN 8 COACHES WHO WORKED THE CAMP MARCHED JAYLIN TO THE BENCH AND DEMANDED A ANSWER FROM THE POWERS THAT B, WHY THEY WERE DENYING THE OVIOUS !!!! That jaylin was the best player at the camp his age period. Overall talent,skill,and all other intangibles you can name!!! Read the Articles quotes from DROSE,NBA PLAYERS,COLLEGE COACHES ETC….HE DONT NEED NO RANKINGS FROM NO CAMP!!! HE CERTIFIED !!! NO SELF PROMO!!! BY THE BEST PG IN THE WORLD AND THOSE WHO COACH AND TRAIN AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!

      • marshaun travis says:

        The EDITOR for MSE was at the Camp and saw Jaylin play live! Saw his RIDICULOUS SKILL SET !!! Chris Giles Coach of the Texas Celtics who finished 2nd in the Country in AAU 5th Grade….who didnt know Jaylin from a can of paint…LED THE PROTEST along with other coaches and parents at the CAMP!!! Said his team finished second in the country and he has seen all the POINT GAURDS on the AAU circuit and JAYLIN is the BEST PG in the Country PERIOD!!! So,if you believe he was 33rd…I got some swamp land to sell you in FLORIDA!!! Jaylin is getting recognized for his TALENT and WORk….Dio the same…..STOP HATIN!!!

      • Michael Lekic says:

        I doubt taht honestly

      • CJ Foster says:

        to:erbody here
        Everbody who attends this camp has there own unique skill set, but what marshaun travis was talkin bout parents and coaches arque about ther kids abilities when its ovious that everyone has there own unique style of ballin, im class of 2017 and i dont consider my self to be da best but its rediculus to rank kids when some havent hit pube or are hitting it early,wait till highschool to rank kids becase then it dont matter about who got held back and all that everbody been in da weight room and everyone has an equal chance of goin to college if they set there mind to it. so skeptic yaw betta watch out and let the kids talk wit they actions. Plus what can scouts do right now, they cant talk to the kids out side of these types of cants, the reall recruiting dont start till like when wer a junior or senior i believe.

  52. marshaun travis says:

    The editor for MSE was at the camp and he saw the garbage that went on and Ranked based on what he saw and his knowledge of the game….Chris GIles Coach of the Texas Celtics who finished second in the Nation at AAU Nationals Led the protest along with other coaches and parents!! Coach Giles
    who didnt know Jaylin from Adam but has respect for TRUE TALENT!!! Went on record and said froma coach who has seen all the talent on the AAU circuit and finished 2nd in the NATION….Said HANDS DOWN JAYLIN IS THE BEST PG PERIOD!!! If you believe he could be 33r d I GOT SOME SWAMP LAND TO SELL YOU IN FLORIDA!!!!! Marshaun Jaylins Uncle!!

    Jaylin has earned his NAME…Do the same and stop HATIN!!!!!

  53. Chance Ewing says:

    Jordan Miller, the 6’0 Center from Missouri is a beast! 20 ppg and 15 rpg

    Watch out for this kid!!!

  54. Jason Miller says:

    Thanks Chance for the kind words.

    Jordan helped the Razorbacks win the 12U D-2 MO-Kan State Championship! Jordan got MVP of the 26 team tournament!

  55. Coach Brew says:

    Our AAU team went to the War Eagles Invitational 2 weeks ago. Cali Styles, Texas Celtics, A19, War Eagles, Tulsa Bulldogs, and Houston Elite were all there along with 8 more top 20 teams. My team, Southeast Elite from Alabama, beat Texas Celtics by 9, lost to War Eagles by 1 when up 6 with 1 minute to play, and beat Arkansas Hawks by 10. After beating the College Park Rimrockers, we lost by 7 to Houston Elite. DJ Heath, 5’9 wing dominated Paul Washington and shut down Chase Hayden. He managed to score 20 points each game and this was our 2nd tournament with only 2 practices. Last year, we lost to NBA2b by 3 without our 3 best players. Those who know of the Alabama Cougars-( the team call the best in Alabama) we beat them 54- 20 this past weekend dominating the 12u.

  56. Coach Brew says:


    Here is a picture of us last weekend without our 5’10 6th man…. Watch out for Southeast Elite in AAU Nationals…

  57. Coach Brew,
    Your team was well coached at the War Eagle Tourney. If anyone seen the game your team didn’t dominate at all. I was the first to give your team credit for a win. When you get in the game like all the other teams you mentioned you will see it’s just one game in one tourney. Keep improving and WE HOPE to SEE YOUR TEAM at AAU Naionals this year! Let’s see how the kids respond with all this hype your giving them. Good Luck

  58. Coach Brew says:

    Sorry about the hype, Coach Washington. Paul Washington did have 10 to 15 points in the game after all. Yet, your team was very good! Whoever is #32 on your team can flat out play!!!! and where was Chris Giles this tournament???? and I hope to see you at AAU Nationals!!!

  59. Fan Club says:

    There’s a new kid on the block Jefton Gibson this kid is phenominal.This is jefton first year playing AAU basketball and every Tournment he’s played in he has Dominated. He’s won MVP and for it to be his first year he’s even played at Elite level. Jefton Gibson(Topriser#21

  60. stewart says:

    I want to give u heads up on a player in indianapolis name datrion pooh harper …you can be the first to get the reconition i think he will be at the same high school that produced oscar robertson in indianapolis ….. he’s a point gard 7th grader his dad stands 6’4 and his mom is 6 foot in aau ball he avg 29points 6 rebs 9asist and 7 steals a game

  61. Ed says:

    My name is Ed Ferguson i am a 5ft9 center im 11 years old.My team is called Maryland Marauders and I believe i should be at least on the top 25.

  62. James Wooden says:

    You cant rank these kids. I know two players easily in the top 5 not mentioned…. One is a 6’2 center that can dribble and run and the other is a 5’5 point gaurd that is flat out the best talent I have ever seen

  63. Joshua says:

    chexk ou this kid papa-ollennu adjaye. this kid has talent. he scored 42 points in one game. videos on youtube of him will come out next year

  64. Coach J says:

    I think you should consider Antwuan Johnson a 5’8 shooting guard / small forward in dayton ohio he plays for the Dayton Airmen and he plays for the Ciny Sparks who just place 4th in the division II AAU Nationals in detroit. And they have a 6’4 1/2 center by the name of Earnest Williams Jr. and these kids are not age exempt players they are 11 true 5th graders going to be 6th graders

  65. friend says:

    Zach Gunn of The 2010 and 2011 national champs should be on their dropping 22 points in the championship game against cali style

  66. larry berzat says:

    swilling storm of new orleans have a top 5 big man in willie allen,top 10 small forward in jeremy singleton,top 10 point guard lamont berzat up and coming guards trey swilling and vejon wallis they will make noise in memphis next yr.

  67. Coach CWT says:

    And i believe people shpuld watch kids from colorado. AT the kansas kickoff there were 3 very good teams called Chauncey Billups ELite, Parker Lions, and Colorado Hawks. They were very good. There was 2 big blonde hair boys and a big aferican american boy who stood out.The blonde hair kids were about 5 7 and broad but not fat. The aferican American boy was very athletic. Chauncey probaly had some of the smartest players and amazing two point gaurds. Also, The colorado hawks have a kid who is about 5 10 with big arms who you can see being very good.

    • Coach Man says:

      YEs, i believe people should check out colorado and nevada!

      • Sir Co BBALL says:

        Man, the 5 top 6th grade teams from colorado are Hawks Chanucey Lions CBA and Miners or Rise. There are very talented players on hawks such as a 6 1 big man.They aslo have 2 little gaurds who are very fast. On chauncey there are extremely explosive point gaurds. On lions they have a 510 big man who is good but has to work on finishing. They have two white big white kids who are have very good talent and fundementals. Also a point gaurd who can shoot good. Watch out for those kids.

  68. Coach Man says:

    Does anyone happen to know if a kid named Stefon Mccluney played on Dallas Celtics?

  69. Coach Man says:

    But i dont believe in ranking young kids. But if u do i was also at the Summer Kickoff. I work at a camp called HoopGroup. There were interesting teams such as KC Powergroup,AZ Magic, CHauncey Elite, Mo stars, All Iowa Attack National, Parker Lions, Wildcats, and Colorado Hawks. Some very good players play for them

  70. observer says:

    I have seen alot of games in the Midwest and there are alot of good players in this age group around seen the tulsa bulldogs, AI9 , Arkansas Hawks , NBA2B , Iowa Barnstormers, Powergroup ( old Mo-Kan Elite 5th ), St. Louis Wolves, Chauncy Bilups elite, Wisconsin Playground etc.. I am sure there are some top level players that I would match up against anyone.. I love the bigs for AI9 , Iowa Barnstormers guard ( Iowa Coaches Kid ) Ark hawks quick guard, Wolves has a good big, Power group 2 bigs and guards , Chauncy has a great point guard who can break you down.. If some of these kids had gone to camps no doubt they would be ranked

  71. i know you did not forget about tony cleveland at airways middle school in (tn) he is a 5’10 beast in and around the basket.

  72. i know you did not forget about tony cleveland at airways middle school in (tn) he is a 5’10 beast in and around the basket.and he (arv)

  73. ray gibbson says:

    i know you did not forget about tony cleveland at airways middle school in (tn) he is a 5’10 beast in and around the basket.and he (arv)20pints and 10 rebounds a game for sanit john heats

  74. BallMan says:

    @Ray & Rhonda-

    never heard of st. john’s heat. where is the team located? is it an AAU team? Has this young man had opportunity to attend exposure camps?

  75. ray gibbson says:

    yes it is a aau team no he never attend a camp but he would like to he drop 32 in the mam last night and had 20 rebounds.his name is tony cleveland come take alook maybe you would love him

  76. swagsauce says:


  77. Indiana AllStarS says:

    Why wasnt Andrew Barnett mentioned I watched his southern blaze team play the other day in Cinnacinati Ohio and he dropped 22 points pulled down 13 rebounds and had 6 assists. They played some Dream Team they made it to the chamionship game and got beat by Bloomington Blaze in OT. In that game he had 19 points and 12 rebounds! He should be in the like top 10 players he has the best shot I have ever seen!

  78. ricky love says:

    shajuan jones from airways middle school is the best pg on the team better than jemro jones when he was playing we love him he dish out 17 assist in a game aganist the trojans of riverveiw and he can lob ali to rodney walker the 5’10 beast playing along side tony cleveland

  79. ricky love says:

    shajuan jones from airways middle school is the best pg on the team better than jemro jones when he was playing we love him he dish out 17 assist in a game aganist the trojans of riverveiw and he can lob ali to rodney walker the 5’10 beast playing along side tony cleveland.

  80. IJS says:

    Just wanted to give a special shoutout to all the parents who have held their son back this past year. I want to welcome him to this class. Hopefully you holding him back means he’s now at the top of this class. If he is not I have to question your parenting skills. All those who haven’t held their son back should feel proud that he can hold his own in his true class. This is quite sad however. As you know though you can’t hide your son all his life!

  81. IJS says:

    Also please stop using the term “reclassified.” Call it what it is he either failed or passed. I see no school administrator agreeing to hold a kid back who is succeeding acedemically for sports.

  82. DaTruth says:

    Let me here you gentlemen…What are the top 7th grade tournaments where you will see all the Top Teams playing…I would say Lebron James, Rumble in the Bronx, MIT, and I here Carlos of WACG is doing something big in Tennessee…Let me hear from you fellas…

  83. tee reese says:

    The North Carolina Rising Prospects will have a target on our backs this AAU season!

  84. dirrectbasketball says:

    how the heck is connor buckley not on this list, the kid has mad handals and can shoot the lightsout you can check him out in orlando aau nationals this summer……..

  85. dirrectbasketball says:

    plus we got a 6ft center owen martinson who just turned 11 you should come check this team out

  86. love says:

    justin roberts belongs in the 2016 class

  87. Ohyeahm25 says:

    Ass matter off fact dc assault won 8th grade guess potomac valley has best middle schoolball on east coast go dmv…

  88. Ohyeahm25 says:

    How about this if they didnt put both dc assault and takeover on the same side of the bracket for both grades 7th and 8th it would have been an all potomac valley champion ship but they made us beat up on each other in the semis

  89. sjsprinter says:

    how do you find out about these kids? cause theres a kid in st. louis missouri that is really good he plays for st. joan of arc school in 6th grade and he is number 10 and he is extremely amazing. i watched my son play against him and he is very very good.

  90. daedizzle says:

    damon harge will go pro he is an awesome player..

  91. KCGAMESPEED says:


  92. uconn says:

    look at this boy leonard foster one of the best players in the usa tulsa oklahoma

  93. uconn says:

    look at this kid leonard foster edison middle school

  94. uconn coach says:

    have you seen this kid name leonard foster he lives in tulsa oklahoma goes to edison middle school hes a point gaurd shooting gaurd he has great handles and average 17 points a game.i hope he comes to uconn he”s in the 7 grade i hope he comes i hope he comes.

  95. KU Coach says:

    Have you seen this kid named Morris Wynn he is an outstanding basketball ball player. He lives in Tulsa Oklahoma,He goes to Edison Middle School.He average 30 Points a game. And he is a point gaurd and shooting guard. I hope he comes to KU. He will most deffently be starting when he gets to college. Anyway you should go check him out.

  96. uconn coach says:

    this kid leonard foster is outstanding he”s a good ball player he has a great additude and he can go D1 HE LIVES IN TULSA,OKLAHOMA HE GOES TO EDISON MIDDLE SCHOOL HE AVERAGE 17 POINTS A GAME HE HANDLE BALL REALLY GOOD HE IS A POINT GAURD SHOOTING GAURD I HOPE HE COMES TO UCONN.

  97. KU Coach says:

    That kid Morris Wynn is in 7th grade going on 8th he doesnt have any videos on Youtube but you can go to one of his AAU basketball games. He plays for Team Pride. And if you dont go to his AAU game you should come to Edison Middle School and watch him play

  98. Coach CJ says:

    6’6 2018 EJ Montgomery. Smooth athletic silky player that can play ALL five positions.

  99. Darnell Faust is one of the top players in 6th grade putting up 14.1 points per game in 6.1 ast a game thats a nough to get him into our school so be looking in the mail for mr faust to come play for us

  100. al raby says:

    darnell faust is one of the top players in the state he is ranked 26 in our rankings we will love for him to come play for al raby he season stats where 14.1 points per game 10.0ast per game in 3 reb per game so loook out scouts for that 5’5 guard.

  101. Jamal Fields says:

    Jadin Knight is the best player in class of 2017. He can drive, shoot, penetrate, play defense, and get his teammates invovled. He is a guard who averages 22.5 ppg 10.3 apg 5.2 rebounds and 4.0 steals. Scouts look out for this 5’5 guard. I went to all of Jadin’s games and he is a superstar. I am a complete stranger to him. So all scouts out there look for Jadin Knight. 13 years old, Loves the game.

    • Michael Winfield says:

      I totally agree has grown to 5’9 and is a combo guard shout out to mello dunbar and taiger dibaje they all are hard workers

  102. Darnell Faust is one of the top kids in the state he is ranked 26 season stats for catalyst 14.3 points per game 5.0 ast a game thats a nough to get him in our school so be lookin n the mail for Mr.faust to come play for us.

  103. Coach Rob says:

    Where is ricardo dominguez ! He is the real deal people! he is a combo guard and stays at height 5”5

  104. Will says:

    Are these guys measure with there shoes on or off?? Please answer

  105. coach says:

    Now that espn has released the rankings for 2017 class. How many of these kids who were ranked by middle school elite back in 2010 or now in the espn ranking.Not very many , Maybe 1 possible 2. Ranking 10 , 11 , 12 and middle school kids are a joke.

  106. Michael Parris says:

    WHAT ABOUT Mike Parris#10 nd Kp Brown#4 they work hard and everything they both play for the phx sonz they should at least be top 10

  107. coach cook says:

    Hello, my name is Coach Cook. I am the head coach of the JV Boys Basketball team at Avenues Upper School in New York City.
    I am very interested in finding out more info regarding Marques Watson and Selassie Bourne of Brooklyn, NY. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] Thank you!

  108. Jay Smith says:

    Kyle Doherty should be in there.HE IS A BEAST

  109. charles allen says:

    NICHOLAS OWENS from chicago illinios should be on their his school is charles evan hughes.

  110. Scout K says:

    Remember the name Cameron Taylor he Locked up Chris Giles In man to man Defense And led His team to the championship He could Be a key Player at an Older age

  111. Dustin Savage says:

    I Think Colin McAllister should be on that list he will be in orlando this weekend with OTBS come out there and see him play future NBA star.

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