Marquise Walker 5th Grade Point Guard Chicago

Marquise Walker

Marquise Walker is 5’0″, 10 years old and ranked #1 for the class of 2018 in the country.

Walker had it rough growing up. Coaches tried to destroy his confidence and break him down. They either said he wasn’t good or gave him junk minutes, if any at all.

We’re speaking of the past and not the present nor the future, because Marquise is bigger, better and stronger. “I’ve built him back up,” Mr. Walker said.

Marquise has since grown from his life learning experience. Check out Walkers new video, he dribbles with his head up and looks to be a pass first player.

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  1. mitchell butler says:

    Wow good

  2. Tarrance Crump says:

    Wow.. I’ve been watching him since 2nd grade and I’ve never seen anything like this before.. His IQ is way beyond his years.. There’s a reason why he’s #1

  3. mack barnett says:

    I want to be his agent !!!

  4. anajah mcgary says:

    thats mi cusin

  5. Greg says:

    Tunji Thurman Michael Hermon Superstar Williams Marcus Cathchings

  6. Greg says:

    Life learning experience? he’s in 5th grade! He ‘s got game as the video shows, but life lessons? I played major college D1 hoops, and the only life lessons I’d learned in 5th grade was how to sit still in class for ten minutes and that cute Carolyn wasn’t going to be my girlfriend no matter how good a PG I was. Quit pumping his head and let him grow up naturally. OAN; All minutes in any game with kids under 10 are garbage minutes! Just like you don’t go to tball games expecting to find the next Babe Ruth!

  7. family friend says:


    It’s up to the parents to keep the kid grounded. Ironic you mention Tunji Thurmon that is Marquise’s older cousin.

  8. Ryan says:

    That’s my little cousin all i want him to do is to stay focus on his goal and continue to move on up as an basketball player.

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