Middle School Elite & LeBronJames.com!!!


LeBron James is personally in contact with the Founder of Middle School Elite.

LeBron has featured two players we’ve discovered. Jerron Love from New York and Jordan Montgomery from California.

Their names, pictures, videos and Middle School Elite stories will remain on LeBronJames.com forever. Will they make it to the NBA? No one is for sure.

We do know that MSE (Junior H.S.) national exposure is superior, hands down! We don’t bore you with daily low content articles and profit off the game.

Our specialty is providing early exposure for top players (Student Athletes). These kids are where you want to be!

LeBron, Jerron and Jordan 4 Life!!! At the end of the day, we tell it like it is. Stay tuned because the next “Young Baller” could be you!

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