Who is Damon Harge?

Remember Damon Harge, the rising 6th grade phenom from California. Last summer, we witnessed Harge scorch resilient Isaiah Holmes from Boston for 50 points.

Harge ranked #1 at the adidas Jr. Phenom National Camp by Hoop Scoop and #3 in the nation by Middle School Elite.

Saturday, we spoke with Damon’s dad, who’s Coach Harge of the Division 1 All Stars. He said Damon was attending a weekend camp that focused on fundamental drills, but had competitive games.

Check out this YouTube video of Damon Harge, an official “Young Baller”. At the end of the day, we tell it like it is!

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  1. Christopher Holmes says:

    I wanted to clarify what was written in this article. It’s bull! First of all, Damon Harge did not score 50 points on my son!They didn’t even guard eachother the whole game. When they were on the floor at the same time, Isaiah murdered him! My son had 30 points in the game, and had 20 assists. Plus, his team won by 40. Damon Harge is a great player indeed, but he took every shot for his team. My son could have scored 60 if he did that, but he’s a point guard first.

  2. bxs1 says:

    What number was your son in the YouTube video? Not saying anything either way. Just curious to see all the young players out there.

  3. skillz24 says:

    my son’s name is cody washington 5’10 point guard out of chicago. 6th grader 11 yrs old..ctavio paz charter school..
    illinois widcats 17u aau team

    we want to know ho you have to see to get involved with middle school elite ranking process…this 6th gr stuff to easy he work to hard….btw…A&B student

  4. Tori(: says:

    okay, well i went to school with Damon Harge. And he was hella good at basketball! so im sure Damon beat Isaiah. just saying

    • Christopher Holmes says:

      well im isaiah’s brother and isaiah is hella good at basketball also . and i was there and he did not beat isaiah JUST SAYING .

      • Teresa says:

        So one of your posts says you are Isaiahs parent and the other you are his brother?? Which is it?? And if you are a parent you should not be talking crap about 11 year olds.. JUST SAYING

      • Tyler Jefferson says:

        Well i’m Tyler Jefferson i also was at the game.Sorry to tell you but Damon is not carzy better but he is better then your son not downing him cuz he is gd but nt as good as Damon

  5. Bigdev says:

    Damon harge is a very deserving young ball player out here in California. He is mentored by his father. He is an exciting player to watch. Keep an eye on this kid he has a ton of potential and the desire to get better. Most importantly he is a good kid.

  6. Just a player says:

    Damon is a good player. But lets get real, he will never reach 6′ he will always want to do every dribble move he can and yes he takes every shot for D1 or Shoulders. Over the next 2 years his size will catch up to him and when that happens all of the YouTube videos will be a nice story for his father to talk about to friends and family at the family renuion…..

  7. Liam Bolster says:

    Christopher Holmes, why are you on here talking smack about other young athletes? I understand this article may have some amiss details but as a respectable parent you shouldn’t have to be “clarifying” what went down. Your son is fantastic, I’ve seen his stuff, but Damon is a good player as well. Don’t talk for your kid…let his play do the talking.

  8. Travis says:

    I am travis from VBC and i used to play with isaiah. This kid is the real deal. There is no way this Damon Harge kid beat him by fifty. He isn’t just an offensive player, he has great defense too. He is the best ball handler i have ever seen and kids used to be afraid to play us.

  9. damon harges is a better player he is great at scoring and is not a chuck or ballhog christopher holmes n isaih holmes did not have more than 5 assists in that game i was playing on damon team n he scored around 15-20 points by the way thats how u talk crap about pre teens desides i even did better than isaih i scored 24 that game along with 2 3s in isaihs defense and a crossover desides even if damon was a chuck i wouldnt have had pretty good numbers ill tell u this isaih holmes im sorry this whole crap makes u look bad u share the ball efeciantly n u can dribble but whoever christopher holmes is to u his smack talking pr44etty much made this worst and to christopher holmes grow up n dont get mad cause ur son or brother or whoever get ripped up for 50 because that just makes u a 5 year old which is younger than all 3 of us athletes damon ur my friend i have ur back ur 1 of the best in our country keep doin u

    • Espo says:

      I am sure you are a good player. You need to improve on your writing skills and grammar. Try throwing in a period once in a while. The adults who post here are not much better… Looking forward to seeing more post from you. Keep working hard on your game and school.

  10. COACH says:


    Lets not forget that these are just Kids! We all sometimes lose site of what this is about. They are all still just kids!!! All this player ranking dose not matter right now. No body is going to sign a contract for a 10-11 year old kid. It is only going to matter later on down the line. Keep the kids active, and keep them working hard, because whom ever got done up, will get their chance to do someone the same way, or the same person if they ever cross paths again. I’m sure that both of these kids can put in work, becasue of the way that people are talking about them within these post, but please lets not have these kids have a complex behind something that should be fun for them. After all this should be fun and at the end of the day it should help them better themselves as a Person first, and a Athlete second!

  11. larry love says:

    see what they do on youtube is record a player doing drills and shooting but never show the misses they cut out and make the video like he never misses and cuts out the miss dribbles its all fake if you want to see a real talent check out datrion harper he’s only 12 in the 6th grade and averaged 27 points 8 steals and 5 assist a game and he’5’7 his dad is 6’4

  12. larry love says:

    see u never now who’s gonna be the it players coming out of high school when kids grown they might not have height other kids skill catches up to the kid that was doing all this stuff early at an age its silly to rank kids at this age plus there are other kids that didnt get rank cause cant afford to go thats better at this age like harper i think he’s way better than this damon kid

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