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Jaylin Fleming’s cross-over dribble has scouts drooling. Videos of his training sessions have become YouTube (GOOGLE) sensations, and his bedroom is adorned with posters of himself.

Despite the hype, Fleming has said, he stays humble by reading the Bible each day. He may also be praying for a growth spurt.

At 5 feet 2 inches, he’s an inch shorter than the smallest player ever to wear an NBA uniform. Here’s the good news: He’s only 10 years old, and puberty beckons.

In the meantime, Fleming is ranked as the nation’s top sixth-grade basketball prospect by Middle School Elite, a website about junior high players that has an avid following among grown men.

This isn’t a joke: Trying to spot the next Kobe or LeBron before he’s hit the ninth grade has become a multimillion-dollar business… Click Here to Read Full Story

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