David Vasques “The MSE 52 State Diary” Oregon

Just finished up fall league at The Hoop in Beaverton, OR there were a lot of good teams playing.

I played on the J.V high school & 6th grade team for Run It Back Sports.

I held my own with the J.V team hitting the 3 ball when needed while playing kids a foot taller & 40-70lbs heavier.

With the help of my teammates on the 6th grade team I was able to Average,22.5 PPG & 6 dimes a game.

Now I am focused on my school work, in my family and Run It Back Sports team.

Keeping my grades up is a must to play ball, I should be all right I had all A’s and two B’s on my last report card.

Winter ball Starts next week I made the 6th grade “A Team” for West Linn Select also I will be playing with Run It Back Sports 8th & 6th grade teams. I can’t wait until season starts!!!

Till next month… David Vasquez #20 “The Kid with the Kicks”

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