Alonzo Verge (MSE New Face) Class 2017 Chicago

Alonzo Verge Jr. is one of the top guards in the State of Illinois.

He goes by “Lil Zo”.

Lil Zo started playing ball at age 5 and has always played with the older kids.

This is his first year playing at grade level and he’s been simply dominant!

“What makes Alonzo special is his motor,” remarks T-Wolve head coach, Mike Allen.

“The kid is everywhere on the floor doing everything; blocking shots, getting rebounds, steals, and assists, and he is a great scorer.”

Lil Zo told us he’s very excited to be attending the MSE camp this coming March in New York City.

Be on the lookout for Alonzo Verge as he makes a run at the Middle School Elite top 20 list.

Coach Allen says “Zo is self driven to be a great player, normally rising early on school days and jogging to stay in shape.”

“He has a rim in his backyard that he practices on daily regardless of weather conditions.”

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  1. Jason P says:

    Yo, I’ve seen this kid play. He has the ball on a string and can score from anywhere. The crazy thing is, I have never seen him play against kids his own age. They are at least 2 grades higher. Keep up the good work Lil Zo. We’ll be looking out for you!!! Peace

  2. Aaron D says:

    Simply put the boy is raw!!! He can shoot from anywhere and as you see he acts like a big man, not scared to take it to em. ALONZO VERGE JR…remember the name.

  3. Michael W. says:

    he gets it from his dad, i played against his father in high school while i was at thornridge and he was at proviso west. his dad was one of the best players in illinois basketball history. this talk that lebron was the best ever in history…please! i wish the internet was around in the mid 80’s. wish he would have made it to NBA. keep up the good work lil zo.

    • Kenny Millender says:

      I remember his dad, from my high school days @ Thornridge HS, he was a tough little gaurd. Me & his teammate Rod Parker was on the All-Area team together in ’86. Good to see lil zo, getting it in. Your dad is a proud papa right now!

  4. Marquise Walker says:

    This Marquise Walker and you know Alonzo Verge Jr. is on my 6th grade team he is a total best remember the name ALONZO VERGE JR

    Marquise Walker 55 Twolves

  5. MIke Jackson says:

    Zo has no FEAR, and will be a GREAT PLAYER. Keep working hard Zo I’m so happy for you.

  6. aloung kang says:

    Am prob better than most of these kids 6’4 PG

  7. aloung kang says:

    I’m probably better then most of these kids, 8th grade 6’4 PG/SF

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