MSE Student Athetes Urgent Message!!!

Dear MSE Parents and Players:

Each Year the competition to win basketball scholarships at every level becomes more intense.

Every legitimate means of gaining an edge toward securing an education and the opportunity to play at the college level is an investment in your future.

Only a handful of players win D-I scholarships each year. It is a difficult jump from middle school to  high school to college in basketball.

Basketball is the most limited in terms of scholarships available.

Colleges now recruit not only nationally, but internationally, so the pool of athletes searching for scholarships continues to grow.

Using NCAA figures from their own “participation rate”, study and “probability of competing beyond high school”, the NCAA estimates that 2.9% of HS seniors will compete at some level in college.

If our Student Athletes get the message sooner rather than later about the numbers, they can positively affect what they have some control over.

The keys are academics, skills training and nutrition. Winning a college scholarship is not just about ability.

The quality of effort expended can and will improve your odds of success.

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  1. Ken Coates says:

    Excellent article just went over it with a fine tooth comb with my son and the message is straight and exact. It’s also nice for them to see what your saying to them as a parent in writing. Especially something they deem credible like Middle School Elite!


    Coach Kenny
    Shaolin Basketball Academy

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