Team Final prevails over Team Scan @ Madison Square Garden 2011

Team Final’s top Philly guard, Lamar Kimble won MVP of the FunSport Junior Pro’s championship game, which tipped off 8:30pm Sunday January 2, at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, NY.

In opening, Rickey Rivers, Director of FSJP presented Isaiah Briscoe (Team Scan) and Malacha Richardson (Team Final) co-MVP awards for the tournament.

October 16, 2010 – kicked off preseason at Brooklyn’s Navy Yard Boys & Girls Club, where Rudy King implemented a masterful 20 minute conditioning workout for every team, before each of their three guaranteed games.

This enabled Rivers to better select 24 of the most qualified squads for the “Race to Madison Square Garden”.

November 06, 2010 – regular season began at Ronald Edmonds Learning Center also located in Brooklyn.

In Team Scan’s title lost, 6’3″ big man Austrian Robinson from New York received MVP honors for his impressive double double.

“Robinson gets MVP,” King said confidently early in the 4th quarter.

Suddenly it became apparent that Robinson was the X-factor, as he continuously powered up to finish strong at the rim.

Dominating the paint, he contested shots, rebounded and made tough put backs.

At the end, Rivers finally introduced sponsor Mike Parker of Converse to a stunned audience of 300-500 thrilled supporters.

The atmosphere felt homey with so many friends, family members and fans of youth basketball.

Check this article daily to read added recaps and complete coverage from the event.

Quarter by quarter the entertaining finals unfolded something like this…(Stay tuned and special mention to Tippy McTernan)

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  1. MSE… Thanks for the positive recap of a great event. I like how you went further past the event and paved the road to how we got to the event. Thanks for your continued support and look forward to added recaps of the event.

    • Middle School Elite says:

      MSE applauds you for really looking out for the kids! Not only getting them on FunSport site but on MSE, Rivals, NYC basketball, Dime Mag and Converse too


  3. Donald D Miggins says:

    I’m the coach of Montera Middle School 8TH Grade Boys Basketball in Oakland Ca, I have three special kids. The first is and 6’4 Center by the name of Ivan Rabb, who can play with both hands with excellent dribble control and who is dunking and basketball right now, great shot blocking ability excellent timing, he needs to work on his jumper, were working on it. The second is Paris Austin is and 5’5 player with unbelievable dribble control and who is and straight floor general, good defensive skills, have and high baskeball IQ very special ball player. The last is Asha Thomas 5’4 young lady who is on top of her game, excellent stroke to go along with her dribbling skills that compliments her shot, excellent box out skill for and young lady who is playing with boys, you need to send and scout out to C these kids play, if you could contact me via e-mail that would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

    Coach Miggins

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