Seth Wilson Best 2nd Grader In The Country

Seth Wilson of Lorain Ohio plays with the Ohio Cougars AAU basketball club and Lorain Titans School 4th grade team.

Seth just turned 8 years old in October. He’s 4’10” already and projected to be 6’8″.

Seth’s pops and coach, Donovan Wilson who stands 6’4″ is the shortest on his side of the family.

Young Wilson handles the ball with either hand and is able to play all five positions.

He has a great jumper (check his shot form) and passing and driving ability.

Doug Stewart of ‘Two Live Stew’s said ESPN talked about him being like a LeBron James and Magic Johnson mixture.

He made the All Nike Team playing with kids 10-12 year’s old. He also played for Lebron James Tru Game team in Akron, Ohio.

Don’t be surprised if Wilson dominates for his age playing up with 4th graders at the March Madness MSE camp.

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  1. Jim Massie says:

    Seth is my nephew and godson, but that doesn’t influence my opinion of him one bit. He’s not only a great basketball player but he’s a super-great kid!

  2. Allison Carlton says:

    I am so proud of my nephew!!!! God has truly smiled on him. Not only is he a wonderful basketball player, he’s also very academically inclined. Brains and ability, what a combination!!

  3. Jim Allen says:

    Not only is he a talented basketball player, but he corrects his friends if they use bad grammar when they speak. Unbelievable!

  4. Seth is my Grandson,which makes me twice as proud of him. Not just for his athletic abilities, but also for his drive and determination towards academic excellence in everything he does. Seth is also at a professional level playing the Drums, which he plays at his church. Love you Grandson!!!!

  5. Jordan Montgomery says:

    Hey Seth,
    I like the way you play. Looking forward to meeting you at the MSE camp. Keep up the great work. Way to represent on and off the court.
    Jordan Montgomery

  6. Jay says:

    Shorty is very good. Proud of our little men. There is also a best 2nd grader in the world in Texas. Stands 4’11 and is long and a tru poing guard. We have to get these kids together. Jaden averages over 30 a game playing up and almost always doubled and trippled teames. Here is the link to the other best 2nd grader in the world.

  7. Jay says:

    Here is his first grade stuff. Check him out. Class of 2021.

  8. Sean Q says:

    Whats up Seth, it was fun meeting and playing ball with you at the Camp. Keep working hard and stop trying to block everybodies shots. hahaha. Ill catch you later

  9. larry says:

    he’s a gunner its impossible to be the top player at his age ….

  10. lil dee aka 3dee says:

    he’s nice but wait until i put my highlight tape on here my handles is like a grown man thats how i got the nic name i from st louis but play with the memphis wildcats we won the national championship this year sorry i missed you down there you could have got some to

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