Mike Saunders MSE National Basketball Camp Indiana

Numbers don’t lie.

Mike Saunders-0nly 8 years old, floor general for 3rd Grade George Hill Rising Stars from Indianapolis, IN has won 25+ championships since they was 1st grade.

National Champion Runner ups, MIT Champions(Maryland), Coach T Foundation (St. Louis), and MYT champions (Kentucky) just to name a few.

The little brother of George Hill of the San Antonio Spurs. All he does is win, win, win.

We can’t wait to watch young champ perform on the big stage at Fordham University.

Saunders will have to be skillful, as well as strong enough to play up, against some of the top 4th graders in the country.

Stay tuned for more ‘MSE New Faces’ attending the MSE National Basketball Camp in March!

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  1. Diane Greene says:

    Go Junior!!! Tia loves her baby! Not only a basketball phenom, but a PHENOM in the classroom as well! That’s whats up!

  2. bill says:

    what can he do ,the team won as a team ,but whats his game like

    • Tim B says:

      he is a good player but you are correct, they win and lose as a team because this whole team is good. I have watched them several times, and had a friend’s son play against them. there are a few that stand out more than others and the one that leads this team is unselfish and lets his teammates shine
      but still, one of the best “team” teams Ive seen. credit should not go to just one player while this team is on the court.

  3. middleschoolhoops says:

    I loved watching you at the camp. Your game is exciting and your reputation serves you well. He is one of the best 4th graders in the Nation. Good luck the rest of the season.

  4. Florida Fan says:

    I am from florida and saw this kid this weekend in Akron OH. No doubt the kid can play basketball! Fearless plays like he is 6ft tall! Wingspan is ridiculous for his size… Not sure if my team is going to mit but I might take that trip just to see him in action! And the team is great, but this is a very unselfish player that makes grown man passes majority of any game! And they said he is only 9??? I gaurentee most 4th graders including on his team are 1 or even 2 years older then him. Imagine him in 2 yrs……

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