Ronald Jefferson MSE National Basketball Camp NYC

Ronald ( Phatboy ) Jefferson is a 12 year old seventh grader from Coney Island Brooklyn, where he started playing basketball at age 8.

Jefferson rocked with a local neighborhood team, until he was invited to play for the Juice All Stars program, playing along side Tyler Bourne for two years; developing his shooting and ball handling skills.

Presently, Phat Boy is spending this AAU season with the On Point Cyclones from Greenpoint Brooklyn, who also represent Saint Cecilia’s in CYO.

At 5’2″ and a small frame, Jefferson has developed excellent penetration skills, studder stepping though the middle with the floater or handing off to the big man.

He’s playing in the Nike IS8 Tournament, starting at point guard in the 14U division.

So far, his teams record is 1-2, they need a win this weekend to make the playoffs.

Ronald Jefferson aka Phat Boy says “I’m looking forward to attending the national camp in March to display my skills on the big stage.”

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