Middle School Elite Congratulates Campers 2011

Dear MSE participants,

We could never thank you enough in advance for attending, the 1st annual MSE National Basketball Camp.

Scouts will pay close attention to you for showing up and being on our website.  You’ll be able to say, I was there and I got busy.

The MSE camp won’t be a cakewalk.  Expect hardcore drills and games with tough team and player match-ups.

We hope your experience is memorable so you return next year.

MSE is a promotion and marketing company for youth sports and we’re capable of producing spectacular events.

It’s important for you to become enlightened:

Adrian Moore

  • We discovered and personally trained 8th grade Jerron Love (NY). He’s a childhood prodigy.

  • We told Michael Sokolove, a NY Times Sports Magazine writer about 8th grade Allonzo Trier (OK), who featured on front page of the largest mag in the world, 2009.

  • We also got 7th grade Jashaun Agosto (WA), 4th grade Jordan Montgomery (CA) and Jerron Love featured on LeBronJames.com.

  • We posted the first image of 6th grade Damon Harge (CA) on internet, MSE.com and that photo was the first clip used in his first video ever on You Tube.

    Jerron Love

  • After we highlighted 7th grade Adrian Moore, he featured on Scouts.com, Yahoo.com, Rivals.com, Zags Blog and Hoop Doctors.  Moore was also interviewed by the Rachael Ray, Talk Show.

  • One of MSE’s most recent and greatest findings was 6th grade Jaylin Fleming (IL), whose ability to be coached is unbelievable, due to his high intelligence quotient.

  • We introduced you to Marquise walker (IL), an 11 year old 5th grade PG, who went through bball hell and back.  The scary part is Walker’s still a baby.

MSE did all this for you, without profiting a dime!  We invested our time, energy and money to bring you better basketball exposure results.

The MSE National Basketball Camp puts us in position to turn it up!  However, we still offer a great low price and free shoes.

Within just nine months, MSE was mentioned byYahoo, Rivals, FunSport, Dime Magazine, Bloomberg News, Bounce Mag, Streetball.com, LBJ.com and other major media.

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  1. Frank Murphy says:

    Hoping the best keep showing up so Griffin Murphy (2017) can improve. That’s his biggest goal in attending the MSE camp in March! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72UitIeoBk0

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