MSE National Basketball Camp Elite 5th Graders

Middle School Elite National Basketball Camp Elite 10 for the class of 2018

The MSE camp had its share of talented guards, forwards and big men for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th grade.  Many players traveled from 50 states in America including Hawaii; The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada.

MSE 5th graders (No particular order)

T. Remington Minor – It was Texas Chain Saw Massacre in NYC.  Minor’s speed and quickness allowed him to slash the paint.  Anyone could tell you he’s the truth.  “I take this sport serious,” he said without smiling.  His focus on and off court was most impressive.

Marquise Walker – This youngster is highly advanced for his age and still has a lot to learn.  Walker currently holds the MSE national rankings #1 spot.  In showcasing, he pulled the rabbit out the hat and used  every trick in the book to keep position.

Rafael Jenkins –  One of the toughest players and biggest talks of the camp was Jenkins from Charlotte, North Carolina.  He’s an extremely crafty ball handler who dealt  with whatever the defense threw his way.  He enjoys distributing the pill and looks for his own shot opportunities.

Jordan Simmons – The shooting point guard from Illinois, Chicago plays a in-and-out game.  He either absorbs contact to finish strong in the red or puts defenders on their heels and rises for a mechanical jump shot.  He reminds us of a Russell Westbrook.

Kyler Kluge – His name is ringing bells across the country as a sharp shooter.  He has a quick release and knack for swishing nets.  He looks to immediately square up to the rim and flick his wrist.  Keep eyes on Kluge from Bloomfield,  Maryland.

El Khana Hidalgo –  The New Jersey native was one of the best players  in his division at camp.  He was aggressive and scrappy on defense.  We must say Hidalgo has a good offensive game.  He demonstrated a high basketball IQ last weekend.

Rychael Ellis –  Las Vegas wide body guard Ellis aka Macca didn’t waste any time attacking the paint and nailing treys.  He has an all around game with good upside.  Ellis was a standout player that caught scouts attention.  He’s a name to remember.

Jalen Hosea – He came from Chi-Town to make a name for himself and we were watching.  He handled the ball great especially under pressure and has a natural feel for the game.  He surveyed the floor and made sweet dimes to open teammates.

Lunden Taylor –  The new ‘Windy City’ face couldn’t chew bubble gum and tie shoes at the same time.  Now young Taylor has a decent NBA range three that he launches if given a hair length of space.  He plays defense good and uses a triple threat stance, before dribbling.

Atiba Taylor – He’s capable of competing with the best of them.  The NY 2 guard went straight to work and did whatever he wanted on the court.  He has nice size on this level and great potential.

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  1. Parent says:

    When are you going to have the fourth graders

  2. coach j says:

    how could you have left out Chauncey sterling he is on everyone radar Big things are expected from this young man..WOW take a second look…thanks

  3. Parent says:

    and 6th grade???

  4. el baller says:

    C is the best 4th graders and at 5ft1 guard this kid is probably the best player for his age in the country.

  5. WEST COAST DON says:


    • Arizona says:

      Arizona please come to the midwest to test the sklills of your 5th grade team, better yet we can meet in Vegas june 2013 always looking for new blood.

  6. Iriepirate says:

    These rankings mean less than nothing. If that was possible. There is no way to tell how a kids body is goin to go, how tall or fast they will be, or what type of player they will ultimately be until high school. All these rankings do, is inflate egos, create unrealistic expectations, and make a game not fun. Boo. Let kids be kids.

  7. E Pluribus Stultorum says:

    The meat market starts ever younger.

  8. Tristan says:

    it seems like this is a good team should i regsiter!!!!!!!

  9. Tristan says:

    Is this in chicago il ??

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