MSE National Basketball Camp Elite 6th Graders

Middle School Elite National Basketball Camp Elite 10 for the class of 2017

The MSE camp had its share of talented guards, forwards and big men for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th grade.  Many players traveled from 50 states in America including Hawaii; The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada.

MSE 6th Graders (No particular order)

Dylan Henderson (NV) –  He made a run for MVP honors.  The 5’10” athletic wing/forward shared the ball and scored a high percentage of field goals.  The mature player’s jumper was fluid and he knew it.

Marques Watson (NY) – This NYC guard was another impressive player who put on a show.  He played a fancy but fundamental game.  He had a deceptive handle and lighting speed first step.

James West (VA) – This kid is special.  He never let the competition rattle him.  He’s a good decision maker and has a natural feel for the game.

Alonzo Verge (IL) – He soaks information like a sponge.  He was one of the best one on one players but needs to embrace team concept to reach full potential.

Tyler Bourne (NY) – He represented Coney Island and all of Brooklyn.  He did street moves like ‘Sham  God’ to shake off defenders.  He amazed the crowd.

Jamal Nixon (IL) – He’s 5’10” and growing.  The wing showed ability to put the ball on floor.  He cleaned glass on defense and got easy put backs on offense.

Jaiye Jinwright (NJ) – The 5’6″ combo guard has the total package.  He saw the floor well and looked to run  a fast pace game.  He slides his feet and doesn’t reach on defense.

David Vasquez (OR) – He looked as if  he’s been in the lab.  He showed nice separation moves and his shot fell on both days of camp.  He’s destined to make it.

Jordan Rowell (IL) – The 6’0″ athlete played on all cylinders.  He was physical on all possessions.  Rowell had presence down low, he blocked shots, rebounded and finished well at rim.

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  1. Fan says:

    What about Ahrod Carter from Pa…jay love and the bounce mag guy said he was one of the best in the camp but don’t make the top 10. I don’t understand

  2. Tim says:

    I don’t care if your going to hold your child back but wait until you do before you try to compete on the national level. JW is in the 7th grade but he is on every site saying that he is in the 6th. That is unethical and actually the same as cheating. It is not fair to the kids who are actually in the 6th grade. Wait until next year then hold your son back if you choose to and then let him compete if you are trying to boost his ranking. I wonder what his ranking would have been if he actually played with his real class of 2016. Unbelievable!

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