Middle School Elite Top 25 National Player Rankings 6th Grade (Class of 2017)

2011 Middle School Elite Top 25 National Player Rankings 6th Grade/Class of 2017

We rank players based on a formula of accomplishments, talent, team success, ability to dominate peers and long range potential.

Rank-Name-Height- Position-State

#1 Jaylin Fleming 5’4″, Guard, Chicago, IL 

Marques Watson and Tyler Bourne

#2 Cody Riley 6’5″, Center, Los Angeles, CA

#3 Nate Pierre-Louis 5’5″, Forward, Plainfield, NJ

#4 Loseni Kamara 5’11”, Queens, NY

#5 Damon Harge 5’3″, Guard, Mountain House CA

#6 Dylan Henderson 5’10, Forward, Las Vegas, NV

#7 Marques Watson 5’5″, Guard, Brooklyn, NY

#8 Paul Washington 5’8″, Center, Frisco, TX

#9 Nojell Eastern 5’7″, Forward, Chicago, IL

#10 Chris Giles 5’9″, Center, Allen, TX

#11 Alonzo Verge 5’6″, Hillside, IL

#12 Tyler Selassie Bourne 5’2″, Guard, Brooklyn, NY

#13 James West 5’5″ , Guard, Woodbridge, VA

#14 Jordan McCabe 5’3″, Guard, Seattle, WA

#15 Reginald Crawford 5’11″, Center, St Louis, MO

#16 David Vasquez 5’4″, Guard, West Linn, OR

#17 Kevontae Williams 6’0″, Center, Rantul, IL

Jordan Rowell

#18 Cedrick Lattimore 5’9″, Center,  Detroit, MI

#19 Jamal Nixon 5’10″, Forward, Plainfield, IL

#20 Quentin Curry 5’10”, Forward, Desmoines, IA

#21 Roman Williams 5’3″, Guard, New Orleans, LA

#22 Jordan Rowell 6’0″, Forward, Lombard, IL

#23 Chase Hayden 5’4″, Guard, Memphis, TN

#24 Jaiyer Jinwright 5’6″, Guard, Patterson, NJ

#25 Michael Porter 5’9″, Forward, Ft. Wayne, IN

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  1. josh burke says:

    its funny how on that justin mccabe kids youtube video said 12 yr old 2016 1 or 2 years ago..lol

    • fan says:

      Great ball played by a lot of good players i would love to see the white kid from Kentucky Elite, Chance Melton have more of a supporting cast around him because he’s unbelievable he looks 6-4 or better and he is a high riser plays 1-5 can do it all he has got to be top 5 in the country i was impressed he has crazy skills.

    • balllover says:

      who wasthe top shooter in this tourney

    • mike says:

      all of these kids on this list is playing down a grade

    • truth says:

      these are all the kids that were held back to take some poor kids spot so sad indiana
      1.justin roberts
      2.paul scuggs

      • ridiculous says:

        flunking grades to be bigger baller…crazy…then they walk around proud like my son is a beast…no he is just old

    • Emanon says:

      fuck do nojel think that he doing that ld bitch aint no mufuckink beast wow my boo thang malik jenkings bettah than that ugly bitch with his fa† as momma

  2. hwest41 says:

    Shots out to MSE camp James West enjoyed the competition. See you at next year MSE camp. Get a chance check out James West the 4th newest vid.



  3. Tim says:

    I don’t care if your going to hold your child back but wait until you do before you try to compete on the national level. JW is in the 7th grade but he is on every site saying that he is in the 6th and competing at camps with kids who are younger and a grade behind clearly giving him an unfair edge on the other kids. That is unethical and actually the same as cheating. It is not fair to the kids who are actually in the 6th grade. Wait until next year then hold your son back if you choose to and then let him compete if you are trying to boost his ranking and give him an unfair advantage playing against younger, less experienced, and kids that are less physically developed then him. You are supposed to be a student 1st. I wonder what his ranking would have been if he actually played with his real class of 2016. It will be funny to see if he is at the John Lucas camp in May because that camp is only for kids who are CURRENTLY in the 5th and 6th grade. Unbelievable!

    • Strong says:

      nice rankings

    • janie says:

      again hold em back to make them look good hahaha
      so the good kids moved on and the hold back got to stay back and be like all bad cause he with young group now…..you aint that good if you dont compete with your own…wow

    • Balling is Balling. Whats a year? If a kid has skill they should be able to get it in at any level. The rankings change every year and will continue to change. Some of these kids will fall out and some will enter the rankings. At this point they are there to just help gauge the development of a kid. Playing against this kid no matter the age should raise the game.

  4. Hwest41 says:

    That’s crazy Jw is 12 and has all a’s
    in school you people are funny. He is younger than any 6th grader and he bust 15 teen yr old butt. He started school early. All those kids in national ranking are already reclassied. Some kids in the 6th grade are two yrs older than him. He plays older people his while life so he gets better even in Aau. So u thinks that wrong his graduation yr will be 2017 because he in reclassing with his right age group when he gets to 8th grade. He don’t care how old you are you can get it real talk. Check yourself and the list all of those kids already held the
    selfs back Aau and school wise. Jw hasn’t. He is 12 don’t forget. Most of those dudes in 7th grade 14 going on 15 lol his is 12. Playing with his real age group in class of 2017. That’s why he is in that class for ranking cuz those dudes are older than him. I want him to play with older people because he really got game. I was told by ranking people to put him with his real age. Don’t hate because he a real ball player not a actor. Physical development what you mean he 12 5’4 and is the youngest kid on the list. Check yourself tim you funny. Who every you reppin for I bet you he is younger the jw. Real talk.

    • marshaun travis says:

      He aint the youngest player on the list. JAYLIN FLEMING IS ONLY 11 YEARS OLD.

    • David says:

      If he’s 12 in the 6th grade, he’s not younger than most 6th graders. That would make him older or right on time. Also, if there’s a kid in the 7th grade that’s 14, there’s a serious problem! There’s no way any kid should be 14 in the 7th grade. I was a freshman in high school at 14.

  5. Tim says:

    Nobody is hating on JW and I agree that JW is a good player and did a great job at camp but he did not start school early. He is in 7th grade now and will turn 13 in June. That is not starting school early. Starting age for Kindergarten is 5 depending on when your birthday is you could start early at 4 and graduate when you are 17. JW is currently set to graduate at 18 if he stays with his real class and that is the correct age. If he repeats the 7th grade again he will graduate at 19. Tell me how that is starting school early? J. O’neal was in the league at 17. The correct age to graduate from high school is 17 or 18. Again no doubt JW is a good player in my eyes and if they choose to hold him back that is fine as well but wait until you do so before you have him compete at camp with the kids that are currently in the 6th grade because that my friend is just the same as cheating and is not fair to the other kids who are really in the 6th grade who are competing for a ranking because JW is not in the 6th he is in the 7th grade. Plain and simple, there is no grey area he is currently in the 7th grade. Plan and simple it is not fair to those KIDS who work just as hard as everybody else who may have had a chance and instead are getting snubbed for maybe a possible ranking because they gave it to a older kid who is actually a grade ahead of him. Exposure camps are suppose to request proof of grade anyway. So again, I would never hate on a child because it is not the child that is making the choices it is the parents and if they want to hold him back to try to give him a better chance to succeed that is fine as well. I would never hate on a parent trying to do something that they feel is productive and in the best interest of their child, but just don’t compete on the national level until you do so. Again it is not fair to the other kids who are really in the correct grade. Just wait until next school year and if you choose to hold him back do so and then compete with that class but his current age is correct for the 7th grade so later for the starting school early thing. Just say you want to hold him back for a better opportunity, I can respect that! I wish JW all the best and I hope he reaches all his goals and dreams. Just be fair and we will see you in the 7th grade competing the correct way next year.

  6. J sanders says:

    What happened to Jessie neloms

  7. adidas says:

    Or look up keonte Lucas or jaecee martin on Google these are just examples but these kids do have talent don’t get me wrong they compete at the highest levels for aau

  8. adidas says:

    Jalyin is a great player but he is not as dominate as Cody standing at 6’5 but jaylin hands down is an excellent player

  9. Coach Brew says:

    @adidas i agree with you… I personally saw Cody Riley play at the War Eagles tourney and he easily dominated.He does some stuff you can’t teach to high schoolers. He dunked on the Tulsa Bulldogs and pinned a layup on a fastbreak vs Primetime Select. He dominated the tourney!!!!

  10. marshaun travis says:

    I believe Cody is a Great young player.But,dominance is not based on SIZE alone…Derrick Rose dominated the NBA this year and is the MVP and he is 6 foot gaurd…The Lakers have 2 SEVEN FOOTERS who where just sweeped and dominated by 2 gaurds who controlled the series JJ BEHREA and JASON TERRY…
    Again this is not a knock on CODY or any other BIG…CODY is and in my opinion will remain a dominate force…This is just a positive observation to take into consideration.

    • stewart says:

      correction rose is 6’3

    • rob allen says:

      Cody Riley is a talented young player, at 13yrs old. Another fact is, this past weekend cody and his Cali style team played the National champs, the Indy Hoosiers, in Virginia for the national championship. The Indy team beat them and are the national champs, two years in a row! They put a 5’11 wing guard (#31) AND A 6’0 FORWARD (#23) ON CODY AND THEY HELD HIM DOWN THE WHOLE GAME, UNTILL Scruggs guarded him in the 4th quarter. Very good game to watch. Looks like the Hoosiers have three guys as good as him.

      • rob allen says:

        I am just wondering why everyone is so focused on being negative towards some of these kids. We should give all these kids credit for being elite players. Also we should acknowledge, the only Indiana team, to win nationals, back to back! Go Indy Hoosiers! All week, people were saying, Cali Style or Prime Time Select would win it. Looks like the Indy Hoosiers let their talent and discipline do their talking, as they are the 2010 and 2011 national champs.

  11. all that jazzzzzzz says:

    QUESTION: Isn’t Cody Riley a “double hold back” kid? So when u speak about his game, remember you are not comparing “apples to apples”!

    Ps. Don’t act like we all don’t know that kid is 2 years older!

    • Matthew says:

      Wheather he got held back once, twice, or never got held back he played on the 14u cali style team with tyler dorsey, stephen zimmerman, and marcus lovett and also dominated on that team.Give cody a BREAK!

  12. CoachDon says:

    Come on man. Jacee and Keonte. Older kids. We all know that.. Why you trying to get them under 2017. Play your age.

    • ad says:

      there arent older Cody might be though relax man

    • Jasmine Lucas says:

      I am Keonte Lucas’s mom. Keon was in the 6th grade when this was publish. He just started East Hartford Middle School this fall. Please dont call him older if you dont know your facts. Thanks and have a great day

      • daphne says:

        Yeah I agree. Some of these vids are posted and people forget to do the math. if a kid is in the 6th grade, look down at when the vid was posted. was it posted up in 2011 or 2007? lol you gotta point mom.

  13. Coach Brew says:

    Yes, besides the older kids including Cody Riley and Jacee Martin, there is no clear cut #1 player in the grade! No camp or tournament has had them compete vs each other to determine the #1 player!


    Paul Scruggs-Indy Hoosiers (maybe older)
    Chase Hayden- War Eagles
    Caleb Nero- Tulsa Bulldogs
    Nate Pieree Louis- Team IZOD
    Andre Boykin-Maryland Panthers
    Chris Giles- any idea where he is playing now adays- played against Texas Celtics,
    didn’t see him at the tournament or game. Only saw #25 Paul Washington!
    Damon Harge-Oakland Soldiers
    DJ Heath- Southeast Elite-not many people have seen him play, but saw him at War Eagle Tourney, dominated every game!!!!!
    Any other guys I missed out on????

    Any of yall going to be at Converse Elite Invitational this weekend in Atlanta!!! Top teams playing including A19, CB Spiders, War Eagles, Southeast Elite, Atlanta Knicks, Worldwide Renegades, Atlanta Celtics…many other 12u teams these are only the very talented ones I know of!!

  14. coach T says:

    POSSIBILITY LIST ? LOL !!!! Who are you? Your possibilities aint CLOSE TO POSSIBLE!!!!!

  15. coach T says:

    Here is another GROWN MAN…trying to discredit the accomplishments of other KIDS because of envyness and the fact that no one mentioned Your SOUTHWEST ELITE KID…So therefore,your going to come on SOMEONE ELSES SITE !! And DISCREDIT THERE census and evaluation of talent…ALL TO ELEVATE YOUR OWN KID…Real MEN dont discredit other childrens accomplishments to LIFT THERE kid above them…REAL MEN teach there children to EARN there own NAME and to do it WITHOUT HAVING TO TEAR another CHILD down…YOU said your name is COACH DREW…Coach your kids to respect the accomplishments of others while working to achieve there own…GIVE THEM THE VALUES THAT ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN A GAME OF BASKETBALL

  16. 2017classact says:

    reply for Coach Brew: All due respect you did leave some players out!

    1. Jaylin Fleming- Chicago
    2. Damon Harge- He dont play for Oakland Soldiers anymore!
    3. Marques Watson- New York kid
    4. Chris Giles- heard he was playing with Houston Elite
    5. Jared Vanderbilt- Houston Elite
    6. Cody Riley-Cali Style (age questioned though)
    7. DeShawn Wilson- Colorado Hawks

  17. Junior says:

    The Coach Drew wasn’t discrediting middle school elite’s rankings!!!! People were talking bout the age issue and since Cody Riley and many of them had age issues, he was mentioning other honorable players!!!! Those players are very talented and he was giving other possibilites for the #1 player!!!!

  18. Junior says:

    and by the way, that southeast elite kids isn’t my son, he is just talented!!!

  19. Junior says:

    o forgot about Jayling Fleming..and o Houston elite will be very very good this year!!!

  20. Mark White says:

    It’s amazing how you left the one kid off your ranking list who actually passed the ball that weekend, and it’s funny how all the coaches kids got ranked. Man, I can’t wait until high school, where you won”t hear about 90% of these 6th graders now.

  21. 2017classact says:

    response to Mark White:
    Yes sir, you are correct! Anytime a list is created there will always be someone left out. Its not done on purpose so dont take it that way.

    ps. You didnt name that player who did such a great job passing so we can include his name if he is worthy!

    pss. We’ll wait!

    • Mark White says:

      Actually, I was a little harsh with my comments, I do hope all the kids make it on the H.S. level, it just that I saw alot of the kids just running up and down the court playing selfishly, and it just seems like those are most of the kids that got ranked.

  22. BBALL says:



  23. BallMan says:

    So let me get this right- 5’4 Jaylin Fleming is the best 6th grader in the country? He is better than 6’5 Cody Riley? Cody actually gets minutes on the 8th grade team too. CaliStyle has won every 6th grade event they have entered.

    Jaylin is better than Damon Hardge? Hardge put in real work at AAU Nationals last year then followed up by blistering a waterd down, but still prestigious Adidas Jr Phenom camp. Jaylin 33rd; Hardge 1st.

    Just so I am clear, Jaylin is better than Chase Hayden. Chase has been the leader of multiple Final 4 teams and 2 National titles and Jaylin has… Jaylin has what exactly?

    Nate Pierre-Lewis has led Team Izod on a nice run in the Northeast this season and he is also rated behind Jaylin Fleming.

    Going to be hard to pin me down as a regional dude when I hit East Coast, West Coast and Midwest. I know this grade of kids and I can not even tell you who Jaylin plays for.
    Don’t tell me he is too good for 6th grade either because Nojel Eastern lives in Chicago and play 7th and 8th grade yet still finds time to play 6th grade and be pretty good.

    Jaylin- stop hiding and find a team to run with in Hampton. Jaylin’s Dad- stop allowing this site to mock itself by having your son ranked as the best 6th grader in America. The fall is hard when the services in 9th and 10th grade do not show him in the top 150 or 200.

    If you lock on and get to Hampton, I promise to watch every game and if you give the business to real dudes or lead your team to a top 10 run, I will be back in July to give you much deserved props, but now… what team you play for and how you earn that rep?

  24. marshaun travis says:

    To: Ballman
    CLOWNNN!!!! First of all Cody Riley is a doube hold back.Jaylin is 11 years old…he got his reputation for destroying GROWN MEN CLOWN…He dont need no validation from you CLOWN!! Ask MSE what happened at Phenom CLOWN they ranked him 1 after seeing him there CLOWN…You do the math and ask around what he did to the comp out there and everywhere he plays…THem BS Nationals wit 15 year old 6 graders!!! Read the articles of NBA PLAYERS AND NBA SCOUTS AND COLLEGE COACHES .THATS ALL the validation we need CLOWN!!!! His SKILLZ are LEGENDARY…Like Derrick Rose was quoted in the article in the Chicago Tribune” He is better than me.His talent is one of a kind” WHAT MORE VALIDATION DO HE NEED!!!! He is doin his thing staying on his course to continue to develop….he aint gotta prove nothiing to you CLOWN!!! He played Sophmore Summer Leagues going into the 6 grade CLOWN!!! Reveal who you are and we can set somethin up CLOWN!!!! ANYTIME ANYWHERE!!!

    • Matthew says:


    • Langhornebball says:

      Can we make a point without name calling? I do not know any of these kids but what would you expect an NBA player to say to a newspaper about a young kid?
      Most real scouts don’t pay attention to these kids until they are grown and in High School.

      If you go back and read these post I feel embarrassed for you people.

    • Cali Spectator says:

      So what if Cody is a double hold back. Most of these kids are not telling the whole truth about their age either anyway. If the rules state that hold backs are allowed based on the grade, then why is there so much talk about Cody and the others. The NBA actually supports this rule by stating that players have to be at least 19 to enter. What we all should be focusing on is the the successful completion of High School and the possibility of receiving a quality college education free of cost for the athletic service that student athletes provide to the school. Colleges do look at kids as early as middle school, that is why you, I, and whoever else sees this post is one this site in the first place. Cody Riley is a kid no matter how old he is, he is still a kid. He still needs to develop and in high school there is an age range regardless of grade. What’s with all of the hating on people strategically making moves to give their children an edge. There is nothing wrong with that. What you should do if you child is not benefiting from the rules is work him out harder or hold him back as well. Other than that so what! He is still a kid and all of the players have the same opportunity buy years and time for development or domination. Colleges really do not care how old you are. All they care about is do you have the right attitude and can you play the game. Once the kids pass puberty, age is just a blurr anyway. Stay focused on the skill. Riley, Singleton, McBride, Feinberg, Thompson, and the other players from Cali Style are skilled players hands down!

  25. marshaun Travis says:

    To Ballman:
    Here ia a few more facts for you CLOWN!!! Jaylin DOMINATED at phenom and was CLEARLY the best player in his class there including Harge…thats why the powers that be didnt let them matchup!! The ultimate sign of respect that he earned there was when the parents and coaches and staff that worked the camp PROTESTED on Jaylins behalf…becuse it was that OBVIOUS that he was the best player there HANDS DOWN!!! The coaches OVERRODE the Camp Directors and pulled Jaylin out the stands and marched him to the bench while the game was being played in protest to the conspiracy that was going on!!! Led by Chris Giles,the then coach of the Texas Celtics who finished 2nd at AAU Nationals…WHO DIDNT KNOW Jaylin and had never met him….but saw him play and obviously saw all the other top players play and coached two top players himself….CHRIS GILES and PJ Washington!!! He went on record and said quote”Jaylin is the best PG in the country HANDS DOWN” and recruited him! Who recruits a 33 ?

  26. marshaun Travis says:

    To Ballman:

    Chris Giles who I remind you his Celtics team finished 2nd at Nationals went to my brother Jaylin` dad and recruited him to play with the Celtics…Jaylin played with them in a tournament in Dallas…HE DESTROYED THE TOURNEY!!!! The word hit the AAU circuit !!! WHERE U BEEN BALLMAN? Championship game he had 30 CLOWN!!!! Sent a SHOCKWAVE THRU TEXAS !!! Do your research CLOWN!! HIDING????? You come straight out of a Comic Book CLOWN !! MSE Editor was at the Camp saw jaylin play and said quote” I watched most of Jaylins games…HE IS THE MOST TALENTED PLAYER overall in the Class” and ranked him #1…Jaylin didnt say it…Jaylin`s dad didnt say it…MSE said it…Jaylin dont care about no Rankings…and as far as the 150 to 200 drop….DROP DEAD CLOWN !!! Dont hide behind your “CALL NAME” Ballman….make yourself known so I can see you face to face the way REAL MEN do! Im MARSHAUN TRAVIS jaylins uncle im with him all the time…YOU CALL YOURSELF A MAN WISHING DEMISE ON A CHILD!!!! GOD SEE U !!!!!

  27. Cali love says:

    Harge will kill Jaylin

  28. Cali love says:

    I think that Harge is the best Guard in country.Jaylin is a very good player also but i think @ this early stage harge is a better player.But people please remeber this NAME THE LAST 6TH GRADER CROWNED BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY THAT HAD AN ALL-STAR NBA CAREER IN THE LAST 15 YEARS.But this is just my thoughts but hey on the bright side they would both be Mcdonalds all american if this was 2017 but hey we have a LONG RACE and this is only the 1st half lap.PACE YOURSELF

    PS @ TEAM Fleming no DISRESPECT and keep doing what ur doing the kid is on the right track and people also say hes very unselfish and great kid.

    • Cali Spectator says:

      I think that Harge is one of the number one players in the country but he cannot guard David Singleton, the point guard who just left Cali Style. I don’t know if ya’ll heard. Singleton is sure to make his mark as a stand out player and is one of the reasons why there is so much talk about Cody Riley. He was the one feeding Cody the ball in all of the tournaments including Nationals. Don’t hate on the big man and don’t underrate the little man for doing the work for this dominant center.

  29. excab says:

    A kid left off was Jordan Poole was invited to the Lucas camp didn’t make it. A 5’6″ point guard who owned the NY2LA tournament this week in Milwaukee. He plays with the wisconsin playground warriors. Was a teammate of Jordan McCabe and Nojell Eastern. Someone to watch out for.

    • AAU Fan says:

      Man Jordan poole sucks Justin Roberts had him in hand coves last they played against eachother had like 20 Jordan only scored about 4 points

  30. BallMan says:

    MSE- why you remove my post? Did Uncle Marshaun cause that?
    There were other spirited post… why they not gone?
    There were other players called out for various things… why they not gone?

    There was no vulgar language or anything else.
    This can be a great resource for young ballers and scouting services and debate, but it looks real sketchy when a site only protect and promote certain kids.

    To quote Uncle Marshaun, “GOD SEE U”

  31. marshaun travis says:

    TO: Ballman
    You are making yourself to obvious….I know who are fake jealous CLOWN…NY…GOD SEE U

  32. Big Orange says:

    New Orleans hosted the Super 60 this past weekend and I believe I seen the best or one of the best point guards in the country in my opinion. A kid from the Memphis War Eagles #1 Blake ?(not sure of last name)Seen the lefty put in work against the Illinois T-Wolves and some other team. Had great handles, nice pull-up,great court vision and got to the rim at will.

  33. no politics says:

    no jesse neolms,tyler harris,blake williams all who run with memphis war eagles. unbelieveable. politics as always. however, cream of the crop will always rise to the top no matter all of the politics

    • superdave says:

      i was in new orleans as well and i must say saturday and sunday was some of the best i seen this year. the louisana primetime won the tourney. could make a strong push for nationals. i agree the war eagles look like they could to they looked to be the second best team. they easily have the best guards in the country but against la primetime were killed on glass

      • Cali Spectator says:

        The best guards in the country are on Cali Style. Singleton, McBride, Feinberg, & Thompson. The only guards that can compare to them are the guards from Indy Hoosiers #1, as you stated Memphis War Eagles #3 and LA Primetime Select #4. All other guards were scorched by this click of guards all during the 2011 season. Get your cameras back out, rewind the media and look again. Cali style 12u played 13s in New Orleans and lost against LA Select in the Championship. Since you were there did you notice that LA Select led by four at the half. The score was 27-23. When David Singleton left the game due to a head injury received from capturing a rebound, the flow of Cali Style’s offense changed and LA Select ran with that to a 68-50 defeat. Again Cali Style was a 12u team and again the second half was played without their starting point guard who obviously makes a difference. People who know the game don’t just rank all guards based upon how many points they score themselves but how effective the team is as a whole when that guard is on the floor. According to that criterion Singleton as well as the other guards from Cali Style have got to be considered #1.

        • not here to blast or put down any kids. i think we have alot of talent in the US in this class. I seen very talented kids from louisiana, memphis, VA, Carolina, Cali…….. I know because i have placed 2nd, 3rd,3rd, 1st and 1st nationally since 2nd gr in that class. kids grow and develop and pop up annually that raise eyebrows with their talent. I think several guards could wear the title #1 guard However I do believe the Best Player in the US could Cody Riley. He has very special skill with his size just wonder where he has been all these years but i have heard he was young and repeated. either way hes a TALENT. where i do scratch my head is the lack of pub given to Paul Scruggs #1 for my Hoosiers. He has dominated the National tourney 2 years in a row and hasnt lost a game and only had one within double digits (Cali Style by 9) in Champ Game. So i guess i wonder if this ranking on this site is strictly by camps bc if you ask any coaches at AAU Nationals last 2 years he would be in top 2-3 players no matter how you look at it. In addition I have PG who controlled every backcourt we faced and noone stoped him. hes a 5’8 PG Justin Roberts as well a 6’3 versitile Forward in Zach Gunn who had to be the most versitile player in the tourney. He lead us in 3 pt%. Again, I do not blast kids but my team and key players have defeated everyone we have faced. I also believe the guard from lauderhill (looks very mature and older) has to be atop the guards mentioned for top guard along with my guards, memphis, and some others i seen play but no guards we played outplayed mine. again theres so much talent and i dont want to put any kids on a pedistal or down any kids but i think the National tourney should count alot. i think several kids can look good on video or vs mediocre talent. at AAU nationals you will get a chance to play against the best of the best. In my opinion, in that class, if you havent played Primetime, memphis, Lauderhill, Texas Celtics, CB Spiders, Cali Style or Indy Hoosiers and more then you havent played the best and how do you deserve the ranking as a top player. AGAIN, Im moreso wondering how the rankings work and the rankers should watch kids compete not watch their videos and how do you leave out key player or players on the Back to Back National Champ team that has defeated top players on the list. Does all the players near top of list play AAU Ball? never heard of or seen them and i have been around since 2nd grade. i would like to also invite all the teams and these high ranked kids to our tourney in Indy May 18-20 http://www.indyhoosiersbball.com I will give disc to any player in top 10 that we havent played to come play. Id like to see the talent up close and will have sports writers here. Come to Indy, Lets see how we all stack up. good luck to all and I agree with Coach T lets not bash kids but lets get on the wood and see how they stack up.

          • DaFuture says:

            @ Indy Hoosiers..

            At first you had me going with that very long dialog just to promote your Tourney. You mentioned a few teams and very few players but the knock on the Hoosiers is “INDY HOOSIERS DONT TRAVEL”. Yes you show up to nationals but that may not be enough to “speak” on all the teams and players out there. thats why you dont know enough good teams or good players.

            ps. Paul Scruggs is a beast (still not convinced of age)

            pss. Cody is wayyyyy older, you said it yourself, where has he been and you been watching since 2nd grade

            psss. Congrats on winning Back2Back Chips, thats almost unheard of! (we know u combined with NBA2B last year, another team this year)

            IN the end if you wanna promote yout tourney, just say so and we might come, BECAUSE WE KNOW INDY HOOSIERS DONT TRAVEL!

          • Da Future…. I was on here to give props to my kids that have won and are from what i see elite kids and after posting i cont to read and realized others felt same way. as for the travel, we have only had one game within double digits in Nationals in last 2 years. So for us we feel its better to stay close to home and play older kids than to travel and spend tons of money and not get a good game or maybe one. Sir if you dont like the way we do things thats fine but we feel it works and the numbers dont lie. also if you choose not to come to our tourney thats fine too. we have several good teams already committed and i guarantee the teams coming will have good games. I do believe that the National Tourney 6 years in a row allows any coach to speak on good talent. How can it not. I will chose not to argue and debate youth bball but bring awareness to special talent i coach and inform good teams that we are holding a good tourney. You do whats best for you and your program and i will for mine and i wish you and all the teams the best. We have documents and whatever you need to see to confirm Scruggs age. WE DONT CHEAT!!!! Never have Never WIll.Lastly, We never combined with NBA2B. If a player comes that doesnt mean combining. This is Coach Peterson. Who are you? thanks for congrats but we didnt combine with anyone. Justin Roberts did play with them prev however one player wanting to play his true position with a better team is not combinig. Again Thanks for congrats and best wishes to you and your team and fyi we may be in carolina this year.

  34. BallMan says:

    Uncle Marshaun,
    You do not have a clue who I am or where I lay my hat at night. Did not see Nephew#1 at NOLA super 60. I did see Cody play 7th grade and help get his team to the finals.

    Unc- can you get MSE to put my post back up from after you called me a clown? You have the pull to make that happen.

    Uncle Marshaun, the guard play in NOLA was very solid. The Memphis trio is really good although their size hurt them in Nationals last year. They may all be as good as Nephew #1. LA Primetime PGs are nasty also #3 & #4.
    Zach from Top Risers Heat is strong and quick and a great leader for his crew also. Ark Hawks #3- shoots it and pounds it well also is dcent finisher with floaters and pull ups.

    So far I am sticking with guards under 5’4 that could all play with Nephew #1. The entire country awaits his appearance at a real tournament.

    MIT is the next stop… You will be where exactly?

    I also did some research for you Uncle Marshaun- you border Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky and Indiana. That opens up 5 good teams that I know are headed to Hampton; hook up with one of them and bring nephew #1 to the show.

  35. BallMan says:

    Uncle Marshaun,
    I need to say something positive-

    I have head that Jaylin is a good player. I have heard from a few places that he has played well among the competition.
    I’m giving you grief for defending (any kid) as the undisputed #1 guy when he has not played against a representative sample of the “best” currently playing 6th grade.

    Best of luck and keep him in the gym getting better.
    I am done poking you Unlce Marshaun, because I am certain Jaylin is a good kid and that you and his Father feel you are doing the right thing for his future.

    Some unsolicited advice (been in the game 20 years/60 D1/30 pros in Europe)- do not ever let your nephew believe he is the undisputed #1 until he has played most of the guys in his class.

    Because if he plays a kid his age and gets busted up, it could ruin him. Always challenge him and keep him in the mindset that he is among the top dogs, but has to improve every day.

    Best wishes Uncle Marshaun and although I ain’t talking, I will be watching.

  36. Pantherprodigy says:

    From what I saw the war eagles were the best team in new Orleans. They beat Atlanta celtics, then beat the Maryland panthers by double digits. Then in a game that they only had maybe 30 min to rest they were up 5 with under 2 min left to primetime who were fresh. Their guards are ridiculous and they have really strong bigs. And I think Maryland panthers were next best. Andre boykin is top 5 in my eyes

    • Matthew says:

      How tall is andre boykin.Hype Basketball put him down as 6’4, but it appears he is only 6’0 or 6’1. Please respond back wheather you kinow it or not.

      • Team Take Over Q says:

        Andre Boykins is 6’2. How i no? He now plays for the 5th ranked team in the nation . Team Take Over class of 2017.

  37. peopleschamp says:

    to: Big Orange/ Superdave……..

    you only mentioned La Primetime and Memphis, what about the other teams and players? Did yall see any other “studs” in the 2017 calss since there was a host of teams in attendance?

  38. Vegas says:

    It is crazy that everyone is trying to be ranked as a 6th grader. My son is a great player and has been ranked high in every poll. It is really not important I would like for someone to show me the last 6th 7th or 8th grade # 1 ranked kid that was ranked in the top 10 in the 12th grade…NONE!!!! Have fun building the rankings I will just keep building his skill and worry about rankings when it really matters in about 5 yrs.. It will be funny to see that half of the kids that are hear today will be gone tomorrow.

  39. marshaun travis says:

    To: Ballman

    IM GALD JAYLIN GOT YOUR ENDORSEMENT!!!! We really needed you for our need to exist in this basketball world!!!! Thanks !!! The team that he was coming to Nationals broke recently unfortunately. Egoes got involved and
    the kids suffered. I have no strings with MSE….dont know them from Adam!
    For you to make those statements just further endorses his obvious talent!!!

    No disrespect to your creditials coaching 30 europian pros….If your really that accomplished!!! Arent you to busy to worry about a 6grade kid!!

    I KNOW GUYS THAT HAVE BEEN IN THE GAME 3 YEARS AND HAVE A LARGER RESUMES!!! Just got off the phone with someone who has close to 50 NBA players! So im sorry….NOT IMPRESSED!! Wont go into further detail about who I know,theres not enough space.To address your other ludacris statements….Jaylin dosnt think he is the undisputed #1 player…he is a very humble kid….Who said that the tournements and the kids u say are the measuring stick? There you go with your undiputed pics!

    • Middle School Elite says:

      Don’t sweat comments Travis. Whole middle school situation including Hoop Scoop is a joke. That’s coming from me Mr. Love. It’s all a scam!

  40. CeeGee says:

    Let me say this to all the talent of 2017 which is loaded by the way. Rankings mean nothing it’s just a measure so kids are great and the manage to maintain that status all the way thru, others get hyped early and never pan out. I can say with all honesty, that I seen every kid worth talking about in the class of 2017 all grade exceptions included and my son’s AAU team (Atlanta Knicks) has played against most of the top talent since they were 9 at disney. The bottom line is this Jaylen Fleming doesnt play AAU so who does he play against? do disrespect to the kid and his family but how can you rate a kid on just individual performances. You have to play school ball, AAU, summer leagues, play up and hold your own if not do work against your competition? I know that Damon Hardge played against Chase Hayden and Hardge’s team went to the classic and not to the championship bracket at nationals? what does that mean? He are the rules

    Play AAU and compete on a major level so you can face major competition. for 2017 you needed to be at

    MIT Invitatinal
    Lebron James
    War Eagle Tourney
    Basketball Spotlight Event
    Rumble in the Bronx
    Converse Inviational

    Go places where other teams can see you and do work against good teams and see what happens

    Has Jaylen Fleming played against
    Damon Harge
    Chase Hayden
    Jesse Nelms
    Jordan McCabe
    Ricky Nelson
    Marguis Watson
    Zach Cook
    Jordan Goldwire
    Nojel Eastern
    Justin Roberts
    Kobe Webster
    Donovan Toatley
    Caleb Nero
    David Singleton
    Rechon Black
    Collin Sexton
    Jamie Lewis
    Will Graves

    let him do that


    • GR Storm says:

      None of.you have heard of my so. n and he has played against Jordan McCab Webster and Justinian Roberts. He shut down Mcabe and Webster couldn’t stay in front of him. Totally controlled the tempo of the game. Now Justin Roberts is a different story. That kid is flat out nasty. Great feel for the game. Have you heard of my son. No! And that’s all these comments are why. All these kids are extremely talented. But your missing the point. They are kids. Let them enjoy this time when playing with there friends can still be a fun experience. Because we all know when they hit the 9th grade it becomes big bussiness and less fun. Celebrate all these young talented kids and watch and enjoy there smiles as the get it in with there friends. In the next few years it all changes anyway!

    • Tracy Harge says:

      This is so amazing how can we rank kids as number 1 number 2 and so on.I here people all the time saying this kid is number one in the country or number 2 in the nation please someone tell me how can this be. First do we no how many kids are in this world billions so with that being said how can one kid be ranked number one in the country when there are so many kids that we have not seen. We talk about these kids as if there pro players these are children thats it playing basketball whats the big deal. People have lost there minds with this basketball stuff with there kids wow No one on here ever speaks about who is the smartest kid in there books i guess school does not count on here. My qusetion to those who read this is who is number one when it comes to school work please show me that ranking. Highschool is where it counts and most of these kids that play aau are old 13 years old in the 6th grade thats crazy. Last week i saw a kid 15 years old in the 8th grade.I think aau needs to change there rules and make kids play there age then we will see who is good. When someone tells us this kid is good and he is in the 6th grade the first thing my husband ask is how old is he, we here 13 years old ok thats what he is suppose to do the kid is playing 10 and 11 year old kids and he is rank number 1 wow. My qusetion who is ranked number one for school work i’ll be waiting to see that list

  41. AAU FAN says:

    I have heard that the CB Spiders 12u are for real. My brother lives in Atlanta Ga saw them beat AI9 and World Wide to win the Converse Invitational 2 weeks ago in a convincing fashion. I have also noticed that they have beaten DC Assault, Maryland Panthers, Rising Heat Academy, Rising Prospects, and Team Takeover this season. Can someone tell me more about them ?

    • CeeGee says:

      CB Spiders are for real whe have a friendly rivalry with them and they have 6 kids on there team as good as anybody in the country.

      But check the Atlanta Knicks resume:

      We’ve beaten

      Maryland’s Finest (Now Team Takeover)
      Wisconsin Playground Warriors
      Worldwide Renegades
      Atlanta Celtics
      Greanboro Warriors (Now Heyward Elite)
      Detroit Showtime
      Houston Elite
      Maryland Panters
      King Street Kings ( Team Reign)
      NY Gauchos
      Playtime Panthers
      6th Man Warriors
      South Carolina Ravens
      Las Vegas Rebels
      Primetime Select
      CB Spiders
      Southeast Elite
      Tidewater Wildcats
      St. Louis Enforcers
      NC Prospects

      At we only lost to good teams and teams we can still beat. We coming for yall

      Indy Hoosiers
      NC Prospects
      Kentucky Elite
      Cali Style (Pump and Run)
      CB Spiders

      • hoosier fan says:

        im sorry but the atlanta knicks will never beat the indy hoosiers or cali style because actually the knicks lost to the hoosiers by 20 in st.louis and the hoosiers beat ai9 in fort wayne by 30 and so did cali style so come on now be real and the hoosiers have a suprise at nationals for the world.

      • Justafan says:

        Some one doesn’t have all the facts…. The knicks never beat Md Finest(now Team Takeover) . The only time y’all played them is in the MIT championship and they beat you guys…..

      • Team Take Over Q says:

        Atlanta Knicks are average , and yall have never beaten MD Finest , now Team Take Over. Matter of fact we just beat the Knicks this year at the Nationals .

        • Team Take Over Q says:

          I take that back, we didnt play them at the Nationals, we beat them at M.I.T before that. They are a good team. I saw them give Cali Style problems until the big kid with red hair hurt his ankle!!!

  42. mike says:

    how can u rank players now at that age when there are others out there better

  43. kc says:

    my nepew is averging 29 points 6 rebs and 10 assist and 7 steals in aau ball and his school went undefeated ….and just to let u know his dad is 6 foot 4 he lives at school #44 in indianapolis and was just invited to camp with the gordons of eric gordon and is honor roll student…….check him out he really deserves to be here…his name is datrion pooh harper this is a very gifted player that deserves to be in top 5

  44. kc says:

    some of these kids by the time they are senoirs will not be raked this high because players that didnt get raked on this site will be known by then

  45. kc says:

    ok now ive seen harge and i think he’s the real deal just my opion though

  46. mike says:

    this is only middle school rankings not high school

  47. Not alot of u have even seen Dylan Henderson play, he is a real beast, he averages 25 points and 20 rebounds a game, he has played
    Cody before and demolished him, come out to Vegas and see Dylan play, you’ll be really impressed

    • Michael Lekic says:

      Well I was at the game you said he demolished cody and it was more the other way around(vice-versa. Cody’s size was to much for Dylan to handle since he had 7 or 8 inches over him. Stop trying to embarass cody.

  48. the truth says:

    how good is najeel eastern?

  49. the truth says:

    nojel eastern

  50. AAU FAN says:

    Nojel Eastern is a good player with AI9. I saw him play against the CB Spiders in the Converse Invitational in ATL. Also, it’s too soon to get caught up in ranking players. I saw a 12u team the CB Spiders (NC) beat AI9 (8pts), World Wide (16pts), Team Takeover(11pts), Rising Prospects (20pts),and Team Izod (18pts). They have 6-7 players as good as anybody in the USA and they play TEAM BALL.I live in Atlanta and I have seen all of the top teams, and I feel that Cali Styles, Indy Hoosiers,and the CB Spiders are the best 3 teams that I have seen this season. I talked with the President of AI9 and he told me that the CB Spiders (NC) were the most complete team that he has faced and that they’re the hardest team to match-up with. If you think this is bs just contact Clay Dade or Mike Melton and they along with alot of other coaches and fans will tell about an unselfish TEAM that can get it done.

  51. NC Hoop Fan says:

    I have seen the Spiders from Charlotte and they are ok. They should not be mentioned with CaliStyle and Indy Hoosiers though; those are two teams that have finished top 10/top 5 in back to back years and won a National Title.

    Spiders are solid at every spot, but by no means are they one of the 3 best teams at 6th grade. They played in the Classic last year in Florida AAU Nationals.

    They are great at self promotion and good on the court. They could get a medal, but top 3 no way.

  52. Indy Fan says:

    No Paul Scruggs or Justin Roberts in the rankings.That alone is a slap in the face of these rankings.Justin Roberts and Paul Scruggs is the best one-two punch in Nation. Indy Hoosiers are the National Champs and people need to recognize why. We 20 plus points better then AI9. Save it, Paul Scruggs is legit age, Indy Hoosiers been winning for years, no need to cheat now. You can be complete all you want, but when CB Spiders face us its gonna be a complete butt woopin.


      Congrats on last year’s National Title. Hear this, there wont be any butt woopins if you face that team. U better hope that you can match-up and slow them down. I’ve seen your team buddy, hopefully changes have been made because you guys aren’t the most athletic bunch. I will give credit to your team for being great and being the defending champs and all that with much respect.

  53. AAU Bama says:


  54. b love says:

    How good is the point guard Zack Dawson from toprisers after beating prime-time n new Orleans they were favored to win the tournament but got upset.does he really change the game

  55. I personally have seen many of these kids play and with Nationals about 3 weeks away they all will get a chance to prove it on the court but here is my list of the best players I seen and to keep an eye on in Nationals. Wings)Nate Pierre(Team Izod),Nojell Eastern( A19),Chris Giles(Houston Elite),Michael Porter(Indy). Guards) Justin Roberts(indy), Blake Williams(Memphis War Eagles),Damon Harge(CA), Chase Hayden( Memphis War Eagles), Zach Dawson( Top Risers) Bigs) Cody Riley(Cali-Styles), Andre Boykins( Maryland Panthers), Paul Scruggs( Indy), Reginald Crawford( A19), Cedrick Latimore( Detroit), Paul Washington( Texas Celtics)…….There are many more plus alot of players I havent seen yet. I look forward to seeing those players at Nationals and then we all can do a more informed rankings.

  56. Ace Freeley says:

    Really. Ranking kids at age 11? Have any of you read “They Played Their Hearts Out?” Sad and powerful book about middle school basketball. The emphasis should be on team play, relationships and education, not on who’s #1.

    I will admit, however, I read the posts — they’re funny!

  57. cal davis says:

    i like the kid roderick smith from acadiana stars 12u aau team from opelousas,la the kid have great ball handle and finds ppl like no other, this kid is special and i need to see him get some credit< he can get at ever guard yall name in da rankings and everyone he plays coaches always ask about this kid< roderick smith will b a household name believe me< he is #3 on his aau acadiana stars 12u aau team

  58. ART DYE says:






    • CALISWAG says:


    • Tyler Rowham says:

      Alex is a complete beast, better than cody riley, just watch n learn, and alex didnt score 22 out of 28 tho, their was some fat lefty who hit 2 threes and #24 scored some too.

    • Bob Vancho says:

      Alex is great. His team sucks. If it wasn’t for him they wouyld never win. Has a bunch of slow ass players around him, he just needs to stop crying when he loses.

      • Joe Getry says:

        yo i went out to watch a incoming 15u freshman team play today and something caught me, alex had left the crusaders to play with the 17u stars and number 34 for the crusaders was the point. They were down 22 and #34 went on a 17-0 run by himself hitting 4 threes a reverse layup and a 17foot jumper in less than 3 minutes he also after that dropped 4 dimes in a row getting his team mates the ball he ended the game with 30 points and 7 assist, so i think you watch what you say about slow cause he not slow he quick and can shoot so watch out.

  59. d-town says:

    most of these kids rated in the class of 2017 are 2018. they’re ranked here cause they’re playing down with late birthdays or otherwise(hint).

  60. basketball wiz says:

    to all who take this ranking too serious. lots of times kids aren’t ranked because they haven’t been seen. of course people think kids are great cause u watch them in your town. so for all the people who think the kid they saw are undisputed great. these elemtary and middleschool athletes will be in highschool in a few years where espn top 100, blue chip, adidas phenom, and all the professionals will be ranking which they get paid to do. i have a 6th grader that’s won 2 national championships with 2 teams and has played ball in 12 states, which scores at will and hasn’t been ranked. but i know the deal. so to all who thinks uv seen the best se you at the professional rankings for the class of 2017. MICHIGAN IS IN THE BUILDING

  61. BallMan says:

    Basketball Whiz-
    Your son has not won two AAU D1 titles so he has not played against the best players yet. If he is winning USSSA titles, find a USSSA board for that.

    If you are in Hampton, we will see how he fares.
    only a few weeks till we settle up.

    Uncle Marshaun, did Nephew find a team.

  62. Goober Jones says:

    Where is daquan shyrell (poohbear) williams out of Baton ruge. He domates in paint and can can one from dtown.

    Play for the blujackets elite. saw him at tourney last month in big easy. WOW!

  63. aau fan says:

    I dont know how josh burke and zack dawson arent on here..smh!

  64. j623 says:

    i cant believe justin miller isnt on here if they put a vedio on youtube watch it hes a beast has the complete game trust me.

  65. Ski Roe says:

    MSE just wanted to make a comment about ranking players. At this time I belive to get a real measure on kids, is to have a Camp in regins like ( South East, North, East coast,West coast, Mid West ) because you know all the kids can’t travel so least more kids who can ball be seen ? Your thoughts

    • Langhornebball says:

      No matter how you do it you will never make everyone happy. There are plenty of great players out there who can’t afford to go to these camps. There are parents of great players who don’t even care if they are ranked or not. I like the way basketball spotlight does it. They run tournaments and focus on teams as well as players.

    • bobby says:

      this would be better than ranking kids that have alittle money show up

  66. bball fan says:

    havent heard anything about Connectciut Basketball Club and Jaecce Martin. Team that is going to make serious noise at nationals

  67. bball wiz says:

    look at this team georgia stars 12u blue they have the best gaurds #21 donovan butler #5 kameron drozier #12 alex oconnell #23 dj williams #2 5th grader player in georgia and a foward #14 kerrick robinson and last center 6’3 devon he can dribble and do every thing #21 donovan butler can shoot the lights out and #5 kameron drozier can dribble

  68. bball wiz says:

    #21 donovan butler never been on a good team really second time in aau nationals first with southern kings know georgia stars he can do everything shoot,dribble,pass everything you’ll see him in nationals watch #21 remember

  69. CBCCoach says:


  70. AAU FAN says:

    The 12u field is loaded for Hampton Va. I can’t wait to see the great match-ups. People have forgotten that it’s a team game and one man won’t win it for you in Hampton.

  71. BallMan says:

    This is traditionally one of the best Nationals. Kids have started to separate themselves and new guys have arrived on the scene.

    There will be new teams and players that make names for themselves… There will be former powerhouses that are DONE also.

    Jaylin Fleming appearing or not is a small footnote to this week’s action.

    Teams you know:
    Indy Hoosiers- CaliStyle- AI9 Elite- ATL Celtics RL- KY Elite- ATL Knicks

    Teams you will know next week:
    W Coast Select- Lauderhill Lions- Southeast Elite- S Georgia Kings- Seven Cities Elite- CBC- CB Spiders- NC Rising Prospects- Houston Elite- TX Dream Team

    Teams that peaked and fell by 6th grade:
    Md Panthers- DC Assault- WV Xplosion- TX Celtics- Detroit Showtime- LA Primetime

    Uncle Marshaun- we will keep looking for nephew… sort of like ‘Where on Eearth is Carmen Santiago.’

    I could get it all wrong, but keep me honest out there on this final 4:
    Indy Hoosiers, Houston Elite, CB Spiders, CaliStyle
    CaliStyle beats Houston Elite for 6th grade championship

    • BallMan says:

      I was dead wrong on LA Primetime! They were awesome and finished in the Final 4. The AZ pg#23 is real. I was dead wrong on TX Dream Team- they were not good.
      4of6 on teams that had seen better days.

      3of6 on teams you know. KY Elite and Knicks were really good though just ran into tough matchups. #23 for Knicks Christian Nelson, had a phenominal game vs CaliStyle- he outplayed Codi Riley straight up.

      2of4 on Final 4 but 3 of the teams did finish Top 10.
      Overall if you were in Hampton and followed these team, you had a great week watching the 6th grade Nationals.

      Last shout out to the Uncle Marshaun- no way Nephew number 1 is the best 6th grader in America! Not when 99% of the people I asked about him in Hampton said, “Who is that?” or, “I heard the name before, but I have never seen him except on YouTube.”

      C’mon Uncle M- let the boy compete! Looking forward to seeing Jaylin and the Easter Bunny on the circuit next year.


  72. NJ Fan says:

    Lots people talking bout all this teams but its like everybody for got about New Jersey Izod whos goin 2 come wit lots of heart and maybe can pull this out. When u got nate and arron and lot of guud gaurd play and wit a big size team anything can happen.

  73. b-squad #24 says:

    these are kids these kid should be aranged to have fun on and off the cout but my name is malik martez harris and some times i wish a the times i didnt play hard i did in my mind i let my coach antonio francis i kind of took him as a joke but coach is no joke all he want from us to do is to work as hard as we can he wants us to do wat we need to to get to the league i love my coach like a dad he ket me stay at his house wen i had no where to go he bought me shoes cloths he treated me like his son he told evey one on the team we are goin wit or without hop one the band wagon i didnt there at nationals im not

  74. NJ Fan says:

    Are Gauchos in this year nationals i did not pay 2 much attention in the ceremony like ever year

  75. A REAL SCOUT says:

    Check out the turner boyz on youtube . ROBERT A. BLACK CHICAGO IL TWIN GUARDS THAT HAVE AWESOME TALENT!!!!!

  76. A REAL SCOUT says:


  77. A REAL SCOUT says:


  78. excab says:

    it was some great talent down here at the 12u Nationals and a lot of them wasn’t on this list. a lot of great guard play overall. Jaecee Martin (CBC) Tyler Martin and Chase Hayden (Wareagles) Jordan Poole (Wisconsin Playground Warriors) JJ Watson (SB Spiders) Nate Pierce Louis (team Izod). Plus some new faces that are in the post. Reggie Crawford was doing work for AI9 and the big man for Atl Knicks was working out before he got hurt. This class is very deep in talent overall

  79. CE AAU says:

    Congrats to the Indy Hoosiers. Best team from top to bottom in the country. Their bench would start for most teams in the country. Scruggs and Justin Roberts delivered but Gunn was deadly. Furthermore, they have a coach that can relate, communicate, educate, and motivate his kids. They are the class of this years crop of good teams. Watch out for the Memphis War Eagles next year. Great coach as well with a tremendous guard tandem and with nationals next year in Memphis, will be formidable.

  80. CeeGee says:

    Just wanted all of you experts to know that Cody Riley got destroyed by Christian Nelson(Atlanta Knicks) hands down he is one of if not the best big man in the 2017 class he has outplayed Paul Scruggs, Cedric Latimore, Reggie Crawford, Jared Vanderbelt and Emonji Wilson.

    Nationals was big time this year and there was a ton of talent most notabley missing was the so called No. 1 6th grader Jaylen Fleming who cant seem to play for an AAU team?

    These are the top teams

    Indy Hoosiers
    Cali Style
    Memphis War Eagles
    LA Primetime
    Team Takeover
    Lauderhill Lions
    West Coast Select
    Houston Elite
    Atlanta Knicks
    CB Spiders

    • CE AAU says:

      Agree that Christian Nelson is an outstanding player. However, the only meeting that he has had against Reggie Crawford was in the Coach T Classic in St. Louis earlier this year in which the AI9 won in a great game. Crawford more than held his own against Nelson. Both are great kids.

    • IJS says:

      How is Houston Elite on this list of top teams? They lost to Team IZOD & Top Risers. IJS

      • peopleschamp says:

        To: IJS

        Houston Elite lost to Team Izod by 2pts on a last second open court foul “bullshit bump”……can you say East Coast ref!

        • IJS says:

          Ok explain the Top Risers lostby 4. The kid Giles did as best he could. To be honest they have one of the biggest teams around, but they are slow. They need to find a guard to compliment Giles for that team to ever work.

    • when did nelson destroy paul scruggs? sorry we havent lost to them. i dont even know of him. if hes a good player thats fine but Id put Scruggs against any player and all we have done is won. We are humble and hard working with 3 peat on our mind. Best luck to all

    • Team Take Over Q says:

      Team Take Over is 5th in the Nation. We beat AI9. They have updated it on the website.AI9 is 6th .

  81. Ballers says:

    I would like to say it was a great nationals! Now that it has concluded I would like to recognize some kids. Some are familiar faces and some are new kids on the scene. Also it is time to start rewarding kids for winning instead of some kids putting up big numbers on bad or average teams. To not have any kids from back to back National Champs Indy Hoosiers is laughable. #1Paul Scruugs and #6 Terrance Roberts are certainly top 25 palyers and big man Gunn played very well and deserves consideration.Cali Style big man Cody Riley showed he deserved his ranking. Its nothing I can say about him that hasnt been said. The Memphis War Eagles now with 1 National Championship and a 3rd place finish this year deserves more representation. There guards #23 Chase Hayden, #1 Blake Williams, and #5 Harris showed that they have the best guard play in the country period. All 3 deserved to be somewhere in the top 25 and I would take either one over just about any guards you currently have on your list. New Orleans Primetime players #15,#3, deserved some recognition and consideration as well. Lauderdale Lions #35 Jeff Prophete is a top 5 player no doubt. Young man was doing work.
    Nelson from the Knicks was doing work against Cali styles before he got hurt. He should be somewhere in the top 25. AI9 players Crawford and Eastern proved their ranking. West Coast select had some good players who deserved mentioning. The Martin kid from CBC should be included somewhere.I could go on and on with players but those are just some who actually palyed well and their team actually won games. Its time to stop ranking kids off you tube clips, kids who dont even bother to play the AAU circuit, kids who attend certain camps,kids who take every shot on bad /average teams or any other reason other than what you see with your eyes. Or at least consult with respectable AAU coaches who have been around. It time to update the rankings!

    • AAU Parent says:

      #6 is Justin Roberts for the Indy Hoosiers and yes you’re right he Paul Scruggs and #2 Zack Gunn all should be in top 25 for class of 2017.

  82. BallMan says:

    I was dead wrong on LA Primetime! They were awesome and finished in the Final 4. The AZ pg#23 is real. I was dead wrong on TX Dream Team- they were not good.
    4of6 on teams that had seen better days.

    3of6 on teams you know. KY Elite and Knicks were really good though just ran into tough matchups. #23 for Knicks Christian Nelson, had a phenominal game vs CaliStyle- he outplayed Codi Riley straight up.

    2of4 on Final 4 but 3 of the teams did finish Top 10.
    Overall if you were in Hampton and followed these team, you had a great week watching the 6th grade Nationals.

    Last shout out to the Uncle Marshaun- no way Nephew number 1 is the best 6th grader in America! Not when 99% of the people I asked about him in Hampton said, “Who is that?” or, “I heard the name before, but I have never seen him except on YouTube.”

    C’mon Uncle M- let the boy compete! Looking forward to seeing Jaylin and the Easter Bunny on the circuit next year.


  83. Cali kid says:

    Ok I must say had a great week in va! The top teams were

    Indy hoosiers- just a great team all around led by paul scruggs
    Cali style – Cody Riley is the real deal, he is hated on a lot and deals with it well
    Memphis war eagles- had a great starting 5 and bench.number 23 and 1 may be the best 2 guards there.
    Primetime – proved they were contenders have bigs and a great pg in Brock

    Top players(don’t know all names)
    1. Cody Riley
    2 #35 ft lauderdale lions
    3 andre Boykin
    4 Paul Scruggs
    5-6 war eagles back court
    7Jared Vanderbilt
    8 Christian Nelson
    9 Reggie Crawford
    10 chris Giles

    • Ballers says:

      Great observation Cali Kid, your rankings are about how I seen them. If Im not mistaken #35 for Lauderdale is Jeffrey Prophete and the War Eagles players are # 23 Chase Hayden and #1 Blake Williams. Let me also say Cody does get alot of grief, but he seems to no let it effect him at all. Remember even tho he has a body of a man he is still just a kid.

    • T. Nelson says:


  84. rob allen says:

    Cee gee, I aggree with most of what u said, except the part about Christian out playing scruggs. I think Scruggs out scored and played better then Christian and CODY. I think the Hoosier coach is very smart and utilized a very talented 5’11 wing guard, to contain CODY, in the championship game. #31 for the Hoosiers, is a very good defender, he only let CODY touch the ball one time, while he defended him and then #23 guarded CODY and did well, I think this made CODY very tired, and ineffective, by the time scruggs finished him off in the fourth quarter. I think the Indy Hoosiers team and coach, was the best combination this year, hands down! Let’s not forget, they won it all last year as well. Go Indy Hoosiers!

  85. rob allen says:

    Let me be clear, I am not taking anything from CODY or Christian, very talented kids, no doubt. I just like Scruggs hustle, a lil more. That whole Indy squad is the truth, with the exception of one or two players. Congrats on winning 2011 nationals, Indy Hoosiers!

    • T. Nelson says:

      I dont think any of these kids should be ranked period there just in 6thgrade. I only can rank the Kids Ive seen play against the best players.

      Top 5 Point Guards at 2011
      #1 Blake Williams(wareagles)
      #2 Justin Roberts(indy)
      #3 Romin Williams(primetime)
      #4 Chase Hayden (wareagles)
      #5 Dashawn Wright(primetime) roc is what they call him I think.

      • AAU Fan says:

        Yes that is very good gaurd rankings that’s how it should be in the nation

      • turtle32 says:

        i think a newcomer that should be listed i seen him play in charlotte tourny and in nationals from MATTS Mustangs is the Miller kid has great ballhandling skills and is unselfish , is a great passer and extremely quick with the ball. Looks like a young Jason williams. And he also is a great defender which is a trait that people forget about alot of these kids that are ranked dont play any D.

      • AAU Parent says:

        Justin Roberts should be #1, come on hevled his team to the national title. This kid was the top PG in the tournament. I can tell he could do a lot more, but he played his position well. I really would hate to see what he could do if his coach let him go.

      • justafan says:

        When you mention point guards in that classs you have to mention Aaron Thompson from Team Takeover.

  86. BrowardSharls says:

    #35 from the Lions is Jeffrey Prophete

    • BrowardSharls says:

      And he is clearly a top 25 player in the nation in my opinion, but most of these rankings do not have a single Florida kid

  87. Cali kid says:

    Cody dominates the game in so many ways. I think he had one game where he was under 15 and that was the war eagles. He gets so many rebounds and blocks that kidd stop attacking. The kid from the war eagles defended him better than anyone, he was real physical and denied him the ball a lot. The hoosiers let Cody get his buy shut down his teammates. But there is not a kid in the class that affects the game like Cody

    • darealeastniggaalive! says:

      Shut the hell up. Jeffrey Prophete affects the game way better than Cody Riley. Im not hating on Codey Riley, he is a good player but Jeffrey Prohpete just stands out from the pack the most as they said on bballspotlight.com

  88. IJS says:

    I still dont understand how in anybodys eyes the kid Paul Scruggs is not top 3. Middle School Elite says “We rank players based on a formula of accomplishments, talent, team success, ability to dominate peers and long range potential.” The Hoosiers are back-to-back AAU National Champs. Until someone takes that title they are the best team & he should be regarded as the best player. They way they conducted themselves at check-in showed they mean business. Congrats to the Hoosiers once again.

    • HamptonHead says:

      To: IJS
      i have to agree wit Ballman, Paul Scruggs is a dominate force now in the 6th grade. He beat Cali-styles (aka CHEAT-styles) with speed and power, while Cody was just power!

      But, when you rank players alot has to do with potential. They rank and draft players off potential!
      No way Kyrie Irving is better than Williams (AZ) rite now but they took the Duke guard over him based on potential, upside!

      Again, Scruggs is a great player, with speed and power skills, he showed that in Hampton, and the way he went at Cody and was successful! Going forward, if he dont grow, he cant play in the post!

  89. BallMan says:

    @IJS on Scruggs

    The stinger for Scruggs is long range potential. He was one of a kind in Kentucky. There were 5 like him in Cocoa Beach and there were 12 this year in Hampton. He is a good 6th grade player, but if he does not grow or develop a jump shot then he will be an afterthought by 8th grade ball in Orlando.

    He is still 6’1 and there is no way that you expect his skill set to dominate in 8th and 9th grade when everyone is 6’1 170 pounds.

    I love Scruggs the 6th grader, but I will hold off on Scruggs the Freshman… That #2 for Indy Hoosiers (Gunn) that guy is top 10 now and forever because he looks like he will be 6’7+ with a smooth stroke and great hoops IQ.

  90. IJS says:

    To Ballman:

    I completely understand the logic on his long range potential. I just think right now this kid deserves some credit. Because currently he is one of the faces of an back to back AAU D1 team. Of those other 12 kids you spoke of how many of them can say that? As the kids get older move his rank around as you see fit. But right now put him in his top ranked spot where he belongs.

  91. chris says:

    ranking of the top 6th graders in the country. this is a joke right?

    • Baller says:

      IJS..you are correct..If AAU had an MVP (2017 class) over the past 2 years Paul Scruggs would win it hands down. I have watched this kid play over the last two years and I love his game (high motor).
      Solely based on the last two years alone, Paul Scruggs is the 2017 class MVP both years.

      • IJS says:

        Thats exactly why as of right now he deserves a top 3 spot. Very nice kid off the court too. I do think he needs to work on his shot some. IJS

        • AAU Parent says:

          Scruggs is good, but there’s no way he could win without the team he’s got now, he has never shot a jumpshot. So he has dominated in this grade, but if he doesn’t grow he will have a lot of adjustments to make.

  92. larry berzat says:

    i got my money worth with the talent i saw in hampton va beside boo williams cutting the air off it was non stop action all the kids mention did they thing cant wait til memphis next summer,nobody mention the swilling storm they went 8 and 1 outhere first yr together 6 of the kids first yr playing a.a.u they loss one pool game tht hurt them but they blew classic bracket out did any of yall watch them play they really is a top 10 team,with 4 players tht can play with anybody in this grade level

  93. BallMan says:

    Scruggs and Gunn are top 15-20 kids in the 2017 class. Both are better and more accomplished and have brighter futures than the Easter Bunny (Uncle Marshaun’s boy)so there we agree.

    @Larry B
    Swilling Storm had an excellent run in the Classic and there are teams that have been in Classic one year and top 14 the following season, so best of luck moving forward. Their pool produced #14, Detroit Showtime and the top 2 Classic Teams (SMAA, FL). Top 10 may be a stretch, but they are a group to be aware of for 7th grade ball.

  94. larry berzat says:

    ballman you are right 7th grade the storm should make some noise and they beat detroit in pool play easily,willie number 11 where do u rank him and he was raw now he have a yr under his belt he average 18pts 12 reb and 6 blocks out there with 1 triple double,where do u rank #24 the pointguard and #2 the small forward,ballman all your updates be on point

  95. T. Nelson says:

    Swiling Storm is cheating there big kid is too OLD I live in Memphis got that from a n.o sorce and word is he’s 14 so once that hit the fan they wont make it in MEMPHIS nex year..They were a lot of good teams a lot of hype behind a lot of players also. AI9 is not as good as people say, they hyped up FLA Team with number 35 he can play but he cant do it by Hiself I saw them play (PRIMETIME)they lost by 11 I think. Best Teams are Indy, Cali, Wareagles, Primetime, PT really shocked me they have great guard play with #3#4#15.. They dont get a lot of credit they BIGS r nice also. I love the wareagles guard play also a lot like Primetime Guards Ive seen #4 from primetime lock down both of wareagle guards.I dont kno his name but he’s NICE.. Cali Style is Overrated,Cody is a beast though, guard from INDY #6 is good top 5 guard in hampton for sure hands down. I also watched Atlanta Knicks they will go further nex year.

  96. BallMan says:

    I did not see enough of Swilling Storm to analyze the individual players. The brief looks I had showed team play and toughness and if the Big Guy is legit, they can be good for next 2 years.

    Texas Celtics went from 10U Classic to 11U Final game.
    IZOD won 11U Classic and earned a medal this year. Do not sleep on Storm or Philly or So Ga Kings(only played 5 players!)

    @T. Nelson- Did you pick the Final 4 a week after the tournament was over? C’mon T!!!
    The Final 4 teams were clearly the 4 most complete teams in Hampton. We all have the blueprint of what it will take to get into the Finals.

    Best of luck finding a 6’6 wing forward (Cody) and a 6’2 PG (Prophette) and a 6’4 post with handles(KY Elite/Chance Melton)

    How is AI9 over rated when they had back2back top 10 finishes?

  97. vmoney says:

    Prophette#35 from the lions is a total beast…def top 5 in nation.

  98. BallMan says:

    The book Play Their Hearts Out is a wonderful story and I believe it to be 100% true. I have been in this AAU game for 16 years and it is crazy.

    There is an aspect of the book that so many folks miss though- All the kids identified could play. They were all Division 1 talents. There were unfortunate circumstances that led some astray. There were parasitic adults that took kids off the task of improving.

    The hidden story of the book is for parents to understand that every person out there does not have your son’s best interest in heart. Learn that you should choose reputable coaches and programs. Also understand that by 7th/8th grade that 14 of the 24 McDonald’s All Americans have been identified.

  99. larry berzat says:

    t nelson he is not to old and tht source in n.o is coach jay of primetime he mad he couldnt get the kid the guard number 4 played football with him 1 yr. and he played up the next and number 4 dad told coach jay he was to old but he played up homie and 24 and 2 for the storm is better then both primetime guards every time they play them 24 and 2 tear they ass up do your homework t nelson,if 24 and 2 was on primetime they would win it all ask coach jay that

  100. larry berzat says:

    t nelson roc and roman are some dam good players i like both kids game but lamont#24 and Jeremy#2 are the best guards in new orleans they just havent hit the market yet like roc and roman they finish 12 in cocoa beach with the revolution and myron join primetime to coach them so swilling formed his on team with 5 former revolution players and 1 primetime player and found the other 5 in the city 1 being the big man,coach jay cant take he not the only show in n.o anymore a few a.a.u coaches said coach pat in his way now with team leader lamont heart of a lion defense like artest or bruce bowen and can score at will,jeremy coast to coast players cant keep up,willie once he learn the game its over,trey his defense man man man lets just say he held roman to 0 points one game and bruce once he learn how to play team ball and not pick up ball,t nelson call your n.o source and get at me on here,ballman i like your work look into the swilling storm they will be outhere next yr.

    • T.nelson says:

      @larryberzat, Man Im just telling you what my source said. If u say The big kid is not too old then kool deal.But on the guard play SWILLINGSTORM guards are NICE, But for u to say they better then PRIMETIME guards were u on KRACK in Va.#3#4 Top 10 guards both of them Ive seen them on the scene for a while, ive seen them play top comp, ive seen them at camps.. i havent seen swilling storm guards but 3times.. i live wayy in memphis AN all I here about on the AAU SCENE IS #3#4 #15 THATS IT FROM N.O. But lets jus be proud of all these kids@larry u mus be a parent for swilling storm

  101. DaTruth says:

    Dude let’s set the record straight. This is what I do. All ya’ll cheating and the Top Teams have to start cheating to keep up. C’mon everyone knows Riley is too old, everyone knows #35 for the Lions is too old, there has always been talk of Scruggs being old, DC Assault use to get in the too old game, but they have slowed down alot and now the FL teams are in it too. The Top Rise team has an african kid on their team that’s too old, plus the Lions had older kids who are in the 7th grade and the kid from Africa.. We all know they test them when they come over and could be 23 and test as a 6th grader. I believe some of the men have kids playing in AAU too. Every team that’s in the Top 20 cheats, but at the end of the day for what?? A win?? Does winning AAU give a multimillion dollar contract?? Does itgive you sponsorship so your kids can play for free..No and if it did you greedy AAU Coaches would still charge. So guys just go work and write down all these names and tell me where they will be in 10th and 11th grade. I can gurantee you may see one name or 2 names, but the names you will see is the kids playing aau, working out in the summer and no one talking about them. Hell, Michael Jordan was cut from his first year trying out in high school. So calm down fellas and STOP CHEATING AND DO LIKE MIKE AND PUT SOME WORK IN. Let’s see if #35 & Scruggs grows anymore, see if Riley is any stronger next year. Lets see when the kids that are really 12 catch up if this premiere players are still here. I’m not a betting person but I will bet you the list may hae one or 2 guys left on it…..

    • lauderhill camp says:

      DA truth…be real and reveal yourself -talking all this smack- really, I understand your frustration regarding the AAu thing and all,they-teams and coaches will do anything for a win…but you have to have your facts right before you go on a comment rampage- not all teams cheat, and yes the age will catch up as these kids get older but one thing I am most certain of is with #35 and #33 from the Lauderhill Lions, because we don’t get down like that, please know that, so stay tune…keep your eyes wide open…on #35 and #33,stop making yourself sick by posting all of these negative comments about our camp,you are not going to find happiness, satisfaction NOR comfort by posting negative comments about us-let me tell you,it’s a known fact-when a program has winning teams, people start hating and they start bashing-so stop being hauted by our success-this is just going to make us stronger! Lord, bless our enemies-I speak happiness and success over our program…remember as always… da truth is da truth:)

    • Fan says:

      Assault only had the one kid that was a center at 9u at the time he was a grade exception and now he’s going to the 8th. forget his name but heard he’s on their 13U team that won in Vegas at the showcase. the other kid they had (the light skin kid that was holding the center down) ended up leaving assault to play up. From what I’ve seen, he’s probably the mosts dominant gaurd that barely played 12U this year. He played mostly 13’s from what I was told and is a serious problem. He was at the 12U this year but I didn’t see the team he played with. But I know for a fact they weren’t Cheating like most thought.

    • please never associate the Indy Hoosiers with being too old. we put 3-4 teams in AAU Nationals annually and have never had a problem of cheating. I WILL NEVER CHEAT IN YOUTH BASKETBALL. NO WAY EVER. Paul Scrugss Bday is March 1998. He is 13 now and plays on our 2016 and 2017 team. If he were in 2016 class he would be younger than most by 5 months. now hes in 2017 hes about 5 months older than most but VERY LEGAL. has played this grade since 4th grade in KY. INDY HOOSIERS is a PROGRAM not a TEAM. we will NEVER CHEAT. Thanks

  102. ballman get off jaylin flemings dick obviously if you know other players that are better or feel as though they should be number 1 let there game do the talking!!

  103. Murphy says:

    A lot of these individual duels could be settled this weekend at the Jr All American Camp.
    Contact me by text if you are interested in bringing your son/player to showcase his game.

    CB Spiders
    704 591 0461

  104. Cali kid says:

    @datruth Ok I don’t know about Scruggs or 35 from lions but Cody is 13 which is a grade exception which is not cheating. As for the war eagles and primetime I don’t think they cheat either. I have seen these teams over the years watched them improve

  105. AAU FAN says:

    Memphis War Eagles cheated with a kid that played for the Memphis Pharos 13u.I SAW THE KID PLAYING AT 13U NATIONALS. The kid reclassed too late. A certain team changed their mind and didn’t protest against them. also the kids father coached the Pharos

    • Memphis finest says:

      All of the wareagles 12u teams played at 13U nationals. The other thing you should know is the kid you’re refering to petitioned to play down because of his birthday. The kid is still 12. The rest of your facts are correct. It amazes me that all of you so called whistle blowers won’t put the money up to protest. STOP HATING and GET YOUR KIDS IN THE GYM.

  106. AAU Fan says:

    Justin Roberts is a very point gaurd and can handle the ball very well and very fast hes got to be in the top 15 in the nation and in the top 5 as a point gaurd he also can shoot the ball butt only hit 1 three pointer in the national championship game butt he’s a true point gaurd because he gets his teammates involed and the best thing he can is pass and it must be a great thing to be a scoring Pg and leads his team in assit getting about 7 to 8 assit a game

    • bobby jones says:

      cant go left …he pushes the ball going fast with his left something any player could do but just taking his time dribbling he has no left hand

  107. larry berzat says:

    yep t nelson i am and roman and roc or good guard but they or not better then lamont or jeremy and you right bout 15 but if u watch them 15,21 and 30 are they stenght ask your source how u dont include 21 and 30 who both rebound and push the break and get they guards easy lay up or they outlet the ball for easy lay up call all the coaches down here every age group and ask them even call coach myron for primetime,swilling storm played primetime 3 times they bigs killed the storm the 1 game they didnt storm won lamont 16 pts 11 asst jeremy 22 points,and lamont got best player at the tournament and like i told u they havent been to a camp yet because they play park football and b ball for they schools with lamont school being middle school b ball champs in new orleans,but i love primetime they represent us well and i told jay tht,lamont waiting on roc to come to football practice lmao,t nelson look into tht homie get back at me

  108. larry berzat says:

    cant forget #1 and #23 for primetime #1 handle the storm one of the wins and 23 hit some big shots but t nelson coach myron and jay been at this for 4 yrs or better coach swilling been at this a few months and won classic he learned alot this nationals and thts in pool play dont let your bench get in a blow everybody out cause we missed championship bracket by 2 pts cause he wanted all his kids to play and he let detroit bach in the game still won by 6 or 8, swilling storm formed a team in april most teams was playing already and most been together 5yrs or better

    • T.nelson says:

      @Larryberzat Man my source says roc plays football parkball all that also, and him and lamont played together at one point. But if you say they better thats your opinion I respect that. Like I said I havent seen them play much. Source say Swilling Storm won 1 game out of 4 times yall played so we kno who klearly has the best TEAM. But Only time will tell whos the best..I talk to a few peeps down in N.o and I here these kids are all kut from the same cloth uptown new orleans and other areas. So instead of us on here talking about who’s better lets jus support them and what they are doing.

      • larry berzat says:


  109. peopleschamp says:

    @Larry B…..

    Hey Larry, i know you are trying to “BIGUP” the swilling storm, BUT………… they are NOT better than La Primetime. Primetime is an established and accomplished team. So, until we can say that about the storm, stop talking about the small victories you have compared to the HUGE success Primetime has! please?

    • larry berzat says:

      peopleschamp i agree with u if u read my status correct i gave primetime they props and love the way they representing the N.O swilling storm no they have a lil way to go i just said check with the N.O source and ask them who the best two 7th grade guards is,jeremy was with primetime and left and two more players wants to leave and join the storm and remember jay is roman father if lamont was on the team roman wouldnt be the feature guard and jay not having tht,but if you no any a.a.u coach down here u call them and ask

  110. BrowardSharks says:

    The Lions kids are legal including number 35 Jeff Prophete. Those guys have been playing together for a while with the exception of their SG and the African center(Who is the only kid on the team that I could not tell you whether he is legal or not.

    Jeff is a grade exception but he is a legal player

    • larry berzat says:


      • BrowardSharks says:

        Yea. The dad is the assistant coach. He might be leaving the team. He is a good player locally, but on the national elite level court he cant overcome his size

        • IJS says:

          Yea agreed he is a good player. But with his size & strength he really has a hard time. But I do think he could still be competitive in a modified role on that team. Definitely not a starter nationally though.

    • lauderhill camp says:

      I love it!

    • Reality says:

      Most of the good teams cheat! Come on, kids don’t hit puberty at the age of 10 and 11, and very few 6th graders can touch the rim and dunk unless they are exceptional. Most kids who could dunk in the 6th grade ended up in the NBA. Most of the good teams have a lot of kids on their teams who were held back, so if most of your kid were held back you have a distinct advantage. Let’s penalize the kids who hit the books and did the right thing, or reward the dumb parents who hold their kids back on purpose! I agree, it needs to go by age, period until you get to high school! However, even if it goes by age, others will still forge birth certificates and get blank report cards from teachers and fill them out! Yeah, teachers have blank report cards, the report card criteria is a joke! If these leagues really care, have the teams bring the original birth certificates at 1st check in, no copies. Lauderhill cheats! Top Risers cheats! Family goes out and adds more kids once the grade exception rule went away, that is the only way they could get better! In high school it will all balance out and the real players will rise to the top. The leagues need to take a stand and suspend these coaches who cheat and the parents and kids who go along with it. I don’t know how long they should suspend, but the cheating in travel ball is getting ridiculous. All for $25 trophy!

  111. DaTruth says:

    BrowardSharks- You said it right, you can’t tell me how old the African kid is cause he’s probably 18 maybe 20..I’m exaggerating, but he is way older than 13 or 14. As far as Jeff, he maybe older too. He hasnt grown in the last year. It’s good they are playing him at guard becasue as this young kids get older and grown, he may be a midget among the trees. As far as cheating.. Gammage will do anything for a win. When he started with that same team, Dawson and Robinson had a team that consisted of Graziani & Scott from the Cougars who finished 5th in the 5th grade division the young Dawson, Francois, Moore who is with the Lions now, and Barry Robinson and I forget their name but they had the ugliest blue uniforms but was kicking butt and taking names and Lauderhill couldnt hold their jock straps. The team beat Lauderhill by at least 20 or 30 each time they faced each other then the next year Gammage comes wiht a whole new set of kids. oliver is in the 7th not sure of his age or if Gammage got the form he suppose to have for a 7th grader and they had the PG who Dad is a FIU coach and that kid is a bonafide older 7th grader. Gammage hated the year Robinson and Dawson kick his butt up and down Florida. He was happy to take Robinson away. Little Barry was the glue for the blue jersey team who later became Top Risers. If little Barry is on is on the Top Risers team, Lauderhill is not winning and if Dawson and Robinson could have settled their beef without parting ways they would still be kicking Gammage butt all over the court. Gammage is arrogant and cocky and hates to lose and will do anything for a win like adding a 20 year old and having 7th graders on his 6th grade team. He’s not a Coach, he’s a wanna be and he has benefited from having Robinson on his bench. Robinson is the real head coach and Gammage is the dumb monkey out in front!!!!! But he’s a big cheat. Its a shame Robinson is with a cheater and kid of a hyprocrite considering he is known as the SNITCH who told on Shaky Rodriguez State Title Team this year!!! There is no HONOR AMONG THIEVES. RUMOR HAS IT ROBINSON LEAVES LAUDERHILL THIS YEAR, IF HE DOES LET SEE HOW GOOD OF A COACH GAMMAGE IS THEN!!!!!!

    • lauderhill camp says:

      Da truth, (someone real close in this basketball arena…hmmm who could it be) reveal yourself…you’re at it again trying to find some sort of satisfaction and happiness within himself…by posting negative comments-this is what happens when you want to be us,that’s right- be us and be a part of us-a winning,legitimate & successful program with a “MEAN” coaching staff- intelligent brothers working together-hand in hand-with a legit National ranking team ,I can undertstand why you’re angry and haunted with the screwed face-looking sideways…they’re doing a great job-admit it,people hate when you’re doing good-when you have great players and great coaches – on top of all that-a winning team -it’s a fact-DA TRUTH, it’s a fact! We are on our way to the top-these kind of comments just makes us stronger! PLEASE know this- on our way to the top we will lose some and will gain some friends…Lord bless our enemies-continue to bless Lauderhill Lions-stay tune…

    • darealeastniggaalive! says:

      All yal need to shut the fuck up ! Lions is the best team in Florida, hold up let me correct my self, I meant the best team in the nation matter fact one more time, I meant the World ! And all the players on the team are legal. Oh yeah and Jeffrey Prophete is the best 6th grader in the state, country, nation, continent, world, on the globe, and in the galaxy. Just because he smashed everyone in nationals does not mean he is illegal. Just because Jeffrey is the best does not mean he is the whole team, yal just want him on yal team. And LAUDERHILL LIONS are winning nationals 7th grade next year with ease and no hesitation.
      And this message is directly for (@datruth)

      • DaTruth says:

        Your name in itself tells it all. You are ignorant and not worth addressing.. You are cursing and showing you IQ. Malcolm X said that people only curse/swear because they don’t have the words to express themselves. So you need to go back to school to find words to articulate more appropriately you cretinous buffoon. GET A LIFE AND A GED/HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA…. REMEMBER CHILDREN ARE READING THIS SITE TOO!!!!

  112. josh burke says:

    Man..they dont give us players down in florida any credit for our accopliments..our whole top risers team balled out..we put the team together 7days before nationals..we didnt even have a practice..me and zack played well at guard pay..its just people didnt see much of me because i hada messed up ankle n some big games..but,i dont get how i crossed the jorda poole kid from playground warriors and he nearly fell!..and then hit the 3..bballsptlight media saw it..they,he just had favoritsm toward the jordan kid..but we will see in highschool where it really counts..i work hard every day and have straight A’s this will be the time where no scouts can protect certain kids!

    • wisco says:

      Josh u guys did play well. But to help you out that wasn’t Jordan who you crossed he was sitting a lot of the game because he was sick and turned his ankle against Cali. Keep up the work ethic and help your game. It only matters when u guys are in HS and really if you get that scholarship for college.But i have seen Poole play alot and when he is health he is a hard cover can shoot and pass. He plays up with older kids…media covers most of the east coast players not the midwest where Jordan is from. if you want to check on Jordan look at the NY2LA site. But your team did have a good showing and beat the warriors nice job

  113. josh burke says:

    jordan nt jorda

  114. DaTruth says:

    I like the young Robinson, but unfortunantely unless he grows, as these kids get older this game is going to be too big for him unless he gets in the LAB and puts in work. He will have to play with a chip on his shoulder. He will have to be the most agressive, the strongest, the quickest/fastest, the strongest ballhandler, etc. He will have to compensate for the size. They can’t hang him out on the wing. A very nice and smart kid but his great days may be behind him. There are a couple kids out there like that…I want to see these guys in 8th grade Scruggs, the 3 guards from Wareagles but they are tough, Jeff from Lauderhill, Dawson from Top Risers days may be numbered too (he’s fast but SMALL and Older), Alexander from CB Spiders, Williams from Primetime but that kid is putting in work and he was 200% improved from last year in CoCo, but as much as I love Jay, Jay is short and height may come into play… It will be interesting to see these guys and then the guys whoo are not mentioned…Team to watch from FL….Lauderhill cause Gammage will find the next best 10th grader to play on his 7th grade team, Top Risers will be there but will Dawson ever beat Gammage he is like 0-14 against Gammage since the split of Dawson and Robinson. I like Daawson as a coach, but he hasnt won te big one he always comes up short (no pun intended). His teams are always scrapy. Look out for SMAA Trojand very good well coached athletic team, look for the NEW TEAM FROM ROBINSON,…and possibly a sleeper from Florida Family, Miramar Patriots, Rams, and FL Elite….But the biggest surprise may come in the 5th Grade this year and 6th grade next year in the Broward County Cougars..Rumor has it if Graziani is able to keep his Fab4 in Bonito, Scott, Graziani, & Pollack and add some other pieces around them, they can win the Nationals in VA.IS THAT PRESSURE FOR THE FLORIDA TEAM??? I DOUBT IT THOSE PLAYERS ARE ICE COLD BABY.. The off season is here and the talk is humming……

    • lauderhill camp says:

      Go Coach Gammage & Coach Barry! you all are doing a great job!!! The news press is on,you all got people upset,they are talking,you all are the talk of the town,this is what happens when your team is a national ranked team! This what happens when you set up your own rumor, LOL, wow,people love drama!

  115. RF says:

    Them Lions pictures are all I have to go on…5th Grade, highly coordinated, 6’3+…they just seem 2 OLD! Either way imagine playing against these type of kids in football. It happens and it’s not pretty.

    • lauderhill camp says:

      Rf-you’re right they look…but they are legit, we do not get down like that…but Da truth knows, he has been on a team before that had an illegal player,so he’s a supporter of illegal players… that is why he hates on us so much..he’s disfunctional, he thinks we cheat and like to throw chairs and go bonkers…we love our kids! we do not not abuse our children in this program unlike the one that he was a part of…

  116. BrowardSharks says:

    DaTruth, The Miramar Patriots best players are going to be Broward Sharks next year with a couple of new additions

    And as far as I know Family broke up

    • IJS says:

      Florida Family broke up? Is that why the PG was with Top Risers for Nationals? That kid can play. Didn’t really hear much about him at nationals though. Did anyone see him play up there?

      • DaTruth says:

        I saw the PG kid play with Top Risers in Nationals and I saw him play with Florida Family. A total different kid playing with Florida Family and playing with Top Risers. The kid looked afraid to play with Top Risers and with Florida Family he looked like a kid who didn’t see a shot he didn’t like and he made better passes too. Seems like he had chemistry with Florida Family and none with Top Risers. I’m Just Saying (IJS)

  117. NJ Fan says:

    Cody is overrated Paul Scruggs destroyed him in the nationals and nate from team izod serious and jaecee from Cbc and what happen 2 Paul Washington Texas Celtics he rank super high 4 what he didnt make no noise out there does he really need chris giles that much and juice all stars did there thing out there no one talking about them when they came in 7. Chris Coalman serious big man and really holded his own. Cb spiders still really serious just a few hard loses. But team izod serious

    • Michael Lekic says:

      No he’s not he just had a few bad games.Best in 2017. He would of kicked paul’s ass anyother day. No offnse to paul but tust me the hossiers aren’t winning next year. Cali style is going to elminate.

    • Michael Lekic says:

      First of all cody destroyed paul in the martin luther king jr. tournament, going to the hoosiers home court and kicking some fuckin ass!!!!!!!!!!Cali style beat them and there went there national ranking as number 1 so he is not overrated.

  118. josh burke says:

    to da truth zack turns 13 in like september or november!

  119. DaTruth says:

    RF-Them Lions are GROWN MEN!!! Trust me!!! Gammage is a local referee and he’s a BIG LOSER with A Capital L. He made statements of the only way to win is to have older kids and cheat like the rest. I hope AAU makes a stand against this crap!!! Why does AAU track require a State ID but not basketball. State IDs you have to show original documents. But it happens and is what it is. But maybe Gammage will think twice next year since his business is out on the street. If you check his team out on YouTube against the blue team, no one is the same but Jeff. Good coaches keep their players and develop them. Not Gammage it’s all about Jeff and get the ball to Jeff & Dawson is the same with Top Risers. Last time I checked team ball (Dallas Mavs) always beat individual ball(Heat)!! So Coaches stop featuring one player & feature the team. It’s why I love Jay. His son is on that team but they feature the team. Wow Sharks-interesting info about the Broward Sharks starting up and Florida Family break up..I know the 2 faces of the team Zack Scott & KJ played with other teams for Nationals but I just thought it was because the twins weren’t ready not the break up. I know Scott played with the Cougars & KJ was seen with Top Risers. Why didn’t u guys let the Shamarr kid play in Nationals? You guys have to let the kid get exposed to the National competition. Are you guys ready for Elite competition?? Not sure if you will have the PG from the Patriots but he will be a great back up but you need an upgrade at PG. KJ wouldn’t be a bad upgrade

    • lauderhill camp says:

      da truth-Get a life and stop hating on Coach Gammage-Really, What has this man done to you so hard? Where are you getting your information from regarding the age of our kids,please? L.Lions is good trust! Coach loves all of his kids and treats them all the same-Every last one of them- you’re crazy, you need help, stop hating so much, your disguisting…to the utmost,what’s with you?It takes alot of energy to hate someone…like you do

  120. bball fan says:

    aau needs to go back to going by age because it is not fair to the kids who are true 6th graders and truely 12 years old and get a disadavantage to the kids that stayed back and playing down a grade or year. a year or 2 of extra basketball makes a big difference. and the kids that are older are being made to seem better than they actually are compared to their peers. when you get to high school its another story becuase obv you have to go by grade but that is what winter basketball is for.

  121. Sir Co BBALL says:

    Look up top 3 teams in colorado!! Colorado Hawks, great big man and gaurds. Best skilled team. Chauncey Elite, has best players on team and best coach it seems. And parker lions, works best as a team good center and small forwards!!

  122. NJ Fan says:

    wat place top risers and lions come n

  123. BrowardSharks says:

    Lions finished in 6th. Risers in 14th I think

  124. The Broward sharks I hope they are better than the miami sharks that team was atrocious …..THEY LOOK LIKE THE SMURFS MIDGETS WITH BABY BLUE UNIFORMS…DA DA DA DAH DAH DA…AKA SMURF MUSIC.

    • BrowardSharks says:

      Yea they were horrible your right. 3rd in the state. Just awful. Way to blast 4th graders

      • DaTruth says:


  125. The african kid is legal he comes from basketball without borders he is just learning the game…everyone talks about cheating …lauderhill has had the same core kids for 3 years now and gammage plays fair…he uses the same rules as everyone he has one 7th grader who is a role player but is a age exemption so please dont hate on him ..the guy gets the best and plays a national schedule after you lose at nationals …you know the next year u have to reload your chamber and come out with big guns or you cant compete so guys that wear that U hat and talk FART are just haters.

    • DaTruth says:

      I like your reponse “just the facts aka PUNK A$$ GAMMAGE!!!” You should be called JUST THE LIES!!! What does borders have to do with the African kid??? Does his borders of Africa have to do with the fact he has been on this earth for 18 or 19 years? What core kids has gammage had except for Jeff?? The kids he use to have, none of them start except for Gammage. Oliver was a 7th grader this year and he may have been younger but I doubt if Gammage got the proper sign offs from AAU for him to play down..The other 7th grader was an older 7th grader and his father is the Coach at FIU. Don’t try and diffuse the TRUTH. I like how you said “he uses the same rules as everyone.” THE SAME CHEATING A$$ RULES!!! See if you can keep your team together….See if Robinson comes back, if Oliver comes back, if the African kid comes back, if the guard you shafted for Moore comes back.. see what you have left. He goes and finds the best 15/16 y/o that cant compete on their level get their jocks off on beating REAL 6th graders…Let him coach a team of only REAL 7th graders and tell me where he finishes and how great he is then….

      • lauderhill camp says:

        da truth-get a life-you really hating on coach Gammage- Let me ask you a question-you must want to coach the lions 7th grade team,I mean do you? because that’s how your’re behaving-acting matter of fact- you have so much hate in you for coach Gammage- this will only make him stronger-TRUST! you stay tune-wait and see,you just wait,if you’re hating now-wait…LOL, you might as well turn you hateration button up to the highest level home boy, it’s on and popping for people like you!

  126. BrowardSharks says:

    By the way I never criticized the Lions. I actually vouched for all their kids except the African kid. I didn’t say he was illegal, I just said I couldn’t say.

    I said the same thing you said about their core being together for a while except Mike and the center. Don’t know why your so angry

    • lauderhill camp says:

      broward sharks-yep, ok, we hear you…it’s all great!

      • DaTruth says:

        Let’s set the record straight…I’m not hating on Lauderhill.. I just don’t like them at all. I don’t like what they stand for, I don’t like the arrogance, I don’t like the cheating, and I don’t like the lack of leadership. If Gammage did things the right way and won, I would have no problem with him, but he goes around pinding his chest as if he’s the next great Pat Riley and he’s not!!! He just learned how to cheat his way in the Top. He’s not a ROLE MODEL, which he should be to these young men on his team. You talk about the good he does??Please tell me where…I have witnessed GAMMAGE throw chairs on the sidelines, curse kids on the sideline, tell kids they are not suppose to lose, I’ve him curse refs out, I’ve seen him do everything but BE A LEADER AND A ROLE MODEL…How about he teach this kids without all the cursing?? How about he show hs kids how handle adversity and always act in a respectful manner. How about respecting the referree on the court as he is a referree himself and I have personally seen him eject COACHES for abusive language..But it’s funny that he wants RESPECT but does not give the same RESPECT. RESPECT IS EARNED..CHILDREN LEARN BY YOUR ACTIONS AND NOT WhAT YOU SAY ATER YOUR ACTIONS HAS SHOWN SOMETHING OTHERWISE….WHEN THIS IS ALL SAID AND DONE TELL ME HOW MANY KIDS FROM lAUDERHILL THAT GAMMAGE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH NUTURING WILL GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL AND WILL GO TO COLLEGE VERSUS BEING IN JAIL OR HAVING LITTLE DIRECTION…AND PLEASE DON’T INCLUDE LITTLE BARRY ROBINSON ON THAT LIST BECAUSE HIS PARENTS ARE HIS ROLE MODEL AND MENTORS…….IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE A COACH YOU MUST TAKE ON THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING AN EXAMPLE AND BEING A ROLE MODEL AT ALL TIMES!!!!!!!

  127. YAOSports says:

    class of 2016 Dearron Fox out of houston, tx. guard
    is a big guard that can do it all

    class of 2017 Isaac Allen guard out of houston, tx guard
    Isaac is a small guard that can flat our score

  128. 3rd in what state …the state of little havana….

  129. NJ Fan says:

    whos came n 5th places throw 16th

  130. Listen Da beans and rice here ya go again talking fart ..they did the same thing your beloved COUGARS did beefed up before nationals made a nice run with the right and proper group of kids…you are getting your panties in a wad 0ver nothing..el stupito…they came in 8th place the cougars 5th…the sharks 3rd in havana…hey let it go…..

  131. BrowardSharks says:

    What am I hating on??

    Where am i attacking any organization??

    I actually defended the Lions and you are attacking me for what what reason?

  132. broward sharks da lies bball scam all the same guy….aka …..drumrollllllllllllllllllllllllll IT STARTS WITH A A AND ENDS WITH A X…………

  133. DaTruth says:

    Just the Facts-Please know your facts.. Lions came in 6th not 8th you simple minded monkey. My Beloved Cougars? WTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. I know about the Cougars and I like how they went to Nationals and did it the “RIGHT WAY.!!!” AND FINISHED HIGHER THAN LAUDERHILL…AND HE WAS NOT CHEATING LIKE PUNK A$$ JERMAINE..GAMMAGE DIDNT DO WHAT THE COUGARS DID, HE CHEATED…SO SHUT UP>>>

  134. DaTruth says:

    Who are you just the facts??? Are you the vmoney in 5th grade??? Do you know everything cause u r changing names…Should we say something negative about your boy and watch you have a nervous break down online….Shut your punk A$$ up and sit down somewhere…I love the word FART…try using different phrases if you are going to change names!!!

  135. DaTruth says:

    I’m not Broward Sharks…Why would I crtique a kid on my program if I was…I was very serious when I told Sharks his PG is marginal at best and if he wants to play Elite ball he will have to upgrade his PG…I doubt a Coach would play games like that. Only you the KID VMONEY AKA JUST THE FACTS AKA EJ CRYING A$$ DADDY!!!

  136. BrowardSharks says:

    I only post as Broward Sharks. Sorry to disapoint you


  138. First of the cougars cant win chit and wont win chit…his core players…they are not his core players…they are a 6th place team and did not win there state in AAU….bottom line they are what they are …just the facts….cougars win nationals what a joke if they have played that teams twenty times they would have lost 22 times infact they are not better than N.O ELITE….Just the facts.

    • DaTruth says:

      Are you high “just the facts?” The Cougars finished 5th and were clearly the 2nd best team there and could have easily beat WACG if the kids played all year together. They were up 6-0 and had WACG worried..So just stop the hate. They not better than NO Elite, but they played their worst game in the tournament and still won the damn game..Just SHUT UP!! You sound more stupid everytime you talk…Furthermore, they played in USSSA Nationals and played the Legends with an ALL Star team and TC Elite w/ EJ & the guard from CF and kick everyone A$$ with his regular team and only add on was Scott who didn’t start and came off the bench..U R a joke…I don’t know what team you are affiliated with but apparently it’s a team that the Cougars have beat your A$$…Are you Jermaine or Punk A$$ Dan that got kicked off the bench. Stop being bitter dude. The team is NICE and if the kids come back next year all this will be settled in VA.. you defnitely don’t know THE FACTS!!!

      • Lol very funny they played tce 3 times and loss twice…..both games by double digits now thats the facts played cf magic got beat…. any team with athletes real athletes they lose too…they got beat by brevard elite 3 times….they made a run with a whole different team and now they are good…they where lucky to use the name cougars …..thats it and thats the facts. they beat up on those small slow kids from coral springs but when they have to play teams from the hood the facts are THE REAL COUGARS CANT DEAL WITH THOSE ATHLETES WHO GET UP IN THEM…LIKE YOU SAY IF …THEY CAN STEAL OTHER TEAMS PLAYERS THEY MAYBE CAN COMPETE …BUT THE GUARD PLAY HURT THEM NO REAL TRUE POINT GUARD…BEST TEAM IN STATE HANDS DOWN WHERE THE STATE CHAMPIONS BREVARD ELITE BLASTED COUGARS BY 20 LAST TIME THEY PLAYED POINT GUARD FOR BREVARD ELITE THE BEST IN THE STATE.

        • DaTruth says:

          Ok JUST THE FACTS you proved my point dude….The Cougars lost to TCE 3 times this year but when it matters in USSSA Nationals they added one player and he came off the bench and they beat them by more than 15…So I’m trying to understand your point??? The PG was the younger Grazianni who is a 3rd grader who BTW came in 4th Place with Top Risers 3rd grade team. So how you knock a 3rd grader playing 2 grades up. How do the Cougars beat TCE by adding one player?? Answer that question. The rest of the team was the same. Brevard Elite didn’t even make it out of the 1st round in AAU so how are they even mentioned in this conversation. The team that beat Breavard in the 1st ROUND lost to the Cougars 50-32..So I’m lost.It’s not about the HOOD cause NONE OF the kids they added are not from the HOOD..and the only team that can say they beat them was WACG…I doubt if the man stole any players from any teams. What’s your beef with the Cougars Coach??? People will want to player for a winner and at the end of the day…If the Cougars are able to keep the players together and they play this season together there is no team in FL that can beat them..If it happens, alot of you guys are going to be SICK…..BOTTOM LINE FLORIDA TEAMS WENT AND REPRESENTED.. IF YOU FROM FLORIDA I’M COOL AND AM HAPPY WE REPRESENTED FROM 3rd Grade to 10th Grade and that’s HUGE because FLORIDA GETS NO RESPECT IN THE BASKETBALL WORLD…

  139. CLEARLY LOL …It clearly says fifth they should have lost the last game they played in.

  140. Da dummy why are you sniffing the cougars coach ballz…..why do you attack dan and gammage have they not invited you to tryouts.

  141. best team going to 7th grade hands down lions ….if you dont like it do something aboutIt…best team today going to 6th grade BREVARD ELITE…CANT COUNT COUGARS …THERE PLAYERS HAVE NOT SIGNED LETTER OF INTENT…SECOND BEST CENTRAL FL MAGIC …SAME CORE teams…on a serious note I am so proud of all the florida teams for us to be hear on this site having this debate is great…great job COACHES..to the DATRUTH AKA BBALL COACH I LIKE TO CALL A TRUCE ..AND ALSO AWARD THE COUGARS 2ND PLACE IN THE NATION…BECUASE THEY LOST BY 15 AND NOT 20 LIKE CF MAGIC.SO THEREFORE THEY DESERVE 2ND PLACE…RIGHT …THATS WHAT YOU SAY…

    • DaTruth says:


      • lauderhill camp says:

        Da Truth- You really have some serious issues,please do us a favor and stop worrying about the Lauderhill lions-big boy,look at here…we aren’t cheaters,it’s not our character-just face the da truth-get the facts…we don’t cheap, what’s with you???maybe you should concentrate on being a Shooting Start or Miami ballers or “DA” FL family or the Broward Cougars-which ever team(s)you belong to,LOL!! worry about which team you want your kid to be on and stop hating on what Coach Gammage is doing over at the Lions camp, get it through your thick head-that we do not cheat…I told you early to STAY TUNE, you wanted so bad for our program to fall apart-but guess what??? it’s still standing strong, stronger than ever! so look @ here player-for the record-we produce great and outstanding players, we are’t cheaters, just ask around, matter of fact ask the ones that are closest to you that are close to the lions camp,they will tell you, we don’t have to go to those extreme measures to win games-keep this is mind-we train AND we produce which results to winning,which is what we love to do– win…you said it best:”Coach Jermaine wants to win”, which coach doesn’t??But we do it with class,style, character and dignity…legit..if I can recall you came from a program that had an illegal player on it’s team and then when you left that program, you threaten the coach—ya boy…hmmm…if he even tried or made any attempts to play the illegal kid, you were going to turn him in…wow, look who’s doing “whatever” by any means necessary…that’s nasty,faulty,shady and disgusting…sounds like some old cult- like craziness!!! Hey, we see you, we know who you are…Da truth-basketball junky-like to keep up drama in this arena, get a life…do you though-get in your car and drive all around town(s)with your kid from team to team-sooner or later you’re going to run out of teams to go to…LOL, just saying…stay out of our business, but I must say this…big boy…you are entitled to have your opinions…we’re going to keep on smashing whenever we get the opps baby!!! let’s gooooo! you ain’t ready for this,matter of fact you don’t want any of this…stay tune, we’re coming, how ’bout dem lions!!!!!!!!!!!! remember as always- da truth is the da truth…Lions always on top,Lord bless our enemies,bless our program!

      • lauderhill camp says:

        Da “Zack S.” Truth- -You’re still at- won’t you focus on your free team-selling ya’ll souls out,can’t say a word, running around Florida looking for a starting position for your kid every month like a fool…causing chaos-You don’t even know anything about Coach Gammage to be letting that craziness and that madness come out of your mouth like that-get a life, God please protect us from our enemies and continue to bless the Lauderhill Lions B.Ball Organization!

  142. peopleschamp says:

    @Just tha facts &

    question: are yall still talking about the 2017 class?

  143. BrowardSharks says:

    peoples they are talking 2018

    Are EJ and Nick Honor sticking with CFL Magic?????

    Lions are clearly the best team in Florida in 6th. I am fine with Jermaine and Dan. And most people that accuse the Lions of cheating are cheating themselves. I personally cant wait to face them next year because they are clearly the measuring stick for 2017 in Florida

  144. NJ Fan says:

    John Lucas Future Of The Game East Camp Date: September 3rd and 4th Participants: 5th, 6th and 7th Graders some people thats goin 2 be there is Jaliyn Flemming IL, Nate Pierre-Louis NJ, Aaron Clark NJ, Michael Moore FL, Jeffrey Proffet FL so we will see if jaylin is number one or not and Jeffrey coming 2 destroy.

    • DaTruth says:

      The John Lucas Future of the Game east Camp is only for 5th and 6th graders. So how are 7th graders going to be there? Just a question??

  145. NJ Fan says:

    Its for 7th graders 2 u cant read

  146. DaFuture says:

    wow, you are rough guy! but you are Mistaken…….the camp is for 5th,6th and YES 7th graders. do a lil more re-search!

    • IJS says:

      Well as far as their press release is concerned it says 5th & 6th graders. If you would please post a link to where it says 7th graders as well I’ll admit I’m wrong. But please don’t forward me a Facebook post. Thanks

      • IJS says:

        I stand corrected the 7th grade age group was added a month ago. Was told no new press release was given. Told it was due to the demand for a quality camp for that age group. You’re right but up until a month ago I was correct lol.

    • AAU Parent says:

      Doesn’t matter, jaylen flemming can only get ranked by going to camps that takes parents money. He will never get any respect if he never plays against other top point guards and in national tournaments. He’s not very tall and I think will get exposed against the other guards. His dad stays in all the scouts ears the entire camp, I think he’s buying votes for his son,

  147. Broward sharks great job thats the way to be a great sport…the LIONS 6TH COUGARS MAGIC BREVARD ELITE TC ELITE CENTRAL FL MAGIC OHOOPS LIONS 5TH GRADE THIS SEASON SHOULD BE MAGICALa…..atiba taylor dad your kid can go…wacg wow what a team…Tired of these bs debates lets focus on uniting and being positive for OUR KIDS AND TEAMS … No need to bash other teams players and coaches ….I am at fault and and I am sorry if I have said anything negative to any team…I dont bash kids or coaches…they do this for free coaches…..And if we are talking about kids ..they can play period.

  148. From my source EJ is still with T coast elite he will not play for central fl magic it was just for nationals.

  149. Cali kid says:

    Honestly fellas I hope all the kids do good but arguing about grade exceptions is ridiculous I don’t think parents are holding kids back for aau if they are that’s dumb! But if they hold there kid back to help get a d1 scholarship I’m all for it. NCAA doesn’t care about age they look at top players in their class and if a kid fits the guidelines and it will make a difference similar to oj mayo and John wall I say go for it. As far as aau is concerned summer is over. Top 4 teams were Indy, Cali, Memphis, and primetime don’t like it either protest or beat them

  150. BallMan says:

    Memphis probably has fewest Grade Exceptions of final 4.
    CaliStyle has best use of GE.

    @Uncle Marshaun

    Where have you and Nephew #1 been?
    You made a name at individual camps last year, but you did not get nephew to Jr All American(GA)or Jr Phenom (San Diego)or 5 Star or Lucas or Bball Spotlight. This was not the issue of a team falling apart so he missed out on a trip. This was a choice to lay low.

    Nephew is the Easter Bunny. I heard his name from kids and they all sort of laughed because nobody has seen Nephew this year. How is it possible that most of the top level kids (some mid level also) have seen eack other for the better part of 2 years and the Easter Bunny remains a mystery to over 90% of the crew?

    Uncle M, I hope EB is in the gym getting his game to monster level,because when these dudes get a chance to get at him, they will be on TILT. I heard a rumor that he was headed to a camp and the registration calls went up for a day b/c people were trying to verify the info.

    Uncle- I know you do not need my money, but if you post a camp on this site that you want nephew in, I will pay the entry fee for him and depending on the local, I may be able to get him a free night lodging.

    I always liked the Easter Bunny (chocolate and jelly beans… Mmmmm good) so I have a soft spot for Nephew #1.

    Call me a clown and all that, but real talk- where you been?

  151. @ballman you really need to chill the hell out its really not that serious rankings are someones opinion you act like these rankings are gonna stay the same forever all of these kids are talented, we should teach them to keep up their good work wherever they play continue to work hard and get better and im quite sure all of them will go far no matter where they rank!

  152. peopleschamp says:


    Hey Ballman, can you tell us who YOU think should be ranked #1 in the 2017 class?

    • Ballers says:

      Ballman does seem to be up on this class and attends most major events. In my opinion it has to be either Cody Riley or Paul Scruggs. Cody’s pure size and dominance, and Paul non-stop motor and 2 National Championships both have good claims for top spot.
      After those two I would have these next 8 kids to round out my Top 10!
      3) Jeff Prophete( Lauderdale)-big guard who does it all.
      4)Andre Boykins( Maryland Panthers)- smooth big lefty who probably has the best post up game in class.
      5)Blake Williams( Memphis War Eagles)- best pure PG in class. Can score and run the team.
      6)Chase Hayden(Memphis War Eagles) Tough guard who can score in bunches.
      7) Reggie Crawford( AI9)- has nice face up game and is really lethal going left.
      8)Chris Giles( Houston Elite)- explosive wing who gets buckets.
      9)Justin Roberts( Indy Hoosiers)- good PG that does a good job mixing up scoring and running team.
      10)Christian Nelson( Atl Knicks)- had to put this kid in top 10 after performance against Cali Styles.
      Honorable Mention(received consideration for my top 10) : Zach Gunn( Indy), Nate Pierre( I-Zod), Jared Vanderbilt( Houston Elite)
      These are just my opinions and the players are basically interchangable as for where they rank in the top 10 but I think these are the 10 best as of right now.

  153. peopleschamp says:

    WOW! Nice list, but as usual someone always gets left off, quick question: No Damon Harge OR Jaylin Fleming on the list?

    ps. just a question, dont get all “ballman” on me. lol

    • Ballers says:

      Lol @ peopleschamp
      You are right, there are plenty of other deserving talent and I thought twice about making a list because you will always have to leave somebody off who is deserving. But, I just felt those 10 have been consistently the best and there teams win.So with that being said when the new rankings come out and if all 10 kids are not ranked somewhere in the top 25 I might start thinking more like ” Ballman”..lol Because not to be harsh on MSE because I think they do a great job of getting kids exposure and its a difficult job to rank kids but MSE and any other ranking service would lose a lot crediability if those 10 kids didnt make the list. They are all consensus Top 25 players in this class.When you go around on the AAU circuit you constantly hear those names mentioned as the best and when they match up against some of the other kids currently on the list it doesnt even be close.
      I like Damon Harge but according to Hype website Damon is being re-classified to 2018 class. Hype states he was told this by Damon father. I wouldnt have included Damon anyway in the top ten even though I think he is very talented. If he does reclassify I think he instantly becomes top 3, maybe #1 in 2018.
      As for Jaylin to quote “Ballman”I never seen him play and I actually never heard of him until I seen him on this site. Not saying he is not talented, because MSE obviously thinks he is ranking him #1. Im sure MSE wouldnt jeopardize the intergity of its site by doing that if they didnt really feel that way. So with that being said I never seen him play so I cant comment. The other kids I have seen multiple times to form my opinion.

  154. NY Fan says:

    Jaecee Martin wheres he on the listed there lot good players out there but the jaecee in the top 10 in players and nate pierre louis

  155. NY Fan says:

    what happen 2 Loseni Kamara he was the biggest thing out now making no noise and tyler bounre is doing his thing he shood at less be n honorable mention he got he team Juice all star 2 the elite 8 finshed 7 and made lots of noise n hamptons

  156. BallMan says:

    @MSE- You got it. I am not questioning the ranking, but Uncle’s claim that its a no brainer because Jaylin works hard and did a commercial.

    I will tell you the top guys and not worry about who is 2 or 12.

    #1 Cody Riley 6’6 F- CaliStyle- Barring injury he is an NBA wing forward in 2020.

    *Zach Gunn 6’2 F- Indy Hoosiers- Most efficient player in 2012 class. He shoots over 55% on my chart since 10U (thats stupid) and it looks like he will be 6’7+

    *Jeff Prophet 6’1 G- Lauderhill Lions- explosive and nasty. He could be a top 3 PG and top 3 PF in this class and that is sick. He plays as hard as any person I have ever seen.

    *Nate Pierre Lewis 5’6 PG- Team IZOD- There is no more lethal PG than NPL. Look at his crew and tell me another player that could have led them as far at Nationals. He could be a 20 pt/ 12 asst guy with a better cast. He can not be kept out of the lane.

    *NoJel Eastern 5’6 Wing- AI9- I have seen this kid score for 3 years and now he added a 3pt shot to his arsenal. He can still score in the paint and has great footwork and strength.

    *Reggie Crawford 6’0 Post- AI9- He is worth the travel money from ST Louis to Illinois. He scores inside and battles like crazy against bigger bodies. He needs to add a mid range and wing skills over next few years but he has been a load so far.

    *Jarred Vanderbilt 6’2 F- Houston Elite- I think Jarred is about to explode on the 2017 radar. He played 5 positions at Nationals and played them all well. He looks like he will be 6’6 and able to get to the cup.

    *Chris Giles 6’1 Combo- Houston Elite- Awesome offensive skill set and the defensive stopper! Wow. He sacrificed his offense ALL YEAR to make Houston Elite an elite level team. He needs to open up his offensive game and be a bit selfish sometimes.

    *Paul Scruggs 6’1 Post- Indy Hoosiers & Andre Boykins 6’2 C- MD Panthers- are both physical specimens at this age and have maintained their dominance in 2017. Next year is the tell for them as kids his puberty and get teenage muscles. Both are great kids and top of class now.

    *The Memphis 3… Chase Hayden small PG- Tyler Harris smaller PG & Blake Williams- Memphis War Eagles are the best backcourt in the country. All three guys can handle and score the ball. They are small and every year I think its over and they get a trophy. They are also as tough as any players in 2017… watch them rebound and defend!

    *Paul Washington Jr 6’2 F- Texas Celtics- He showed ability to score in mid range and the post at Nationals. He would not be in my top 10, but he is really good and is developing nicely.

    *Markus Howard 5’7 W- West Coast Select- Incredible scorer from all three levels during Nationals and really efficient with his body and strength. He killed everyone (except Memphis)

    * #6 5’8 Wing- West Coast Select- he scored off the bounce like Paul Pierce meets Mark Aguirre and he does not waste any bounce or fake.

    *Chance Melton 6’3 F- Kentucky Elite- I could not stop going to his games in Hampton. The big fella is white and big and he handles the ball like a wing forward and can bang inside, show off polished footwork, hit the jump shot an rebound and push the break. I think he is on the edge of the top 10.

    *Japtrious Smith 6’2 F- CB Spiders- The big forward showed a non-stop motor for the CB Spiders. I saw him here and in Atlanta and his ability to grab rebounds and push the ball is similar to Paul Scruggs. He showed willingness to compete on bords and get in transition. No clue if he will grow or if he can shoot.

    *Jordan Riley 6’4 C- N. Carolina Rising Prospects- The kid looks like Dwight Howard. He scores at will in the post and he runs the floor and handles the ball well also. He caried his team as far as he could all year. Check the top events and that team that stays in the final 8/final 4 is led by this Giant kid.

    Those kids stood out to me over the season and in Hampton. There are kids from Takeover, Lauderhill, Louisianna Select, CBC, 7Cities and other teams that were eye catching as well. The Juice All Stars forwards looked like they will be a problem too, but I only saw them 5 quarters and I can not put anyone top 15/20 that I saw that little.

    Its all in fun folks. All these dudes need to get better to be relevant in 5 years (except Cody Riley- PRO)

  157. Ski Roe says:

    “WOW” I love reading all the comments and I’m new to the spotlight here so I heard alot about most of the kids that folks are talking about as well. I coach one of the top teams in the ATL area ( ATL Basketball Club ) aka ‘ABC’ 12u the one kid that has been talked about ‘Jeff Prophete’ Lauderhill Lions was the truth!! we played his team and they popped us in a close game, and he can do alot with the ball in his hands. I look foward to taking our team on the road to play and match up with all the rank players. Remember it’s all about the KIDS!!

  158. Murphy says:

    I’m one of the CB Spider coaches and Jatirious Smith (New-J) is a good player and we appreciate the compliment of his skills. We had 3 players average 13+ points this year so I want to give them props as well- Ty-Shon Alexander #15 and JJ Watson #7 were big scorers as well.

    We pride ourselves on being a team and we had 6 other players lead us in scoring and put in 15+ in a game during the year: Jeremiah Hall, Zach Butler, Michael Hueitt, Qon Murphy, ReChon Black, Eito Yuminami.

    Team basketball is what we preach and we are very proud if our teams 10th place finish. Best of luck to all the teams doing it the right way.


  159. larry berzat says:

    skiroe im like u and im new to this site and all kids mention i saw at cocoa beach or hampton and they can ball but they have alot of kids tht i saw balling at the last two 2017 nationals not being mention cause they havent been to any of the camps and they names dont ring a bell so people dont watch them play at nationals but i saw a few white kids who can get down and the swilling storm played one of them in classic his shot his form his I Q for the game man man man but his theam wasnt good i told the kid i will watch him at DUKE OR carolina he just smile a kid tht played with philly off the chain wht about 24 for the bayou crush can play all 5 positions 15,21 and 30 for primetime man they have plenty kids outthere for 2017 they have plenty first round picks and N.B.A ALL STARS tht wasnt Mcdonals all americans D WADE is one of them lets see where these kids game at summer 2016 they last A.A.U yr.


    Evan Gilyard of Chicago Illinois remember that name the lil dude is making noise!

  161. BallMan says:

    #23 from Arizona is the white guard. He was very talented but I only saw him one time and I try not to overreact to one viewing positive or negative.

    #23 from Philly (Quadir) was explosive in the game I saw him in, but I did not go to the other side of the complex to watch Classic games. They did get to the finals though.

    Juice AllStars have two long forwards that I feel can play with anyone, but I only saw about 24 minutes of their games.

    I missed mentioning Christian Nelson (ATL Knicks) who had the individual game of the event when he outgunned Cody Riley. If he does not hurt his ankle, he comes out of Hampton as a top 5 player.

    Lucas should be loaded and Nephew #1 will be there- Can’t wait!

  162. larry berzat says:

    ballman u get around like i said before u be on point when is and where is john lucas camp

  163. NY Fan says:

    THe big 6’5 kid on juice all stars name is Chris Coalman his a serious beast he dogg Loseni Kamara today in a NYC tournment

  164. NY Fan says:

    and the point gaurd for juice all stars tyler bounre did his thing 2 2day he see the really well i she why he ranked number 12 on this site if u can do your thing in NYC as a gaurd that when u know when your good all this gaurds thats have this names put them in tournment in NYC like Funsports and Rucker Park and EBC and Dyckman and West 4 if u get ohhhs vs a team from new york that can play a little bit we will see who that kid and they aint going 2 be going 4 u because nyc gaurd have heart and will put on a show n a second

  165. NY Fan says:

    and the point gaurd for juice all stars tyler bounre did his thing 2 2day he see the really well i she why he ranked number 12 on this site if u can do your thing in NYC as a gaurd that when u know when your good or not

  166. djones0315 says:

    Man, I’ve been reading all of these comments. I must say, most of you know what you’re talking about. I do agree with datruth for the most part though, except I won’t say they all cheat. I’ll just say 90% of the teams cheat. I haven’t figured out why they cheat though, because in the end what are we really teaching these kids? It’s ok to cheat as long as you don’t get caught? AAU definitely does need to set some sort policy up. All of this “grade exception” (code for held back or failed a grade) crap is for the birds. They need to do away with the grade exceptions and base teams solely on age. That will definitely solve this issue. I also agree that original birth certificates need to be presented before allowing these kids to play in these tournaments. I love youth sports, but ONLY because it’s suppose to be PURE and untainted. It seems as though AAU is getting away from the purity of the game. Just my thoughts.

  167. BrowardSharks says:


    AAU sports in its highest form is used for scouting. College scouts want to know what class a player is in not what age he is in. It makes no sense to have a kid play up not and let him be a grade exception in high school

    And if you take way grade exceptions now. Watch how more rampant cheating would become

    • djones0315 says:

      I do agree with you, but the grade exceptions is just a breeding ground for letting older kids look good against younger, less talented kids. I know that colleges are only concerned with what class you’re in, I’m with you on that, but can you really get a true assessment of a player if he’s playing against younger, less talented kids?

  168. NY Fan says:

    i agree with BrowardSharks 100percent about grade exceptions if you take that away most teams will be cheating and colleges just want 2 know what class they are in not age


    top 4 teams were in a class of their own!!!!!!

    indy – back to back champions led by scruggs didnt have a real test the whole tourney. good across the board rebound, score inside and outside, defend well and have a good pg

    cali- has the most dominant player and without injury will be best player in the class but will have to get more players to win it.

    memphis – may have had the best starting 5. i thought they would get killed inside but they had some good bigs! best guards in country by far. lost to cali in semis in the last few minutes. would have liked to seen them play indy

    primetime – played consistently well all tourney. only losses to indy and memphis. possibley one piece away from winning it all

    indy memphis primetime have to be the favorites

  170. coachman says:

    I seen some nice players on MATTS Mustangs they played Memphis War Eagles they got beat but the point guard #32 white kid has great ball hnadling skills and is a tremendous passer gets his teammates involved and runs the team. He also scores well and finishes at the basket only seen him shoot one three he made it not sure if he is great shooter but he can play! They had two big boys also that was very nice inside.

  171. NY Fan says:

    Ny rising stars has a crew if they would have gone 2 the nationals top without a problem

  172. From what I hear cali style plays a few fifth graders

  173. DaTruth says:

    The only 5th grader going to 6th grade with Cali Style is Mike Feinberg. He is a legit player who can shoot. He may not be the fastest or the best defender but he is a bona fide player.

  174. DaFuture says:

    Mike Feinberg a 5th grader! LOL, now that funny!

    @datruth……you must be so far off this class, the whole country know the Feinberg kid is suppose to be going to 7th grade! he has been held back. dont make us open up the “hold back” conversation again!

    u talk like u dont know “datruth”

    • djones0315 says:

      That’s what I’m talking about! Holding these kids back…….what’s the point?

    • DaTruth says:

      Future-when I sid he was a legit player…I’m talking about his ability to shoot. I was trying to be positive..As far as the age…He probably is a hold back a couple of times…How much will this hold back thing help kids..I know there are some kids out there who are younger playing in a grade ahead b/c they started school early or was promoted and now their parents hold them back but for athletics??? That’s crazy!!

  175. NY Fan says:

    Ethan Thompson from Cali Style in going 2 6 grade 2 this year

  176. CALISWAG says:

    Feinberg is suppose to be going to 8th grade…REALTALK

    • j bazz says:


    • BallHawk says:

      It’s about time. Shoot, AAU is about development as well as winning, and team jumping is the dark side but often necessary element to produce development. He can go somewhere and work on his tempo or whatever. This kid looks hyper-agressive and I mean that in a good way. At the same time though, and we all know this type of play will result in it – out-of-control possessions. The good thing I see about the vids I’ve seen is that it doesn’t result in a turnover, just a little bit of sloppy play. Furthermore, since they have those big old kids on the team (all within the rules), it would be easier from a team perspective to just work the offense to feed them the ball – much more efficient. Good luck to him and let us know where he lands.

      • BallMom4Life says:

        1. You are exactly right about the AAU being about development. But team movement should include everyone’s development. It was the way that it was done. My son was told that he was not playing good defense. Which was a bald faced lie. They made it up to justify movement instead of being up front like in this post and talk about effectiveness for the team. Lets talk about team effectiveness. Read where it says that he had an average of 7 assists and turnovers of less than 1% of the ball handling time. He contributed to the big man’s efficiency on the team as two of the 7 plays on his you tube clip are hustling to get the ball to his former teammate Big Man Codey Riley. Sloppy is what the team looked like in the 3rd quarter when Davie was on the bench during the Wisconsin Playground Elite game at Nationals. Sloppy is also how the ownership of the team chose to handle the “dark and necessary” move. David’s efficiency carried that team before Codey got there and he has been noted as being effective and unselfish by the very coaches that were coaxed into trying to maniputlate him into thinking that there was something wrong with his game in the first place. Read the article does it sound like he is a bad defender, and if so, where is his opportunity for development. The bottom line is this that if team movement is a part of things then it should be made a positive experience for everyone. Instead of drumming up negative reasons about David’s game, he could have been a part of other teammates development by the coaches including him in on the plans the way they included him in on executing 9 out of 15 plays for one player. That is not “team” efficiency. we all know what that is. If you know “Davie” then you know better, you know that he is not hyper-aggressive. You know that he is in control as the dominant point guard for that team and in the AAU circuit, So stop acting like this is about Davie, The article is about Davie, the move was about another player. Not saying that my son “oh just can’t play shooting guard” or another position. But it was set up in a negative light from the beginning by attacking his game and character on the court. So you see its how it was done. Just like you are doing in your post right now by saying he looks “overly aggressive”. David is skilled and strong and his “aggressive” attacks to the rim ARE based on development of the game the way that it is supposed to be played for real. Thanks for the good wishes and insight. Its comments like this that let us know that we did the right thing with our child (who is a 12 year old kid) and will continue to make the bold strong moves that we have to make for “his” development. You take care. We have seen this before and we know what it is and so do you. Now as always; as far as where he lands, it will be on his feet while being the vocal leader that we all know him to be, he’ll be yelling ” Who’s got next!”

        • DaFuture says:

          WOW! too long of a response “Davie MOM”.
          i have see him play on several occasions and i think he is a combo guard. i would play him at the 2guard spot more though based off what i see. just cause you can handle the ball dont make you a point! also, relax, you get what expect under that organization. the whole country know that Califonia- Style! didnt u???? know u do! lol

          • BallHawk says:

            Disclaimer: Sometimes, the bad thing bout the net is anonymity and lack of tone-easy to mininterpret. I’m not associated w calistyle and only know of em from here & peers that played @Bigfoot. From the article, I thought the parents pulled him that’s why my post said team jumping. I feel ya tho, been on both sides of that. And appreciate the insight. Most of us check-in to get educated, see what others go through.

            Still hold to the productivity of change. Mine “moved” and it was ugly short-term. Year or 2 later realized he had to get better. You don’t know what better is sometimes…Too close to it. Also 2019 Davie balled-out frosh yr D1. Then one-n-doner Johan Wallender 2020 comes in. Davie mentally ready & parents 2. Again good luck,we’re all on a long road.

          • BallMom4Life says:

            You are wrong about that. It is usually the best ball handler that is the point guard. And if you have seen him play then you know he has more to offer than just a shot. Like I said not that he couldnt play 2 guard but it was the way that it was done; by drumming up negative things that really did not exists in is game and really were not the issue. This was David’s own choice to leave the team based upon how they treated him regarding the move, who was replacing him at point and the type of offense the coaches planned to implement. Just could have been a more positive situation.

          • BallMom4Life says:

            Yes, Mom always said that you can tell how poeple will treat you by the way that they treat others. But we follow the ball and the experience was good for what it was worth at the time. Once the situation became unproductive for Davie we looked else where for the ball. But the LOL should be about the people that dont have the guts or the opportunity to do the same.

      • BallMom4Life says:

        I agree that the AAU is about development but it should be about team development not just one person. Cali Style had a combo of talent that could provide a balanced offense with a coordinated coaching effort. No one kid can win a game if 10 kids are on the floor. That point was proved at this years Hampton Nationals.

    • IJS says:

      Wow. Thats a tough one there. It was clear to those who know the game this kid ran the team. Good luck to him where ever he lands. Theres some lucky coach out there waiting for him.

      • BallMom4Life says:

        Thank you! It it clear to those of us who know the game. We can all see it being played. The unfortunate thing about it is that if you cannot see in time what the game is, it will be played on you!

  177. justafan says:

    I agreee the final 4 at 12U nationals were some good teams…. team Takeover could be in the save conversation too… They have one of the best pure point guards in the country his name is Aaron Thompson! he makes a difference on the floor without scoring a point! He is not on any rankings becaue he never goes to any of those camps.

  178. justafan says:

    By the way Team Takeover finished 5th at nationals!

  179. DaFuture says:

    Feinberg kid NOT that good….REAL TALK

  180. CALISWAG says:

    I agree nice jumpshot but very streaky and slow feet but has nice size for a 12u 2guard next year. lol

  181. NY Fan says:

    whould he play 12u next year he not going 2 get better

  182. BallMom4Life says:

    He will get better but he has to look for additional opportunities besides pure game play to develop his skill. Let’s be careful, any position that a child is in, is in that position because of adults. Though my child was wronged, hate to see someone else’s child talked about so badly. Not cool guys, not cool.

  183. Ref in kc says:

    What about manute bols son? Bol bol is a true 2018 11yo player no hold back 6ft2 from Kansas city who can flat out play. His KC celtics team is legit and stacked to play for the upcoming 2012 season. No hold backs on that team.

    • KC hoop says:

      Bol Bol is predicted to be 7’2″ when all is said and done, and he can flat-out play. soft touch, good handles, terrific three point shooter. One of the few locks in 6th grade to be a top 50 high school player.

      • BBallFollower says:

        I saw Bol in St. Louis play against G3’s Kevin Easley and Deon Stewart. He quit during the game! Easley punished him and Deon showed way more versatility. G3 came up short against Ferrari and W.A.C.G beat Ferrari in finals.

    • Reality Check says:

      Bol went up against another top ranked big man Kevin Easley(not a hold back)and The George Hill Rising Stars and got beat by 40+ this weekend at Coach T Foundation tournament. Bol pretty good but actually quit during the game and didn’t even shake hands with the other kids.

  184. CALISWAG says:


    • mr.basketball says:

      someone has to see kendric hearn he is a good player but if he works on his shooting and scoring the ball he can be a top 5 player he is a great defensive player he goes all out somebody has to come and see him i mean damn watch him ridgeway roadrunners ans memphis wareagles

  185. BallMan says:

    Wow… CaliStyle having issues too. With all that paper? I hate to hear that but the writing was on the wall when Davie was benched (unnecessarily) to start 2nd half of a bracket play game.

    I have see Damon Hardge and he is solid, but No I did not forget him on my list. He is a little behind those listed in my opinion. There is a shakeup in his future so we will all get a chance to see if his game can TRAVEL. I saw him take lumps this season with D1. He had like 1 point vs Houston Elite- ok, maybe 3 points.

    @ Uncle Marshaun
    I am as excited as I have been since the year the Intelevision came out for Christmas- I hear Nephew may be at John Lucas in Hampton and I got people in the building to bear witness. They watching everything from how he tie his shoes to how he stand in the concession line.
    50/50 on if I can make it or not, but at least we can see the guy get it in.

    • CALISWAG says:

      @ BALLMAN

      • mr.basketball901 says:

        have yall seen kendric hearn latley a center for the memphiswareagles dude is a beast he just has a problem with being consitent if he works on his shooting he will be a great player next aau season look out for him number 33

    • mr.basketball says:

      damn this kid kendric hearn is a beast he needs to work more on the offensive end but he will go hard on the defensive end look out for him memphis wareagles and ridgeway roadrunners he is a good player

  186. larry berzat says:

    ballman when is the john lucas camp in hampton,every time i tried to pull it up i cant

  187. BallHawk says:

    Correction noted, meant 2018. Commenting on too many classes . Think his game willbe fine w travel.

  188. BallMan says:

    John Lucas Camp is in Hampton Virginia this weekend.

  189. larry berzat says:

    thks ballman but the kids we want send to the camp all play football and they have games this weekend

  190. NY Fan says:

    ball mom if he better than all the talented and destroying all his games he plays in the 6grade and thats all he play how would he get better he would make the players he’s playing better but not his self he 13 playing 11 years olds he will be a nobody when he turns 16

  191. BallMan says:

    Lucas Camp was great as it relates to drills and staff. The talent was good overall. Roughly 20 players per class 5th-7th grade. High level drills run by college level staff (some NBA level & some HS level) which is great for a camp of 11-13 year olds.

    My opinion of top players
    7th grade DJ Mitchell 6′ wing (Team Takeover)/ complete offensive skill set.

    6th grade Davonde Jackson 6′ pf(Texas Celtics)/ strong body and quick feet

    5th grade Markquis Nowell 4’10 pg (New York Gauchos)/ NYC tough with a jump shot.

    Easter Bunny was not in the building and there is no way he can claim to be top 25 in this country when nobody has seen him compete this year outside of his driveway.

  192. HoopFanatic says:

    Nobody cares about a kid who hasn’t been invited to the elite camps. If the kid is the truth, he’d be there PERIOD! Let’s not take away credit from the talented kids out there that puts in the work and isn’t afraid to measure their game against the best. They deserve the praise, not a kid who’s supposed to be the best and you don’t see them, but we are supposed to recognize and take the parents/coach word for it. If they can I read that alot of parents and coaches are giving their kids and players credit. It’s very obvious!!! LOL!

    • HoopFanatic says:

      sorry about the typos. LOL

      • langhornebball says:

        There are some great young players who can’t afford to travel to these elite camps. When these kids get in high school they will emerge! There are many kids who are the “truth” that have brothers and sisters or a single parent or whatever the situation. There are many you players who have a parent with a video camera and the means to promote them.For every kid invited to an elite camp there are 10 just as good or better who did not. There are players that will be better then the camp invitees who have not even picked up a ball yet. Don’t believe the manufactured hype!

  193. HoopFanatic says:

    F.Y.I nobody cares who wins nationals, what team the kids play for and what place they come in at any tournament. Clarke francis, John Lucas, and other scouts and coaches said that they don’t care who wins. They are only at those games for the be the first day and maybe the 2nd to see who can really play and who can’t. The trophies are only for the parents and the coaches.

  194. TheballMan says:

    kendric hearn dude is cold he is a good player but if he works o his offensive game and get it to were his defense is at he will be somebody to watch out for im telling yhu kendric hearn!!!!!! real deal

  195. HoopFanatic says:

    These are some of the Top kids in the “2017” Class that has been putting in work all summer and are regulars at these invitiation only elite camps and showcases that many don’t mention but need to(not in any order):
    Chance Melton – 6’2 Coumbia, KY
    Zach Butler – 5’7 Spartansburg, SC
    Derrick Dixon – 5’7 College Park, MD
    Jaiyer Jinwright – 5’7 Haledon, NJ
    Jatirious Smith – 6’1 Fayetville, NC
    DJ Mitchell 6′2 Silver Spring, MD
    Kel Stotts – 5’8 Columbia, KY
    Cameron Norman – 5’3 Severn, MD
    Zac Amsler – 6’2 Lexington, SC

    PAY ATTENTION TO THESE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are alot others out there as well. The Class of 2017 will be a good one!!

    • shun ray says:


    • Team Take Over Q says:

      This list is the worst representation of the top kids ive seen.
      The 2 kids u have from MD, dont deserve to be on that list.
      1 i never heard of , and the 2nd one needs alot of work.

    • z says:

      i have played against chance melton and with kel stotts at jr all american camp they are both hard workers

  196. Was Jeffrey Prophete at the camp???

  197. BrowardSharks says:

    It doesn’t hurt to win and you are only winning if you have top players. I understand what you mean by saying winning doesn’t mean everything, but its better than losing

  198. larry berzat says:

    do a kid have to attend a camp to be label one of the best for 2017 alot of the kids parents cant pay tht type of money for a camp some of the kids play other sports we will see who can ball when the 7th grade a.a.u season kick off and watch bout 30 something kids who name not mention on these list show up and show out and handle alot of the kids who name is on the list some kids be late bloomers also

  199. HoopFanatic says:

    The camps help and you have to be invited. I mean if a kid has on a pair of $165 Jordans,name brand clothes and has all the video games and etc. Than you can afford camp! PERIOD!! How people choose to spend their money is on them. What really is going on is that alot people are afraid for that their kids aren’t as good as they think they are! Real Talk!! All of the kids have to potential to be good on the court, but we can’t hate on the fact that these kids and their parent’s are serious, commited and sacrifice to be good. Nobody says anything about gymnastics and those special gymnastic camps and competitions to measure the kids. So we gonna hate on kids and adults that compete on American idol and do those regional competitions to get picked? Just remember, that you can’t make moves standing still. You have to go out and get it. We have to give the kids who attend their props. One for being recognized, and Two for having the BALLS to compete without having their team or coach, hide them and shelter from real action. I hear alot of people on hear talk about how good a kid is and then mention their team in the same breath. Just because your team is good and did well in the nationals and etc doesn’t mean the kid is exceptional. It just means that the “TEAM” and the coach commited to a system and stuck with it. There are 4 other players with that kid on the floor that may do the little thing that makes that kid look good. Coach Larry Brown took a team of regular NBA players with no star and won a world championship. So the argument of bringing up a team Vs. talented player is what? LOL!! SMH. The kid receives a scholorship not the team. Alot of yall got the game twisted. If the kid wants to really ball and go somewhere with it, he has to commit to work extra hard in the classroom and the gym and he has to put himself in a position to be seen. Basically if your kid is not invited to some of these showcases, combines, camps and etc. Don’t have negative comments, just hit the gym extra hard and you will eventually see the result of hard work. The end results are paid High school and College educations!!! We all have to remember that and ask yourselves is what you are doing for the kids or yourself?

    • langhornebball says:

      You act like it is a bad thing to be a team player. As far as people hiding your only talking about a handfull of people. My Son has been invited and has not attended because I think he was too young. It does not matter to me if he is ranked and I nevr would claim he is the best anyway. I have four kids and have to choose carefully where he goes. At 11 yrs old going to a tournament with his team is better then going to one of these so called elite camps. They are 11 and 12 year old boys. If he grows and is good by the tenth grade they will invite him and pay his way. Your skills get you to a paid high school or a college scholarship. You can’t buy these skills they come from hard work.

  200. bags20 says:

    invite, invite! that is for publicity, all them kids are paying!!! top kids that were in the promotional videos paid something, may not be as much as the next kid, but folks came outta their pocket, so stop with kids being invited to a middle school camp, really!!!

    • langhornebball says:

      Anyone with a few hundred dollars is invited. I know a few people who took their kids to the Lucas camp and they did say it was worth every penny.
      I did not hear the same things about the MSE in NY. All you have to do to get an invite is have your coach contact the camp and ask.

  201. BallMan says:

    Most National camps (Jr All American, John Lucas, Jr Phenom) do invite the top kids. They all would prefer to have elite level players compete and learn (Lucas) verse other elite level guys.

    Money (greed?) made Jr Phenom (Joe Keller) sell out to just bring any player that can pay the freight. They still get enough or make enough name players that the camp has value. 120 kids per class and maybe 15 that are top 75 level. Notice over the years that fewer East Coast and Midwest kids make the trip. That is because…

    Jr All American (Clay Dade) has started to get some East Coast, Midwest and Southern Kids. Jr All American usually has a higher concentration of elite level talent, but has some catching up to do in terms of value for your dollar. Usually 30-40 players per class and 75% are top 75 talents.

    Lucas (John Lucas) is making inroads on these two camps because their business model seems to be invite 30 players in each grade that can play at a high level. If they only get 20, that is better than watering down the product.

    The economy says that most of the players that attend these camps are fairly well off. That alone says that there will be ranking shake ups because we all know that there are PLAYERS out there that can not afford to get to San Diego, Atlanta, Houston, Vegas etc.

  202. DaFuture says:

    I agree with alot of the post on this site who speak about the poor unknown player who just cant make it to camp, but has this monster of a game that no one has seen..but Damn!……At some point all the top players in each class including the 2017 will start to line up. some happen in middle school other in high school.

    The kids who are talented and have NOT been seen are in the MINORITY! The kids who CAN play usually get noticed and picked up by some team and DO NOT stay hidden are in the MAJORITY!

    So, you can hold onto that notion thinking your kid is great but just hasnt been noticed for as long as you want….just know that is the MINORITY side of the game. Me, i would shoot for the MAJORITY, get noticed and get on a team!

    • Ballers says:

      Amen to that! While there will be some kids you havent heard of that will make a splash on the National scene but for the most part it will be the kids that are getting mentioned now. However when I say mentioned, I mean like by people like Ball Man( seems to be up on it all), coaches( who have been around), and un-bias parents( not parents who because there son is not mention will hate on the ones who are).These are the people I tend to listen to and not regional web sites who only rank kids that come to their camps or who plays in the area they cover.Also let me say that none of us are physics so all we can go by is what we see now. So from what I seen the kids mentioned by Ball Man and that I mentioned earlier are the best right now. Did we miss some, yeah Im sure we did but for the most part I think those are the best for now.

      Also I heard someone say in a previous post that winning doesnt matter!Huh…Most if not all the time when teams win its because they have a great amount of talent on the team. Thats from little league up to the NBA! There are exceptions to every rule but for the most part the teams that won in VA won because they had the most talent. No one goes over to the Classic side of the gym to watch games. To be big time you have to do it on the big stage!

  203. BallMan says:


    You are half right- that also implies you are half wrong-

    You are right that many people on this site are delusional that their kid is the unknown player (Player X)
    Most kids that are in the AAU/camp cycle are about 85% of where they will end up at 16 years old. Most kids in the grind now have reclassed, started school late, are at an age where they are locked into a graduating class or their parents have decided to ride it out as a young (17 yr old) graduate.

    You are wrong because there are now 30-60 teams at Nationals between 4th grade and 7th grade but there will be 100 teams at 8th grade and 120 by the 10th and 11th grade showcases. Player X is out there working now in small towns and on blacktops all over the country RIGHT NOW. They are unknown simply because they are not in the AAU system.

    @ parents
    If your kid is a top player now- great- he may fall some when Player X get on the scene after Freshman year of High School. He should be fine though because he is in the system and he can play!

    @ delusional “when he grow” parents
    If you been on 5 teams in 5 years because only you know your “baby Kobe’s” real talent, you fooling yourself. Pick up soccer now- THEY NEED BLACK PLAYERS

  204. bags20 says:

    I think delusional and gng team to team go hand in hand!!

  205. balllover says:

    This list is crazy without 1.6-2 Jeffrey Proffit FLA. Maybe the best player in the country. 2.6-3 Chance Melton KY. Total package without question top 5 he is a must see. 3.6-2 Paul Scruggs IND. Two time NATIONAL CHAMP give him what he deserves. 4.6-2 Jordan Riley NC. He gets better and better each time I see him. 5.5-8 Kel Stotts KY. Best shooter in the COUNTRY at this age.

  206. DaFuture says:


    Yes, i will give you Jeffrey Profitt and Paul Scruggs as Top 25 kids. Although, if you payed attention to the early post, Scruggs skill set is going into question going forward. he will NOT be a post player in high school so look at his skills on that wing, thats where the question remains.

    the Kentucky kids? the Big kid is ok, but NOT top 5. LOL, please.

  207. money says:

    When does the end of the year ranking come out there is alot of kids in this class that is worthy or rankings in my opinion this class is loaded with potential colledge players guys just keep working hard and good things will happen.

  208. bball12 says:

    Hey, this is for DaFuture who is your top 25 in the class of 2017

  209. bball12 says:

    Hey, this is for DaFuture who is your top 25 in the class of 2017 just wondering and what camps and tournys have you attended not hateing at all just curious

  210. IndySwag says:

    Paul Scruggs is the best player in the country brings energy, rebounds, lockdown defense and overall skills… I dont know who made this list but its absoulutly 100% FALSE theres so many kids who are way better who cant attend these expensive “camps” and I watched about 40 kids better than (jaylin Fleming) he may be a hooper but why wasnt he at NATIONALS competeing against the best hoopers? Rankings get kids head big and are all false..
    top 10 players I’ve seen with my own eyes
    1.Paul Scruggs (indy hoosiers)
    2.Cody Riely (cali style)
    3. #35 on lyons team 6ft3 pg
    4. Justin Roberts (indy hoosiers)
    5. Zach Gunn (indy hoosiers) 6ft 3 big man
    6.Nate Pierre (team izod)
    7.#32 on AI9
    8. #23 on atlanta knicks
    9. #21 on kentucky elite
    10. #2 on mephis war eagles

  211. IndySwag says:

    until i see jaylin fleming play in a real tourny i cant crown him #1 .. all the kids are talented tho lol.. I wish them all success

  212. langhornebball says:

    My son has been to Herb Magee a few times and will be going again next month. Anyone who is in the Philadelphia area should think about going. Ther are not enough young kids who shoot the right way.

  213. DaFuture says:


    i have been involved with 2017 class since 3rd grade. i have gone to nationals every year since this class was in 3rd grade. Been to all the camps (lucas,phenom,jr all-american) some even twice! i have been talking to coaches around the country and watching this class for some time now. im not an expert but i have seen all the top kids in this class on more than one occasion. ive seen players and teams come and go from this 2017 class!

    • j bazz says:


  214. hardwork says:

    I seen the 2 kids from KY elite Kel Stotts, and Chance Melton was both ranked in the top 10 at JR ALL-AMERICAN CAMP and both player are on the top performers list at the Nationals bballspotlight good job guys keep working hard and improving we are pround of you guys here in Kentucky.

  215. bball fan says:

    whats the next big event for class of 2017?

  216. Striver says:

    Tip Off Classic in NJ. December 3rd and 4th

  217. HoopFanatic says:

    The next big event for the class of 2017 is REPORT CARD TIME! We get to see who’s gonna re-class! LMAO! SMH. Just kidding tho. lol!

  218. Brad Pinter says:


    • VE says:

      AZ. Crusaders just got a whooooooopin from Vegas Elite. VE only played with 6 players and didn’t even bring 3 of their starters so Mr. Pinter work on Team Bibby before you run your mouth cuz there is NO good 2017 ballers in PHX

  219. Broward Sharks says:

    Lol at ripping into the best big in the class and a top 2018 guard when no one has even heard of your team.

    Congrats for blasting two teenagers

  220. tee reese says:

    Watch out for Kiyuon Reese @ the Adidas Camp in Winston-Salem,Nc on Oct.16

  221. Keonte's Mom says:

    Jacee Martin and Keonte Lucas are not older. Please challenge their teams if you think so. Both kids paperwork is in order

  222. NY Fan says:

    Loseni Kamara remember the name

  223. NY Fan says:

    Loseni Kamara NY Rising Stars Lookout for that kid best kid in New York crazy potential 2 me he the best kid in the country hes a 6foot1 point guard everybody think he a big in till you see him play he can play every position
    serious beast

  224. HoopFanatic says:

    It CLEARLY seems to be too many thirsty parents/coaches on this post. LOL! It’s very obvious and sad. In two years your kids will be in high School and we’ll see who’s still campaigning. If some kids are old, so what stop crying! The boys need to stop being smothered and covered by their parents and so called coaches. You can’t save them in High school and everyone is gonna be older there. A Good freshman plays varsity with 17 and 18 year olds and your supposed to be 14/15 yrs old going to the 9th grade. There is no escaping the age difference. Either your kid can play or he cannot!! PERIOD!!! Life is not fair and the world is cold! You Cannot Save them!!! Stop making excuses!! Get over it!! It’s too early anyway!!! No one remembers who was number#1 or Top#20 in the nation at 5th, 6th,7th,or 8th grade or who won the AAU nationals those years, but they do remember the top kids in the 12th grade!!! 80% of these unknown kids and teams that you guys are talking about will fall off by the end of their 8th grade year anyway. There are always kids who are working hard as hell everyday to get better and to be the best known and unknown player. It’s cool that you believe in your kids, but stop it! It looks desperate and corny! if no one is talking about your kid now, who cares! just make sure they get good grades and work on their game. If the kid is putting in the work and grinding, somebody will notice, maybe not now, maybe in high school, but don’t rush them. Also, read my comments all the way through first and think about what you say. Some people on here really get their feelings about this subject. If your kid’s are supposedly very good then let someone else recognize that. School and fundamentals should be the focus. Goodluck folks!

    • langhornebball says:

      @HoopFanatic Great post! I agree. In 6th and 7th grade you have some kids who grow before others and dominate. That is just reality. By 9th grade new players who have worked hard will emerge. Others will move on to other sports.

  225. Ballhawk says:

    No keep advocating for your kid. Everyone else does it, but some are way better than others at it, with a comprehensive marketing plan. Some of you are obviously not as sophisticated in your approach, but you have a voice and we hear the name none the less. Put the name out there and let the hoop community decide if he’s not good…and that won’t happen cause they are all developing and can make a great play here and there right now. For me, I just need to see video which is ez to do these days.

  226. Ohyeah says:

    Yall trippin trust me alot of the best players not on list

  227. BrooklynYAH says:

    Ya man yall betta watch out for Quinten Curry dang kid can hoop.

  228. Ohyeah says:

    Dj mitchell averaged 22pt 13 reb 1.1 blks 3 st 4 asst at national 6″1 guard score from everywhere on court watch out for him Team takeover

  229. shun ray says:

    tony cleveland is the best in the class of 2016 25.1 per ponits 14.1 per rebounds 7.3 per assits commets;east high,crigmont high,gremantown high,and mus high

  230. micheal johnson of chicago ferrari is on the rise and his future is looking real bright right now. Hopefully he will be to play with his school (Beasley)this upcoming season.

  231. BRAD PINTER says:


  232. NY Fan says:

    Team Takeover new team is beast they got Chris Lykes who reclassified into the Class of 2017 and Andre Boykin and Raine McKeithon from Maryland Panthers and plus Aaron Thompson and DJ Mitchell u know they are nationally cotender now. And think about they finish number 5 at nationals this year you add those 3 2 much in the class of 2017 Indy Hoosier watch out at nationals in 2012 in Memphis baby this make thing really interesting when you have team like FL Lauderhill Lions, Indiana Hoosiers, Memphis War Eagles, Cali Styles, Atlanta Knicks, LA Primetime Select, NY Juice All Stars, NJ Team IZOD, NC CB Spiders, Houston Elite, NC Rising Prospects, who just got Damon Harge who will be going 2 the nationals in this class 2 and they also just added JJ Watson from CB Spiders and this new Team Takeover thing are getting heated and you know all this teams are finding a way to get better

    • Good luck to your team and all the other teams. we dont talk alot or predict anything or tell anyone to watch out bc if you dont win it sucks. i have also learned the best player or group doesnt win. it takes alot of hard work, breaks, injury free, chemistry, scheme…. all that comes into play to win a national title not just acquiring players. I say there will be 8-12 teams in Memphis that could win it but its a tough task and matchups must be aligned. remember to win it you dont have to play everyone, just the 8 teams you face. alot of teams including us will add new pieces. I think Memphis will be a Brawl. We placed 3rd last year with my 2016 team and 2017 class in Memphis will be loaded. Good Luck to all but let the kids play. we wont make one basket so dont put the pressure on the kids so they dont feel like failure if they dont win it. only One TEAM can win.

    • justafan says:

      Thanks for the love NY Fan… but Team Takeover is not new.. they have placed every yr since 8U at nationals under he same coach with basically the same kids . the only difference was the name 8U- dreammakers (placed 4th) 9U DC blue devils (placed 4th) 10U – Md finest (placed 11th) 11U Md Finest (placed 13th) 12U Team takeover (placed 5th) same kids different name… just an FYI.

  233. Coachwest says:

    I agree with the top 5 in these rankings. I am from colorado. As everyone knows the club teams from Colorado do not get a lot of attention. I think you should check out these teams.
    Colorado Hawks
    Chauncey Billups Elite
    Parker Lions
    CS United ( 6th and 7th)
    These are all very good teams. Carl Ware for the hawks is great. Jaizec Lottie and KayJay Sapp are excellent point gaurds for Billups. Patrick Moody, Connor Till, and chase Crocker are very good all around players that can play any position. CS Untied have gaurds such as RoMello who has good size and great ball handling skills. Check Them OUT!!

  234. Hoosiers LAST POST on this Site… Best of luck to all the teams in 2017 and all the special talent. Coaches/Programs Keep up the good work and lets all let the kids have fun and play within AAU Rules. GOOD LUCK

  235. JustSayin says:

    Lol you’ll be back Indy H. It’s a good read(insightful) for us so why stop. Someone will post something to pull you in eventually.

  236. BallMan says:

    The 2017 Nationals in Mempohis will be incredible. Every top loevel team has added pieces to make themselves better. The most impressive thing about that is that players and families are looking to compete at a high level and not simply play selfish basketball.

    Teams win titles and these will be tremendous teams.

  237. BallMan says:

    Sorry MSE fam, my spelling was horrific- just in case the kids are reading, I cleaned it up…

    The 2017 Nationals in Memphis will be incredible. Every top level team has added pieces to make themselves better. The most impressive thing about that is players and families are looking to compete at a high level and not simply play selfish 1 on 1 basketball.

    Teams win titles and these will be tremendous teams.

  238. NY Fan says:

    i wish jaylin can show up in memphis make everything extremely more intense with any team maybe even AI9 some one

  239. NY Fan says:

    jaylin will come if he really is number 1 kid out

    • realtalk says:

      he dont have to come…all he have to do is play jr ball high school ball go to college for 2 years and maybe get drafted if he that good he has nothing to prove to yall ok get a life

  240. tee reese says:

    @NY FAN My son worksout wit NCRP.As of right now wrkout/tryouts are over and I haven’t seen him yet.I’m a friend of Coach Ron Murphy(CB Spiders)and I heard he’s good.We’ll see what the future holds for the young prospect.

  241. NY Fan says:

    Milbank from New York now has one the top team in the country with adding Paul Person and Keshaun Ellis to that team made them the number 1 team in New York plus or ready having Eddie Lewis and Tyresse Whitaker and have Bigs.They can be the number 1 team in the country

  242. NY Fan says:

    i heard tremont waters got reclassified in the class of 2017 he play with Connecticut Elite to me now he the top kid in this class at the point gaurd position i dont know who can stop him

  243. NY Fan says:

    Nationals goin 2 be crazy!!! U goin 2 see who the best then and there its goin 2 be mad people tryin to make a statement and no one want to lose there spot because all this reclassified

  244. BKFINEST says:

    Milbank #1 in NY hold tite. Reclassifed=PASSCLASS Player Paul Person and Keyshawn and rest of the team. .

  245. teejay says:

    how about the kid tairik johnson from maryland put him on here, he has great potiental. he is also a very determined person, really eanrs the time he deserves.

  246. NY Fan says:

    never heard of him if he so good teejay he should do something 2 put him on this website

  247. cainon crawley says:

    its bull shit how all these kids is like 14 i used to be 10th but now 30th wtf

    • BallMan says:

      @cainon crawley

      Stop cursing- you a kid.
      if your ranking stays in top 150, you are still a high D1 player.

      ****tremont waters got reclassified in the class of 2017 he play with Connecticut Elite****
      Wow- that makes the road even vs lots of the elite level teams.

      Lets get ready to rumble!

  248. NY Fan says:

    itz crazy i just found out Unique Mclean from Team Scan got reclassifed again it and or ready is doing 360 and puting his elbow in the rim it sad if you didnt here about him google him or look him up on youtube it gettin out of hand he 14 he was one of the top kids in the country in the class 2015 and the class of 2016 its like he really once 2 be ranked the top kid in the country

  249. HoldemBac says:

    This was suppose to have been written by a holdback.
    : : : : : Oh Lord, how I love this game
    : : : : : and try to do my part
    : : : : : But as the season goes on
    : : : : : I never get to start
    : : : : : I am 13 and practice hard
    : : : : : each and every day
    : : : : : But my dad is unhappy
    : : : : : that I never get to play.

    : : : : : My dad say’s it’s not fair
    : : : : : I never get to compete
    : : : : : You see, I have a hard time
    : : : : : trying to move my feet.

    : : : : : At my school I like
    : : : : : the courses that I take
    : : : : : I make very good grades
    : : : : : because I know what is at stake

    : : : : : That’s not good enough for Dad
    : : : : : who has his dreams of me
    : : : : : He want’s me to be something
    : : : : : that I don’t think I can be.

    : : : : : I found out today
    : : : : : that he wants to hold me back
    : : : : : He said that will help me
    : : : : : get my game on track.

    : : : : : It does not seem right to play
    : : : : : younger kids in games and rule
    : : : : : You see, I’m 14 now
    : : : : : and should be in High School

    : : : : : I miss my friends
    : : : : : who have moved on their way
    : : : : : I’m stuck in my Dad’s world
    : : : : : where I don’t get my say

    : : : : : Someday I will graduate
    : : : : : and maybe get to play ball
    : : : : : But in the end
    : : : : : is wasn’t worth it all.

    : : : : : People call me a holdback
    : : : : : because I can’t play my age
    : : : : : But come see me next year
    : : : : : I will be front page

  250. NY Fan says:

    Indy Hoosier watch there back because lots of team are coming for them they better pick up some pieces 2

  251. Check me out I will be at middle school elite next year class of 2017 check me out at AAU NATIONALS 2011 BOO WILLIAMS CENTER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yzXJ3-Lq9M

  252. Sorry i meant to say this year but still check out my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yzXJ3-Lq9M

  253. Great work! That is the kind of information that are supposed to be shared around the web. Shame on Google for now not positioning this put up higher! Come on over and talk over with my site . Thank you =)

  254. West Coast says:

    Remember this Name Shawnkel Knight-Goff, West Louisville Warriors A.A.U.. 6’4 in the fifth still growing and a athletic freak!!

  255. Ross says:

    Just so you guys all know, #4 on this list is Losini Kamara not Loseni. Second of all, I’ve played with this kid in a highschool level camp at Long Island Lutheran (Won states twice in the last three years) and he tore the camp up as a 7th grader. He schools seniors with his great ball handling skills and always has the best court vision out of everyone on the floor. He rebounds with the best of them and gets to the whole at will to accompany his great jump shot. What I love about him is that he thrives to be a winner and excepts nothing less. Hes the ultimate team player and has a work ethic like no other. Hes always practice putting up hundreds of shots a day. This kid grows every month I see him and hes easily 6′ and probably more by now. I also forgot to mention hes a PG with this tremendous height.

  256. tee reese says:

    The most anticipated 13u AAU team.North Carolina Rising Prospects #TeamReebok

  257. G says:

    This kid Niles Malone out of Oakland California is the truth!! Top guard for the Oakland Soldiers 14u. Check him out people. This kid is RAW!!!

  258. rere says:

    Trae young from Norman OK, ah dudes a beast best shooter in his class hands down i would put this kid on the list, EASY.

  259. JrPrepHoops says:

    Have you guys even seen the kids from Indiana?? Missing out on all that talent… Roberts, Scruggs, Gunn….

  260. Reallbballboi says:

    Yaw gotta be ashamed of yourselves…these kids are too young to be ranked anyway…rankings change every single time…a #1 ranked player in the sixt grade could be ranked #46 by his freshman year in highschool…that goes for the rest of them also…some kids develope later than others…they start to catch up to the higher ranked players…so you can not say that a player on here is going to the NBA cause it is too early to tell…somebody could get a serious injury or just loose interest in ball…you have to look at reality

  261. ya kidding says:

    remember the name brandon murdock. he was born 2 years ago. class of 2028. he can straight up ball. he a pro fo sho!

  262. mjballer says:

    go jordan mccabe baller hows that kid 6’5″ let him play with kids his own age like all these kids are held back

  263. teampride says:

    look at leonard foster tulsa oklahoma deshawn caldwell robert caldwell marcus mays elite players

  264. teampride says:

    edison middel school tulsa oklahoma

  265. uconn says:

    look at this kid leonard foster tulsa oklahoma edison middle school point gaurd shootind gaurd

  266. KCBasketball says:

    I think that there is a star in St. Joseph, Missouri as Matt Austin 5’8 7th grader is easily the best out there and is playing with high school kids and dominating them over the summer.

  267. King ad says:

    I think u should check out this young fellow form las cruces new Mexico Aaron Heyward he’s a beast if u do something for him I think he can be on that list

  268. AHey says:

    Check out Aaron Heyward real talent develope him hell be one of the best

  269. sheyjjj says:

    That right ahey hes beast las cruces new mexico point guard shooting ability drivin skiltz

  270. they thts my boy aaron heyward hes my boy sick he carried three of our teams to championships he also one mvp and new mexico best 1-1 player

  271. ranking says:

    Ranking sixth graders is a bit pointless. So many things can happen from now until he’s 18. Maybe he’ll tire of playing ball, maybe he’ll hurt himself, maybe he’ll stop improving at the rate others are improving and be caught up to, maybe he’ll get cocky and lazy. Maybe he won’t grow that much or he’ll lose his quickness. Rankings should NEVER be done before high school.

  272. Chris J says:

    RaShaun Allen is one of the best or maybe even the best basketball player in the 2017 class

  273. your son is one of the best 6th grade basketball players in the nation putting up 14.1 points per game 6.1 ast a game iin we will like him to come play for us so be checking the mail for a aau letter

  274. coach john thompson 111 says:

    james west is one of the most taleneted kids. anaow i see he plays with team loaded that is very good

  275. BallMan says:

    James West and Damon Harge on Team Loaded and they did not win Silver Division at MIT.

    Memphis should be fun. The way teams have reloaded is crazy.

  276. Uk says:

    what about bol bol

  277. shoutup says:

    Trae Young from Norman OK, has to be on this list one of the best players. Definitely the BEST shooter in the class of 2017

  278. NY Fan says:

    Nationals is all most here and will be interesting

  279. Repeastcoast says:

    Trae young for GTH Elite is crazy good he can shoot literally anywhere on court I would really suggest that he should be on this list!

  280. WestCoastBall says:

    Alex barcello of west coast select and az crusaders just got 2ndd at aau nationals Los to CBC by 8.

  281. wanna know says:

    what happened at aau nationals/ who showed up and showed out.all talk before nationals..nothing after…

  282. Missouri bound says:

    We’re relocating to MO. My 7th grader plays with local AAU teams now. We hope to find a team in STL area that has a caring, focused and skills based coaching staff. I’m concerned about the ranking at middle school age noted in most comments.

    Can someone please contact me?

  283. NY Fan says:

    Tean Scan is going 2 make this upcoming season a 8 grade basketball team full with all of reclassified such as Jason Cam Deondre Bourne Shamorie Ponds Unique Mclean Devin Clyburn Dwayne Thomas and a couple other top players

  284. NY Fan says:

    Word got out that top player Jamir Harris from New Jersey will be reclassing to the class of 2017 and as well as Devearl Ramsey from Cali and one of the top New York City Guards Mekhi Hall

  285. NY Fan says:

    Word got out that top player Jamir Harris from New Jersey will be reclassing to the class of 2017 and as well as Devearl Ramsey from Cali and one of the top New York City Guards Mekhi Hall.

  286. Bball Nation says:

    I just hurd that Team Scan adding Jamir Harris Nyonty Wisseh and Tremont Waters to that Team Scan Roster

  287. befair says:

    Damon Harge left the west coast to go to the east coast to redue 6th grade. Now east coast who have never seen him were raving of this 6th grader killing everyone. Well yes, he just did 6th grade last year. haaa. holding back is dumb. Cheaters. Ask a kid if hes been held back.. Hes so embarrassed to tell you. Now tell me thats not wrong. They even know its wrong. Cody Riley too. Cheaters

  288. Baller4life says:

    I just saw Dylan Henderson play this weekend in Vegas… He’s an 8th grader playing Varsity and he had 37 against Mojave High school…. I’m telling you that he is the truth… He might not be the #1 player in the country…. But he is damn sure in the top 5.

  289. AAU fan says:

    They fogot about a 5’3 pg Kevin Butler from St.louis Mo. .

  290. NY Fan says:

    I came back from funsport yesterday there alot of top teams in that and players then i went to island garden and seen Mekhi Hall put up 46 playin 16u he a tuft 8th grader has to be the top guard in the class of 2017 in New York period.

  291. Dedric Boyd says:

    my name is dedric boyd and im a 8th grade basketball player .Im 6’0 and scoring type of player im dunking and have excellent defense.My jersey number is 20 and i play for haywood middle school in tennessee.if any scouts wont mind,come check me out .My next game is on Nov 8 at haywood middle school

  292. Watcher says:

    Saw a team named Maestranzi Illinois Wildcats, very good team has any one seen them? Have great guards and bigs. Does anyone know anything about them from what I hear they’re causing havoc. I saw them in the seventh-grade championship game at Baylor tournament @ U of I.

  293. Hunter Decker says:

    Why am i not on this?!

  294. Here is my best attempt to answer “lifes questions”

  295. NY SCOUT says:

    Joseph Pagan is a 5’4 guard that has OUSTANDING handles ! He also has the ability to pass the ball and can shoot the ball from the 3 . He is in the class of 2017 , he is attending Cardinal Hayes in Bronx, Ny but he will be reclassify next fall to a boarding school but he is undecided .

  296. Dude Cmon says:

    C’mon bro, pick better. Elliot Hull The Best!!!!!!!!!

  297. Dreamer says:

    Abiral Abu Dhakal class of 2016 is a great player and hard worker who is #destineddorgreatness wait for this kids breakout! Top 5 point guard in Arizona.

  298. UF scout says:

    I recently traveled to north georgia to watch a chattanooga elite game and ended up watching a north georgia thunder game because a youg 16 yr old PG caught my eye. his name is Alex Mckee from Ringgold Georgia. he is most definetly ranked within the top 10 players of the 17u leauge world wide by far! he’s a phenomenon! so please if anyone has or could get a hold of any highlight videos of him recently please contact me, my number is on the university website. we possibly plan on following this player very closely for possible recruiting. have to snatch him up before he’s gone, thank you

  299. UF scout says:

    even if we cant get him we would like to help have him moved to a team in the chattanooga area to get more recognition and use his skills more wisly to better his play

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