Middle School Elite Top 25 National Player Rankings 7th Grade (Class of 2016)

2011 MSE Top 25 National Player Rankings 7th Grade/Class of 2016

We rank players based on a formula of accomplishments, talent, team success, ability to dominate peers and long range potential.


#1 Khalea Turner 6’9″, Center, Marreo, LA 

Adrian Moore

#2 Adrian Moore 6’2″, Forward, Little Rock, AR

#3 Seventh Woods 6’0″, Guard, Columbia, SC

#4 Tyus Battle 5’10″, Guard, Edison, NJ

#5 Jamir Harris 5’10″, Forward, Piscataway, NJ

#6 Aaron Gordan 5’11”, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#7 Harry Giles ’64”, Forward, NC

#8 Devin Newton 5’8″, Guard, Inglewood, CA

#9 Derryck Thornton 5’8″, Guard,  Simi Valley, CA

#10 Deron Davis 6’8″, Center, Denver, CO

#11 Vijay Blackmon 5’10″, Guard,  Ft.Wayne, IN 

Devin Clyburn

#12 Rakym Felder 5′ 8″, Guard,  Brooklyn, NY

#13 Raekwon Long 6’10″, Center, Charlotte, NC

#14 Joshua Langford 6’2″, Forward, Alabama

#15 Deon Barrett 5’7″, Guard, Mesquite, TX

#16 VJ King 6’4″, Forward, North Carolina

#17 Devin Clyburn 6’2″, Forward, Harlem, NY

#18 Dedric Lawson 6’2″, Forward, Memphis, TN

#19 Edrice Adebayo 6’6″, Center, NC 

Algevon Eichelberger

#20 Dillon Mitchell 5’6″, Guard, Memphis, TN

#21 Algevon Eichelberger 6’4″, Center, Saginaw, MI

#22 Jayson Tatum 5’10″, Guard,  St. Louis, MO

#23 Marcus Gilbert 5’7″, Guard, Fayettville, NC

#24 Howard Washington Guard/Forward 5’10”, Buffalo, NY

#25 Reggie Gibson 5’6″, Guard, Aurora, CO

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  1. coach says:

    brandon anyanwu top 50 player make sure he is on it when the top 100 come out. congrulations to all the players

  2. switch em says:

    Congratulations to all the players on this list. They all deserve to be here but some need to be switched around. Some deserve a higher ranking than others. And that is real talk!

  3. Ralph says:

    How can you rank kids that didn’t come to your camp higher than the players that did come and played well? And I mean very well.

    • coach j says:

      that’s right the whole purpose of this camp was to bring the kids from around the country to show up and put it between the lines (on the court)just like the phenom camp in L.A.you don”t get put up unless you show up…on the real some kids don’t show because they get exposed..at the end keep working, cream rises to the top

      • Langhornebball says:

        What about the many awesome players who can’t afford to travel? Can’t buy your way to high rankings. People need to back off the rankings… I have no problem with kids getting exposure and write ups but who is really qualified to rank these kids before High School? Impossible to see everyone. The rankings would be more accurate if they just rank the camp. Player A was ranked #1 at the camp not the USA…

        • CoachJ says:

          This is not meant to be mean , disrespectful or anything but really for actual rankings you have to wait til high school and then go to rivals , espn, and maybe one or two others. This really isn’t the most accurate. Even though I agree that this is pretty much a one kid publishing, much respect for a dad doing such a thing and putting in the time for his kid. Best of luck to Jerron and all the young athletes out there.

  4. Da Real Dill says:


  5. T.INGRAM says:


  6. D. EICHELBERGER says:

    He actually should have been top 10. He went to the camp and dominated. he showed up and showed out. but he still got ranked lower than the cats he dominated. Thats cool though lil cuz gone be the man. he just gonna have to take his talents else where next time. GOOD JOB LIL COUSIN!!!!! AL EICHELBEGER WILL BE #1 WITHIN TWO TEARS!!!! BELIEVE DAT!!!!!!

  7. bballskillz says:

    MSE, I saw this kid (#21 Algevon Eichelberger) on both days… PLZ take a look at the video from the Camp. No highlights needed, this kid was unstoppable…at the Camp, and he’s a top 10 on both days! He was the most dominating under the basket in every game. Top 1 or 2 big… Thnx

  8. efrank says:

    Yep…Eichelberger is definitely the top playa!!!! I’m not sure how these kids are ranked, but someone definitely needs to look into switching the rankings because no one could get anything in the basket as long as Eichleberger was there! And to top it all of, Eichelberger is so humble and God-fearing! God bless all of the kids – let the Lord use you. To the rest of the kids, don’t get the big head because big heads explode and become nothing! You must have God first because talent without God is nothing!

  9. Boe Neely says:

    You couldnt possibly have the top players in the country listed here. You font have any players from the family. They have to 2 top guards in the State and top 10 in the country. Meet Brailen Neely and Cassius Winston. 2 dominate guards that has won lookouts of games. Dominate the state and Michigan, and very respected in the country every where they go! Your missing some valuable info!

    • Middleschoolelite observer says:

      Billy Thomas 5’9 Gaurd out of Detroit is an exciting and also an impressive player. Billy drew alot of attention at the Middle School Elite camp in Indiana last weekend. He has a deadly jumpshot and can dribble like no other. Billy can penetrate and dish as well get his shot off at any time. There is alot of talent in the Detroit area. The top players in Detroit that have made a name for themselves are Joshua Jackson, Algevon Eichelberger, Cassius Winston, Billy Thomas, Jake Martin and Joshua Hall. These players are dominant forces. Watch out there is alot of talent coming out of that Detroit area.

  10. Please put Aaron Gunnells on the top 50 in the nation check him out in tulsa,ok edison middle school. you cant miss him he some major talent or maybe in the top 25. youll see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. adrian moore says:

    keep it up adrian, the devil is liar! ms lisa

  12. Wow says:

    I saw #21 Eichelbergers video on here. The kid is a beast!!!! How is he only #21. Beast!!!!! That video is crazy.

  13. D1 Scout says:

    Dillon Mitchell is the best PG in the class of 2016. Dillon competed in the Tennessee vs. Mississippi Allstar game on the weekend before last and won MVP honors. Dillon is the starting point on the Memphis WarEagles 2015 (#3 AAU Power Rankings) 14u/8th Grade team. They competed in the Real Deal in The Rock tournament this past weekend where he helped lead his team to an Elite 8 finish only losing to the tournament champion Texas Titans (#1 AAU Power Rankings) who is led by Mickey Mitchell the #1, #2, or #3 ranked player in most national rankings in the class of 2015. Look out 2016 here comes the new #1 player in the class of 2016. What AAU teams do the other ranked kids play for? MSE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  14. D1 Scout says:


  15. scout21 says:

    Aaron Augustin!!!!!!!! smh….

  16. KyEliteKings says:

    Look for the name Braxton Beverly. Lead high school team to Kentucky Sweet 16 at Rupp Arena and dropped 22 pts when he got there. Got article in Max Preps.

  17. Houston says:

    I Dont understand who does this list.
    Where are the D.C. Assault Guards
    and #3 in the country Houston Defenders Select’s Forward De’Aaron Fox #5 Held
    Adrian Moore to 6 PTS!!! in the final four game BEST DEFENDER IN THE COUNTRY

  18. Houston says:

    Oh And by the way Houston Defenders Select just beat D.C. Assaults Stacked team now with the 2 teams joining each other. Defenders Beat Assault by 8!!!

  19. Houston says:

    Dang this is terrible where is Jakolby Long?

    • coach says:

      Where in the world is he he is by far top 15 maybe top 5 and i agree with deaaron he is tpo 10 or top 5 cuz i played with athletes first for a lil and i’ve seen some of these teams play and idk how no one on athletes first or defenders can be on this its crazy

  20. NC observer says:

    Seriously who makes this list other than Jerron’s peeps who obviously own the site? I am a NC guy and you have 2 guys on your list from NC that really SHOCK me. Raekwon didnt even play clutch minutes in state aau games, he was on the bench. Edrice is prob the 3rd best player on his team maybe 4th. He is still very raw. Just because kids are tall doesnt mean they are good. Harry and VJ King are legit. But seriously, how are you guys ranking this? I won’t even go into other kids on this list. Glad it doesnt matter til 11th/12th grade because 2/3rd’s of these kids wont even be on any list, thats why its dumb to rank middle schoolers. Too much happens between 6th-10th grades. Real ballers know this is the truth.

  21. NC ain't lyin says:

    Man, NC observer is not lyin at all, Raekwon hasn’t done anything this year and when you see Edrice play with his AAU team he isn’t even the 5th or 6th leading scorer…this site is a joke…

  22. D1 scout Cali says:

    Like the first comment said Brandon Anyanwu should be in this. He is now 5’7 118 pounds. Averages 10 points on AAU team 16u and he is 13! So adhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUiKCXNInBI&feature=relatedd him in the top 100

  23. Coach says:

    For future consideration, Ryan Murphy of UZ Elite, 6 foot 2 guard, top phenom ranking, and just played at John Lucas Middle School Combine, Chase Nahemeaa from Vegas also UZ Elite, 6 4, and Josh Hall 6 foot from Houston Defenders. This team won portland gym rats

  24. Beast45 says:

    I’ve seen and played against Reggie Gibson(currently #25 on MSE) and he deserves to be ranked higher. He has great court vision and is very unselfish, yet he can still shoot the basketball extremely well.

  25. Coach says:

    Buffalo elite camp is coming in july all the top scouting services are being invited as well as all of the top national players come show your skills. Its going to be held in buffalo new york july 18-21 registration will open june 10th.

  26. Appreciating the commitment you put into your site and in depth information you offer. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same outdated rehashed material. Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  27. Sean Jones says:

    I really think you need better researchers in your rankings and you definitely need to be fair even if kids don’t attend your camp, you know who’s out there and who is better.

  28. stewart says:

    where is datrion pooh harper from indianapolis

  29. cali says:

    no nolan willett?????

  30. prince says:

    Michael Williams 6’1 guard houston, TX. travel team :Texas PRO

    he should be top100 hands down

  31. prince says:

    he’s under-the-radar because this is his first year but keep an eye on him. he played great at AAU nationals in Memphis with the Houston Hoops.

  32. Brazzil says:

    I’ma be #1 ranked 8th grader this year. Straight outta Las Vegas, watch out for Shane Wadsworth. For real.

  33. Bob McDaniel says:

    Brandon Bargo.. Ya”ok need to check this kid out.. He’s the stuff.. He should top 100 easily

  34. Bob McDaniel says:

    Quick question how do you gather your info?. There’s so much unseen talent everywhere. Small town kids don’t get a chance theses days. Everybody on that list lives in a big city

    • mike says:

      foreal i live in spring hill by tampa and nobody ever comes out im not saying i deserve top 50 or top 100 but im pretty good i average about 15 points a game for my team for school if only i had film.

  35. fan says:

    Brandon Anyanwu and Isaac Etter. Two top guards in Cali. Brandon plays on S.B.B.A and rim 2 rim. Isaac is on LBBA and VBA. Two top guards should be in top 100

  36. lil dee aka 3dee says:

    start to rank second and third graders we kilin jus like the big boys 🙂

  37. scout21 says:

    Aaron Augustin led his team to national championship game and dropped 21 on LA select with adrian moore and khalea turner

  38. getmoney says:

    what about some of the dc assualt guards and what about some of the jersey kids like omar mnostafa ray montilius mj richardson dyarie holt idris ? nyrigqhue smith and darius gillion also how can u leave out keenan black and aaron augustin smh!

  39. Goober Jones says:

    I agree, where is datrion pooh harper from indianapolis and his half brother, demetreeus bump jones from Evansville. THey be the best

  40. trueballer says:

    dedric lawson is 6’6 now by the way and was probably one of the most dominant forces at nationals. i would know because i played against him. and jayson taytum is 6’3 now. also in the nationals championship game adrian moore had 2 points! maybe 4 points but that was it! but the rest of the squad looked rele good u should make one of them number 2 instead of adrian. AND U STILL NEED TO TAKE A LOOK AT NEW ENGLAND (MABC Bengals, CT Elite, CBC, Expressions Mass Rivals, BABC, RI Hawks, RI Breakers, and Bishop Elite)

    p.s. This time u should actually post my comment (:

  41. coach felp says:

    I saw the kid ranked #21, eichelberger play at nationals with a team named the family.He was a game changer anytime he touched the floor. very good player!!!! Bright future. should be in everybodys top 20.

  42. Check out 2011 Summer aau highlights video of:
    Quentin Goodin
    class of 2016
    Team Kentucky Elite Kings
    Coach Jesse Sizemore
    If this link doesn’t work go to you tube and type in Quentin Goodin

  43. Brent Summers says:

    I know some kids who are good who train with me. One for example Brandon Anyanwu 5’8 point guard led S.B.B.A. in tournament with 26 points in championship. But currently he plays for rim 2 rim my team. Another kid named Chris he’s good two a knockdown shooter had 16 points in championship game. Should be in top 100.

    Thank You!

  44. Sir Co BBALL says:

    Deron Davis should be going into 10th. Great player called Brian Carey

  45. Ginoballer says:

    I saw eichelbergers jr all american camp highlights on youtube. THIS DUDE GOT GAME!!! He was slaying cats. Yall need to feature this dudes video on here. Real talent!!!

  46. Dean Mattson says:

    You might want to put a kid by the name of Zach Collins on the list. He’s a 6’4″ power forward out of Las Vegas that was ranked 10th in the country overall and 5th in the country for centers as a 6th grader. Unlike many, he’s a true 13yr old. Never held back, didn’t start late… He’s the real deal. Can handle the rock and shoot like nobody’s business. Doesn’t play age group anymore. Played 14u last year and this year will play 15u/JV ball. White kid can flat out play! Serious yall.

  47. John Woods says:

    Cmon man I’ve seen most of these kids play Adrian Moore didn’t do anything in the aau national chip and how about u go to real aau tourneys instead of doing these stupid camps and the biased rankings FYI Jerron love is not a true top ten player in the nation so stop putting him in your top five all the time because there are 15 kids I can name that are better then him that he can’t even come close to being able to defend and the same 15 will lock him up. Please update your ranking list that’s all I’m asking and someone u could add to your rankings is 6’2 wing guard Mustapha Heron from Connecticut saw him play in memphis and in Florida. The kids a lefty that rebounds,hes a super athlete, and he flat out scores the ball from anywhere. He kinda reminds me of a little Shabazz Muhammad

  48. I think that is among the so much significant information for me. And i am happy reading your article. But want to observation on few general issues, The site taste is perfect, the articles is actually excellent : D. Just right activity, cheers

  49. Dave D says:

    Can’t believe you left out Ty Mandel. He’s the quickest point guard in the Nuevo York area.

  50. You could definitely see your enthusiasm within the paintings you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

  51. Coach says:

    I watched the Uz elite blow out this team from Pittsburgh Pa, (CRONS) @ the “MIT” but they had this kid who was shooting the lights out against them and was a very stong kid. Anyone happen to know anything about him?



  53. I am now not positive where you’re getting your info, but good topic. I must spend some time finding out more or working out more. Thanks for wonderful info I used to be looking for this information for my mission.

  54. Harlem's Own says:

    Where is Terrell Turner? He’s 6’3″ plays on New Heights. Felders gets most of the attention but Turner is the workhorse.

  55. Vbcscout says:

    They was a lot of good talent shown on this list. But you must seen Saul Phiri. He is a 6’1 guard with a great shot, great handles, great hops. This kid can play everything. Check him out…


  57. ricky love says:

    jacquan goodwin scored 44points in a game aganist hamilton and dish out 19 assist best middle school ponit gard in memphis ams airways middle school

  58. Texas bball says:

    Really mini shabazz ??? Lol 1st off he’s white! 2nd can he even dunk let alone anything close to shabazz? Top 50 player yes
    Top 10 HELL NO !!!!!!

    • John Woods says:

      Thank you just bcuz u can score at will doesnt mean ur shabazz and hes not even lefty

    • Coach g says:


  59. SD Basketball says:

    Watch out for 6’4 Martin Tombe from the San Diego Magic, and the rest of the SD Magic squad, we killen em!

  60. John Woods says:

    This site is so inaccurate at least for your next rankings can u put Mustapha Heron up here. He was the kid that went up against Chris Paul and did a pretty good job for a legit 14yr Old and he was all over ESPN for it. if you ever get a chance to watch him play next AAU season you are going yo think that a 6’3-6’4 shabazz muhammad walked in the gym. And the scary thing is hes a lefty that can go both ways efficiently and hes not even close to tapping out growth or skill wise

  61. Coach g says:

    go to the camp and have them guard him. All this talk means nothing

  62. Co Hawks says:

    Deron Davis still plays with high school players and is on there level players like Dae’Von Davis should already be pro.

  63. Coach J says:

    Yo that JOrdan de Groot boy is off the charts. 38 points 23 bounds he’s a player

  64. Jimmy says:

    Kevin Leonard long valley NJ is a truly great player he is from a small town so doesn’t get much view but he is definitely worth it. He is about 6’1 now and can play any
    Position on the floor. Sees the floor extremely well and shoots the lights out. Plays on NJ thunder aau check him out for real

  65. MO says:

    Most of theses kids do it the wrong way… fail like 3 times so they can be on top…..no liget ppl anymore

  66. Bo-Bo says:

    Keep your eyes and ears open on Harrison Cleary. A 5′-6″ Guard coming out of Millwaukee, WI. Shoots consistentley above 60% from behind the arc; 95% from the line; has great handles and most importantly – unlike most young ballers today who are all about scoring – plays great shut-down defense and has incredible vision and basketball intelligence. A true floor general. In the gym at least six days a week with three of those days working out with a former D-1 [Wisconsin] player. 4.0 GPA – a true student athlete. Quitely goes about his buisness with littel fanfare or support. Stay tuned for great things from this young man [you heard it hear first]

  67. GCT10 says:

    Mannnnnn….are you serious! i mean the players on this list are good but…Nevermind the Gem City Thunder gon take over AAU this year!!!

  68. TMAC says:

    I was at a tournament recently & saw that Harrison Cleary kid play. He may not be in these rankings now, but he is someone to look out for & on the rise very very soon. His basketball fundamentals were above & beyond any of the other kids I have seen play recently. He is not the typical ball hog you may get at this age, his vision & senses were un describable. His shot was like no other kid I have seen, its incredibly consitent & near perfect. His ball handling skills & passing were unreal. Unbelievable talent & I feel that you will be hearing about this kid alot in the near future. Keep your ears & eyes open for this kid. Every one should check him out.

  69. caoch ron says:

    MartaviusPorter #22nd Ranked in MCS For Airways Middle School/Basketball

  70. caoch ron says:

    MartaviusPorter Most Rushing Through Airways History He may not had alot of touchdowns But he went over the century mark every game

  71. Coach Q says:

    Look out for Ben Wiebusch. A 5’8 pure point guard that can shoot, handle, pass and has the basketball I.Q. that is beyond his years. He will truly be one of the best guards in the country for his class. Will be a freshman at Rockville High School in Rockville, Md in fall 2012.

  72. Gene says:

    my little cousin should be rank in top 5 7th graders his name is evan gilyard just had a awesome season at southwood middle check him out average 30pts

  73. Texas BBall says:

    Ok so answer me this espically since I’m from Texas and I have seen this kid play dozens of times in person!!

    Ryan Murphy ? OR De’Aaron Fox ?

    Elaborate on why!

  74. EYBL Lookout says:

    Top 10 overall players in the state of Michigan.
    1. Joshua Jackson
    2. Algevon Eichelberger
    3. Cassius Winston
    4. Billy Thomas
    5. Marlo Brown
    6. Jake Martin
    7. Joshua Hall
    8. Jalen Martin
    9. Amauri Hardy
    10. Devin Millz

    • Ive seen them says:

      I like eichelbergers game better than jacksons. I would put him at number one. You have to look at how much older jackson is than eichelberger.

  75. Colten Mack says:

    Please look at my videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/nbamoves3?feature=mhee. I am the smallest one. My name is Colten Mack and I am currently in the 7th Grade with only a couple of days left of school. I get straight A’s and I have a dream of making the NBA. I want to be the first Alaska Native to make it. I am a 5’0″ 12 year old Guard from Sand Point, Alaska. Please watch my video “Alaska Ballers-Airplanes” on YouTube!! https://www.youtube.com/user/nbamoves3?feature=mhee

    • Colten Mack says:

      My middle school basketball team’s “Sand Point Eagles,” record was 4-3. I got an average of 20.3 points, 10.1 assists, and 5.6 steals a game. Because we are rural Alaska team we don’t play much.

  76. Brandon says:

    Watch out for me in high school. 5’9 142 pounds pg/sg.. I play on La City Wildcats and I’m in 8th grade about to go to St. Bernard’s high school. Yesterday I lead my school team to 2nd place in a annual school tournament. I also live in Hawthorne, CA and I’m 14…….. peace

  77. mdot says:

    Watch Out For Aquil Burnett-Wallace 6’1 PG 14 Yr Old Freshman From Dallas TX

  78. Fan says:

    Romulo Howard should be on that list watch out for him plays for Lb Gold and is one of the top guards in California.

  79. Fan says:

    Romulo is 5″3 and 110 lbs watch out he should be on this list and leads Stanford in scoring with 18 game.

  80. rohan says:

    blake edwards is #1

  81. Terrance says:

    Remember this name Amari Hudson 7th grader 6’2 from Chicago now lives out in Phoenix Arizona can play all 5 position on the court and play amazing lock down Defense…..

  82. Kayden Stockdale says:

    I am a going into seventh grade this year and comparing there height to mine they are HUGE!!! I am only 5’3 and most of those point guards were like 5’8. My only dream is to become a professional bball player, I mean I work my but off each and every day. But, no one knows me since live in the farm town of middleton idaho. I am a lockdown defender I can shutdown anyone from the inside and out I can shoot pretty well but I am still developing I just hope that so drag I can be as good as these guys. Someone please reply

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