Middle School Elite Top 25 National Player Rankings 8th Grade (Class of 2015)

2011 Middle School Elite Top 25 National Player Rankings 8th Grade/Class of 2015

We rank players based on a formula of accomplishments, talent, team success, ability to dominate peers and long range potential.


#1 Jerron Love 5’9″, Guard, Bronx, NY 

Jerron Love

#2 Kejuan Johnson 6’6″, Forward, Atlanta, GA

#3 Mickey Mitchell 6’6″, Forward, TX

#4 Tyler Dorsey 6’5″, Wing/Forward, CA

#5 Allonzo Trier 6’0″, Guard, OK

#6 Marcus Lovett 5’11”, Guard, CA

#7 Perry Dozier 6’1″, Guard, Columbia, SC

#8 Malik Newman 6’3″, Forward, Jackson, MS

#9 King McClure 6’2″, Guard, Dallas, TX

Kejuan Johnson

Kejuan Johnson

#10 Elija Thomas 6’6″, Forward, Dallas, TX

#11 Bobby Martin 6’4″, Forward, PA

#12 Ryan Bay 6’3″, Forward, OR

#13 Stephen Zimmerman, 6’10”, Center, Las Vegas, NV

#14 Isaiah Briscoe 6’0″, Guard, NJ

#15 Horace Spencer 6’8″, Center, Philly, PA

#16  Justin Jenifer 5’9″, Guard, MD

#17 Austin Grandstaff, 6’4″, Guard, Dallas, TX

#18 Andrew Fleming 6’2″, Guard, Florida

#19 Brandon Joseph 5’7″, Guard Humble, TX

#20 Eric Marbury 5’10”, Guard, Brooklyn, NY

#21 KaRell Henry 6’1″, Guard, Bronx, NY

#22 Eric Williams, 6’2″, Forward, Texas

#23 Odean Gilzene 6’2″, Forward, Bronx, NY

#24 Jeremy Hemsley, 6’1″, Forward, CA

#25 Tyler Howard, 5’7″, Guard, Humble, TX

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  1. grimes says:

    how come you don’t have malachi richarson from jersey in your class of 2015 ranking.

  2. seth says:

    check out sam esmali best jumpshot ive seen class of 2015 and very skilled around the rim roslyn new york check him out

    • Leom Harding says:

      There is this kid in kansas named Donnie Clark I coach him he is the absolute best even when All Star Allen Iverson came he said he is better than him Check Him out he is already being scouted by local colleges only a freshman

  3. Mtownsfinest says:

    Mickey Mitchell got absolutely destroyed against the Memphis Wildcats this past weekend in Dallas. Keelan Lawson went for 38 points and 15 rebounds in the win over the Titans.

  4. brandon says:

    were is jared harrington, not a reclass

  5. Browsing your website I noticed you don’t have Joseph Binyoti or Diamond Stone (2015) out of Milwaukee,WI on here. I know Milwaukee is a smaller market but they have received national recognition and I truly believe their name is growing across the U.S.

  6. J Woods says:

    Why are those guys over 14 yoa ranked in the middle school catergory?

    • Got Game says:

      We all know that there is 15/16 year olds in this ranking and hold backs even 1 player is held back 2 times? Not sure what parents get out of holding kids back for sports, good luck down the road with that one!
      These ranking camps should make players/parents bring original birth certificates so every body is on equal ground for age and then lets see how it all plays out.

  7. Big Boi says:

    Look at Kalif Jones from Burlington,Vermont. He is nasty. He plays for the Vermont Irish Cats.

  8. Big Mike says:

    Mickey Mitchell is what 15 or 16 years old? Come on man he is playing in the NIKE EYBL high school league with the Texas Titans!!! No way should he be on this list!! lol.

  9. greg says:

    where is bryson gordon had 61 points in amiddle school game?

  10. cbizzle says:

    what happened to chris mcneal from tennesse he was ranked higher than some ofbthes players at the adidas jr, phenom camp and he played great defense on jerron love in the all star game

  11. Team dynasty 2015 says:

    Andrew Fleming at #18!!! That is a joke!! He is about to play on my team.. he is not even ranked in the top 3 in fla right now!!! Matthew Milon is the best player in florida and should have Andrew Flemings national spot… and Matthew Milon scored 31 against Horace Spencer at nationals.

  12. no politics says:

    no keelon lawson,terrance birdsong,nick williams, or donte fitzer.who all run with memphis wildcats. they beat texas titans in dallas next level tournament and get no recognition. leave politics out please

    • Select says:

      Don’t leave out Parker Howell, Justin Jenkins, Braxton Blackwell, Taylor Vanderbilt or James McPherson from Select who edged out the Memphis Wildcats in Atlanta and shut down Keelon Lawson and Terrance Birdsong to win AAU State in TN. Lots of good players from TN.

  13. Coach Tony says:

    Coaches don’t sleep on Tennessee. I have a set of twins that are getting it in son here in Nashville, TN. Their names are Chase and Braxton Nappier. They currently player for my 14U EDGE who are currently 39-6 and have knocked off several powerhouse programs this season. Recently, sports writers from Rivals.com, hoopscope, and hoosier report stated that these two brothers are the real deal. Not only that, they both play on their respective varsity teams, starting at the PG & SG in the 8th grade. They’re the best thing flying under the radar. For now! Signing off

    Coach Tony
    Tennessee EDGE

  14. i have this 14 year old kid that plays for the wayne county blazers and the boy had natural talent > he is 5 ft 8 and has been dunking for a couple of months now . please come see him play .goldsboro north carolina

  15. dadadda says:

    tyler howard #1

  16. Yeyboe says:

    You need to look out for Jeffery McClendon out of cali class of 2015 he is very strong going Pasadena high school he is 6″2 very hard worker u won’t be leave it if u see him

  17. Dylan says:

    Jerron is a beast!!!!

  18. Yeyboe says:

    Out of Pasadena high school in cali look out for Jeffery McClendon 6″2 very strong can shoot body of a 12th grader molder like no other kid you will not be leave it when u see him he will be one of the top players out of class 2015 he just have not been seen yet but he will just look out for him coming soon

  19. jacob says:

    I like how people are ripping on the titans even though they content for the national title every year

  20. Hampton says:

    I coached a kid this past season in Jackson, Ms that should be in this ranking. He is 6’4″. Excellent shooting touch out to the three point stripe. Daniel Phillips is his name.

  21. James says:

    I have to agree Isaiah Robinson is so unrated he desrves alot more recognition than he has now,he is the best eigth grade basketball player coming out of chicago he is amazing can shoot the ball just as good asanybody here he has accwptional ball handling skills for a big man but he needs to get stronger and a little bit faster if he does that threre will be nobody in the nation who can guard him

  22. kato says:

    zimmerman good plyaer but at 13 good player but i seen hin get out played by kevin summers from CA HE NEED TO BE ON THIS LIST.

  23. Coach Terry says:

    I have seen a eighth grader who has amazing talent he’s from Chicago he is, 6’1 he iis a true bigman with guard skills he can stretch the floor out wit his ability to efficiently hit three point jumpshots from three steps from the original three point line he can handle the ball just as good if not better the. Any guard on this list he should be well recognized by now his name is Isaiah Robinson and he is a true basketball player he has a bright future a head of him

  24. RKGZ says:

    Jerron 5’9 ? I don’t think so LOL…SMH

  25. kidd23 says:

    venson price is an 5’9 point gaurd from Cleveland Ohio. he averaged 17points , 8assists , 7rebounds. he should most definitly be on this list.

  26. Franco says:

    Check out my boys Kj Walton and Spoorthi Jeedigunta….KJ should definitely be in the top ten from INDIANA

  27. coach brown says:

    caesar bradley from houstn texas is all i can say

  28. Joshua says:

    next year take a look at papa-ollennu adjaye, this really talented basketball player. he scored 42 points in one game

  29. Joshua says:

    Next year take a look at Papa-Ollennu. Hes talented. He scored 42 points in one game

  30. Coach Smith says:

    How Kamil Williams not on this top 25 list is amazing to me.I witnessed this kid completely destroy Alonzo T. and Perry D. at the Fab Frosh camp in the ATL. Kamil also was a stater on his Grandview Prep State Runner-up Team as a 8th grader. 10pts, 2rebs ,2assts. I also agree with the writer above about the kid Diamond Stone he is hands down the most skilled big in the 2015 class at this point.

  31. Mississippi Scout says:

    I would like to say good choices but you are missing one player from mississippi. Yes I see you have Malik Newman but what about Tommy McCoy. Go to http://www.wix.com/dvonemccoy/basketballstar

  32. the. boi a.r says:

    Shareef Smith #21 Madison Wis. Spartans..the future that’s all I got to say..

  33. Bill Mack says:

    Britten Hoover 6.0 (14yrs) Forest Hill HIGH School Jackson ,Ms this young Man not a show off he do just what he told 25 pts 5 to 10 assist he rebound the best team player i have seen for his age I been watching him ,when he was 9 U Need to check him out. (google him)

  34. Coach Marty says:

    Middle school rankings don’t mean much. Have traveled around the country and have seen thousands of players in the class of 2015 (with most of the best ones playing up- some at 17U) There are just too many players. I think your #1 is dubious choice considering he’s your (the publisher’s) son, but I’ll admit the kid has great skills. He looks great in all the highlight videos. Just curious- he is a year older than most of the other players. Why is he class of 2015?

  35. Nick says:

    Where’s Ben Boone? 6’1″ guard from Edina, MN. Really good handles. Dunks easily with 1 hand. Very good basketball IQ and willing passer. Likes to set up teammates. Puts them in a good position to score. Jump shot is very nice. And has great touch around the basket. Averaged 13 ppg with 6-7 assists a game. Comes from a very athletic family. Brother nick is a junior who is getting looked at by D1 football programs

  36. Nick says:

    Where’s Ben Boone? 6’1″ guard from Edina, MN. Really good handles. Dunks easily with 1 hand. Very good basketball IQ and willing passer. Likes to set up teammates. Puts them in a good position to score. Jump shot is very nice. And has great touch around the basket. Averaged 13 ppg with 6-7 assists a game. Comes from a very athletic family. Brother is a junior who is getting looked at by D1 football programs

  37. jarvis says:

    check out mason theile from grand rapids michigan

  38. Dekere Calhoun says:

    Come down to check out the young guard from channelview Xaiver neveu the kid score 40 points in a 7th grade basketball game.

  39. JoJo says:

    What bout 5’9 point guard Joseph anderson. plays for Houston Defenders. he should be on this list

  40. Coach says:

    Damon Lawrence Jr. currently a freshman enrolled at G.A.R. (Grand Army Republic Memorial Senior H.S.) in Wilkes Barre, PA is an under the radar 6’2 165lb stud! He’s displayed a motor not many in his class 2015 has and plays multiple positions, from the 2 to the 4 with ease. He shoots the midrange (10-18ft) jumper and can extend beyond the arc. His 6’5 wingspan & footspeed allows him to defend and lock up with most point guard & swings (2’s & 3’s). His 6’2 165lb frame allows him to also defend any 4 or 5 in the 2015 class, easily. He’s a Brooklyn Native and has seen his fair share of the best the Tri-State has to offer beginning last January at the Hall of Fame Classics in Springfield, MA competing against the loaded squad of the Massachusetts Express and F.A.C.E.S. producing 18pt, 13rbs, 4blks & 22pts, 16rbs, 5blks respectfully. All the way to Leading the Brooklyn Kings to the Semis in Dyckman where he routinely scored 15-20pts and the Championship Game Against a stacked New Heights Crew in Conrad McRae winning Most Improved Player after competing against Isiah Whitehead and alongside Darren Thomas as a 7th Grader, last summer in the 14U. Division. This young guy is a quiet riot and sooner than later he will make a big splash on the National Circuit.

  41. Tom Cansky says:

    You guys are missing Matt Chandlee, he avereges about 34 ppg, and is a 6’1 combo guard. Watch out for him in the future.

  42. tom wilson says:

    Blake Ruckman is the Best player in Indiana! 6 footer that ave 29 a game and can do it all! No doubt should be on this list! Check him out! Evansville Indiana!

  43. 2015 Cincy Knights Player says:

    Ummmmmm…. where is AJ Harris from cincy knights

  44. Harlem's Own says:

    Where is Terrell Turner from New Heights NY? Kid is 6’3″ in the 8th grade and can do it all.

  45. NYC3BALL says:

    Take a look at 2015 shooting guard Chris Kownacki of Mahwah, NJ and IYB BASKETBALL who plays for Coach Kent Culuko. Culuko is one of the best shooting coaches around and his student, Kownacki will nail the 3-ball until you have no choice but shadow him and then he’ll slash the lane. The kid steals the ball from opponents constantly. Kownacki’s a pure scorer – check him out and you’ll be adding him here.

    • COACH B says:

      In the words of Dicky Vital “Kownacki’s a DIPPER DANDY – simply UNBELIEVABLE baby!” A BIG TIME SCORER from NJ with a consistent money ball from behind the arc – perfect shooting form – excellent ball handling skills – goes to the basket – and he’s a 6 foot freshman combo guard that can leap – a big body that’s put together well so he rattles teeth banging around inside game.

  46. kingnutt says:

    YOU ARE SLEEPING ON GUARD OUT OF INDIANA TJ HENDERSON 5FT9. flat out can score anywhere on the floor. will be starting varsity at point guard. ( ps has not had a growth spurt yet!!)

  47. david harris says:

    wow!!!!!!!!!!have yall ever herd about small foward Martavius porter Airways Middle School he is a very ahletic player look out for this kid November30,2011vsGetterMiddle at Airways come support this kid

  48. You need to look At Josiah Kelsey from Louisville, Ky Evangel Christian School

  49. Check out Josiah Kelsey from Louisville, Ky Evangel Christian School.

  50. Derick Wetzel…

    Thanks again for the article.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged….

  51. my cousan stnds out at d’iberville and is a potential great basketball player and has a great feel for the game please look him up[

  52. johnny eaton says:

    where d’mon williams hes from texas the boy is cold

  53. johnny eaton says:

    dmon williams averages 45.7ppg and 5.3spg and 11.1apg corpus christi texas check him out class of 2015

  54. johnny eaton says:

    carroll highschool

  55. Rob Avery says:

    Every post but one only talks about scoring, scoring scoring. That’s fine and dandy, but have any of you heard the word REBOUNDING. Go ahead be 1-dimensional. I have a an 8th grade post player (Brett Houston) who pulled down 19 boards earlier this month and scored 12. He’s averaging 12 boards a game in December. He’s a beast on the boards. Also have 2 guards that would give any of these so-called up-and-coming studs a run for their money.

  56. james says:

    why isnt jamarr williams from alton illionis on here look him upp

  57. chris says:

    Jamarr Williams really needs to be on here

  58. andrew says:

    Jamarr is a monster go cheek out him at Alton Illinois Redbirds or contacthim for info

  59. Demetry James says:

    Where is Dante Hoppa from Naples Fl? He has proven to put the team on his back doe

  60. Jhonny Mau says:

    Check out connor bolles from lehi utah best jump shot around.

  61. John Woods says:

    Its funny how the number three “14” yr old on this list is also the number 1 16yr old QB in the U.S

  62. coach jimmy says:

    i saw the kownacki kid play n he has game he is real good lol he should be on the list

  63. Harry says:

    Where is Joe Schmidt from Corvallis.. i was at his game today… scored 27 on us with ease

  64. BBallMan says:

    the kownacki kid can play. an exceptional shooter, handles the ball well, rebounds and he’s a shut down chest to chest defender. he has all the skills at a high level.

  65. Ace says:

    You need to take a look and the point guard at Twinhills School in Oklahoma by the name of T.J Berry.

  66. Trojan Mom says:

    Do you only travel a certain area or something? The Kiefer Trojans (Kiefer, OK) 8th grade team has been undefeated for the past 3 years.

    They have 2 big men…6’4″, 14 years old. One is my son, the other is the head HS coaches’ son. Coaches son can shoot 3’s better than any shorter wing, my son is a post dream…he can shoot from outside, outrebounds everyone, and can play up on guys 2 and 3 inches bigger and shut them down…he has a 9 1/2 foot reach floor to fingertips.

    They have twins about 5’8″ that are aggressive and can shoot inside and out, and then we rotate out point guards for 8th grade, but when they play 9th grade they have a very consistent freshman PG who is also very solid.

    The word is that this is the best 8th grade team in Oklahoma, and the whole town can’t wait for these guys to be freshmen next year…rumor is that only 1 starter right now will start next year, and the freshmen will take over…but don’t know for sure.

    You’re missing out by not giving these boys a look, for sure…you don’t see a whole team of stars on one team…especially not in small town USA.

    • Lindy Waters says:

      Norman Runners beat Keifer in a Swaim tournament. It was the 8th grade team. The Keifer team won in pool, but the Runners won in Championship. So they have one loss in three years, correct?

      • Trojan Mom says:

        If you count weekend play, yes.

        If you count school ball, which I was, then no.

        I do not recall the Norman Runners. Was that the team that was the team that was blended out of Athletes First kids?

        That is the only weekend loss that I know of that Kiefer has had.

  67. JJ says:

    What about Thon?

  68. BallersEye says:

    Its A PG in Cincinnati named Aj harris that should be on this list. Right now he plays varsity for the power house Dayton Dumbar. Also another guard named Landis Owensby that Goes to clark monetssori when i say he needs some nationaly looks i mean it because he’s just might be better than some guys on this list.

    • Scouting Genius says:

      You are correct Aj Harris deserves to be on this list.Aj is a clear top 25 on every other website and plus he has the one thing most of these point gaurds don’t…. he is a winner leading the very good Cincy knights. At lots of the camps i have seen him at people believe he is the fastest player in this class. I am also surprise that Landis Owensby has no national attention that kid can flat out play although i do not believe he is top 25 he is just a pure point gaurd who can score at will but rather help his teammates. Another name that should be on this list is ohio’s Luke Kinnerd. He is a 6’5 small forward and probably the best shooter in the class ask anyone who saw him at nationals last year. This kid can play. He has some nice post moves as well.He plays like a white Kevin Durant the way he plays above the rim with a great jump shot this kid just can’t be stopped. He is also a factor on the cincy knights loaded team with 7 top 100 players.

  69. Quint says:

    why arent i up there on this list im the best

  70. Kevin says:

    Austin Mitchell 6’4′ Freshmen Gastonia,N.C. Ashbrook High

  71. Kevin says:

    Austin Mitchell 6’4′ Freshmen Gastonia,N.C. Ashbrook High School

  72. Kevin says:

    Austin Mitchell Football & Baskettball 6’4″ 185 15yr old…It’s about to go down you heard it here first…Ashbrook High Gastonia N.C. Class of 2015



  74. mark says:

    Where is Malik Maitland? Florida top PG for class 2015. Please take a look at http://www.malikmaitland.com (Fleming is on the same team (TEAM NIKE).VERY INTERESTING.

  75. anonymous says:

    Be on the look out for Tobi Ewuosho of Lincoln Park HS Chicago, Illinois this kid might surprise you with his athleticism.

  76. coachpgbball says:

    Where is Juwan Gooding Boston,Ma. he had a great freshmen season avg 18pts a game this year ..

  77. Andy Davis says:

    Anyone heard of Ryan McRaney from Mississippi class of 2016?

  78. anonymous says:

    Ryan McRaney from Sumrall, Mississippi should be on there.

  79. Harold says:

    We’re is Marques- Paris he was an acceptional guard in this camp last year

  80. Coach says:

    Wilson NC has a gem of a player. Freshman Joshua Willingham of Community Christian averages a double-double for his varsity team.(since the 8th) This year MVP of his conference and NCISAA All-State along side serveral D1 players (class of 2012) He has already received some letter from D1 school. Class of 2015 look out !

  81. austin says:

    weres cameron neal

  82. austin says:

    you guys should look at cameron neal he plays in california sanfernando valley at north hollywood high

  83. anthony says:

    where is darryl stephens from louisville ky he shows leadership great shooting ability and can attack the basketball and finish his court vision is like steve nash im tellin his a beast!!

  84. remember this name daeonte givner out of cleveland ohio
    fifth grader excellent spot up shooter..
    congratulations to all middle school power rankings players for 2012

  85. Unanymous says:

    Tyriq Givner should be top 25 i the middle school elite check his award histoy multipl trophies at his house he’s from Cleveland, Ohio.

    Tyriq Givner #10 for life

  86. nique says:

    jahshire goes to gulfport high and is a well talented guard cant shoot the ball got great ball handling skill can attack the basket and get his team involve never seen the boy lose the ball ever..5’8 really needs to grow though if vauable

  87. Market Buzz…

    I saw this really great post today….

  88. Hoop group says:

    Sean downes Florida 6-4 190. Saw this kid last weekend from Florida. All around game best I’ve seen Needs more of a killer attitude but was clearly dominate

  89. Sydney Lowery says:

    In Trumbull Ct should be on this list for girls.. Has the total package.. MVP at 2011 fall Rose Classic NYC, 2011 Adidas National all Adidas Team Bloomington IN. MVP Basketbasll Ball Hall of Fame.

  90. m.dot says:

    Where is Aquil Burnett-Wallace 6’1 14yr old Freshman PG From Dallas TX. Good court vision and Ballhandling Skills Solid passer and Three point Shooter..

  91. m.dot says:

    Where is Aquil Burnett-Wallace 6’1 14yr 0ld PG From Dallas Tx. Good Court Vision & Ballhandling Skills..Solid Passer & Three Point Shooter.

  92. ss says:

    Where is Darius Alexander 6’6 2guard from Atlanta

  93. Scout123 says:

    Melrose high school recruits Martavius PORTER Javion hamlet the two guards of 2016 they will be a dymanic duo

  94. tracey garrison says:

    Yall have got to see the 5’8 guard elijah jones out of Dallas Tx, who took T.W. Browne middle school all the way to city champion as a 7th grader starting 8th grade…He shoots from NBA range with high percentage, he can play the one or two. You would think he is left handed because he can shoot from anywhere on the court with either hand.. Has great ball handles and is one of the best passers, I have ever seen…Please check this kid out, He has more basketball knowledge than bobby knight..Elijah Jones is amazing, He is only in the 8th grade this year…..

  95. S. Coleman says:

    Eighth grader, Jordan Coleman, Brewer Middle School in Greenwood, SC is a fine young player. He scores, he handles, he shoots the ball well, he’s probably the most ambidextrous kid you’ll see..finishes left and right handed with no differentiation. However, what this kid does is “think” the game as well as any 14 year old you’ll see. Tremendous basketball IQ, completely unselfish player. Already understands the significance of “being RESPONSIBLE for points”. He’d rather win, as opposed to “look good and lose”. Some of these great scorers everyone recommends would LOVE to play with this kid. Forget the superstar comparisons, this kid will remind you of a young Kendall Marshall. When his body catches up to his mind, he just may be a special player. I’d keep an eye on him….

  96. Darnell faust is one of the top kids in 8th grade
    Putting up 20ppg n 5ast he is dynamic when it comes to scoring
    In with that shooting stroke he got our 8th grade stock class
    Ranks him 29 in the nation.

  97. Darnell faust jr is one of the top kids in 8th grade putting up
    30ppg in 6ast for paderewski darnell faust has a great footwork with
    A great jump shot In is the son of legend chess player Darnell
    faust Sr who played chess for orr darnell faust will next be tested in
    High school in reminds me of kevin durant so i hope u can attend this school

  98. Sofly says:

    Have you heard about this kid Chris Jackdon(8th grader) out of Dayton Dumbar wing guard ? This kid is the real deal ,he puttin up around 20+a game and shooting 88% from the line, this kid can score some body need to be puttin this kid on their radar

  99. Rose Thomas says:

    How about a young Texas player by the name of Stephen Heffersonlll.From Bryan Texas great ball handler great defender and all around great player.He played for the Jane Long Lobos

  100. Mike says:

    Matt Martin from indiana is a tough kid combo guard, can shoot it and post up! Will be at the myt top 100 in Indy in oct 2014

  101. Josh Pastner says:

    Martavius Porter Class of 2016 is going to Be be watched this year his name is in the commercial appeal way to many times for me to look over his name

  102. Eric Paige says:

    Where’s Eric McNary of Duluth middle school in Georgia the boy has game

  103. Dewayne Brooks says:

    Eric McNary of Duluth Middle in georgia he is a do it all combo guard you will know him soon keep watching this young man can really play

  104. marc disner says:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d care to find out more details.

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