Algevon Eichelberger 7th Grade Michigan

13 yr. old Algevon Eichelberger of Saginaw , Michigan playing up on the 14u Michigan Hurricanes AAU squad.  He is ranked #21 in the nation for the class of 2016 by

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  1. brandon anyanwu says:

    everyone 13 yrs old is playing 14u me too

    • Wow says:

      That may be true, but are ballin outta control against them like this dude? This young dude is a beast !!!!!!!!

  2. OMGkiki says:

    Go Algevon !!!!!!

  3. OMGkiki says:

    By the way Algevon you play like an nba pro !!!

  4. OMGkiki says:

    By the way you play like an nba pro !!!

  5. Coach m says:

    This kid seems destined to be a great player! Very good video! Keep up the hard work. Great find MSE!

  6. Curt says:

    Great player from what I see. Would like to see him play in person.

  7. Alex Baltz says:

    Helpful article. This site has a ton of stuff on it to read. Bookmarking and coming back later. I also posted this link on my Facebook page to help you guys get some traffic.

  8. Ginoballer says:

    I saw your jr all american video on youtube. You got a lot of talent dude. Keep working hard!!!!!

  9. BallMan says:

    Al- you have lots of skills and I love how you use your body and can score with either hand around the basket. In order to take your game to the next level, take 3 months to dedicate yourself to getting in shape. Dedicate yourself to getting a bit leaner and even stronger. The biggest diiference between you and some of the other 2016 bigs is athleticism.
    You may never be the athlete or perimeter player of MJ or Adrian Moore or Adebayo, but your skill set in great condition can take you a long way.

    Best of luck to you Al.

    • Was there says:

      I was at the all american camp with my son and got a chance to talk with this young mans father. I learned that he is only 13. So I think we should wait a little bit for his “athletecism” to kick in. the players you named are all older than this kid, Especially moore and adebayo. And he played just as well or better than they did.You are right about his skill set though and he has great footwork. So when he does become more athletic I think we all better watch out! I just want him on my sons team! Lol Good luck to you AL!!

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