6 Year Old KJ Farfan Comments – LeBron’s Show

MSE is proud to present the animated LeBron’s show on our website.

Last week, we asked 6 year old kindergartner KJ Farfan from Miami, Florida what he thought about episode 1 & 2 of The LeBrons.  KJ said…

Stay tuned to find out what KJ had to say about episode 1,2 & 3 of The LeBron’s show.

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  1. Ryan Mendez says:

    Can’t wait to see video highlights of KJ Farfan.

  2. Jordan Montgomery says:

    KJ keep working hard; I love watching you on youtube. Enjoy your trip to NY. Continue to keep God first! Can’t wait to meet you. If ever in Cali let us know…
    Best wishes and God Bless,

  3. Dante Jackson says:

    You guys talk about the credibility of other sites & publications in regards to ranking players.. Well mas long as you continue to promote this kid KJ as the best your credibility is suspect! I’ve given you video proof that Young Born Ready is easily the best 6 yr old hands down! Did KJ compete in the 9u AAU Nationals? Does he play 5th grade AAU? Is he a 3 time state Champion? Young Born Ready did all of these things & then some! I’ve tried to inform you guys but I guess you guys have an agenda too… so don’t throw stones! Here again is video proof!


    • Tim says:

      Mr. Jackson.I took your advice & looked at Born Ready’s video.Then I looked at KJ’s video to compare. Sorry to tell you that KJ’s is WAY BETTER than Born Ready.Dont see much skills on the video or much at all compared to KJ which shows you all types of ball handling,moves,&shooting skills. You state that Born Ready made History bein 5 yrs old playin AAU 9U Nationals, but last I knew you have to be at least 6 yrs to be eligible to play AAU. Then I saw your Morning Show video which Mr Walker states that his daughter not Born Ready is the youngest on the team when asked about age. At no time did he mention Born Ready playing on the team. Then I saw he won 2nd Grade not 3rd or 5th Grade State Championship like you state above. Also I see that KJ is very well known – even made it on the Regis n Kelly Show as for Born Ready no one knows of him. If you know your facts, I read in one of many articles that they write of KJ that he has won 4 Championships by the age of 5 & got video proof showing all his trophies. At the end of the day they are just both 6 yrs old. Still a lot to learn.But KJ you got my vote even though I dont know you.I got to give credit where its needed. They need to stop hating on a 6yr old. KJ keep on working hard & dont let anyone tell you different even though people try to get views for them on your site.

  4. antwan carter says:

    well this weekend my son aiden carter will face seth willson looking to see what my son has, they say seth is a good player.we are from elyria so if all goes well maybe they can work out together. this is aiden first year playing basketball and is getting better every game maybe u guys might like the new face will see.

  5. hardwork says:

    aiden has no skill flat out. the kid has baby skills no left what so ever. you should never mention these two guys in the same breath. and his d is not all that cant even hold seths jock strap. aiden is a rec player not aau. lol

    • Mr Clean says:

      Wow are u serious “hardwork” what is wrong with you. You are insulting a parent and 6 year olds game and comparing the kid to another 6 year old as if it matters. They are not 16 they are not lebron and kobe the kid is 6. It also seems as if u have actively scouted 6 year olds which is even more pathetic. Of course the kids game isn’t going to be sound and he might have “baby skills” but that’s because he is in the f***** 1st grade. I think it’s pathetic that u think its funny to insult a 6 year old. The father never said his son was better but that his son wants to be a part of MSE and is playing against Seth. If u are his parent then it’s even more f-ed up. SMH

  6. loadofcrap says:

    Hey if you are going to make a brand out of a 6 year old have his own logo etc. Be ready for shots across the bow.You guys are doing nothing but putting a target on these kid’s back. The pictures with the arm sleves many different pairs of expensive shows and headphones is just tacky.The others will catch up and many will pass these kids. Lets check on them in 9th grade.

  7. Observer says:

    It’s the kids’ parents who either approve these stories or actually initiate them. They put their kids out there at very young ages and then people get all worked up when a kid is critiqued or compared to someone else. Here’s an idea…don’t call MSE about your 6 yr old being the best first grader in the universe or put ridiculous (heavily-edited) videos on YouTube of your kid playing against some sad CYO league team (even if they are playing up) and looking like an allstar. If parents choose to put their kids out there, they are choosing to open themselves up to negative attention.

  8. loadofcrap says:

    Mr Clean,
    It is all over youtube Farfan is the best… He has his own logo! He dresses the part but is tiny and no better then many players his age. Nothing but false hype. Kids will be gunning for him. I hope he is ready. I predict he won’t play past the age of 13.

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