Jerron Love Snuffed By Hoop Scoop Clark Francis

Left-George Dohrmann

Hoop Scoop’s Clark Francis released a 8th grade New York ranking for the class of 2015 by Ron Naclerio, who’s head coach of Cardoza high school in Queens.  Jerron Love was ranked #2 and the “updated” list he’s #6.

What notorious Hoop Scoop wants everyone to believe is that five players in NY are better than Love, not to mention point guards.  Clark also mentioned the coming of his new 8th grade national rankings.

Put aside everything like a college scholarship or the NBA.  It’s about basketball integrity.  Hoop Scoop makes mockery of the game.

Ron Naclerio

Sport fans please read the Demetrius Walker book ‘Play their hearts out’ written by George Dohrmann, Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated.   The story reveals a young boys pain caused by someone behind a Wizard of Oz curtain.

The situation was touched on in Bloomberg Business Magazine under the article ‘Million Dollar Babies’, which further exposes Clark and company.

Let’s see how those players turn out in two to fours years and while you don’t have six years to get it right Francis.

Stay tuned, as Love heads to Impact Academy in Las Vegas to train with NBA pre-draft picks for the summer and to Impact Academy private school in Sarasota, Florida this September.

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  1. coach j says:

    yea their a lot of people out their,making a mockery of the rankings at the kids expense..for the love of MONEY! is the song..hype game

  2. Jordan Montgomery says:

    Keep doing you J!

  3. Ryan Mendez says:

    Was Clark Francis or Ron Naclerio at the MSE Camp?

    coach j, it should be for the love of the game – money comes when you’re great a what you do.

  4. just wondering says:

    It sucks when your son doesn’t get the ranking he actually should have doesn’t it? Now you see how it feels dude and it aint cool.

  5. dom says:

    Who cares what these rankings mean anyway. Some of the greatest basketball players playing today weren’t ranked coming out of high school. As long as you know your child is a good baller, who cares what others think.

  6. love says:

    francis was right on the money with walker what changed things is walker didnt grow….

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