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Its Not Personal, Its Not business, Its Basketball

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There were battles off-and-on the court this past weekend at the 4th Annual John Lucas International Middle School Combine Basketball Camp in Houston, TX.  The top player’s in the country went head-to-head, and so did Clay Dade, CEO of the Junior All-American Camp vs Clark Francis of Hoop Scoop.

Saturday after a  game, as we spoke with Dade on the sidelines of St John’s polished gym floor, over walks Clark.  He offers Clay a wide opened hand shake.  “I’m not going to shake your hand,” said Clay staring eye to eye.

“I’m sorry for what I said,” said Clark with his right hand still extended.  “You know I run a good camp,” said Clay.  “I know,” said Clark with somewhat regret.  We respect Clay for standing up for what he believes in.

Breaking News

Here’s an excerpt from the latest controversial Hoop Scoop article – “word is that Jerron Love outplayed Justin Jenifer in their head-to-head match-up.  Unfortunately we didn’t see that game and our ranking of the top 50 players in camp, which can be found below, reflect only what we saw first hand in both the stations and the games. “

The “word is” that Clark in fact saw “that game” with Van Coleman of Hot100 Hoops. Insiders feel Francis should be relieved of duty for his bold face lie.  They’re also “tired of his turmoil.”

Stay tuned for our Elite 50 player report for the John Lucas Camp in H-Town.

Click here to see Clark at the game

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  1. H-8-r says:

    Who is going to ‘relieve’ Clark Francis of what???? Having an opinion different than yours??? What turmoil are you talking about? BTW, whose ID and password are you using to view the members section of Hoopscooponline??? Or did Clark give you free access???

  2. H-8-r says:

    Oh yeah, who you kidding showing a ONE SECOND clip of supposedly Clark Francis. Liar, Liar, pants on fire. You’re causing turmoil, you gotta go, young fella.

  3. H-8-r says:

    SMH. . . .

    MSE: What are your closing notes?

    Clay Dade: I’m really excited about our brand! Jr All-American Camp has grown so much since its start in 2006, just a short 4 years ago! We’ve had so many great players over that time. Like Michael Gilchrist, the No. 1 high school player in the country, going to Kentucky! Rodney Purvis who has burst onto the high school scene as just a rising sophomore! And so many more! We’ve enjoyed great success and received tremendous publicity from Hoop Scoop to ESPN to to Buckeye Prep and so many more…including now! We are happy to be the elite youth basketball destination of choice for the top junior age players in the nation and we will continue to deliver great programming from our regional camps to our open runs to our prestigious, invite-only national camps.

    What about that tremendous publicity from Clark just a year age???? LOL.

  4. Middle School Elite says:

    Another problem from Clark and MSE will campaign to make sure no parent attends a camp where Clark is at. That’s how we will relieve him.

  5. seriously says:

    Seriously MSE (Mr Love)? You have started a gossip page. Get over Clark Francis and any other organization that doesnt have Jerron as the #1 player in the UNIVERSE!!! This site is becoming more and more of a joke. You actually think we would boycott Clark Francis because you say so? Keep dreaming.

  6. Sam I am says:

    Do we as adults realize that kids read these sites. Rankings are still subjective and some of the better players are priced out of alot of these events. Have an event where kids can come regardless of income level, I will be that the ranking will be shaken up.

  7. H-8-r says:

    Again, what is the problem??? Me thinks it’s nothing more than petty jealously. How could you evaluate the players if you were watching Clark all day??? If you were not watching, maybe he left a second or two after your one second video cut off. . . .He rated the half-pint kid 4th overall. Exactly how wrong could he be??? I seriously doubt any of those kids is better than Kejuan Johnson anyway. Answer all my posts and maybe I’ll get onto another subject.

  8. H-8-r says:

    Clark Francis 35 years in business. . . .Whatever your name is. . . .3 months in business. Who has credibility and who is the LIAR???? Not to mention, who would really be hurt if kids and parents didn’t go to camps Clark attends; that kid or Clark??? Start thinking with your brain, not your behind.

  9. jimboslice says:

    why all the hate on clark? cause certain kids dropped in the new rankings?

  10. H says:

    Is this all your going to talk about? No one cares about what he is doing, hes posting rankings while your hating on him posting one second videos of him at a game. Let him be and do your job

  11. ben brletic says:

    we just finished the jr phenom camp out here in san diego, and although i didnt want to believe it, everything jerry saying is true. the hoopscoop, clark francis, is not only a fat terd, that has never played basketball, he has no morale compass. i am not just a salty parent, i just watched the all star games and believe me the fix is in. the 6th graders were legit, however, 7th and 8th was a damn joke. there were some good players, but for the most part, not even close. clark, not the coaches that actually watched all the games, hand picked his butt buddy and ass kissing friends kids. we were calling the mvps before they were even announced, just by how much the parents and clark interacted. wait til you see these pathetic players. hoopscoop, in my opinion, has jumped the shark, and will actually end up ruining its brand with these actions. Joe keller had all the campers read, and write about a wall street journal article about jeron. the talent was not here for the most part, and phenom is on its way to irrelevance. middle school elite, you have the opportunity to end this non sense, keep up the good work.

  12. clarence says:

    whats the member password for hoopscoop….I want to see the lies.

  13. rf says:

    ben, I saw a recent vid of a kid with the same last name as yours. Any relationship? Either way that’s pretty much the only thing I’ve seen on the camp. That kid seemed to be doing some good things, and in part of the clip, he was doing them against another kid I recognize from my part of the country, who is an above average player, but not great. How old is your son if it was him and who can we look at in the vid, that might have had a skewed rating?

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