Jordan Montgomery 4th Grade Young Baller

Jordan Montgomery Champion Workout 

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  1. Seth Wilson says:

    Jordan great job ! way to work cant wait to camp next year so we all can hook up and ball together with all of our friends we met.

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  3. swisha918 says:

    Great job Jordan! Check out Trey Cundiff 4th grader from Oklahoma

  4. Two words Jalen Suggs. MREZ went down to the Hoosier tournaments this weekend and watched some of the best middle school hoop teams in the country. A couple of kids stood out. 6th grade player Javon Castillo for Indian Hoosiers, Ramey from Team Ramey as usual and 4th grader Jalen Suggs. Film for them will be posted on Ballers Swag Elite in near future from the event. Undoubtedly the best 4th grade baller in Midwest. This kid is on another plain. From what we observed he would have easily destroyed fifth grade and dominated at the 6th grade level. Special player for sure!

    • Real Talk says:

      The above videos say class of 2019. Is he another “reclass” story? If he is so dominate, why Wisconsin gotta bring a 13 year old down to the tourney. Roster/heights and pictures don’t match up.!/JalenSuggs2020/status/204293316039294976/photo/1

      Coaches do it for the kids, stop all this reclassing and cheating. P.S, a good 3 point shooter and a kid that avoids contact is easy to find, reclass or not.

      • You Bet says:

        Suggs kid is not 10 and he was held back. The kids should be in the 6th Grade. So yea he will dominate any 4th grader

      • Good Point says:

        Way to point that out Roster don’t match player.. Funny somebody said he always played with them but when I saw them get smashed last year as a 3rd grade team he wasnt there… We will see at nationals if they go this year but hey even that ant concrete anymore so just play your game and have fun.

    • Hit Observer says:

      Call him like he is Re-classed 4th grader makes a big difference and I saw him play he shoots the 3 ball and avoids contact he did nothing extra special to where he stood out. Parents kill me cant do it in the grade they in so they hold kids back.

    • I never knew who Jalen Suggs was until I came on MSE? what team does he play for? how can he be considered playing up if he is a held back child anyway.. Yall kill me with that. that kid mike is 9 years old passing with one hand off the dribble. Zig zagging through lanes going behind the back, made one shot by flinging the ball from the front to the net and hit. Kids confidence is crazy. I understand why he got this ranking. his passes are unbelivable unselfish and well disciplined. forget the grades tell me their ages…

    • TMZ says:

      Jalen Suggs let’s embrace the kid. He is obviously another example of a kid who’s dad is trying so hard to get his son some attention. Can he atleast ball in a bigtime tournament and let the people do the talking? How can you say he would of dominated 5th and 6th when most people didn’t know he was at the tournament? Looks like another spot up shooter to me. No defence, no dribble moves. Maybe if you played in division one Nationals you would see he is way down the list when you talk about 2020 talent. I am surprised Wisconsin Playground would even want a kid/parent on the team, its obvious they more concerned about the kid then the team. WPGE, never over glorifies a win, it takes a hype machine like MREZ to go overboard and put Suggs on the infamous “emberASS the kid” list.

      • MREZ sports says:

        Ah! Good luck to everyone and have a great summer! Remember love the kids! All of them! Even Jalen Suggs who just won the 2012 Division I 4th grade National championship with his team mate from Team Sizzle Langston L Boogie while playing for Wisconsin Playground Elite!

    • Zeb Jackson says:

      Yes sir…Jalen is solid. Playground gave us our first loss after a 5 game streak in AAU nationals 2 weeks ago

  5. HIT Observer says:

    I like Suggs and Saunders for G3, both special talents. Nothing bad to say about either players. I think neither disappointed. To say either would dominate 5th and 6th is a reach especially if you watched the 5th grade championship(G3-63 beat Hoosiers-43). Solid tournament especially 4th grade. I was alittle disappointed that George Hill’s whole team didn’t play in championship and Coach Saunders didn’t coach.I believe if a team travels to play the top teams, they should get there best punch. Just my opinion.

    • You Right says:

      Hit Observer yea im sure if coach saunders had it his way all his players could of been in attendence. but thats the battle of the beast when you play almost every weekend. Gotta do other things too not just always about basketball. He had enough there that gave everybody a good run and they still could of won it even with missing kids. Mit, they will be there to represent so any team that felt slighted can meet them up there if they win their pools. or get lucky and be in the same pool as them.

    • Hit Observer says:

      will suggs is technically a 5th grader by age and Mike saunders is still 9years old so really by age mike is a 3rd grader.

  6. Hit says:

    This video of suggs playing with no contact looks good but anyone can do a video with drill work and no defense and get some recongnition off it. I watched the lil mike balling on you tube that little dude playing in real game times killing with boy’s 3 times his size. was the zack randolph 6th grade team he playing???

    • MREZ sports says:

      To all he doubted what we do at MREZ sports we travel and watch kids. That is what we do. We didn’t pull this kid Jalen Suggs out of the blue. We didn’t consult with his daddy like everyone thinks to propel this kid into whatever people think. We only deal with the cold hard facts. If anything it is to help parents deal with the reality that there could be someone out there better! Just because there is a kid better doesn’t mean your kid isn’t pretty good. Most importantly, it’s just the fourth grade! Kids change and situations change. As of right now Jalen Suggs is the real deal. He lead Wisconsin Playground Elite to the Division I National Championship. We told you about this kid months ago. Congratulations to both teams who played in the Championship game. Much respect to G3 and Michael Saunders who is a hell of a talent. That kid runs a team like a veteran NBA point guard! He is the real deal! Also The WE Can Go All Stars is another great team with great players, just like the HAVOC! There is talent out there which was proved at this years Nationals. I’m pretty sure there are others out there that get it in…we just haven’t seen them yet! They are there and our job is to find them. Thanks again everyone! Love every kid because they are our future!

  7. Best Buy Classic says:

    Yes it was Zach’s 6th grade team. G3 4th always seems to play up a grade or two. So this suppose to be 3rd grader is making moves like that at 9. Smh. Ima have to stay tuned to him.

    On another note… Big ups to G3 6th grade boys for invading Chicago this past weekend and taking the Chicago Best Buy Classic championship back to nap! Ballers!

  8. Mike Saunders says:

    Congrats to Wisconsin Playground Elite, they beat some talented teams including G3, WACG, and Metrrolina Havoc. I know how hard the coach worked to get them to this point and I applaud them. Another great experience and hopefully all the kids stay healthy and return next year. Despite how hard people wanna turn these kids against each other, the relationships these boys built let’s me know us as parents are bringing them up right. MREZ thanks for the convo after the game. It let’s me know your another brotha trying to keep the kids on track. Another great season. Keep Grinding.

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