Seth Wilson Top 8 Year Old in The Country Earns MVP

Seth Wilson a MSE Camper led Ohio’s Lorain Titans 2nd grade team in the Ohio Future Stars Tournament.

Wilson played at his grade level for the first time ever in his young career, because he usually plays 2-3 grades up.

Seth averaged nearly a triple double 19 points, 11 rebounds and 6 assist per game.

Young Wilson is preparing for nationals with the 3rd grade OBC (Ohio Basketball Club) in Orlando, Florida to try to add a national title to is young resume.

Wilson will be at the next MSE camp in a State near you!

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  1. Jim Allen says:

    Seth is very deserving of all his honors.

  2. Jordan Montgomery says:

    Nice work Seth. Was great to meet you in NY, hope to run into you again. Keep working hard! Hi to the family from our family.

  3. […] who already has been named the top 2nd grade ballerin the country and has won numerous awards like MVP honors at the Ohio Future Stars Tournament.  Seth was playing against kids his own grade level this time […]

  4. […] Tracy, Nick Klaiber. Bordering state of 2011 National Champs Class 2019 All Ohio Red. class of 2021 Seth Wilson, Chicago’s finest Marquise Walker, Chase Adams, Zion Young, Jordan Simmons, Jaylin Fleming, Lance […]

  5. realtalk says:

    seth wilson has been held back twice …i done had just enouf of this older kids taking younger kids glory he is a fake ball player play where u be long

  6. angela wilson says:

    Dear realtalk,
    I don’t know where you got your information from, but it is simply incorrect. I understand your frustration, however, I am replying to set the record straight. I am his biological mother. He was born in October of 2002 – I was there. He is a legitimate 3rd grader. He is a straight “A” student. A “Scholar Athlete”. Based on his athletic ability, he really should play 2 to 3 grades higher, but, he has never been held back. No need for anymore words, meet us in Indiana. I will accept your apology there.

    • Ray Moss wlpak says:

      I have seen footage this kid and he is very talented, I also have a son with Seth same ability in 2nd grade but not as strong or fast but with his same skill set that play two grades up he will be on aau seen nxt year. God Bless

  7. Donovan Wilson says:


    You have been misinformed, whoever gave you your information was truly, deceiving you! Iam Seth Wilson father (biological) he is a true 3rd grader, and he is in Honor classes ! I’m a educator and my wife (Seth’s mother)strongly beleive in God, Education,and athletics in that order. My son works very hard to acheive his skill level, and for you to imply that we cheat is very disturbing,there is No need for us to cheat and I know it is hard to beleive he play that far up, but he has done it all his life except once, was going to have him play up in the 4th or 5th grade at MSE Camp with his friends he meet last year, but now we MAY PLAY at his AGE GROUP which is the 3rd grade! He turned 9 in October he is a true 3rd grader!

  8. To whom it may concern: I’am Seth Grandfather “NO” Seth was not held back “once or not twice”. Church, Education comes first, then sports or what evey any of the grand-kids chose. I didn’t allow my son to do sports first nor will I or his mother, or any family member will let that happen by holding any of them back. So to say that: Seth is 9-yrs old born Oct.06, 2002 and in the 3th grade. In a honor school for honor grades thank you. No disc respect but!!! don”t confuse education with talent, because of him and, other kids are talented and work hard, which any kid can do, they don’t have to be held back.

  9. antwan carter says:

    I think ur son is a hard worker and i do think god,school,then sports to keep doing what u do its working a lot of people don’t understand u can be a good player,but what good is that if ur stupid as a box of rocks.Will see u guys this weekend my son aiden has good “d” so looking forward to the skill that ur son will bring to the game it will make my son better. good luck and god bless

  10. MR.dodoman says:

    First of all, how could you possibly claim a kid was the best 10-year-old unless you had seen every single 10-year-old play (and if you have, don’t you have anything better to do with your time)? And what is the point of even trying to determine who the best 10-year-old is? Who does that benefit? What positive could possibly come of that?

    Why would anyone want to burden a 10-year-old kid with the pressure of being “the best”? Or 12-year-old. Or 14-year-old for that matter? These are kids we are talking about!

    Now, I am fine with naming All-American teams or even publicly ranking players right before their senior year in high school. But I believe in doing so as a way to recognize them for what they have already accomplished.

    But even then it is a slippery slope as success is never guaranteed.

  11. jay says:

    I take that back this is two years old…he is in correct grade

  12. cheap paper says:

    My congratulations to him! I am sure that this 8-year little boy will surely gain more success with his unbreakable struggles. May God Bless him!

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