MSE Top 25 National Player Rankings for 4th Grade (Class of 2019)

2011 MSE Top 25 National Player Rankings for 4th Grade (Class of 2019)

#1 Keion Brooks, 5’7, Center, IN 

#2 Jordan Montgomery 5’2, Guard, CA

#3 Kenneth Wilburn, 5’6, Forward, MD

#4 Tyler Brelsford, 5’2, Guard, Washington, DC

#5 Simon Banks, 5’5, Guard, IN

#6 Hunter Dickinson, 5’8, Center, Fairfax, VA

 #7 Antuan White, 5’3, Guard, IN

#8 Kolin Lewis, 5’4, Guard, MD

#9 Jordan Mitchell 5’4, forward, OH

#10 Bryce Goodwin 5’5, Guard, Arizona

  #11 Kobe Langley, 5’1, Guard, NC

#12 Kyree Banks, 5’2, Guard, Clinton, MD

#13 Gabriel Jimerson, 5’6, Forward, Richmond, VA

#14 Sahvir Wheleer, 5’2,  Guard, TX

#15 Jaheim Tanksley, 5’2, Guard, NJ

#16 Richie Thompson, 5’1, Guard, Canada

#17 Kenneth Womack, 5’0, Guard, Washington, D.C

 #18 Mike Sumner, 4’11, Guard, Upper Marlboro, MD

#19 Jahmir young, 5’0, Guard, Washington, DC

#20 Gibson Jimerson 5’5, Forward, Richmond, VA

#21 Sean Q Willis, 4’10, Guard, Illinois

#22 Jason Gibson, 5’1, Guard , Washington, DC

#23 Noah Smith, 5’2, Guard, IN

#24 Charles Creek, 4’11, Guard,  Washington, DC

#25 Mike Saunders, 5’2, Guard, IN



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  1. cb says:

    watch charlie brooks from region elite indiana from illinois merrillville field house centen great passer good scorer

    • NC Prospects says:

      On WCBA class of 2019 in Raleigh, NC their point guard (number 21) is one of the fastest kids I have seen and is one of the best passers in the game and is also a lock down defender. He can also score. He can play from a point guard to a power forward at only 5’1.

  2. Michael Lekic says:

    I hope you know that jordan montgomery is not 5’2. I asked his father and he said jordan is 4’10 barefoot.So with sneakers on at most he is 5’0,no more than 5’1 definitley. Just wanted to let you know that at the most he is 5’0,no more than 5’1. Or is this a scam to make money and get kids recognized.

  3. NJ Fan says:

    just stop hatin

  4. noneofurbusiness says:

    what about jordan mckoy and aj hoggard those r both top 10 playes in the country and so is jaheim tanksley he should be top 10 not 15

  5. Mark S says:

    i saw tyler b of DC Assault, that kid can play!!

  6. fanball says:

    what about jordan mckoy and aj hoggard which are defintly top 10 players and jaheim tanksley is better than tyler and jordan and # 6 from fairfax stars i think his name is justice should without a question be on there

  7. Chi - Town says:

    Keep an eye out for Fred Cleveland (3 pt. Fury)

  8. aballer's mom says:

    Shout out to Keion, Simon, Aj, and Noah who are in nationals right now putting In work.

    • keepnitreal says:

      Big shots out to my nephew Keion Brooks Jr. You went hard down in the Carolinas puttn up 20pts/20 rebs multiple games.

  9. O-H-I-O says:

    Who is making these rankings need to scout Francis on All Ohio Red in OH, he is one of the best combo guards in the country and a National Champion. O-H-I-O

  10. john doe says:

    what about jordaN mckoy,aj hoggard,justice ellison, # 30 from all ohio red and jahiem tanksley should be higher than 15 cause he is better than alot of those point guards ahead of him

    • getmoney says:

      i agrree john doe i seen all of those kids you just stated and they should all be on the list but i think jaheim is in the right spot

  11. jc says:

    you are right mike my son is on here and he is not 4’11 more like 5’6

  12. the chi says:

    look out for charlie brooks region elite great player high iq i just cannot say enough about this kid from chicago team is 52 and 9 star in the making

  13. Jordan's mom says:

    It was a great honor seeing Jordan in the rankings. Thank you MSE for the recognition. We are very proud of him and his teammates, they work hard on the court.

    #9 Jordan Mitchell his height should be 5’7 he plays center/forward.

    Congratulations to all the yound men for making the list.

  14. Coach Brown says:

    #9 Jordan Mitchell 5’4, forward, OH is kid to be reckened with. He can score and is a leader. He strives to make his team mates better. He is one to watch.

  15. etownbattlecat says:

    keep an eye out for Lance Jones, played for Chicago Ferrari 4th grade real humble kid.

  16. Steven H says:

    Tyler Brelsford is by far the best pg ive seen at the fourth grade level. I see alot of kyrie Irving in his young game. Will be very special one day if he keeps at it.

  17. ohio says:

    Looking at these ranking just trying to figure out how did you come up with the rankings of players. All-Ohio Red have a guard that made these other guards look bad. If you seen the 4th grade Nationals you would redo this list. Not hating just keeping it real. Red, 30,5,25.

  18. High School AAU Coach says:

    TOO All parents these are 4th graders are you kidding getting excited about this ranking. WARNING MOST OF THESE KIDS WON’T BE RANKED WHEN THERE ARE SENIORS. Dont make a big deal out of this its to EARLY.

    • Outlaw says:

      To the High School AAU Coach sounds like this is something to be excited about that they have a high school coach commenting on them already. You must not have any of these boys on your team. Congrats to all these boys on the list keep working hard and the sky is the limit.

  19. IN Coach Snoop says:

    Having the opportunity to coach 4 of the top 25 players ranked on this list, I can tell you with their skill and work ethic as 4th graders they definitely deserve to be recognized on this list. Aside from the four I’ve had the previlidge to coach, the 2011 National 4th grade champions All Ohio Red has a Magic Johnson/Mark Jackson type PG in Jeremiah Francis, a towering athletic wing/center who can take you off the dribble, make great passes, rebound and finish at the bucket Jordan Mitchell shows desire and passion for the game and if you want to focus on their size and presence in the post well their fans will gladly thank you for opening the floor for Jaidon Lipscomb who has an itchy trigger hand that will shoot lights out from behind the arc. The twins Kobe and Keyshaun Langley bring great guard play, athleticism, and scoring to the class of 2019. Justice Ellison of the Faifax Stars is an explosive point guard who sees the floor and will penetrate the lane and drop you off with an NBA no-look pass that make anyone watching say whoo!!!!!

    • really says:

      wow loaded with that scouting report, IN coach, perhaps the RS team would have won the National title against the likes of those superstars

  20. bags20 says:

    let the church say amen @ high school aau coach!

  21. bball capital says:

    keep an eye out for Devin Tolbert from Chicago class of 2020

  22. invalid says:

    check out ray j dennis from the illinois raptors

  23. middleschoolelite says:

    keep an eye out for Devin Tolbert from Chicago class of 2020

  24. keep an eye out for Devin Tolbert Chicago class of 2020 this kid is a jet with the basketball

  25. Bball Fan says:

    As a fan watching this age group play over the last three years the following is the top 25 players in my opinion after this year taking into account current skill level, upside, and basketball IQ.

    1. Jordan Mitchell – Forward – All Ohio Red
    2. Kobe Langley – Shooting Guard – NC Gaters
    3. Keion Brooks – Forward – Indy Rising Stars
    4. Jeremiah Francis – Point Guard – All Ohio Red
    5. Peyton Harris – Center – Memphis War Eagles
    6. Joseph Cooper – Point Guard – Memphis War Eagles
    7. Wendell Moore – Forward – QCAA Force
    8. Tyler Brelsford – Point Guard – DC Assault
    9. Simon Banks – Forward – Indy Rising Stars
    10. Chandler Lawson – Forward – Memphis War Eagles
    11. Eric Liddell – Center – Missouri-Illinois Select
    12. AJ Hoggard – Point Guard – Team Nelson
    13. Jalen Gaffney – Shooting Guard – Team Nelson
    14. Keyshaun Langley – Point Guard – NC Gaters
    15. Mike Green – Forward – NC Gaters
    16. Morgan Mitchell – Center – Texas BU All Stars
    17. Charles Creek – Forward – Maryland’s Finest
    18. Jaylin Hunter – Shooting Guard – Fairfax Stars
    19. Danario Edgar – Point Guard – Rytes Warriors
    20. Tyrese Jenkins – Center – DC Assault
    21. Ishmael Leggett – Shooting Guard – DC Assault
    22. Justice Ellison – Point Guard – Fairfax Stars
    23. Jaamir Butler – Forward – Team Takeover
    24. Juwan Gary – Center – Carolina Ravens
    25. Cole Matthiesen – Center – Fairfax Stars

  26. Po'Town Baller says:

    There is an upstate NY guard, goes by the nickname “H”. Great handle, legit shooting range, all around great player.

  27. Southern Comfort says:

    Ya’ll need to be down in South Carolina more! There a big boy from down there in Chesnee, Chester Holmes, who is easy 5’6 and can bomb from deep. This ain’t no real site if you ain’t got Chester in the top 20 for real

    • NC PREPS 2019 says:


  28. Yougottabekiddingme says:

    Please tell me that this is a mirage.

    Did I just read that there is a 4th grader with Magic Johnson/Mark Jackson type PG skills?

    That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard. No wait, this is:

    “I hope you know that jordan montgomery is not 5’2. I asked his father and he said jordan is 4’10 barefoot. So with sneakers on at most he is 5’0,no more than 5’1 definitley. Just wanted to let you know that at the most he is 5’0,no more than 5’1. Or is this a scam to make money and get kids recognized.”

    1) are you really arguing about the height of 4th grader? Are you aware that he will probably grow 8-10 more inches? therefore trying to waste your time scouting somebody who isn’t fully developed is unnecessary.

    2) Of course this is a money-making scam.

    Seriously, not only is this site one of the most preposterous ventures I’ve ever seen, but there are people out there who actually think this pertinent information.

    • ballerscoach says:

      Yougottabekiddingme-LOL I agree! And I know that Jordan’s big bro stands over 6’7″. Who knows what could happen with these kids. It’s early in the game (of life and basketball). 4’10, 5’2, right now they are 4th graders that have talent and a lot to be proud of. I encourage them all to continue to work on the game and stay focused on school. God has a plan for them

    • Michael Lekic says:

      I was just making a statement gosh. You make it seemed like i was threatning to kill them.

  29. Iagree says:

    This is more to get the parents EGO’s look at my KID site. These are 4th graders not high school players. Parents come back to EARTH. Goto Hoopscoop or Rivals when your child gets listed then you will know where your son is at.

    • keepin it real says:

      Yeah, I feel you on that. It must mean something if a high school AAU coach is even peeping out the list. If it don’t matter, why are you even on the site.

  30. etownbattlecat says:

    Matt Miller has Lance Jones ranked #1 class of 2019

  31. AAU watcher says:

    I saw Mike Saunders down in Orlando and I know his dad. He is actually in the 3rd grade. Good kid on and off the court. George Hill Rising Stars one of the few legit teams on circuit. Finished #2 and #3 in Nationals last two years. Great job!

    • Nationals Observer says:

      #10 and #12 for George Hill both really nice. They have a big kid #9 who was probably best big man at tournament. Number #23 has crazy range. Does anyone know the names of these kids. also the names of WACG #1 and #2, saw these kids battle at 9U tournament this past week.

    • TaylorMade says:

      If you follow George Hill then you’ve seen them play against the Taylor Made All Stars Oct 8, 2011. 4th grader Jacob Jones #11 put on a nice show against their 5th grade team, in route to beating them twice in as many days. I try not to put too much stock into a 4th grader but he was good enough to control those games.

      • George Hill Realist says:

        Sorry Taylor Made parent, but that was some of George Hill’s 4th Graders and non of the starters for there returning 5th Grade team. Actually of the 4th graders that played #12 (Brevin Jefferson) was the only 4th grade starter from National team and he punished you guys in the 4th quarter before fouling out….lol.So whoever seen George Hill play would of told you that. Better yet ask the coach of the 4th grade team how your son compares to Mike Saunders jr.(Kid with the green Lebron James). His schoolball team with two 3rd graders and one 2nd grader beat them by 40+ both games.If you can show me a 3rd grader better then Javin Brady and Darion Smith or 2nd Grader better then Javon Tracy or Nick Klaiber then you talking about something. Do this, email Coach Mike ([email protected]) and let your son play agianst the best gaurds in the midwest. We putting it out their. ANYBODY in the MIDWEST!Anybody wanna brag about your kid and send videos of them playing with cones. Save your money spend some gas and come to INDIANAPOLIS. We have the top 2nd Grade gaurds in the Nation Nick Klaiber and Javon Tracy(MIT MVP), Starting backcourt of the 2011 8u/2nd grade National team as 1st graders. They played in big games won MIT, won Cincy Knight, won Indiana State. No contest. Best 3rd Graders Javin Brady/Darion Smith not Seth Wilson not Blackmond. Blackmond got beat in state 36-0 didn’t score a bucket against G3 in National(take that YOUTUBE video down). Parents saying he the best in Nation but he aint even the best in the state. You like videos so much put the video from Nationals up and see how many points he scored. Anyways, ranking don’t mean anything and stock market is down right now, but I am pretty sure Coach Mike would love for some of you 4th grade gaurds to come to Indianapolis to compete.

        • George Hill Realist says:


          May 18-20 2012 -Indianapolis, IN.
          Boys Gr 2nd-8th. May Include HS

          Presented by Indy Hoosiers and George Hill Rising Stars who combine to
          represent Indiana with 30 plus State Titles, 2 National Champions, 2 National Runner ups and several Final Fours in AAU National Championships. This tourney will be a loaded event as we plan to bring every National Champion 3rd-8th in 2011 to Indy for the event. We have confirmation from all but one. The tourney will have teams from Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Atlanta, Tennessee, California, Texas and many more coming to Indy for this event. The “BEST OF THE BEST” in each grade will be here. DONT MISS IT!!!!!

          250.00 Early Bird fee prior to April 1. 275.00 after April 1. Your word does not hold a spot. Entry fee and registration is the only way to hold a spot as we will have to turn teams away at a certain number. WACG,, Indiana Elite, Mempis Wareagles,Wisconsin Elite, Spiece..already Committed.

        • TaylorMade says:

          We came to Indy where you mixed your best kids together there. So keep making excuses if you like but I know what I seen. AND THE COACH THERE WANTS HIM…nuff said!!!!

          • TaylorMade says:

            The 4th grader for Taylor Made played up for the 5th grade team both times. He doesn’t play at his own grade and never has. When they played in Indy a couple of weeks later the same results.

          • Coach says:

            Coach Saunders, let me get em for you. So, you braggin on a team that never went to Nationals, never played in a big tourney, and never won state. You talking about a 4th grader that nobody ever heard of on a 5th grade team out of Louisville that everyone knows doesn’t produce top level 5th grade teams. Funny people learn the game, just because you beat a schoolball team with a couple of travel kids doesn’t mean you beat that travel team. Trust me come March or April you will get plenty of oppurtunities to play against the full team. Its hard to convince rookies the rules of the game but most veteran parents will tell you, BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU ASK FOR.

          • Devin Mosley says:

            Boy, your coach got you brain washed. Mixed the best kids! Most the kids playing football and schoolball right now. Saunders coaches a schoolball team with his son on it. Check it out and hopefully you can see the full team and know the difference between schoolball and travel. Please try to keep a straight face when you realize the team your 5th grade beat by 3 points had a couple of 3rd graders.This website isn’t for bootleg Louisville teams tryin to make a name for itself. Its about top middle school talent. The fact your 4th grade team looked horrible and your 5th grade team had a 6th grader playin lets me know you aint ready.

          • TaylorMade says:

            Hate to tell ya bro but he’s from IN. Excuses..excuses..excuses..that’s all I hear!!! If you wanna dispute that the kid can’t play, that’s fine. But to try to belittle a fourth grade 9yr old is pathetic!! But what else could I expect from a bunch of people who were ready to fight over a lose!? He’ll play DI just like other families members have played. Grow up cause in 4yrs we will see where everyone is, while you’ll be dancing in the street over a 4th grade ship!!! GET A LIFE!!! BTW..the kid is a straight A student, now that’s something to brag about.

          • TaylorMade says:

            I’m not even fron KY but I know for a fact that The Ville and The Louisville Legends have both won or been in the top 5 in nationals, so there goes that argument. I watched the current 6th graders for The Legends play at the Nolan Fieldhouse against The Rising Stars kid and I do believe the Legends won. By the hands of Romeo Langford another IN kid that’s also the Jones kids workout partner. But they both played well!

          • Hi, I am Coach Ward.

            I coached one of the G3 teams in the tournament in Kentucky and back up here in Indiana. We put a team together that consisted of a couple of 5th, 4th, & 3rd graders to play in the 5th grade pool/tournament. That was due to a number of the kids playing football & school ball not being able to make the tournament.

            We consistently focus on improving the players individual & team basketball skills. And provide the kids an opportunity to apply those skills in a very competitive environment. We had some good games against Taylor Made and look forward to playing your teams in the near future (with our full 5th grade team 😉 .

            There are some very good players on both teams and I personally enjoyed watching the kids play ball. Let’s please stay positive and enjoy the kids playing a sport that they love.

  32. StoptheMadness says:

    Ok I hope all of you know that rankings this young mean absolutely nothing. Have these kids wont even make their high school teams

  33. Kyle Montgomery says:

    Lol its funny to see how worked up people get over things like this. I’m (#2 ranked) jordan montgomery’s older brother. And I could care less if he is number 1,2 or 40 right now. These kids still have a long road ahead of them, it will be cool to see some of the same names in the espn national rankings later on if these young men keep working. Congrats to all ya’ll on the list & to those kids out there working that just so happen not to be on it.

    And for the comment about my brothers height, jordan’s about 5’1 now, I’m 20 yrs old & I’m 6’7. So were aren’t to worried. 6’3 to 6’5 would be a nice height for him to hopefully reach but if not, hey that’s life. Cp3, d.rose, d.will, found some way to make it happen without being giants lol.

  34. Rinse says:

    Great list of players and I am sure there are many more on the rise. 4th grade nationals was very interesting. I have been around this group of kids since they were 8u. Keyshaun Langley from North Carolina should be on this list. This kid runs the point. He rebounds, defends, passes, shoots and attacks the basket with the best of them. He does not get the credit that he deserves b/c his twin brother Kobe is more flashy and scores in bunches. Keyshaun is the ultimate team player who does not care who gets the credit or scores. He is a winner! Big ups to all the kids listed! I also like the Ellison kid from Fairfax Stars, AJ Hoggard from Team Nelson.

  35. 3rd Grader Observer says:

    3rd grade nationals showcased a lot of kids to be on the watch for. Class of 2020 is gonna be a class of the new decade. Watch out for (#3 G Hill tough small guard) (#2 WCAG flashy ball handler can score)(#7 ICPC big tall kid runs floor well)( #3 Memphis kid with ponytail shoots ball well & those guards from Metro Havoc. Sure these kids are gonna be ranked also in near future

    • Mike Saunders Sr. says:

      Thanks for the love-MSE, I know people say it doesn’t mean much till HS. Atleast I know up to this point as a parent I am doing the right things on and off the court. The city of Indiana has alot of HS talent hopefully programs like George Hill, Indy Hoosiers, and Indy Rising Stars can follow in their footsteps. I feel in order for the “ranking” to be more accurate next season in addition to George Hill kids like #10-kenny Tracy, #12 Brevin Jefferson, #9 Nick Hittle, #23 Ethan Watts(all mentioned aboved), #7 Roy Higgins, #32 Trey Galloway..I would follow up with these other organizations that compete at a national level about these kids:
      W.A.C.G-#2(Lil Ray), #1, #3
      Metrolina Havoc-#1,#3,#5,#6
      Florida Force-Big/Athletic 5’8 kid
      Top Risers-#9
      K.C Crunch-Coach’s son
      Also, OBC, Memphis, NY Gauchoes,and D.C Assault. All these organizations travel all over and can vouch for alot of these kids. All these kids/teams was at Nationals. Trust me if you asked each coach to pick 10 kids from a program outside there own,keepin it REAL most these kids/numbers would pop up.
      CONGRATS to INDY RISING STARS for having four kids in top 25. All big Brothers to Lil Mike! Quick note MSE, we(G3) been playing in the Illinois area for 4 years and I havent seen one team come out of the state except Illinois Future. Unless they reclassed some kids or they been playing up we haven’t seen any prospects from Illinois.

      • etownbattlecat says:

        I have to disagree with you when you say there are no prospects in Illinois. Lance Jones is a player who has skils and a great attitude.

      • Coach CP13 says:

        Easy there Coach. I have nothing but love and admiration for the way the kids of Indiana have been taught to play this wonderful game. As for prospects in our state, the state known as “in guards we trust”, all I can say is this, take a closer look. We have prospects………we just call them NBA prospects, cause we turn out pro’s! Indiana is a basketball state period. Our Illinois kids are involved in multiple sports and a young age. There are a ton of young talented kids in Illinois. Look hard enough you’ll find them.
        Nojel,Alonzo,Xavier,Marquise,Chase,Zion,Maurice,Lance,Marcus, Ryan,Ra J,Antonio,Namari,Elijah, just a few in the 3rd-7th grade set that are out here working hard and can hang with anybody or anyone in their age group in Indiana. Good luck on the circuit this year, your organization has teams that are a joy to watch!

        Quick name the last NBA champion that didnt have a Illinois player on it?

        • BBallFollower says:

          Coach was talking about current 4th graders not the whole state of Illinois. We currently have kids in G3 from Illinois and I think he was answering the question below about the 2020 class.

  36. @3rd grade observer would you happen to know a few soon to be 4th grade prospects (2020) from the state of illnois and what team they play for

  37. chi town says:

    middle school elite watch out for charlie brooks region elite kid is a great player straight a student played against keion brooks in indianapolis loss but they are ready to have a showdown with the indy rising stars

    • justsaying says:

      The indy rising stars have lost all their players except for the coach’s son, so you might want to find out where those kids are at if you want some real players. Thought I should let you know.

  38. class of 2020 star nimari burnett of illinois raptors is unstoppable. can run the point and post up down low and be effective

  39. bsketball27 says:

    Just to let you know Noah smith is in the top 10. Check him out.

    • Real Talk says:

      For the record Noah Smith isn’t even a top 10 player in Indiana, maybe a top 10 “team hopper”-Hoosiers, then Indy Magic, the IRS, then back to Hoosiers… Only thing you need to “check out” is how his mom destroyed the Indy Rising Stars.

      • Jasmine says:

        Noah’s mom didn’t destroy Indy Rising Stars, the coach did that all by himself. The boys that left good luck!

      • Terri Wells says:

        Wow! Have a Blessed Year. His mom.

      • trainer says:

        Let’s keep it real everybody knows what happen to the indy r ising stars the coach Safford wanted his son to be that dude and everybody knows he wasn’t that guy. He made his son team captain he started more than anybody . His son had the worst attitude on the team and by far was the worst player on the team. Let’s keep it real you want to say noah is not even in the top ten in the state your son isn’t top ten player on his block! You got a lot of nerve to blame Terri for the break up of the team it was you Safford. How many teams has your son been on since the break up nobody wants to deal with you or him! You had a great group of kids that you didn’t play to their full potential cause you was just worried about how they was going to cover for your son. It’s NO SECRET ask around people are surprised we stayed as long as we did. Everybody knows you and your son are not them dudes lol ask your peers they laughing at you. So your best bet is to stick with your plan to hold him back like you been telling everybody so he can compete but do you really think even then he can hang with G3 fourth grade team. Yea I don’t think so . So instead of placing blame on everybody else why don’t you look in the mirror and put your son on the chess team!

  40. Dale Ward says:

    5th Grade (2019) Boys AAU/Travel Basketball Weekly Workouts/Tryouts will begin this Saturday (Indiana).

    We provide a program that consistently focus on improving the players individual and team skills.

    All Workouts will consist of the following phases:

    * Phase1: Offense to Defense: – transition drills
    * Phase 2: Defense: – man-to-man & zone drills
    * Phase 3: Defense to Offense: – transition drills
    * Phase 4: Offense: – Read & React Reaction Drills, 1/2 court man & zone offense drills
    * Phase 5: Performance based agility drills

    DATE: Sept 10th, 2011 (Saturdays)
    TIME: 1pm to 2:30pm

    Please RSVP for Location, by sending the following players information to the email address: [email protected]

    Birth Date:
    Parents Name:
    Email Address:
    Cell Phone#:
    Previous Basketball Experience:


    Coach Ward
    Ph: 317-508-2530
    [email protected]

  41. what class is Charlie Brooks in?

  42. Up and coming Philly guard…Aquil Stewart…little guy wit a giant heart…older brother is at Pitt…freshman John Johnson…remember dis kid!!

  43. the chi says:

    charlie brooks is in the class of 2019

  44. class of 2019 shooting guard Antonio Reeves from Illinois Raptors may be the best shooter in the class

  45. STL KING says:

    Honestly you can’t sleep on the St. Louis Hoopers. Missouri- Illnois Select is loaded with talent. Mehki Hagens, Mehki Ray, Aaron Daniels, and Eric Liddell all put on shows at nationals this year. These kids can flat out play….

  46. The #1 Ranked player Keion Brooks along with ranked players Simon Banks, AJ White,Noah Smith and members of the former Indy Rising Stars combine with Other Indy standouts to form the INDY HOOSIER 2019 Team. The Indy Hoosiers have proven success Nationally and This year look for the 2019 Team to continue the Reputation. This collaboration will bring good to the team and programs success in 2012.

  47. Tony King says:

    I know Keion Brooks personaly and he is a great kid on and off the court a straight A student and quaterback on his football team. He is a very humble kid and knows this is only a step in the right direction. Keep up the good work Keion!

  48. the chi says:

    can i get info for charlie brooks best player in southwst souburbs of illinois just scored 62 points in a winter league game last night

  49. Joker says:

    Good Luck Taylor Made. I am not in the business of bashing kids and hopefully we will see you in March or April. Are resume at The National Level speaks for itself. Also, for the record, Taylor Made 8 Rising Stars 38 in Louisville Natinals. You will Aslo notice the 2 forfeits from Louisville teams in the 3rd grade division which is common when we go to Louisville. When we get back in the AAU swing of things…..

  50. 2015 Cincy Knights Player says:

    I say this in the most respectful way but…… Why the HELL isn’t jeremiah francis on this list I believe he was ALL-Ohio Red best player. he is easily top 5 but don’t get me wrong him and jordan mitchell are tied for #1. If jordan had a better basketball IQ he would easily be #1 in the country but now he is only using talent. I think him and jeremiah are tied for first on the team. But i think they are as good as the All-Ohio Red team that had Jared Sullinger with all their fire power. But jeremiah francis and jordan mitchell are top 5 nationally.

  51. ALL-OHIO RED BASKETBALL PROGRAM WILL BE HOSTING THE GRASSROOT TOURNAMENT MARCH 23-25. This is a tournament you don’t want to miss. For more info and entry fee check out The ALL-OHIO RED 4th grade National Champs would love to see you there so bring your game.

  52. WEST COAST DON says:


    • uknowme says:

      he is not 5’9 and no he not best 3rd grader in nation and probably not even AZ…and that kid is in fifth grade right now anyway…he is big though but that it….

      • Everything Westcoast says:

        My team played against the big kid and I protested. I lost my protest. The big kid was in the 3rd grade 2011-2012 school year. He is the truth and by far the best kid in AZ…

    • G3 insider says:

      Wanna start a G3 west?

  53. Hi there, I found your web site by way of Google whilst looking for a related topic, your site came up, it appears to be like great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

  54. Yep Yep says:

    I was at Nationals and saw the kid from 916 he is going to be a beast very athletic. I also saw the Mike “Bub” Jefferson kid that played with North Texas Tarheels out of Dallas. He was like 5’2-5’3 white kid. He could really run the floor and had good ball handling skills for a big kid you can tell he is going to be tall. Watched him play against DC Assault and he was fundamentally sound. Met his parents dad is 6’6″ and mom is 6’2″..both played at Arkansas dad football mom basketball so you know he has the genetics. Would love to see him on team with kid from 916…they would be a perfect 1-2 punch.

  55. hoops in ohio says:

    One of best guards in country for this age level is in Columbus, OH. Matt Allocco

    • Basketball Fan says:

      Agreed, he is a great player! I’ve seen him play a few times and he is very impressive. I’m excited to see how he develops.

  56. we have a ten year old in mn from zimmerman who ave 15 points 8 steals 7 rebounds and has the best all around floor game I have seen his name is carter mceachern ten year old 4th grader from small town in zimmmerman mn give some mn kids some love at least on and if so he is the kid the real deal he real get the game and he is so strong and tall athltic who plays point wing and post the real deal wish I had ten of this kid would not loose a game

  57. Chefforty says:

    Does anybody know about a kid from Atlanta, he played for Worldwide and Atlanta Celtics? 5’5″ small forward that is great in the paint? He wasn’t on the list and I know for a fact he has balled out at nationals for the last three years. I’m not taking anything away from any kids but they let one slip. His name is Kyree Walker and he’s only a 4th grader and only plays up

  58. swisha918 says:

    What about Trey Cundiff from Oklahoma.

  59. Hey what’s man just read the message today!!!! Its all good the games where fun and your right that Indy team caught us early and put a whooping on us… I have all the respect for G Hill Rising and that’s why I chose to come to Indy and play you guys again in your own building after we “WON” the tournament in Ohio and beat you guys twice there… I have nothing but “Love” for you guys and your accomplishments of the past!!!! I also extended and invitation to come up there and play the “HOOSIER” 4th and 5th grade A.A.U teams but never got a response… I understand Louisville teams of the past have not been represented well on the National level but “TAYLOR MADE” are for real and getting better. Ps We are coming to Indy, Chi-town, Ohio, and Michigan and anywhere else that’s hosting major youth tournaments… Good luck to teams at 2012 Nationals!!!

    • do your research says:

      Maybe because hoosiers don’t have a fourth grade team. Lol

    • Lamar glover says:

      Coach taylor I hav my son shooting 500 jumps shots a day he practice 5 times a week he play the point guard he is from phila,he average 21 points a game 10 rebounds 6 dimes……..only 8 years old second grade hav not seen anything like it………aau phila nighthawks

    • The Ville says:

      We went up to Indy this weekend to play and went 2-1 over some good teams.Also THE VILLE is Nationally ranked with ALL three teams.Look it up.We have won every State AAU championship (13)out of (13) We will be in Lexington this weekend hope to see ANYONE who wants to play.
      The VILLE 5th

      • The Ville says:

        By the way G3 has one one of the BEST 5th graders in the country with the new addition.You will all agree after you play against him.Great player great program!

  60. Big C says:

    In 8-12 years, most of these kids will be playing pickup hoops and working a factory job. It’s a sad case. I see it everyday in the hood, “I remember when we had the best AAU team in the state” and now I work a lousy job, live in the same hood, smoke all day and complain that there are not any jobs. But, I have a cool ride sitting on 24’s that sits next to my crappy house in the hood. STUDY !!!!!!!!!! Most people do not play college basketball and very few play in the NBA. Your ticket out of the hood is education. Don’t follow your parents and stay in the hood and complain. Read the Comments section and you will realize that most of these people are not educated. Work together and love your neighbor. God Bless, love your children and enjoy their childhood hoops…before you know it, it will be gone.

    • Brown says:

      Big C, I couldnt agree with you more. As long as my son is having fun and getting those A’s I hav no problem. It would the grades that afford him the gaurnateed opportunity to take care of his family one day not basketball.

  61. middleschoolelite says:

    Devin Tolbert (3 Point Fury) Class of2020 was East vs West All-Star game mvp 20 pts 5 ast 4 he’s from Chicago

  62. Preaching to the choir says:

    Big C I hear ya its funny to see all these people on here talking about 4th grade kids. I played D1 football and was able to get a degree for free and luckily I kept my head on straight and focused because I hurt my soldier my junior year and ended my career. Most of these kids now are good but they will not grow or kids will catch up to them. You can tell the parents are living their lives through these kids. Sporting venues are great and organized highly competitive sports are great to teach kids life lessons. Let the college scouts be the judge. Save your money on sending your kids to all these camps that want your money to rank them which means absolutely nothing. Work hard and learn the fundamentals. If your kid is good he will get recognized. Time will tell. Come see me in 8 years when these kids are seniors and lets compare this top 25 list and see who is going on to the next level.

  63. GRBA-KY says:

    I will have to weigh in on this and I have been running teams, clubs, programs, etc for the last 10 years. I am from Louisville and am the Head Director and Coach for the Spiece KY Gators and am actually the Regional Director for the Southeast for Spiece and GRBA. I say that to bring credit to the fact that I know a little about what I am talking about. There can be no comparison in my opinion in the younger age divisions to OH, or IN. With programs such as Indy Hoosiers, Indiana Elite, George Hill (G3), etc the Coaching, skill level, and performance on a National Stage makes IN Basketball an Elite State. I have HIGH REGARDS to the before mentioned programs and would say much the same about OH and organizations such as Cincy Knights, All-Ohio. In this world as I have expressed to Coaches of the organizations before mentioned the Elite Class of teams is somewhat of a fraternity. Those who are in that class of program and have that class of teams which they Coach know exactly what the deal is and what it takes to get there. I really wish more and more Coaches/Parents would just focus on taking your Team/Kids to the most Elite Level achievable for that individualplayer or team and be realistic and comfortable with whatever level that is at this point. Yes things change over time but these programs and Coaches have success time and time again. Again I feel like I myself have a program and teams that can compete against most and I like to play the best I can find to keep a monitor on where I need to try and get to but I am not going to call one of my players the best in the country not my team the best in the Nation until I prove those points over a period of time and with consistancy. I guess to summarize. Everyone needs to be able to give credit when due, be comfortable with where you are and what your goals are (realistically), and lastly not live through these kids. I love rankings because it gives credit to kids period and may make them work harder!!!! No matter what and I have no kids on any ranking lists except HS I think at times many of these kids need this reinforcement to advance and as Coaches that is our job. I will sit back, take my defeats, Probably play teams over my level, and focus on the future but in the end over the last 5 years I have Coached 23 kids more than 4 years and of those 23 kids 16 of them have been offered a Scholarship at the D2 Level or beyond…. That is worth bragging about!!!!

  64. GRBA-KY says:

    Lastly I will say that if you have not went out and during peak season for Club Ball played the best of the best OUTSIDE of your State which BTW Peak Season for those that are still new to this game is mainly between Feb 15th and July 31st then you have no REAL CLUE how good your own team is or any other team in the Region is. If you think that you are good then play in the nest events. Search out good teams and not wins. Play up in level and dont be scared to lose just to be able to post an outstanding “IN STATE” record of whatever it may be. Believe me there are some Damn good teams out there that are more than willing to play and many of them now outside of AAU State or Nationals. Now organizations such as GRBA, PTS, and YBOA are producing some CRAZY talent. Play in every organization and against as many different Teams/Sates/Regions that you can afford to. Be willing to get a “TRUE TEST” of your team and the players on that team and then and only then can you rest assured and be confident in your own opinions of Nationally Ranked Players and Teams!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO ALL AND LETS BE HONEST…WE ALL ARE CRAZY ABOUT THIS STUFF!!!!!

  65. Coach Q says:

    YBR Sports Elite 9U Boys that play YBOA is also “We All Can Go All-Stars” team in AAU has a 3rd grader named Brandon Miller that is about 5’5 combo guard and plays with WACG All-Stars #1 Ranked 4th grade team too.

  66. COach B says:

    Man We All Can Go All-Stars I heard be cheating foreal and that they coach is in JAIL!!! They will be out of AAU in a few years. I wouldn’t claim they ass!

  67. Chi city says:

    Watch Martel Moore in 4th Grade at St Dorothy Scored 16 points in the Allstar game a De Lasalle A little Rocket

  68. TTO Era says:

    GBR-KY well said I would however like to take a momunt to mention that the 2011 Farifax Stars now 2012 Team takeover have given teams run for the money everytime out including Indian teams. NA din my opinion play teh game as it should be played. Not focusing on any 1 kid to become a you tube sensation. So congrats to the nationally ranked 3# Fairfax Stars now Team Takeover (Brown) on that list, but all I truly ask is that respect is given to this team.

  69. NC PREPS 2019 says:


  70. stacey torrey says:

    Ryan “Babe Ray” Torrey class of 2019 be on the lookout for this kid, good shooter, team player, very fundamentally sound.

  71. middleschoolhoops says:

    My top players that I’ve seen in the class of 2020 are Mike Saunders Nick Hittle Brevin Jefferson Ketaan Wyatt Zeb Jackson Jalen Suggs Langston B Devin Tolbert and Nimari Burnett

    • ball so hard says:

      i seen a few good players at the camp in indianapolis that seem to get over look by the kids already in the loop. in the 4th grade it was a white kid that was lights out from behind the arc. the girl in 4th has to be one of the best 4th gr girls out. It was also a kid in 4th with a flat top that had a decent handle and stroke. It was a pg from chi.cant think of his name but he was also real nice. also liked alijah Bull sick handle for a 3 gr

      • ball so hard says:

        I liked the 4th gr. Division. Talented kids on the rise.
        Loaded on the pg. Alijah Bull, Mike Saunders,MarSaun Robinson,was the kid with the flat top. The kid from chi.ill. was nice he also had a bro. That was maybe in 6th. Seth Wilson was on some grown man stuff

  72. chi town says:

    middleschoolelite charlie brooks in in the class of 2019 he is a very well rounded and a great player from chicago but plays with region elite in hammond indiana was going to come to the camp but his team had a tournament please recognize this kid he could play wing center pf and even a little pg middle school elite look out for this kid star in the making

  73. Mac says:

    What about class of 2021?

  74. Brian says:

    from what I seen from class of 2021 the Blackmond kid for Spiece, Seth Wilson, the Bell kid and a kid name Chris King. I seen the George Hill team win the championship in Cincy last weekend and they had a #4 and #2 that was real nice and a big kid with lots of upside.

    • coach. says:

      Wow amazing young ballers
      Im excited to keep track of the 4th and 5th graders careers.
      A few nice ones at that level. I am a coach with tnba in Ohio and I’m very impressed with the skills these guys have already. I really liked MarSaun Robinson from Ohio nice stroke and can pass and get to the rack. Please have your dad contact me I would love to have you on one of our teams

  75. Midwest Sport Guru says:

    Watch out for Damontae Hudson from Racine Wisconsin. Bray Center Basketball Class of 2019.

  76. Michael says:

    Jalen Patterson should be in the top 25 4th graders.
    take a look and please consider..

  77. Michael says:

    ONLY 1 kid from cali…???
    really!!!! well jalen patterson of the NCYS Cobras has to be #2 in california

  78. Bryan says:

    This list is absurd. MSE is trying to tell me that 18 of the 25 best players in the country are from the maryland/D.C. and/or Indiana area? I find that hard to believe. This is goofy. Not one new orleans player, not one new york player, only 1 california player, hell only 1 single player from the south at all. Makes me wonder how much thought actually went into this list.

    • Coach Alonzo Motley Jr.... says:

      That’s why you MUST encourage them (all young players) to keep working. There are some true DOGS in the game that have not manifested or discovered yet…and won’t til 9th/10th grade…growth spurts (or lack there of)…prem-odonits attitudes…injury…grades…and dammit; the right coaching staff and parental support. Many things must be kept in check. I was the first Recruiter,Coach and Trainer of (2) of the young men (Jordan Mitchell) and (Jerimiah Francis)on this list, along with Jaidon Libsomb, Garret Wilson, Alvin Byrd and my son Alonzo Motley III…(I call them the Original Ganstas)You will come to know all of these names. Don’t Sleep! Attitude determines altitude. Attitude towards school,parents,teammates,administrators,competitors…We must all focus on the complete package.

  79. No offence to the writer but i’ve already spotted like 2-3 typo’s and havent even finished reading lol — do they charge you for spellchecker in your time zone (just kidding) nice layout though I’ll give you that 🙂

  80. Aau Guru says:

    The BEST player in the country 4th grade is 10 year old Jason Harris. He’s a big kid about 5’8 playing with the 916 select. In AZ he ONLY plays 11 and 12’s and still dominates! I met his dad who was a former athlete and his mom is too! THAT boy can PLAY!!!!! I saw him in Memphis when he was 9 and Orlando when he was 10.

  81. coach V says:

    Watch out for Cris brown treasure coast elite class of 2019.

  82. coach lue says:

    mabc ant #18 is one to watch verry under the radar basketball showdown .com check it out…

  83. 2012 3rd Grade Div I Final Power Rankings

    #1- Team Glory #12- Memphis Wareagles
    #2- Team Takeover #13- 916 Select
    #3- Baltimore Stars Coalition #14- Lafaytt Blue Chips
    #4- Chris Johnson BB Academy #15- Respect Game ATL
    #5- Top Risers Heat Academy #16- Back 2 Basic
    #6- George Hill Rising Stars #17- HC Team Carolina
    #7- Georgia Xclusive #18- Running Rebels
    #8- Spiece J-Teague #19- BWSL
    #9- Team Penny #20- The Express
    #10- YBR Elite #21- Key Player
    #11- Rytes Warriors #22- HWDB

    • Memphis Man says:

      Congrats to the Memphis WarEagles…they finished 12th in Power Rankings and this was their first year together!!!! Great Job Boys!!!! Congrats to all the top 25 teams!!!!

  84. Dan says:

    A. Conner Meador. 6’1 1/2″, 225. Balling in Louisville. 12 years old.

  85. Fred says:

    My question is, if you are in 5th grade now, aren’t you part of the class of 2020 (7 years from now). And 4th graders part of the class of 2021(8 years from now). Is my math wrong somehow.

  86. KYfans5 says:

    Watch out and keep your eyes on the Kentucky boy DeAjuan Stepp play for the CKY Magic! The 4th grader has game. He can dribble, shoot, pass the rock and a 3point shooter too! Check him out!

  87. Wizzard Bailey says:

    I had a chance to watch both these two young men at The Super 60 held in New Orleans La. LJ Cryer played an outstanding game against a talented Memphis War Eagle team. Cryer makes everyone around him better. Not only did he lead his team in scoring, I watched this kid make some big time steals to help keep his team in the game. Gulf Coast Bluechips guard Trumond can score. Not too many kids are going to stop him ask New Orleans ATR. The only weakness I see is on defense. I don’t think his team ask him to defend. These two young men are very talented and not too many if any are better in this 2020 class.

  88. The League Watcher says:

    One name Chase Forte!! Ranked number #6 nationally. From North Carolina 2019. Broke ankles at Scout Focus against 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. Has played and out ran, scored and defeated many on your list. People see him but they just don’t know. CHASE FORTE!

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