Introducing: Damon Harge Younger Cousin Devon Harge


Tracy Harge, whose son is 11 year old Devon Harge contacted us about him attending the MSE National Camp 2012.

Devon and Damon Harge have more than high basketball IQ’s in common, they’re also first cousins. 

Devon’s in 5th grade and plays 7th grade for Houston Phenom AAU basketball team.

Check out one of Devon Harge’s You-Tube videos.  We look forward to watching Devon compete against the best at our next showcase!

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  1. Ryan mendez says:

    Great meeting Damon Harge – best of luck to him.

  2. bobby says:

    wow one of these kids are gonna be short if thats thier dad he real short

  3. chad wheaton says:

    Devon is a hard worker and quick leaner. Understands the game of basketball at a young age. Remember the name.

  4. j boy says:

    i am better than both of those kids

  5. j boy says:

    i got way better skilles than thes kids i shot a three from nba and i swished it . i am 2 freaking good
    call that skills come to my game and watch and learn

  6. Devon Harge says:

    J Boy

    I don’t compare myself to anyone I let ball do the talking.Also I don’t put other players down.If your better than me im happy for you keep working hard.The finish line is 12th grade if you are as good as you say you are thin everyone will see how good you are then.It don’t mean anything right now your still a kid like me im working hard everyday trying to get to college to get a good education and make something of my life thats my dream. Your dreams seem to be comparing yourself to others.If you were a good basketball player then you wouldn’t be putting people down you would let the ball talk for you.I don’t bragg I ball.

    Devon Harge

  7. Tracy Harge says:

    Devon and Damon… Keep up the good work! You both make me proud. I know how much you give to both school and basketball. Don’t be afraid of Greatness!

    • Mr. Sparks says:

      I am impressed, Devon! You are well on your way to accomplishing amazing things and make us all proud! Take care and keep up the great work!

      Your former teacher,
      Mr. Sparks

  8. Rylan says:

    Kid has skills!!! Played with him.

  9. […] Devon Harge is 2 years younger than his cousin Damon Harge Jr. and he’s already getting a name out there in the hoops recruiting world. Check out this article from – […]

  10. TooMuchHype says:

    I hope Devon can stay a little bit more under the radar than Damon has. The Harge Hype machine is just waaaaayyy too much. Hurts Damon more than it helps. Ive watched this kid at the Nike EYBL 7th grade tourney in Hampton in March, then at MIT in June and most recently at AAU nationals and there is waaaay too much hype about him. He’s a good player dont get me wrong, but he’s not even close to the best in this class (or even the 6th grade class for that matter). If his parents would just let him be a player instead of trying to make him into a phenom he would be ok. Examples: at Nike, he had a turnover, missed a shot, and then missed a free throw in the final minute that would have won the game and sent his team (NC Prospects) to the semifinals. At MIT, (after he switched teams to Team Loaded after dad and coach couldnt work out their differences) I watched him game his finger and receive DIVA treatment from his mom and miss a full quarter and then return with taped fingers. Who misses a full quarter for a jammed finger??? Either you’re done for the game or u get taped and come back in if you’re a baller! Finally at Nationals this past week, his dad takes him off the floor in the middle of the game and goes home??!! He even told the coach he needed to apologize to Damon for criticizing his play afterwards. I have been watching this age group since they were 8, (even saw him play with Oakland Soldiers at Cocoa Beach nationals 2 years ago so i know the level of competition. This kid is good, but getting smaller every year and his parents and the hype machine they create have put an uneccassary target on his back that im afraid his little shoulders cant bear. I wish him the best though.

  11. Tracy Harge says:

    To TooMuchHype:

    Devon flies under the radar. He is humble and is just an all around good kid. He plays his Xbox in his off hours. He likes to joke and cap on his teammates. He just truly loves the game of basketball, so much that he is a trivia king. We just want him to get into a great college and get a valuable education, so he can be successful.

    Back to the issue of Devon and Damon. They play very different games. Devon is a true facilitator. He is a pass first player and would give up his layup so someone else could score. He is less concerned about scoring and more concerned about steals and assists. He likes to play defense and hates for his man to score.

    We live in Houston, TX and Devon knows that he will never be the “best”. There is a lot of competition and players better than him. We just want him to do his best… We will continue to keep him under the radar and keep him humble.

    • momofstudentathlete says:

      Tracy, seems like you have your head straight and are only interested in doing what is best for your child. Thats refreshing, I agree with toomuchhype, promoting your child and boasting of his greatness only sets him up for failure. Poor Damon is under a microscope due to his parents selfishness and everytime he misses a free throw or is unjured, people will talk, thats not right. People do not want to see Damon fail, they just want to see his parents shamed into silence. My son is a player but first he is a student, he is humble and kind. I am not interested in boasting about his abilities or holding him back so he gets unfair advantage. Keep doing what your doing and hopefully your witnessing firsthand what to do with your taented son and def not what to do. God Bless and best of luck to you and Devon. I wish you the best!

  12. iambetter says:

    These kid is good but I am better.

  13. Devon Harge says:

    Iambetter I’m glad that you feel your better than me. Thanks for saying I’m good I think I’m ok but I have so much more to learn about this game of basketball . I never say I’m better than anyone why because you can be a player who puts up alot points but you don’t make your team mates better. There are some players that are great passers there are some players that play very good defense and there are players who make everyone around them better so my question to you is what are you better than me in . This is what I do I make my team mates better I’m a pass first player I only look to put the ball in the hoop when needed I play very good defense I never give up on a play and I always listen to my coaches. One more thing who do you play for?.

  14. WelookingforDamon says:

    Harge family, we looking for this kid on the video maybe you can help. Heard his dad does alot of talking and puts out weak highlight videos against “D” level players. Lets go! We been looking for you for a whole year. Name the tournament and we will be there. We got some pitbull gaurds ready to get at you. Stop hiding…

  15. Devon Harge says:

    Well I can tell you don’t always believe what you here or what people say. I’m a harge and what I can’t understand is that if you never meant damon then why would you go by here say. Why do black people always want to but other blacks down I’ve never heard a white person say any bad things about lil damon its always us this is why we as a group of people of color can never move ahead. One more thing thses are just children thats it not dogs pitbulls are dogs and there is no need to hide hide from what kids please. D level F level who cares where ever you get your info from oh let me guess someone black and I no a black person wrote this remark.

  16. sad says:

    Harge needs to invest in a spell to put the basketball down and work on reading/spelling. BTW, what part of @welookingforDamon mentioned the fact we was black? Sounds like you I need to call your Uncle Tom?

  17. HARGE says:

    You can call me whatever you want. Uncle Toms are black people like you that put other blacks down as you have. I’m black and I would never put a black person down. A matter of fact I would not put anyone down. As far as stereotyping; if the shoe fits wear it. I know the person is black who wrote “we looking for Damon Harge”. No one white would write that. If someone white writes something about Damon it’s always positive. Like I said blacks keep up shit or should I say niggas. I was always told niggas are like crawdads every time you try to make it out the bucket they try to pull you back down. And spell check I wrote that just to see who would put that down and of course you did. If you want to look for something, try looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I notice Uncle Tom was the last word you used only a black person would use that word, so maybe you need to invest on looking for that pot of gold instead of looking for a kid. LOL on that. SPELL CHECK THIS CLOWN, LOL. You might want to use your spell check as well because you had some errors, but you felt it necessary to criticize. Make sure your shit is straight before you start pointing fingers.

  18. HARGE says:

    Wrong video . U can put this video down its F level.

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