Inside 2012 Middle School Elite National Basketball Camp

You Had To Be There To Witness It!

Easter Holiday April 7th & 8th 2012

A recap is indescribable, but here’s a breakdown of the event. People traveled from different states to attend the 2nd annual Middle School Elite National Basketball Camp in Indiana. A crowd filled the gym and so did the love. Parent’s enjoyed themselves as much as the kids. Instructor’s were rhythmist, player’s moved to a beat. Coaches emphasized skills and young ballers performed having no scout’s on their back- just the MSE jersey. They bought into a pass first system, focusing only on improving and didn’t try scoring 50 points to impress judges. The games were played fundamental and without unnecessary distractions. We’re still amazed! Let’s look at some elite players at camp in 4th grade for class of 2020. Mike Saunders from Indianapolis, Indiana is just nine years old and supposed to be in the 3rd grade. He’s a good transition player who consistently drains the trey. He has a natural feel for the game and makes one hand passes off the dribble. It’s safe to say that Saunders is the best pure point guard in his class. Malcolm Britt from Woodbury, Minnesota has a mid-range jump shot but his size allows him to be a bully on the block’s. Jamir Renfrow from Raleigh, North Carolina is a shot blocker and shot maker. He played with intensity on both ends of the floor. MarSaun Robinson from Oberlin, Ohio is a fearless competitor. He has good release on his jumper giving it back spin for a nice stroke. Brevin Jefferson from Indianapolis, IN. out hustled Mike Saunders in the one- on- one station. This time Jefferson’s hard work beat talent. The 4th grade had its share of talent and so did the third grade for class of 2021. Elijah Bull from Evanston, Illinois used speed and quickness for an advantage against bigger guards. Then there’s Javon Brady aka ‘Mad Game’  from Indianapolis, Indiana who got busy moving without the ball, calling pick-and-rolls and setting screens. Seth Wilson from Ohio was unstoppable, playing all five positions. If it isn’t too early to tell, he’s a future D-1 college prospect. There were several 2nd graders in the class of 2022 and soon we’ll exclusively bring them to you. The 5th grade was loaded with gifted players such as class of 2019, Keion Brooks from Indianapolis, IN. who proved once again that he’s the best in his class. He is relentless underneath the basket, scoring easy over defenders draped on him. Simon Banks from Indianapolis, Indiana is a wiry big guard able to absorb hard body contact. James Taylor from Louisville, Kentucky directed offensive traffic knowing where and when to pass the pill. Damari Grant from Bolingbrook, IL. say’s he is good as Chase Adams but “he’s older so it’s a different story.” Grant has a personal trainer. Cameron Maul from Indianapolis, Indiana did his thing with behind the back, in-and-out and crossover dribbles. He’ll be better if he plays calm under pressure. The class of 2018 was stacked with 6th graders like new face , Marquise Brown from Chicago, IL. who literally destroyed competition. His maturity and mentality puts him in the mix. 6’1″, Amari Sherrod from Gary, Indiana attended the MSE National Basketball Camp in New York in 2011. He dominated the paint and wreaked havoc in the back-court. 5’11” Jadis White from St. Louis, Missouri is a superb point guard, crafty with the rock and showed plenty swagger. 6-foot-2, Kevin Easley from Indianapolis, Indiana plays with passion and energy. He has a nice pull up jumper and soft hands around the rim. 5’10”, Kaleb Thorton from Chicago, Illinois also attended the MSE National Basketball Camp in New York last year. He’s exciting to watch and constantly wanted the inbound pass to break the press. The 7th grade division for class of 2017 was guard orientated though featured some of the best player’s available. 6’5″, Ross Koella from Haven, Michigan was a force to be reckon with in the red. He ruled the front-court as guards fed him the ball. He scored at will with up-and-under moves. 6’0″, Justin Roberts from Indianapolis, Indiana is above average and exceptional on-and-off the court. When double teamed, he split defender’s and either passed to awaiting teammates or attacked the basket. David Hunt from Chicago, IL. is 6’3″ and a wide body. He stuffed stat sheet in points off put-backs and rebounds.  The 8th grade, class of 2016 had serious competition. 6’5″, Garrett Holland from Indianapolis, Indiana has a back to the basket game and loves taking smaller defenders to the post. 5’11”, Julius McKinstry from Springfield, Massachusetts is a combo guard who played effortlessly and let the game come to him. 5’11”, Martin Schiele from Hammond, Indiana has a chiseled frame. He’s athletic and skilled and his best weapon is his jump shot. Also, 6’1″ wing player, CJ Hedgepeth from Evansville, Indiana is wiry with good instincts and high IQ. 6’0″, Michael Lewis from Florissant, MO is athletic and able to knock down shots beyond the arc. His weak hand is his strong hand driving for lay-ups . Stay tuned for the Elite 20 camp rankings for 3rd & 4th grade combined, Elite 20 camp rankings for 5th grade, Elite 20 camp rankings for 6th grade and Elite 20 camp rankings for 7th & 8th grade combined and best of the rest. At the end of the day, we tell it like it is.

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  1. Bballfan says:

    The camp was awesome. It was great to finally have everyone on fair playing grounds. Usually at camps new kids never get a chance if old names are there no matter who’s best on the court. Great job on keeping it REAL……

  2. observerfan says:

    there was a kid in 6th grade class who was a lefty! was very skilled with his passing and ability to create his own shot when ever he wanted to and his jumper was nice. dont know his name but he plays on george hill 6th grade team.

    • handsdownmandown says:

      @observerfan, if the kid was a lefty and kinda tall you’re probably talking about Marquise Brown….mentally he’s a grown man on the court

  3. FnuLnu says:

    Does anyone here realize how ridiculous ranking kids under 7th grade is? Does anyone else see that this is a boondoggle at best.

    • stop the hating says:


      • FnuLnu says:

        That is exactly what I typed. “Under 7th grade.” I agree that you can get a better idea of how kids are in 7th & 8th grade, but even still that is only to guess how they will be in their local high school scene. AAU doesn’t even get too competitive until 9th grade and up. These parents are ridiculous.

        What makes this even more uncomfortable is the fact that they person doing these “rankings” has never played basketball a day in his life.

  4. Florida Fan says:

    I was at the shooting star classic in Akron OH. this weekend and george hill 4th grad #3 Mike Saunders is everything they said and more! So strong and quick for his size. The 2 games I witnessed he dominated, nobody could stop him he has control the entire game! Good job to his father and who ever else that help contribute to his sucess! I cant’t wait to read about this kid in the papers in about 10yrs……..

  5. DonnyBlue says:

    Not 1 mention of JayDub??? I know for a fact she came & put in work!

    • Chicago-Dad says:

      JayDub that’s the girl from Seattle? I didn’t have anything to do with Middle School Elite. I thought my son should have been ranked higher, but in my honest opinion she held her own against all them boys. She was one of the few passing and playing defense and her basketball IQ was very high for the grade level. After watching my film from the camp I just want to say GREAT JOB JAYDUB way to represent for the ladies against some of the best boys in the country. Keep working hard..

  6. etownbattlecat says:

    Just want to give a shout out to the Illinois Battle Cats, for winning D2 nationals 9u. To alot of people D2 is weak, but to these kids on the team, a championship is a sign of hard work. Good job guys and coaches to this up and coming program.

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