MSE National Basketball Camp Rankings For 5th Grade Division

MSE National Basketball Camp Rankings

Here are rankings for 5th grade (Class of 2019) player’s based on their performance at the 2012 MSE National Basketball Camp in Indiana.

Rank, Name, Height, Position,State

5th Grade Keion Brooks Class of 2019

#1 Keion Brooks, 5’8″, Forward, Indianapolis, IN

#2 Simon Banks, 5’6″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#3 AJ White, 5’4″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#4 Dexter Shouse, 5’8″, Forward, Indianapolis, IN

#5 Carson Dolezal, 5’5″, Guard,Goldsmith, IN

#6 Brandon Vernon, 5’9″, Center, Pike, IN

#7 Cameron Maul, 5’4″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#8 Ryan Torrey, 5’3″ , Guard, St. Louis, MO

#9 James Taylor, 5’2″, Guard, Louisville, KY

#10 Demari Grant, 5’3″, Guard, Bolingbrook, IL

#11 Anthony Safford, 5’1″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

5th Grade Dexter Shouse Class of 2019

#12 Max Chaplin, 5’1″, Guard, IN

#13 David bell, 5’4″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#14 Payton Moyer, 5’3″, Guard, Archbold, OH

#15 Chase Robinson, 5’3″, Guard, IL

#16 Christian Harris, 5’5″, Forwad, Raleigh, NC

#17 Derrick Robertson, 5’1″, Guard, Raleigh, NC

#18 Dan McKeeman, 5’1″, Guard, FT. Wayne, IN

#19 Jared Hankins, 5’3″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

#20 Christian King, 5’2″, Guard, Wendell, NC

(Alphabetical Order)

Emanuel Daniels, 5’1″, Guard, Fishers, IN

James Glaspie, 4’7″, Guard, Jackson, MI

Antwuan Payne, 5’0″, Guard, Indianapolis, IN

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  1. Forte says:

    If you call an 11 year old a 3rd grader then I guess you are right..

  2. Vince says:

    3rd grad this is 5th grade, what are you talking about

  3. Indy's Finest says:

    2012 AAU Indiana State Championship 11U/5th Grade. Indy Hoosiers-Keon Brooks(#1), Simon Banks(#13), AJ White(#11), Cameron Mau(#8), Brandon Vernon(#4) vs George Hill-Armaan Franklin(#4), Isiah moore(#3), Dexter Shouse(#10), Peyton Harris(#44), James Franklin(#1)….Hoosiers win 75-70

  4. Balling Hard says:


    • Florida AAU says:

      Add #10 in this video ( and #15 in this video ( to the top 5th graders in the country list…

    • All about hooping says:




      • Balling Hard says:


        • All about hooping says:


    • you are a idiot really the whole 5th grade team…. they must be good…

    • Randy says:

      I agree there’s no way those kids are 11 years old. They maybe 5 th graders but they have to be dumb ones.

  5. chi town says:

    seems like all you had to do to get ranked was #1 Be from Indiana and #2 go to this camp…. lol… This ish is a joke!!!!

  6. Coach says:

    Heard that Indy Hoosier vs George Hill championship was good?

  7. coach says:

    I can only tell you that yeah its true you had to attend, and a lot of Indiana kids made the list. I am not from there but its fair to say that its correct! Players are extremely skilled and talented and if you disagree its fine but if you ever played this game at a high level you know the truth! Oh not all kids left that camp with a ranking.. If there are kids who feel like they are better then come play!! Indiana team and players are being heavely recruited!

    • Torrey(STL Wildcats) says:

      I am from St. Louis I thought the camp was good and fair, I got a son plays pretty good(ranked no.8) and GH3 and the Indiana Hoosiers, coaches and parents, and PLAYERS opened their arms to my son! We will be back love that Basketball State!

  8. COACH says:

    Okay listen and lets be fair about something if not about this ranking then at least about thee kids! no one, at least not me is saying that MSE can see the next Labron, Kobe, AD, but when they where being ranked as kids the same thing was being said just using different names like Magic, Jordan, Bird just to name a few. These kids are positioning themselves to getting college scalar ships for free! I believe they are ahead of their class mates and will only get better if they continue to challenge themselves and attend these camps!!!! Play the best and show what you have been working hard at!!!!!

  9. United says:

    Good luck to my son’s team as we make this quest for redemption. Louisiana will represent I know we are not good enough to win the nationals yet but its our goal

    • no wonder your a hater united on 4th’s page your son on a team thats not half as good as the teams you love to hate.. kind makes the comment earlier about people hate what they can’t become… good luck with that..

  10. awwwh the brallers are us..

  11. joker says:

    @United, get off the blog ignorant, Indy Rising Stars don’t exist anymore. You not from Louisiana, cats out the bag, your a Memphis Wareagle parent. Memphis got a grown man playing but not playing in Lebron, Coach T, Super 60, MIT. BEGGIN FOR PEOPLE TO PLAY IN THERE TOURNAMENTS.

  12. United says:

    thanks to Katrina, but wow thats crazy

  13. cara audio says:

    It is in point of fact a nice and useful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  14. lauren f foster says:

    lance jones chicago illinois ism hands down the best 5th gr in coco beach florida

  15. d2 says:

    he is playing d2 how is that possible……

  16. Goofy says:

    @D2 Ms Foster clearly said he’s the best in Coco Beach Florida tournament not the nation dumbass

  17. AAU says:

    Ha ha ha How come they didn’t win nationals???

    • etownbattlecat says:

      It wasnt because he didnt come to play, rumor has it the coach didnt make the right adjustments. Indy Storm ended up winning D2, would have loved to see Lance Jones go up against that team, he is a team player who also can score, but most importantly he shares the ball, and has a million dollar smile that makes him liked by some and hated by others. Ask Mike Saunders about him, he will keep it honest about him, the dad not the son.

    • Indy Hoosiers, g3 thanks for representing Indy honest Indy storm went down to d2 nationals with 6th graders, Indy hoyas 6th graders, ic ballers 6th graders. thats why they went d2 they all cheating any of those teams play real teams in indy they lose. Indy Storm enjoy your d2 national championship with your 6th graders you don’t represent indiana and you still will get waxed in state. keeping it real…

      • etownbattlecat says:

        One thing is certain, Lance Jones is a 5th grader, and thats a fact.

        • Storm says:

          We watched Lance Jones before our game, he’s a very good player and yall have a good team….

          • etownbattlecat says:

            Thanks, and knowing what type of kid Lance is he would also say thanks, its in his nature being the humble kid he is. There was a team in Illinois you beat called, Future Lakers who was following what was going on at nationals. The coach informd us you guys had a good team, he was right. Indy Storm showed character in winning the ship, the same as the Raptors showed after winning the 3rd place game, following a tough loss the day before to runner-up Rising Stars of America, from California. Again I would have loved to see what Lance could’ve possibly done to beat you guys, it would’ve been a great challenge, and he seems to always step up his game when there is a challenge.

        • The Truth says:

          Yeah, hes a 5th grader but HOW OLD IS HE? The Streets are talking and its getting louder and louder saying that lance is 12 years old and will be 13 this coming school year. Hmmmmmm

          • etownbattlecat says:

            Ok The Truth, you do the math Lance Jones birthday is October 22nd born in the year 2000 which makes him 11 at the time of this post, he will be 12 on Oct. 22nd tell the streets to get it right, or ask anyone in the town of Evanston, Illinois. how old he is, people will try and say anything to hate on this kid, get to know him and his parents before you judge him, they arent cheaters.

      • Hey Hater says:

        Keeping it real, lol, read your rules, your probably one that didn’t bring home a trophy or have a gain of kids held back!!! Just keeping it real….

      • iCBallers says:

        iCBallers went to Nationals with 5th graders only, Coach Joshua Gilbert maintains an honest and legal roster. Let the haters hate — we are not looking to win a National Championship title in 5th grade, sorry… keep talking, at least you recognize who we are now.

        • Baller Parent says:

          Oh the one with the coaches wife that smiles in your face and talks about you when you walk away, and have been talking about holding back some players back even their own for next season.

          • iCBallers says:

            holding back a child, in particular a boy, is not a bad thing when they are a young 11 years old (for example) going into the 6th grade. boys mature slower than girls for the most part, so it’s not a bad thing to do if it will benefit a child for either their education, maturity, or both really. the iCBallers program is about developing players, and teaching life experiences. i’m sorry you view the coach’s wife as such, perhaps you need to share that with her when you see her. good luck to you and yours, stay blessed.

  18. guilty by association says:

    Indy Hoosiers and G3 is just as guilty! They know the Indy Storm and Hoyas cheat and didn’t say anything. They rather turn the other cheek. G3 how can you allow a kid like Hunter Jackson who is legal, play with such a dirty program? I thaught you was “about the kids”. With the backing of a NBA player your program more then any can help cleanup all the cheating. We know the Hoosiers and G3 beat the top teams in Indy now, but what happens when they get older and yur son isn’t on a stacked team? I bet if your son played against a team like that you would be in the middle of the court. Storm coach I know your reading this, try winning something meaningfull with a “legit” team.

    • forgot one says:

      forgot ic ballers… another cheater on the radar but they don’t win even with the ringers but still not legit…

    • funny says:

      now they want to cry because their state didnt tell on them. all teams who usually dont play in their state cheat common sense. I mean your talking about d2 who cares….

    • Hey Hater says:

      It’s only legit to you because you don’t read or can’t read the rules. Can you read this? What tournaments have you won?

  19. I agree says:

    I agree with the cheating part but you cant fault hoosiers or hill because they got bad programs in there state I can’t count on hand all the teams with ringers, TN, MI, ny, that will never change. the teams here in indy dont claim them and the storm plays through the year where they can cheat they rarly play in house and just like somebody else said they get served in state every year. Not sure about the kid you guys hating on but if he is playing up to get better then thats a plus for g3 because he is strong. looks like all their teams should play up then if people do cheat it wont matter.

  20. Age Group says:

    LMAO, don’t hate on us because we are an age based program. We strive on our atheletes to be Student Atheletes!!! If telling our parents NOT to dummy down their child and hold them back is cheating, well I guess we’re cheaters. We strive for excellence on & off the floor. We do not want our kids to get Atheletic Scholarships but Academic as well. We’ve had every player except for 1 on our Freshman team play JV & Varsity this school year. So to all the newbie programs Be about education first & don’t hate on another program because you don’t know how to use the rules. To all of the ignorant ones National title trumphs State and by the way we did win the Nothern State Tournament so please do your research your making yourself look stupid. Lance Jones is a very good player. It seems like the ones doing all the hating didn’t get a trophy or medal, awwwh poor baby well better luck next year!!!

    • Hoosiers says:

      sorry d2 does not trump state not by a long shot…….

    • lol says:

      Since when did the storm become a age base program?? They have a old 5th that played 4th and the have a couple 12 years old playing 5th? you better hope aau doesn’t go back to age only that will cancel a few of yours…

  21. Storm says:

    Cracking up reading all these blogs. We love our haters just makes us stronger. Do some research we are an age based organization. We don’t dummy down our kids so they can play, our kids are honor students we don’t tell our parents to hold their kids back. You talk alot trash hiding behind blogs, rep your ball club and let’s see how many skeletons come out your closet & if its who I know it is, we all know you have a basement full of skeletons. So if you can’t rep your ball club keep our name out of your mouth. Sounds like to me the reason you hating because your bitter or can’t beat us.

  22. I agree with Storm says:

    It’s sad to see Indiana people bashing there own Indiana programs. Indy Hoosiers and Indy Storm are AAU champs which they both deserve. G3, storm, hoyas and icballers are good programs teaching kids the game of basketball. Don’t hate if you don’t have facts or documentation to back it up.
    For as the AAU Rule 6th graders are allowed as long as they be meet age requirement or 5th grade age exceptions with an 2 1/2 year age requirement which means some 5th graders can be older than an 6th grader.
    Keeping it real AAU needs to go back to age only to make the playing field even to many gray area’s in the current age/ grade rule.

    • Hoosiers says:

      We are champs legally I know you aren’t going to try to compare your team to the hoosiers now? Even I know some of the kids on your team 1 in particular is not 5th grade and will be 13.

  23. guilty by association says:

    Do not put Hoosier and Storm in same sentence. Everyone in Indy knows Storm cheat. They cheat in the Warren-base school league by adding kids not in the district. They had two kids kicked out in the schoolball tourney because of this. That’s a fact, not hating. Then you had a kid in the 6th grade named Man-Man kicked out of 5th grade state because he refused to use the fake birthdate you gave him. The kid is on your roster and pictured on Baylorsyouth website for winning the Northern state title. Why didn’t he play in state at North Central? You have other kids that are 12 years old that play on your 5th grade team that is in 6th grade. Do I need to put the name and picture up? I know the school he goes to so you need to quit talking that “age-based” BS. Storm is a disgrace and any parent that allows there child to play with them should be just as ashamed. You haven’t beat any top teams so why would anyone hate on you? P.S, I was in Louisville a couple years ago when you got busted cheating then.

    • louisville says:

      Hate to call a spade a spade but I was also in louisville where they got busted for cheating. And yes for a couple years now they have been known for cheating thats not a secret or is it considered hating. Matter of fact I know a couple of the kids on the team and they know they are considered playing down and parents are fine with it.

    • Storm says:

      Lmbo @ Guilty & Louisville, possibly the same person, this is Better than Basketball Wives. Ignorance is beyond my worth to keep explaining to you, so after this I won’t. You say you have facts, if we were cheating all rules state teams would forfeit or be disqualified. If you check the records in Louisville or other tournaments we still played no forfeits or disqualifications, just merely haters from the same city… As a matter of fact they pist alot of coaches off for telling them to put their money up and protest our teams and lost it…..That’s Fact!!!! So what’s next you gonna give us Hip Hop ATL or Atlanta Housewives cause this is hilarious. As matter of fact I’ll just sit back and let you get all your bitterness out because this is a waste of my time acknowledging you…

  24. lol says:

    Storm come to D1 before you come on a site talking like you did something JS…

  25. Really???? says:

    Indy Hoosiers, didn’t they have two kids that were held back, huh Cameron Maul & huh James Franklin????

  26. Wow! says:

    My son plays for the hoosiers and I find it hard to believe that any of the parents would be on here talking trash. So whoever is claiming to be a hoosier please find another name to use . I wouldn’t be surprised if its someone from another team just trying to start drama.

    • REAL TALK says:

      @wow I am more surprised that you would think anyone would need to “claim” anything behind your name. Remember, you just became a “Hoosier” this season. The seed for last year was built on the lack of respect for what Coach Safford did for your children as the Indy Rising Stars. Your trash talk about him got the Indiana message board shut down.

  27. The Facts says:

    Here is fact, call Charlie Hughes, head of AAU and ask did a kid get kicked out from Storm at registration because the DOB you wrote down was false. Yes, they still let you and the other illegal kids play, but keep it 100%, that was a BS call be Charlie. Then go to and see if that kid is in the picture. Don’t go there coach, it will be emberassing.

  28. Bulldogs says:

    Went nationals heard great things from other coaches at nationals and from the west coast about the Indy Storm. Took our team to check them out , they are a good team and well coached great job on winning the DII national championship. I heard your organization did well again at PrimeTime Nationals in Dallas. Hopefully I can get you guys to come to other big tournaments on the west coast , there’s other top teams out there than just on the east coast and the midwest, shoot me your email. Don’t let people that don’t like you or hate on you stop you from doing a great job that your doing!!! Great job to the Indy Hoosiers as well!!!!

  29. Prayers says:

    Our prayers go out to Indy Storm’s Coach Payne who had 2 cousins gun down on Emerson Ave yesterday evening!!! Aside from the bickering, Love on your family today because tomorrow is not promised to no one!!!! If the Storm has offended anyone, we apologize & we are gearing up for 2013 to be about The Positive and stay away from the negatives brought to against us. Good Luck to all the football players, see you next season…

  30. hopperfromthewest says:

    Who is Lance Jones? is he even ranked by MSE? I was told he is a ball hog, who shoots, shoots, shoots. Please let me know something about this kid, who does he play for?

    • etownbattlecat says:

      Evidently you know who he is, or else you would’nt be asking about him. But so you know, he is a kid first and foremost, who happens to play basketball pretty good. Whoever told you he is a ball hog, and all he does is shoot is sadly mistaken. Haters are everywhere, and reading your post tells me you are close to being a hater yourself. As far as being ranked by MSE I dont think he is, but it does’nt matter, trust me he is known in his state of Illinois. And I think he is known by Toi Baylor, who hails from the state of Indiana, and is very well known on the aau circuit, not to also mention Mike Saunders. Lance Jones if you are not known on this web page, you most definetly are now.

  31. Maul #1 Fan says:

    I read all this stuff and never comment on any of it. I have to come out and say. Cameron Maul has played up all the years of playing AAU basketball. I teach my child to be honest. My son played in the right grade for 2012 AAU Basketball. I ask you please do not use my son name in any of your comments and future conversations unless they are positive one. My son enjoy playing his game in Flordia and I love watching him play. Maul family are not cheaters. Have a good day

  32. coach lue says:

    someday aau will realize that size and weight does matter instead of grade it should be age. thats why theres kids getting kicked back just for basketball who to blame the coach, the parent, or who makes the rules? you pick one

  33. Scout says:

    @hopperfromethewest Lance Jones is a great kid on and off the court great personality and character..his dad is also a cool dude..Lance can flat out play, im going to be honest yeah a year or two ago Lance maybe didn’t trust his teammates like he should have but this year he have grown and he controls the game by getting his teammates involved as well as scoring.This kid dominates his peers in the state of Illinois and I’m quite sure if Lance attended more national showcases he would if not already be top 10 or 15 in his class nationally

    • hopperfromthewest says:

      @scout, ok with that being said, you must’ve followed his game up to this point. It really sounds like Lance is a pretty good kid outside of playing hoops, thanks for the info, one last question, is he going on 13 going into 6th grade? Some say he’ll be 12, others say 13.

  34. Scout says:

    I think he is 11 going on 12

    • etownbattlecat says:

      Wow all this talk about a kid and how old he is, well I know Lance and have known his mom and dad for a very long time. He has what you call a late birthday, he is 11 years old and will be 12 in oct, I know this because my son is two days older then him. I have to agree with Scout, Lance is a good kid who shows alot of character to go along with his great personality. I dont know if he will ever be an NBA player, but as of this moment he is a top player in his grade level, and works hard at whatever he puts his mind to. So in closing I would just like to say Lance keep doing you young fella your time will come.

  35. Never Stop says:

    He is 11 and want be 12 until Octobet and when I say he can Flat out play! Yes indeed!

  36. Never Stop says:

    My bad for the Typo,but October is what I tried to say.

  37. Spoken For says:

    There is a guard in Chicago, Fred Cleveland(2019). Haven’t seen a guard yet in this class that has the IQ and savvy this kid has.You may not know him now but trust and believe you will.

  38. hopperfromthewest says:

    Yeah I heard of lil Fred, nice little baller, is he better then Lance Jones, they both are class of 2019, who is the better passer? We know who the better scorer is. Lil Fred

  39. Chi Town says:

    Yes sirrr!! Lil Fred can ball and he is a good passer although his size and strength does not match up with Lance Jones but lil Fred has a really good point guard skill set and IQ

  40. etownbattlecat says:

    @Chi Town I have to agree with you on both parts, Lil Fred is an exceptional little baller with a great IQ and skll set, and Lance Jones is a guard with size and strength, they both are very good passers, but when it comes to scoring I have to go with Lance Jones, because of his size. Me being a fan of all Illinois players and from Lance Jones hometown dont want to sound biased. I was at state with a team from Evanston and got a chance to see Lance pass and shoot lights out in a semifinal game. The boy must have shot 11 for 15 from three point range to go along with atleast 8 assists and he also rebounded well, all within the flow of the offense. The coach from the opposing team had no answer for him, and was constantly shaking his head head in disbelief at what he was seeing. After seeing Lance do that in person I knew he was a special talent with a good head on his sholders, I can only wish him the best and continue to smile and have fun.

  41. etownbattlecat says:

    @hopperfromthewest, you really need to get a clue, it seems to me you are trying to start a debate between Lil Fred’s camp and Lance Jones’s camp. Both of those young men have special talents, and it shows on the court because they both like to win, Ive watched both of their dads from the stands and they seem to be great role models to their sons, so to Lil Fred and Lance’s dads keep being great role models, your sons are both winners in their early lives.

    • hopperfromthewest says:

      etownbattlecat I’m not trying to start any confusion by all means, I was informed that lil Fred is a better player then Lance Jones, yeah the Jones kid may be bigger and stronger but he is selfish, with a ” me first attitude ” But then upon further review from people who have seen Jones play in some tournaments in indy, the boy is a ” MONSTER “. I will make it a point to see him play this season, then I will have my own opinion.

  42. Illinios says:

    @Etownbattlecat who are the top players from Illinois in the class of 2020? any players should we look out for?

    • etownbattlecat says:

      There are a few players in the class of 2020 who are good players in the state of Illinois, but two come to mind that are definetly what you would call standouts, and they are Nimari Burnett of the Illinois Raptors, and Devin Tolbert of the Illinois Battle Cats. Burnett if I am not mistaken played up for the Raptors 5th grade team. Tolbert did his thing playing with the 4th grade Battle Cat team that finished 3rd at nationals D2. Keep an eye out for these two young ballers this upcoming aau season. Nimari Burnett and Lance Jones also helped their team to a 3rd place finish at nationals D2.

      • Question says:

        If Namari Buurnett is from Illinois, goes to school in Illinois,and plays AAU with the Illinois Raptors, why was he with WACG at Nationals? That is not a bordering state(Tennessee). Did AAU change the rules? Darious Garland(Indiana) also played for WACG.

        • etownbattlecat says:

          Good point, I was’nt aware of Nimari playing for W.A.C.G. And Darius Garland aka “Bug” has played for them the past couple of years.

        • I know says:

          Only Speak when you know Facts! Last I knew one of Nimari Burnett”s Parents Resides in Georgia which is a Boarding State to Tennesse! True Facts! So Now you Know!

  43. 773Balla says:

    Lil Fred is nice and when he gets a growth spurt he will be much better than he is now, Lance is just a freak, hes strong, can shoot, fast and can handle the ball. Theres others out there too, U have Marcus Right, Sean Q, David (wears goggles), Ray Jay, Antonio Reed and others. Chicago has a loaded class of Ballas and they could compete with any state out there. but they hate on each other too much for them to all get ahead, its a Damn Shame.

    • etownbattlecat says:

      @773Balla,from what I’ve seen of the group of players you just named, yes they are all good, but its not the players hating on eachother, its the parents, and thats a shame. All those players mentioned each bring something different to the table in a good way. But most importantly they are all winners on the court, when they decide to let one of them be the leader they will really be awesome.

      • etownbattlecat says:

        Marcus Wright, Antonio Reeves, Ray “J” Dennis, Lance Jones, Sean “Q” Willis, David Oglesby, “LIL Fred” all in the class of 2019, and all are unique in their own special way.

  44. 773Balla says:

    @Illinois, I dont know alot about the class of 2020. Thats two years behind my kid but two of them that ive seen are Devin Tolbert, Namari burnett.

  45. Dont forget says:

    @Etownbattle Nimari Burnett and Devin Tolbert are definitly standouts but you can’t leave out Aquan Smart of the Illinois Battle Cats who is the leading scorer of the team also Illinois have a player from the 11u Illinois Gold Rush Wildcats team that go by the name if Elliot Sieger who is a starter of a loaded team that went final four for state in the 11u pool and they fell short to the Illinois Raptors 11u

    • etownbattlecat says:

      Its not just about being the leading scorer of a team, its also about being a team leader, and from what I saw there are two younger kids on that team who play up that lead them as well as Devin Tolbert. Yes Aquan is good, but can he keep his head in the game? thats the question.

  46. Chi-Town says:

    @Etownbattlecat I have to agree with you about Devin and Nimari..Nimari Burnett is the best overall player I have seen in the state of Illinois in that class as Nimari can play three positions and he also plays up..Nimari can post up handle the rock shoot and rebound the ball well..Devin is tough as nails and he is surprisingly strong for his size..Devin is the quickest and best ballhandler I have seen in Illinois for his class..Devin fastbreak game is really nice..he is arguably the best point guard in the state for his class

  47. Chi-Town says:

    Aquan Smart of the Illinois Battle Cats is a sleeper in the class of 2020 in the state of Illinois as he was the leading scorer on a loaded Battle Cats team

  48. Chi-Town says:

    @Question I think that Nimari’s Dad was not satisfied with how the 2020 Illinois Raptors team competed this past AAU season so Nimari mainly played up with lance jones and the 11u Illinois Raptors..and he also competed with WACG for more exposure at the D1 level for Nimari’s age group.

    • etownbattlecat says:

      Ok now that thats out the way Chitown, where is Lance and Nimari gonna play this aau season? Rumor has it those two are headed to G3, whats the 411 on that?

  49. Chi-Town says:

    @Etownbattlecat I agree he has to also get mentally tougher.. other than that he is one of the best I seen in that class skill wise

  50. Chi-Town says:

    @Etowbattlecat where did you get that rumor from?

    • hopperfromthewest says:

      I’m from Indy and that rumor is floating around that Lance Jones and Nimari Burnett are a package deal going to G3.

      • hopperfromthewest says:

        Well one thing is certain, Lance jones was spotted playing with George Hill 6th grade team over the thanksgiving weekend, and he fit in quite well. That team is loaded, Dexter Shouse is a beast, saw Lance throw him a couple nice passes, G3 has some nice guards.

    • etownbattlecat says:

      @Chi-Town I have friends who coach on the aau circuit and Nimari Burnett and Lance Jones’s name keep coming up about joining G3, There is also talk that their dads are pretty close, thats the reason why Lance Jones played on the Illinois Raptors. I know for a fact that Lance Jones played with G3 at the Battle of the Boarders tournament and helped them win it,

      • lol says:

        no, its just that a rumor Nimari cant help g3 Lance can without a doubt but heard the dad is always on the fence and plays games if he was smart he would get with them. They have a nice team especially the big boy named Dexter looked great d1 nationals. Namari is hot tempered saw him get in foul trouble early at few tournaments. not skilled enough to play up on g3 and 5th squad is loaded heard they got tnba’s big kid now. whole team of talented kids would be very hard for them to add on unless its a monster.

        • I know says:

          @lol Nimari is very skilled and he is only in 5th you don’t know what he can do he has been playing up every sense he’s been playing Aau! So if you don’t have Nothing Nice to say shut your mouth.

          • lol says:

            you call always in foul trouble always ready to fight and his dad getting kicked out of gyms because he is just as crazy a good thing ooook… I would pass too g3..

          • lol says:

            Im just keeping it real, maybe the streets raised him and thats why he is like the way he is. There is no way g3 would pick up a player like that so just moved to the next one. their 5th gradeis full and 6th is loaded so kill that rumor.

          • HEY CLOWN! says:

            @lol you must dont know that kid nor his Father, cuz they are Good peoples and you are ignorant for even Bad mouthing a KID stupid ass! And your right that is a Rumor<cuz i KNOW HIS family and i dont think they will Never PLAY FOR G3 CLOWN!!!! STOP HIDING BEHIND names JERK!

          • HEY CLOWN! says:


        • etownbattlecat says:

          @lol trust me its not the dad who’s on the fence and plays games, its the mom calling the shots, you have heard the saying ” Happy Wifey” ” Happy Lifey” The dad has alot of input but the mom is scared of letting her youngest son leave the nest so to speak. Nothing but respect for him in keeping her happy, can you feel me?

          • Lance's Dad says:

            @etownbattlecat, thanks for your support I think I know who you are on a personal note, reason being not too many people know my wife and how she is in charge of our household.

        • Stop the Rumors says:

          Lance Jones(2019)formally Ill. Raptors,Shemar Morrow, Devin Hightower(2020)formally TNBA, and Seth Wilson(2021)formally TNBA will be playing for George Hill in 2012-2013.

          We will have updated information about tournements and the plans for “G3-North”, a team for kids in the Northern region of Indiana/Chicago. Additional information coming in January about G3 UNITED, a group of the top middleschool kids select to travel overseas to compete in an international tournament!

          • Positive says:

            Thats cool g3 a overseas team… you guys don’t play make sure you post tryouts on this site or post your email I know a few talented players from other teams that would love to get a chance to play in that and play with you guys even help with $$$ for that type of event!

          • rep ohio 1st says:

            I think this is stupid. Ohio is loaded with talent in the 2020 class. It’s enough gyms and talent right in Ohio to make a valid national run. All the work to make another state look good you could just take care of home 1st. Parents are doing way too much

          • Rep Ohio stop hating don’t worry they will still rep for their city just with a better team…

        • HEY CLOWN! says:


  51. Chi-Town says:

    What happened to Lil Sam and the Chicago Select 11u this season? I didn’t really see them at a lot of tournaments this past season

  52. HomeWood says:

    Trace Williams is also a decent baller from the Chicago Ferrari team along with Sean Q..

  53. hopperfromthewest says:

    We will see what happens in a couple months from now.

  54. why says:

    Why would Lance Jones and Nimari Burnett leave the Illinois Raptors for G3? I know G3 have a really good program but the Illinois Raptors did really well this year..Nimari is a good player however no offense I don’t see where he would fit in on the G3 11u for next year..G3 is loaded for the class of 2020 Nimari plays the 2,3 and maybe the 4 but G3 already have Brevin Jefferson Hunter Jackson and Nick Hittle..same for Lance Jones he is a good player but G3 is already loaded for his age opinion is that Both Lance and Nimari should stay set where they are and build a dynasty/dreamteam around each other..they both are talented enough to start a dynasty themselves

    • Rumor says:

      Somebody from g3 camp just made a post nimari name not mentioned so obviously they are not interested in him. I saw him a the east west camp was not impressed seems like a 1 man show to me would not be useful on either of george’s teams. Lance is strong and talented but I dont know if he can handle sharing the spotlight with some of those other players on that team.

      • HEY CLOWN! says:


      • Lance's Dad says:

        @Rumor thats your opinion and yes you are entitled to it. Lance does’nt need to be in the spotlight to shine, he is a team player, who just wants to win. The other players you are speaking of have played with Lance and they did well, most importantly he respects each and everyone of them. Now on to Nimari Burnett, this is a kid who I treat as my own, along with my wife. Basketball is a joy for him to play, the same as video games, but when it comes to the classroom he is at his best. He excells in school by bringing home GREAT grades, and being a role model to many. His parents I have come to know very well, just want the best for their son the same as any parent would for their own. Whats the old saying ” cant judge a book by its cover ” They shouldnt be judged until you get to know them. Hell I was talked about in a negative way, and still is to this day, until people got a chance to know me. They are good people, so until you get a chance to know them, dont bash them. Stay Blessed.

        • I know says:

          @Lance Dad you are right about everything you just stated about Nimari’s Parents and himself. He approaches everything he do the same way School and than Basketball. I had a pleasure to meet this kid and his parents and he is a well manner kid and respectful! I can’t wait to see him on the circuit in 2013.

  55. Daryl D says:

    Team Dream 11U….out of Los Angeles has a kid name Reese Dixon class of 2020 ….kid is a drop-dead shooter…..hits threes with ease, drives to the basket at will and can lock down any player around….I saw him play in the Labor Day tourney in Palm Springs…….he’s absolutely at the top of this class……

    • g3 says:

      Daryl d let this dream team know george hill 5th grade squad heading to las vegas june 14th love competition and looking for some out west in 2013.

  56. Lance's Dad says:

    Im responding to all the rumors pertaining to my son Lance Jones, whatever team Lance plays for is a decision that me, my wife and Lance agree upon. And in all honesty my wife has the final say, then Lance, and lastly me. Certain people on this site say I’m on the fence or I’m saying one thing and doing another, well truth be told all this is new to me. It brings me and my wife joy to know that Lance is being talked about in a good way, he is a good kid who can play basketball pretty good. Thanks goes out to Mike Saunders, Dexter Shouse sr. Rodney Jennings, DeJuan Howard, these are some of the guys who I have spoken to about Lance, and they want whats best for him, the same as me and his mom. If there is anything else to be said about me in particular please dont hesitate in contacting me, the above mentioned have my phone number, Stay Blessed!

  57. I know says:

    @why you are on point, but I think you made a Mistake, cuz Nimari can flat out Score I seen that kid play in a few tournaments. Great Family he has and support I can’t wait to see him in 2013 wherever and whoeva he plays for.

  58. why says:

    @I know I was saying no ofense meaning don’t get offended about the statement when I said I don’t see where he would fit in on G3 2020 team..but yeah Nimari has offense no doubt.He is currently the top player in his class in Illinois

    • Yeah, for illinois he is one of the top because they don’t have a lot coming out of that area like they used too. He has improved a whole lot from when he played when he was younger maybe he will play on the g3 north team they are buliding. its south bend/ chicago area. should be a nice team.

  59. Scout says:

    I saw him forcing most of his shots and yet to play as a team when he is on the floor when he does not foul out. He might of had a good tournament when you saw him but nationals he was not a factor d1 with WACG. He hurt them more then he helped I think they saw that too. Heard they were making changes 2013. should be interesting I see playground elite and g3 back at it agian in 2013 but this time g3 added a big from tnba should help a whole lot on that team their bigs arent strong enough to compete with size although #7 did well agianst 916 big man. hands down they have better skilled gaurds on any team that I have seen. Coaches son #3 best handles for his age by far looking forward to the future with that kid.

    • HEY CLOWN! says:


      • Scout says:

        I saw the game he of course acted out and so did his daddy he fouled out daddy cussing up a storm in front of kids and all and some long weave crazy woman yelling with him. It was quite a seen, thats positive?

  60. Watered Down says:

    Nimari Burnett and Devin Tolbert are doing their thing but the class of 2020 in Illinois doesn’t look too hot right now..I know it’s early but it seems to just be a lack of talent or exposure in that class right now especially compared to Illinois’s 2019 2018 and 2017 classes

  61. Never Stop says:

    @ why and national 2012 your both are right and maybe so, you never know what his great parents have in mine!

  62. Illinios says:

    Quick question..who all attending the East vs West camp in October this year

  63. Calm Down says:

    @Hey Clown Damn are you his guard dog or something lol..Yup watch dog! his brothers keeper! Lmao lawyer!…shut your sensative ass up!!!

  64. Never Stop says:

    Happy Sunday to every Blogger! We ass Black peoples needs to stop downing these innocent kids. They all are still Developing and learning the game of basketball and one thing I can say about that kid Nimari Burnett is he are are very competive kid and he works. Hard to get better. I don’t know of a 10 year old kid that doesn’t have a bad games Nba players have bad games, but one thing I can say after watching him play in a few tournaments he have More Good Games than Bad Games and he can play the 2,3 and 4.. Rebounds,shoot, block shots and Score at will, so after saying all of that Black men keep it Positive and Stop the Negative. After seeing all the 2020 class and Legit 5th grade(2020) he is in the Top 10 in my opinion! Not counting Reclassifying kids!.. Be Bless Black Men!

  65. Never Stop says:

    Sorry for a few misspell words. corrections (as) instead of ass and (a) instead of and. Thanks again.

  66. juswatchin says:

    Demari grant can’t wait to get a piece of lance jones,, ray j or anybody else in the class 2019. Killing in football right now (yes he cold in all sports) but will be back on the court soon. This not garbage talkbut I hear the same names thrown around for top pg and I know he should be one of them. But he doesn’t play for a major aau team and hasn’t been to nationals. He killed at mse camp in april though. Was registered for m14hoops camp in aug hoping to see comp.there but it was canceled. Just remember the name demari grant bolingbrook. Illinois

    • etownbattlecat says:

      @juswatchin, what aau team does Demari play for, maybe Ive seen him and dont recall the team he was playing with, when you say he doesnt play for a major aau team and has’nt been to nationals, if he is as cold as you say he is, teams will be coming at him. He sounds as if he his a multi-talented kid in all sports.

  67. lol says:

    Lance Jones would destroy Demari Grant. Not even close. I seen them both play. And for the record, he didn’t kill at the camp

  68. Chi-Town says:

    @Juswatchin What AAU team does he play for?..I know that you don’t have to be on the top team to be a good baller but we will put an eye on him and we”ll see how he matches up with Lance Jones Ray J Dennis Sean Q Willis Marcus Wright Fred Cleveland Ryan Bost Sam Heiskell and the other Elite guards in 2019 in Illinois..this could possibly be Demari’s breakout year

  69. juswatchin says:

    #2 bolingbrook magic played some games w ith runnin rebels also.I’ve never seen lance or any of the other kids hoop before. And he did pretty good at that camp day 1 he got hurt but on day 2 he had half his teams points 3 out of 4 games. he’s goten alot better since but still waiting on that growth. I’m not saying he the coldest right now I’m letting u know he’s a special, exceptional athlete and if he choose basketball as his sport of choice for the future feelings might be hurt.

  70. juswatchin says:

    Really I’m just trying to find better competition to accurately measure his ability. Playing 3 sports and other family members have activities as well makes driving across the city to play with this team and flying across the country chasing tournaments just don’t fit in.

  71. Trade Rumors says:

    I hear Seth Wilson will also be playing up with the 11u Illinois Battle Cats team alongside Elijah Bull and Devin Tolbert this upcoming season

  72. Rumors says:

    I hear Antonio Reeves is not playing with the Illinois Raptors this upcoming season

    • Wondering says:

      I heard this to, who is he gonna run with? he prolly gone play up or play with a border team like WPE or G3. Do anybody know

  73. G3 North says:

    Antonio Reeves will be a key part to G3 North for 2012-2013

  74. I heard says:

    I seen Antonio at Ferrari open gym this past monday and he looked good along with guards Devin Tolbert (2020) and Sean Q Willis as they ran everyone out of the gym..but I don’t know who Antonio is going to run with this season..honestly I dont see why he would leave their program seeming how he started for two years with them and he had a lot if success with the Raptors on the circuit

    • etownbattlecat says:

      my question is, if Antonio Reeves is uncertain where he’s gonna play, what about the other two big studs on the Raptors, my sources say they are a package deal, Nimari Burnett and Lance Jones, lets see what developes.

  75. OABC says:

    New rankings posted for class of 2020 (top 25)

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