Marquise Walker Plays His Heart Out

He’s Young With Game!

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  1. Point Guards says:

    I can watch Marquise Walker and Chase Adams go at it all day..that match up is a classic

  2. You tell me says:

    Name a point gaurd in the class of 2018 that had a stronger resume in 2011-2012 then Marquise Walker. Beat Nicholas Bonito(Broward County) Xavier Castadena(Indy Hoosier/Chicago Select), Courtney Ramey (, Chase Adams(Ferrari), Jordan Simmons/Marquise Brown(Junior Varsity), Markquis Nowell(Izod), Bol Bol(KC Select), Spiece Gators, ATR, Louisville Legends, Indiana Elite, SMACU, Metro Sixers, Canada, and many other top ranked players and teams. His George Hill Rising Stars team was Indiana State Champs and finished 5th at Nationals higher then any of the guys named above and other so called top ranked players.

    • huh says:

      When you say he beat what does that mean because last time I checked it was a team game. I’m not one to bash a kid and I won’t start today but I will say that Walker game has decline over the years and he was not the focal point on that George Hill team. I saw him in games versus Ferrari, Junior Varsity, and Ramey and in those games he was not a factor and was relagated to the bench a lot in big games that I witnessed with GH. Those aforementioned guards got the better of him in those games, especially the Ramey kid who scored like near 40 against George Hill before a great comeback by GH and losing late. I give coach Saunders a lot of credit in how he handles Walker which hopefully will help him long term as he doesn’t put up with much and sat him on the bench when he goes into his funks.

      I’m just giving my constructive overview of the kid because his dad is always the loudest in the room when it comes to promoting his kid (which is his right) but just make sure the kid backs it up with his play. Because this past year he digressed to me. I however wish him the best but when you want to single out other players and try to compare, lets keep it honest and say the truth that GH team beat those teams and Walker didn’t per say get the best of those other guards.

  3. Witness from the Chi says:

    @You tell me if you look up the term “dimes” Marquise Walker picture should pop up..this kid makes his team twice as better than they were before..He by far has the best court vision I have seen of any kid his age which makes marquise an instant standout..I have also seen him take over offensively when his team needed him to score in games..I love Chase Adams and Jordan Simmons game but Marquise Walker’s resume this past year has given him the edge on those two Elite guards

  4. D1scout says:

    I like Marquise Walker but I disagree with the overview of his talent. Court vision is o.k. Defence and shot selection is terrible. I saw him at Crossroads Elite camp and he was average at best. He clearly made all-star team based off name.

  5. Myopinion says:

    Has he learned how to play defence yet? I saw him at the Crossroads Elite Camp. Will somebody tell Saunders that Walker couldn’t even start on his 5TH GRADE TEAM!

  6. Hoopscoop says:

    CrossRoads Elite Camp really hurt his stock. Wasn’t impressive. Hopefully he hasn’t started to burn out from all the early hype.

  7. Please says:

    Marquise Walker was one of only a handfull of true 7th graders playing against strong competition. He played great in the All-Star Game. Stop Hating!

  8. Just stop says:

    People lets stop bashing our kids and lets try encouraging them more..If you don’t have anything nice to say you should just leave the topic alone..Jayling Fleming had the same problem as it seemed to tone down a bit..Marquise Walker works very hard everytime he steps on the is not his fault if scouts had him high in the rankings..I see the same problem with Damon Harge and other highly ranked prospects..this is still grammar school ball so you shouldn’t get caught up in the rankings anyway it is still a lot of time for these kids to develop and grow..these kids have already played on big stages at an early stage and I know damn well I wasn’t playing on a national schedule stage or competition at their age so I tip my hat to all the kids out there who are going to school and doing something positive with their lives..keep up the good work

  9. Mike Saunders says:

    Sad that a grown man can hide behind a fake name taking shots at a kid. Lets see, a Hoop Scoop scout, D1 Coach, and a CrossRoads Elite scout all posted about Marquise Walker but has nothing negative or positive to say about anyone else that was at the camp. O.k dad lets it go. I hope you aint another guy that couldn’t make the cut mad because nobody believes in your son even though you claim to be a “coach”. Its cool though I can’t hate. Back in the day I was that guy. Mad because I thaught my guy was better then the ones wearing “Elite” and “Spiece” on there chest. Always mad, always hating, always wanting my guy to be the man. Times have changed bro. No need to cry, no need to hate, no need to hide behind fake names. We dropped a video and resume on Walker a month ago and now you wanna take shots? Maybe your mad your son didn’t make the resume. Maybe your mad because we beat your son in two different uniforms(we have the video). Look Bro hating is a weakness, I was in your shoes back in the day. Let it go.

  10. 2012-2013 says:

    Saw the videos, did the research, heard the hate, laughed it off, lead the core group, got Easley, got T.T, welcome home guys, got shake and bake, passed on other gaurds, met Quan, laughed at the haters, dominated Indiana, had some road blocks against Ferrari, bounced back, learned from mistakes, lost to D.C Assault, learned from it, embraced the hate, went to Nationals, Gators hard loss, learned from it, top 5 finish, reload 2012-2013, Jordan Morris….EMBRACE THE HATE!!!

  11. Still good says:

    @huh I wouldn’t say that Marquise game declined its just that he haven’t improved as much as others thus far..the class of 2018 have always been a very strong class as far as Guards Fowards and Centers..a lot of these players have grown physically and mentally in this class..but in my opinion Marquise Walker is still top 50 in his class as a seventh grader..not too bad for a player his size in a loaded class

  12. Chicago says:

    when you say “grown” physically and mentally who are you talking about. Chase, Xavier, Garland, Simmons, Nowell, Toatley are ALL undersized gaurds that Walker is physically bigger than. Additionally including Ramey none of those kids with the exception of Garland even placed at Nationals. The G3 Rising Stars won the state title and jumped from 25th the year before to 5th at Nationals and Walker was a big factor. @huh, I would also give Saunders credit for recognizing Walkers gifts and knowing he could help his team reach the next level. Look at the record and success from the year before and the facts don’t lie. @still good, what other gaurds have improved so much to a point that they have passed Walker. If he is top 50, name 5 point gaurds that had a better season with facts to back it up.

  13. Still good says:

    @Chicago marquise walker wasn’t even the top point guard in Illinois let alone the nation ask Matt Miller..I’m not saying Walker has regressed but dude he not the #1 point guard in the nation..walker is a good ball player who will go on to get a scholarship offer if he continues to work hard in the classroom and court quit being so defensive about him..humble kid and you should be humble as far as other guards are you serious!!?? Courtney Ramey!! Atiba Taylor!! Chase Adams!! Jordan Simmons!! Quam Desumo!! Darious Garland!! those are just a few..sir 7th. and 8th grade ball is serious at this level walker is entering a level where guys just might get dunked on in the 13U and 14U level ask Ben Coupet (Chicago Simeon/Mac Irvin Fire) not let MSE pump your head up just like Jaylin Fleming mse just posted some old ass article about him..come on do you really think he is the top point guard in the nation in his class!!.hell no!! But that doesn’t mean Jaylin isn’t a hell of a player..Walker is good!! Let his game do the talking and by the Marquise Walker is the #1 point guard according to who???????????

  14. Chicago says:

    I just asked for facts. I never claimed Walker was thge #1 point gaurd. I just pointed out that he is physically bigger then any over the above kids named in my comment. That statement was a fact. Secondly, I stated that none of those kids preformed well last year and all the teams they played on didn’t place at Nationals higher then the team Walker played on. Another fact. Atiba Taylor, every tournament his team (KSK) team played in and G3 played in G3 finished higher and Atiba stunck up the gym. Another fact. I am not defensive by no means, just giving you facts to dispute your statement. What big tournaments did the above players win? How did they preform at Nationals? Head to head what was the outcome? Matt Miller, I don’t care about his opinion. This is your opinion and all I ask for is information to back up your statement.

    • @Chicago…..truth be told…Marquise isn’t!!! You know it and that is why you are so defensive……placing in nationals may just mean that the TEAM is better…not the PLAYER!!!! Marquise’s game has not progressed and he is still stuck on 5th grade skills….FACE IT!!!!

  15. Get real says:

    Jordan Simmons finished top #5 in all big showcases this year..dropped 39 at NY2LA by far had a better year than marquise walker

  16. 1Love says:

    @truth be told, I am a George Hill follower and I don’t believe you have the success they had as a team with a 5th grade pg. I respect The organization and believe they do a great job at recognizing talent. They have some talented players on that team and it would be silly not to include Walker.@huh, I guess my question would be how did Walker play after those games he was benched? Did his dad pull him from the team? Did his dad cuss Saunders out after the game? Did Walker sit on the bench crying or did he support his team? My point is if a player gets benched does that make him a bad player? These are kids and if you respect Saunders for how he handles Walker, you should give his dad props for allowing him to play with other talented kids and excepting the fact that some days are better then others. Hell, I seen Saunders bench his own son why would Walker be any different? His teams are loaded. All the kids named above Adams, Simmons, Xavier, Taylor, Toatley.. with the exception of Walker and Garland, they are the only point gaurd on the team. They never get pushed by another teammate for minutes at the position. No matter the mistakes they play the whole game, in most cases dad is head coach or assistant coach. The teams are built for there son to be the star and play the whole game. DON’T GET ME WRONG, I am not mad at them, but I do believe being held accountable at a young age can help long term and competition in practice is a good tool.@Get Real, Simmons is a great talent but if he is a true point gaurd then scoring 39 points at NY2LA can’t be his “crowning moment”. How many assist did he have? How does he defend? How did he play at Nationals? I didn’t see Walker at alot of camps and I am not saying he is better then Simmon, but I will assume that alot of kids go to camps and the top players usually place well..its a money grab.

  17. huh says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by bigger because several of those guards are bigger than Walker so I won’t even respond there. As far as game just like you say your opinion I’m giving you mines and what seems like every scout that talks about this grade as they have his name nowhere mentioned. I agree GH had a very good season and did rank higher than everyone than Garland but what does that mean other than they had a better Team. You mentioned him being better than the aforementioned players and I disagreed. These kids are young and several burst on the scene early and are now starting to fizzle out while others are developing fast.

    Top point guards nationally in 2018 in which top 3 to me are all interchangeable based on skill, individual production, long term prospect projection:
    1. Darius Garland 5’4 WACG
    Kid has game and has produced in every aspect.. Small in height and weight but major game on a big time team.

    2. Courtney Ramey 5’8 Team Ramey
    Maybe the top pg but still also considred a major scorer as he can go for 30+ everytime he hits the floor. Really improved his playmaking ability with great IQ. Tall and long

    3. Leaky Black 5’9 CB Spiders
    Probably the strongest lead guard in class and has great passing ability. Finds teammates well and can take people off the dribble. With his size he is hard to deal with.

    4. Atiba Taylor 5’11 King Street Kings
    Has a flair for making plays. He is very long and loves to pass the ball. Not the quickest but is very difficult to handle because of his length.

    5. Jordan Simmons 5’3 Meenstreets Junior Varsity
    He has a very good IQ and nice jump shot. He makes his team better by scoring or getting the ball to teammates for shots. His team is not that good but he is.

    I didn’t list Damon Harge because I havent seen him play and what grade is he really in?

    Lets see your list as this is my opinion.

  18. Still good says:

    @huh you hit it dead on the head..but Marquise Walker is still in the charts somewhere..the list of players you have are all ahead of Marquise right now skill wise and somewhat size factors although Chase Adams he’s top ten for sure he may be small but he is still one of the most aggresive guards I’ve seen in this class on both sides of the ball and he is still the best ball handler in my opinion

  19. Coach Raymond says:

    Chase Adams went 3-1 against George Hill. He definantly would win the head-to-head comparison between the two lead gaurds. I still would place him #1 Chicago. I don’t understand all the hype around Simmons. I watched him for two years and he is solid but not top 10. People in Chicago know Marquise Brown, Amarie Sherrod, and Juice that played for Junior Varsity. All three players ranked high in camps and have been mentioned on this website. If Simmons was such a great lead gaurd why didn’t that team accomplish anything? To say he is good and his team isn’t is totally false. In terms of overall top lead gaurd 2018 how could you not mention Alex Jones from WACG? He is a great talent and physically stronger then all the kids listed above. He also has a great basketball I.Q. Courtney Ramey is a scoring gaurd not a point gaurd so take him off the list. I would go,
    1) Alex Jones
    2) Leaky Black
    3) Darious Garland
    4) Chase Adams
    5) Atiba Taylor
    Let me put my two cents in about Walker.@Chicago, I am gonna give you and@huh some facts. The top point gaurds in Chicago is 1)Chase Adams 2)Xavier Castadena 3)Jordan Simmons 4)Marquise Walker. I know all these kids well and coached against everyone of them last year. For the record G3 has a gaurd #2 that I personally would take over him.@you tell me when you say who’s resume is better look to the kid starting next to him. His defensive talents and unselfish play helps balance out Walkers bad defence and even worse shot selection. I do believe Walker is a great playmaker, but I have also seen him make some of the dumbest passes in games. I think this year he over dribbled way too much and played alittle selfish to start games.@Chicago, Xavier Castadena with the same talent had two straight final four finishes at Nationals and three straight state titles. This is just my opinion.

  20. Remember says:

    Seems like you all forgot about Kaleb Thorton from Illinois Gold Rush..nice size with an all around game

  21. wait a minute says:

    @Coach Raymond I agree with you about everything but you can’t take anything away from Jordan Simmons..This year Simmons hit the circuit harder than any of the guards you just mentioned and he is a humble kid and works hard and I’m not saying he is the best pg over everyone he just played more than everyone and made the extra effort to attend every big event he could this year so far that’s probably why you’re hearing so much about him lately..I also like Chase Adams game and he’s still one of the best pgs from Chicago but Jordan led his team to a state championship at Joy of the Game this year against Xzavier and Chicago Select..I don’t know what happen to Junior Varsity on the national scene but they were clearly the top team in Illinois LED by Jordan Simmons and jordan finished top 10 in every showcase you could name this year and he also picked up an offer from the king james shooting stars for division 1 nationals this past summer

    • come on chi town says:

      antwaan cushingberry and kj coleman are the best gaurds on the george hill team and is probably the best gaurds who play the game right by far and not all that over dribbing and flashy stuff.. i watched kj coleman recently dominate in a game he has gotten bigger and stronger and is attacking at will!! class of 2018 watch out for this kid i think this is a break out year for him…

      • Indy Ball says:

        Wasn’t Cushinberry/Coleman the same backcourt that played in the 4th and 5th grade for George Hill? What did they win? Saunders added players from the Hoosiers and Chicago that had a track record of winning. Don’t take away from the contribution of the other gaurds on that team. I like KJ Coleman, but I think he has to show more then spot up shooting. Can he handle the ball against pressure defence? Does he create for others? All kids are bigger and strong in 7th grade. You say..”is attacking at will”, is that with the right hand? Look, I follow this whole class and can break down all these kids. I seen KJ at Nationals 2 years in a row scared straight against man full court pressure. I also know adding Marquise Walker helped take pressure off him and Cushingberry. Another kid on the team named Tyrone Tracy is a great athlete that does eveything better then KJ except shooting. I agree Cushingberry is by far the best gaurd on the team. I think the other gaurd from Chicago, not Walker, is the second best.

        • Spiece Gator says:

          I like Coleman. He is a talented gaurd. I think if you run him off the three point line and force him right he struggles. He is probably the 4th best defensive gaurd on the team. I think the team will be even stronger with Jordan Morris which will also get Coleman more open looks. I think all these Coleman fans need to be humbled before the jealousy ruins the team. Kids like Zion and Deon get over shadowed by Easley and Morris but you don’t hear them beggin for attention. I am impressed by the team Coach Saunders has put together in one year. His organization is nationally known and most of the kids get noticed, what more can you ask for. Stay the course and you all will get seen.

  22. come chi town says:

    why did you not post my comment? there was nothing negative about my comment at all.. that makes me think that this rig and phoney!! peace!!!!!!!!!

  23. observer says:

    You can’t remember someone that you never knew existed. Who is Kaleb Thornton? I looked at the nationals website for this Ill Gold Rush team and it seems that the only game they won at nationals was 15-0 and lost every other game. Was that a forfeit win with all losses? How can you be an elite pg and you lose every game?

  24. Real Talk says:

    @ Coach Raymond you make some interesting points but I have to disagree with you about the top point guards in Chicago. I have seen all the listed guards play at camps and games and my list would go as such

    1.) Jordan Simmons
    The kid is a true PG. Has a great feel for the game a true leader, and very nice jump shot. This kid was #1 6th grader in Illinois, MVP @ Jr. All American Camp, MVP @ Adidas Camp, MVP @ Buckeye Prep and lead Junior Varsity to #1 finish in the state.

    2.) Chase Adams
    Even though small in size he has a big heart. Has lead Ferrai for years. Ranked # 1 at Adidas camp 2 years in a row, #1 @ Hoop Scoop Camp and was ranked #1 7th grader by Clark Francis.

    3.) Marquise Walker
    I think the does not get the credit he deserves because of the early exsposure. Great playmaker.Its not a coinsidence that the team this kid plays with usually wins !

    4.) X Castanada
    Good floor leader with a nice jump shot.Have lead Indy Hooiser’s to nationals for years.

    5.) Kaleb Thorton
    Kid has a decent I.Q and can also score the ball. Look to hear more from him. Dont let the record at nationals fool you.

  25. ohio says:

    I like that Coleman kid too!! I think he needs a little bit more confidence! I Seen him a year ago put up big numbers against teams… very talented under pressure who can hit the clutch shot!! Last year he did shy away a little but you can tell once he get his confidence hes going to be dangerous! A Lefty who can shoot you out the gym and quick off the dribble hes going to give defenders problems.. Dont hate on this kid because hes going to be something special!!

  26. indy fan says:

    @indy ball dont say you like a kid and then watch him for two years to see all his weaknesses that shows you are dumb and have no life at all!! all these kids have some kind of weaknesses!! i bet KJ Coleman could left or right if you were guarding him.. And let me give you some facts mike saunders didnt add to the team he rebuild the team and only kept 4 players from that 4 and 5 grade team in which he wasnt even their coach at the time. and i believe the comment was made that KJ Coleman is on the rise! that means he is getting better you idiot!! KJ Coleman keep up the good work and if you see indy ball give him a high five!!!!!!!

  27. True that says:

    Anthony lynch

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