2012 MSE National Player Rankings & Upcoming MSE Camp

Last Time To See You This Year!

This is an opportunity to attend our MSE camp in Indianapolis, IN to showcase Your talent, before we release our official MSELITE Top 50 National Player Rankings for grades-classes 8th (2017), 7th (2018), 6th (2019) & 5th (2020) in December 2012.

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(Only accepting the first twenty-five players in each class)


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  1. Illinios says:

    Who are the top players from Illinois in the class of 2020?

  2. NWICOACH says:

    I am AAU coach in Indiana, I am very new to AAU basketball, is there anyone who can help me with fundraising ideas and how coaches get sponsored and are able to fund thousands for nationals, thank you

  3. M14 Hoops says:

    1. Nimari Burnett (Illinois Raptors)- Nimari is the most complete player in the class right now as he can play 3 or 4 positions on the court. Nimari has nice size and can handle the basketball skillfully with good court vision. Nimari can score from anywhere on the floor as he also can play with his back to the basket and he is a good rebounder that get a lot of put backs. In order for Nimari to stay on top he will have to get more active on defense and move his feet to stay out of foul trouble and keep his head I’m the game 2. Devin Tolbert (Illinois Battlecats)- Devin is a jet quick point guard that packs a mean and strong handle on the ball. Devin is the best ballhandler in the class as he is plain out scary when attacking defenders. He is at his best when he is on the fastbreak and he has great vision. He is also a good on ball defender. In order for Devin to stay on top he must keep developing his perimeter game so he can stretch the defense better and improve his half court game. 3. Amen Timbers (Illinois Future)- Amen is another good point guard in this class. Amen pushes the ball up the court before the defense sets up. He may be the best on ball defender in his class as he takes pride in his defense and he uses a floater effectively in the lane. In order for Amen to stay in top he will have to get stronger and more aggresive on the offensive end. 4. Elliot Sieger (Illinois Gold Rush Wildcats)- Elliot is a scorer on the floor. He has a consistent jump shot and he’ll make you pay if he’s left open. Elliot has a natural knack for the basket as he rebounds and get a lot of put backs. In order for Elliot to stay on top he will have get quicker and attack the basket more and not rely on jumpers so often. 5. Aquan Smart (Illinois Battlecats)- Aquan is the defensive stopper on the floor. The best thing to do is put Aquan on the opposing teams best scorer Aquan plays the 2 and the three. He loves to use his length and go for the steal for an easy basketball at the other end..He can also create his own shot off the dribble. In order for Aquan to stay on top he will have to get mentally tougher and continue to improve his overall offensive skill set

  4. M14 Hoops says:

    Illinois State Rankings and player evaluations for class of 2021 will come out later during 2013 aau season

  5. Holla Back says:

    Just trying to get the 2012-2013 season started. More info and a way to stay connected all over the country.


  6. Midwest Hoops says:

    Hey Illinois! Lets continue this conversation here!


  7. james hammer says:

    man amen timbers is not better than aquan smart because aquan can defend amen and amen cant defend aquan

  8. Scout says:

    @James hammer who does amen play for?

  9. Ballislife says:

    @m14 hoops your on the right track with your top five players in the class of 2020 in Illinois. .but I would have to put Aquan Smart at #2..Aquan is the go to guy for the battlecats when they need instant offense and he is an all around player and he is the closest player to Nimari Burnett who is just on another level right now (D1)..On Devin Tolbert I think you are correct by him being the best “PG” in the state right now as he is the best ballhandler and i’ve seen him break down defenses and break tough presses on the circuit and he has really good court vision however Devin is not quite on the offense level of Nimari Burnett and Aquan Smart right now so i would put him at #3 or #4but but all of these kids have special talent and if they continue to work hard they will continue to be elite leaders for the class of 2020 in Illinois

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